Idris Fills Me Up

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It was the end of May and just two weeks since my eighteenth birthday. I was visiting and staying with Sue my favourite godmother (I have two). I have always got along well with Sue and relied upon her as a friend and confidant, even though she is seventeen years older than me. At this time I was going out with Tony, a college friend who was six months older than me. I had been talking with Sue and was complaining that my mother wouldn’t let Tony stay overnight at our house. I couldn’t stay at his because he shared a room with his sixteen year-old kid brother. Sue quite openly asked if I was having sex with Tony and I admitted that we had done it a few times whilst my mum was out of the house. I told Sue that I felt Tony was becoming a little frustrated with this and I felt he might decide to find someone else.

Sue asked if I felt as though Tony would ever become my husband. I told her I couldn’t see it. Sue then informed me that she had a philosophy that ‘making love’ was when you were having sex with the person that you had committed to for a lasting relationship and ‘fucking’ was something you did for enjoyment. She suggested that at my age I should be indulging in the ‘latter’ rather than the ‘former’. She also said that ‘fucking’ was something that could be indulged in and enjoyed even after finding the person you would be ‘making love’ to. She said that in a lasting relationship there may be things that one partner or the other may not want to do, and wouldn’t do out of respect but added that by ‘fucking’ this could be fulfilled elsewhere.

Sue is married to Dave and they always appear happy in each others company. I asked Sue if she was involved in ‘fucking’ and she told me she was. I then told her that I would feel rather nervous in such a situation. She said that it becomes more comfortable with experience. Sue asked how much experience I had had and I answered that Tony was my first and only one. She said that I needed to gain some experience especially before going to university in October. She said I needed to find some more enjoyment at home with someone other than Tony. I told her that that would be difficult coming from a small village as I did and I might get the wrong sort of reputation amongst the boys. Sue said it didn’t have to be ‘boys’ and I could and perhaps should consider someone older. Again I said it would be difficult within the village.

Sue sat quietly for a moment then smiled. “You asked me earlier if I was involved in fucking and I told you I was” she said adding “One of the gentlemen I’m currently seeing is Idris, a considerate and very experienced married man, I’m sure if I asked him he would enjoy passing on some of his experience and knowledge to you. Would you like me to approach him for you?”

I was completely taken aback by Sue’s frankness and suggestion. Sue could see I was shocked, “Idris is a very charming and good looking man. He is thirty-nine years old and has a gentle manner and would in my opinion be an excellent tutor for you.”

“Sue would you be with me when I met him?” I enquired.

“Of course I would, I wouldn’t leave you on your own. If I phone now I’ll catch him whilst his wife is out, would you like me to?” replied Sue.

“Yes please” I quietly answered.

With that Sue left the lounge to go into the kitchen to use the phone. She was gone a little while but returned sporting a large grin. “I’m sorry to have been so long but I had to convince Idris I wasn’t joking. He thinks it’s a lovely idea, is glad I thought of him and is looking forward to meeting you.”

“When?” I asked.

“He will meet us for coffee at the Tate Gallery tomorrow morning.”

During the afternoon Sue quizzed me a little more on my experience.

That night I found it difficult to sleep thinking of what might transpire the next day.

The following morning we were both up before Dave set off for work. “So what have you two got planned for today then,” said Dave as he drank his tea.

“Were going into town to visit some galleries, probably starting at The Tate,” said Sue.

“Off on one of your ‘willy’ watching trips again. She only goes to look at the males naughty bits,” said Dave.

“Have a good day,” shouted Dave as the front door closed behind him.

“We’d best get ourselves ready. We don’t want to be late for Idris,” said Sue.

We both got showered and dressed and left the house for the tube station for our journey across London. I must admit I had feelings of nervousness and excitement, which increased as we approached our destination. We arrived at The Tate at about ten-thirty and made our way to the coffee bar and ordered our cappuccinos. I sipped mine whilst anxiously looking around me. “Don’t be worried, everything will be fine,” Sue said reassuringly.

Soon a smart looking, very attractive gentleman approached our table. “Good morning Sue, and I assume this must be Sammy,” he said as he took a seat at our table.

“Good morning. Idris meet Sammy, Sammy meet Idris,” replied Sue as she introduced us.

