I’m Not Playing

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(Not the type I story or topic i usually focus on, but the storyline came to me and Wrote it rather quickly )

My wife, Susie, is beautiful: 5’5″ tall; long, flowing, wavy, honey-colored hair; tanned; an angelic face with dark, expressive eyes, great cheekbones, an oh-so-succulent, kissable mouth; a bustline that cannot escape attention (36DDD); a trim 25-inch waist; hips measuring a full 40 inches (largely due to her full round ass); and nice dancer’s legs with toned calves and thick, muscular thighs. She is a walking wet dream! Because she has had that body since she was 15, and because she has an active imagination and a taste for sex, by 22, she had had many boyfriends, lovers, and other more transient sexual relationships. She loves to fuck, and she has been educated well in sexual arts.

We began dating when she was 22, and married when she was 25. As far as I know, she was monogamous and faithful with and to me from the time we became a regular thing. I certainly had no complaints about our sex life, and I was always aware of the multitude of her previous sex partners. I simply told her that if she ever wanted to fuck somebody else now that we were married, to let me know, and we’d work something out. She agreed.

I was advancing rapidly in my company, with hefty raises and bonuses coming pretty regularly. We weren’t hurting for money and had a nice home, 2 nice new cars, a full-sized offroad vehicle, a big boat, a nice motorhome RV, and access to many recreational properties at no cost to us. It was very nice to be us!

Then, my boss, Mr. Parker, the company CEO, met Susan at a company party. He was, he told us, the majority owner of the company. As such, he could not be easily avoided, and we saw him all the time.

It was no surprise that he was attracted to her and enamored by her–everyone was. It was no surprise that he tried to steal glimpses down her ample cleavage, or watched every twist, bend, and jiggle of her magnificent ass–everyone did. Nor was it any surprise that he had that “I want to fuck you so bad” look and posture and demeanor written all over him–every man there had it to some degree. But Susie was an expert at deflating and deflecting unwanted attention and advances; she’d been doing it for half her life.

Late in the party, I had gone to a bathroom, and when I came back to the main party, Susie was nowhere to be found. Porno I started wandering around, looking for her. It took awhile.

When I found her, she was outside in a secluded nook of the garden. With her was Mr. Parker. Nothing obviously untoward was going on, but inadvertently or intentionally, he kind of had her cornered. It didn’t look right.

When I walked up, Susie came to me, and said, “There you are! I lost you, and Mr. Parker said he thought he saw you come outside. Anyway, it’s getting late; I think we should go home.” She didn’t act unnaturally, but she didn’t act quite right, either. We said our goodbyes and headed home.

On the way home, Susie didn’t say much. I asked her what was wrong, but she denied that anything was. She said she was tired, had one or two drinks too many, and really needed to go to bed. When we got home that’s what we did.

But soon I recognized a problem: at each party, Mr. Parker tried to monopolize Susie, and eventually ended up with her alone in some secluded spot. Still Susie said she was OK, nothing happened, and she could handle it.

At the summer party at the company lakehouse, it happened again. When I found her, he had his hands on her shoulders and was leering down her top. When I spoke up, he was startled, and Susie started to move away. He tried to hug her, but she deftly dodged it and came to me. We left.

On the way home, she said he had been vulgar and suggestive, throwing in references to her breasts and making comments about the way she walked. I asked, “Do you think he was just drunk and let his mouth get out of control?”

“No, he really didn’t have much to drink. I think he’s doing everything he can to get me into bed.” I wanted to turn around and go back to whip his ass, but Susie said, “He’s your boss. Let me think of something so you don’t lose your job!’ We said no more.

On Tuesday, after the holiday, I went to Mr. Parker’s office and told him his constant attention was making Susie uncomfortable. He deflected, vague apologies, denied any wrongdoing, promised to avoid any appearance of impropriety, and essentially dismissed me. He did, however, immediately send me on a 3-day, out-of-state trip.