Idris Antep Escort Bayan complemented us on how well we looked and told us he was looking forward to our assignation. He told Sue that he had booked the usual suite. He was going to go on ahead and that we should follow in about fifteen minutes. On our arrival at the hotel he wanted me to go to his room first as he wanted to speak to me alone. He would then call Sue on her mobile to come and join us.

We did as we were requested on entering the hotel. I went alone up to the third floor feeling excited and apprehensive in the lift. I knocked on room 319 and Idris answered the door. He invited me in and was very polite with a gentle manner. I sat in an armchair and Idris sat opposite me on a settee. He was the first to speak “Sammy I wanted to talk to you alone so that we can have an understanding between us. You know that you are here so that I can tutor you in aspects of sex that you are as yet unfamiliar with. This will mean that you are to be fucked by me. Having now met you I am looking forward immensely to instructing you, with Sue’s assistance and to indulge in fucking both of you. I will take things slowly and I can assure you that no! means no! and if you feel uncomfortable with anything you don’t have to proceed, no one will be offended. You are here to learn and to enjoy yourself and I hope that I can deliver a little education and some associated pleasure. I hope I have explained the position clearly to you and have put you at ease but I need to know how you feel and would like your agreement to our session.”

” I am a little nervous but what you have said does reassure me. I want to learn and having spoken with Sue and now having met you I am more than happy to progress with the session and look forward to being fucked.” I replied and agreed.

“Good,” said Idris taking out his mobile phone. He dialled and then invited Sue up to join us.

Sue sat next to Idris on the settee and we indulged in some idle cit-chat. Idris was slowly stroking Sue during this squeezing her breasts and letting his hand wander up her thigh and under her skirt. “I think Sammy and I should see a little more of you,” said Idris and taking Sue’s hand he helped her to her feet. He stood behind her and slowly lowered the zip and unfastened the button at the back of her skirt. He lowered the skirt to the floor and Sue stepped out of it. He then lifted her top over her head revealing that she was wearing a pink bra, matching panties and a white suspender belt holding up white stockings. “Your turn next Sammy,” said Idris as he approached me, took my hand and stood me up.

He stood behind me and lowered the zip of my dress down my spine. He eased the dress off my shoulders and allowed it to work its way down my body ending up in a heap at my feet. I stepped out of it and was now standing in front of Sue and Idris dressed only in a pale yellow bra matching thong and black hold-up stockings. “Mmmm very nice” said Idris ” But I’d like to see a little more of both of you”

Sue crossed over and stood by me whilst Idris went and sat in the armchair. Sue started moving her hands over the skin of my body and her head came close to mine. “I’m going kiss you and undress you and I’d like you to undress me,” she whispered in my ear. She moved her hand up, under my bra, cupping my right breast as she gently placed her lips against mine, gently pushing her tongue between them until she was playing her tongue over mine. I responded instinctively letting my tongue play over Sue’s. I had never kissed like this with a female before but I was enjoying it. My body was also responding positively as I could feel my right nipple hardening under the gentle squeezing it was getting between Sues thumb and forefinger. I let out an involuntary little moan.

“Sammy seems to be enjoying your attention Sue, don’t stop, I want to see both of you naked.”

We continued our kissing and fondling, slowly removing each other’s bras, kissing and licking each other’s breasts and sucking and chewing on each other’s nipples. I was concentrating on Sue’s ample boobs and fat nipples whilst Sue was giving my small tits and little nipples plenty of attention.

Sue worked her way down my body, she had me standing facing Idris as she dropped to her knees behind me. Slowly her fingers caught the fabric either side of my thong as she gently eased it down my legs and off me. Idris could now see my naked form, little breasts and more importantly the downy hair of my pussy, in all its glory.

“What do you think of Sammy’s young body then?” asked Sue.

“I’ll tell you when you are both naked as I requested,” said Idris.

With that I helped Sue out of her panties, which revealed her smooth completely shaved pussy with prominent mound.

“Mmmmm very nice ladies very nice,” said Idris “I love the contrasts in your bodies, old and young, large and small boobs, shaved and unshaved pussies. I wonder if you have something in common though. I wonder if you’re both excited by what is happening. Come over here and let me find out.”

We crossed over to Idris and he had us stand side-by-side facing away from him.

“Bend over,” he said.

We both did as requested. I could then feel something making contact with the base of my spine. It was his middle finger. He let it make its way between my bum cheeks slowly working its way down and along my crack. He spent a minute or two circling it around my bum hole before sliding it on and delving deeper, allowing his finger to disappear deep into my cunt.

“I was right you are both very excited and very moist down there, I’m looking forward to giving both of these holes a good fucking,” said Idris as he moved a middle finger in and out of the two cunts in front of him. “I think it’s time for me to be made ready. Would you like to assist me Sammy?”

“He wants you to undress him,” said Sue.

“I’d like that,” I said.

Idris stood in front of me and I slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, pulling it out from inside his trousers and eventually off his body. I knelt down in front of him and undid his belt, undid the button at his waist, lowered the zip of his fly and eased his trousers down and off. He had previously taken off his shoes and socks. He was now standing in only his white boxer shorts. I reached up caught hold of the waistband and pulled them down. Wow! What a large cock was now before my eyes. Sue could obviously see the surprise on my face.

“Do you like it Sammy?” she said.

“Its certainly big,” I replied. “It’s much bigger than Tony’s.”

“Well you’re not playing with ‘boy cock’ now, Idris has a real ‘man cock’ for you. Why don’t you see if you can get it to full man size” encouraged Sue.

I put out my hand and wrapped it around the thickness of the flaccid shaft. It felt good, warm and soft. I began to play with it moving my hand up and down. It was satisfying to find that my touch was eliciting a reaction from Idris. He was beginning to lengthen and thicken in my hand.

“Why don’t you suck him that usually gets him fully hard?” said Sue.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I had never had a guys cock in my mouth before and was a little anxious about it.

“I’ve never sucked cock before,” I blurted out.

“Don’t worry,” said Idris reassuringly. “You’re here to learn and this will be the first of your lessons and I can’t think of a better cock sucking tutor than Sue.”

“This is just to get us warmed up and in the mood,” said Sue “You may get to taste some of Idris’s pre-cum when we do this but having his full load of sperm to taste and play with will come later.”

Sue joined me kneeling in front of Idris. I still had hold of the semi-erect shaft in my hand.

“Unlike Tony, Idris has a circumcised cock and there is no requirement to pull back the foreskin to reveal the head before commencing our oral ministrations,” said Sue. “And even though it’s referred to as a ‘blow job’ this is something that we definitely don’t want to be doing,” Sue warned. “Its all about soft touch, licking and tongue work, some gentle sucking and of course tasting.”

“It sounds interesting,” I said.

“I think you’ll enjoy it and more importantly so will Idris. As I mentioned Idris will produce a very small amount of liquid from his cock as you work on him. This is not urine but is the equivalent of the wetness you produce in your pussy when being played with or fucked prior to cumming. This is Idris’s pre-cum, play with it, spread it around his cock mixed with your saliva and best of all taste it mmmmmmmm.”

“You obviously like it,” I said.

“I definitely do and it’s not only Idris’s,” replied Sue. “I think you should get started now. That’s it just let the head rest on your lips. Lick it, taste it, get it wet,” encouraged Sue. “Let it slide gently into your mouth. Can you feel it growing getting longer and fatter filling up your mouth. That’s it move your head up and down. Idris likes that I can see.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” I let out a long sigh from my full mouth. I took his cock out “You were right Sue he does taste good,” I said, before returning his hard cock to my warm mouth.

I gave him oral for a few minutes taking it in turns with Sue who wanted her share. We worked him up to full size (I later discovered that Idris is eight inches long with a girth of eight inches) he is big and fat, fully filling my mouth and me not being able to close my hand around it.

“Well Sammy, you’ve learnt your first lesson very well. I look forward to having you suck me some more later and to completion I hope. I think it’s about time I got to taste the juice from those pretty looking pussies of yours. Has anyone tasted you before Sammy?” Idris complemented and enquired.

“No I’ve never had oral sex before,” I replied.

“So I’ll be the first to taste you, I’m sure it will be a pleasure for both of us. Don’t worry, I wont leave you out Sue I’ll eat both of you,” said Idris as he led us to the bed. He sat us both down at the end of the bed. He gently pushed us onto our backs, raised our legs up pushing them either side of our heads. This opened our pussies up to his complete view. Our pussies and bums were at the foot of the bed and right on the edge and Idris kneeled on the floor for easy access. I was to be taken first as Idris used both hands to pull my pussy lips apart, he lowered his head and I suddenly had a surprise as I felt a warm sensation on my bum hole. Idris was licking his tongue around my pink ring. It was a shock but felt nice and I was relaxing into the whole thing. Idris played his tongue up along my pussy, swirling round the entrance to my cunt and on to lick and suck my clit.