When I returned, Susie stunned me. She told me that Parker had showed up at our house that day, told her what i had spoken with him about, then got to the real subject Altyazılı Porno of his visit. After reminding her how well I was doing in the company, and claiming that he had been largely been responsible for my success, he said, “I’d think you could show some appreciation toward me.” She asked what he meant, and he said, “Philip can lose his job at any moment, and bad references could hamper him for years to come….” When she asked what, exactly, he was saying, he said, “If I could come by once a week while Philip is at work, you could spend a couple of hours with me… uh… expressing your appreciation.” When she asked how she was supposed to do that, he said, “Really, Susan! Must I spell it out? You would do it by fucking me, sucking my cock, letting me do fun things to you. And Philip’s job would be secure, undoubtedly with additional monthly bonuses for your contributions!” And he chuckled! Then he said, “Make no mistake: I’m not playing!” He had acted like a creep, and she was pretty creeped out.

I wasn’t there when it happened, but Susie said she pretended to consider it, but needed to give it thought, and he said he understood, said, “I’m sure you’ll make the smart move for Philip’s career. I’ll see you next week,” and left.

I wanted to kill him. Susie said, “No, here’s what we’ll do….

She called and arranged to meet with Mrs. Parker at their home. We both went. I hadn’t known it until then, but Susie had recorded Mr. Parker at our house. She played the recording for Mrs. Parker, and told her about the other incidents.

Mrs. Parker got a steely glint in her eyes, then displayed a grim smile. Then, she said, “I think you two can help me put and end to his philandering and bullying the company wives into sexual situations they don’t want to be in. Here’s what we’ll do–if you two agree to play your part.” We agreed and decidef the plan would be executed at her house in 2 weeks.

On the appointed day, we were at the Parkers’ house when he got home. He noticed my car in the drive and came into the bedroom, saying, “Edith, do we have company?”

Mrs. Parker, naked, was straddling me on the bed, ostensibly riding my cock as I lay beneath her, also naked

“Hi, honey!” she called to him, “We’re just finishing up. Philip here is one gifted young man!” She began making orgasmic noises and rocked her hips violently, Brazzers then moaned low and long, tensing in apparent orgasmic bliss.

Mr. Parker exploded, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Edith?! Philip, you’re fired, effective immediately!”

I responded first: “Well, you’re doing your best to fuck my wife, so I decided to see if your wife would reciprocate. As it turns out, she was quite enthusiastic about the idea.”

Before he could teply, Mrs. Parker announced, “You’re not firing anybody! In fact, you don’t even work there anymore.” When he said he wasthe CEO, she said, “Not anymore.”

“But, but… you’re not believing that fantastic lie, are you,” he rejoined.

“I do and I am. Have a listen,” and she played Susie’s recording.

“I’m so sorry. I got way out of line. But to fuck him in our own home, in our bed?!” He pleaded.

“You were going to fuck his wife at his home! And don’t be concerned about what happens in this home; you don’t live here anymore.” Mrs. Parker shut him down, and demanded that he leave. He did.

Susie came in from the bathroom as Mr. Parker was leaving, and she said, “Mr. Parker, I’m not playing, either.” After he had gone, she said, “Philip, don’t you stay there too long! It’s going to be too tempting to continue if you guys keep doing that!’

Mrs. Parker said, “Oh, hell, if we have to!”, and crawled out of bed, but made no effort to dress. I did likewise, and my raging hardon showed the validity of Susie’s concern.

As i dressed, Mrs. Parker leaned her bare ass on the bed, and still. naked told us, “We have had a free and open relationship. We did the partner swap thing and the swinger thing, and the open marriage thing. We had a lot of sex together and in threesomes, with another man and with another woman. But he felt it necessary to try to intimidate you into an unwanted sexual relationship by threatening your husband’s job and your financial security. He doesn’t own the company; I do. That worthless, sorry piece of shit.”

We thanked her and she hugged us both, still naked, and said, “Thank you for playing the part my way. I wanted it that way because he needed to feel the kind of betrayal he tried to perpetrate on you–and did perpetrate on me. A good deed on a good day. You two go home and have some fun. I’ll play awhile, I think.”

And she winked.

On the way home, Susie scooted over beside me, placed her right hand over my cock, looked up seductively, not saying anything. Then she said, “If you will pull into the park and find a private spot, I’ll clean all traces of that woman off that thing.” And she winked.

I did, and she did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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