“Your young pussy tastes wonderful and you are wet with juice. You are really ready for this,” said Idris as he transferred over to Sue. “I suppose you’ll be as moist and tasty as usual Sue,” he said as he went to work on her.

He kept up his attention for what seemed like an age concentrating on one pussy until it was nearly ready to explode before switching to the other. Sue and I were taking turns in filling the room with moans of pleasure as Idris teased us to the edge. I could feel that Idris was making me wetter than Tony had ever done. Tony had only ever fingered me quickly before entering me in the missionary position. With Idris my head was full of exciting thoughts, my body tingled and my stomach was churning with emotion. I was enjoying this. Idris was sucking and licking my clit as he built me up and finally took me into a state I had never been in before. I was crying out in pleasure as my body shuddered and shook uncontrollably as a massive orgasm ripped through me. I knew I had released a torrent of cum and Idris was busy lapping it up with his tongue.

“Well young lady I’ve never had my mouth so wet. Your cum is gorgeous. If you behave like that each time the boys will be more than happy,” said Idris “Come here and watch me milk Sue.”

I got up and joined Idris kneeling at the foot of the bed. Idris was spreading Sue’s pussy lips apart. “Look how pink and wet she is and how her clit is hard and exposed,” he said as he proceeded to lick Sue’s pussy. “Mmmmm that’s good. Would you like a taste Sammy?” Idris enquired.

“I’ve never done it before,” I said.

“It will be fine, just lick gently, Sue will love it,” said Idris.

Idris held her open and I lowered my head sticking out my tongue ready to taste my first pussy. I ran my tongue all along her pussy over her clit and into her cunt. I was surprised; I liked what I was doing and more especially what I was tasting. Sue appeared to be enjoying it also as she moaned in pleasure. Idris then took over and gradually worked Sue up into a climax, releasing her pent up juices and supplying him with his second cum tasting of the morning.

After a few minutes of recovery Idris announced, “It’s time for some fucking.”

Idris arranged both of us kneeling on the bed, at the end. He was stood behind us. I felt a finger gently entering my pussy; in and out it went a few times. “You’re ready and so am I,” said Idris. He removed his finger and I could then feel him placing the tip of his cock at the entrance to my wet little cunt. His hands were now either side of me, on my hips as he started to push with his cock. I could feel my entrance being stretched by his size as slowly he pushed his cock inside me, inch by inch until I could feel his large balls up against my bum. “Your lovely tight pussy is now full of my cock. Do you like it Sammy?” Idris commented.

“It feels wonderful to be stretched and completely filled,” I replied.

“Good, I’m glad your enjoying it. Just relax and enjoy the pleasure. I’m going to really fuck you now,” said Idris as he slowly began to slide his whole length in and out of my tight, stretched hole. God it felt good. Tony had never had me feeling like this. In and out fast and slow, Idris was definitely giving my pussy a seeing to. “We mustn’t let Sue get jealous,” said Idris as he slid his cock out of me and turned his attentions to Sue. I knew she was now having the same feelings as me as Idris worked his cock up her willing hole. She was moaning with pleasure, as I had been moments before. “Like some more Sammy?” questioned Idris.

“Yes please,” I replied eagerly.

Idris swapped positions and entered me again. This time one hand rested on my bottom and the other sought out my clit. With his finger rubbing my sensitive little button and his cock plunging in and out of my hole it was not long before he had me screaming my pleasure as he induced another stomach churning climax that ripped through my body.

As I collapsed, fully satisfied, lying face down Idris moved over and fucked Sue until she was cumming once again.

With hardly any rest Idris said, “I want you to sit on me Sammy, come here.”

I rolled over to see Idris sitting on the settee. His cock was still stiff and hard, sticking up and ready to go. I crossed over and stood in front of him. “I want you to stand over me and lower your pussy onto my cock,” said Idris. “Take it slow, you control how much of me goes in but I hope you can take it all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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