I Was A Teenage Cocksucker

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It’s hard being the only gay kid in a small high school. It was especially hard before my I went to college; I had just turned nineteen. I am actually bisexual, but to my classmates, being bisexual would have been as bad as being gay. Besides, I was much more interested in guys than girls before I met Alex. Being a sensitive, bookish lad, I naturally had a lot of trouble in gym class. I had successfully avoided gym my freshman year, but I had to take two semesters to graduate from the small liberal arts college I went to. I was not at all athletic, but my body was sleek and slim. I noticed the girls paying attention to the jocks, and the way the jocks showed off for the girls. What the jocks never noticed was how I would pay just as much attention to them as the girls did.

I have always known I was bi, but being from a small town, I never thought I would be able to explore my sexuality. I kept my identity a secret, but somehow my college gym coach knew my secret. I was dressing after gym one day, and the coach called me into his office. He closed the blinds and locked the door behind me. He was still in his gym shorts, but had taken off his shirt. His sweaty pecs rippled and I almost didn’t notice him when he began speaking to me in a low voice. He put his hand on my shoulder. I suddenly snapped awake. He was speaking into my ear. “I know what you are.”

I almost panicked. “How could he know?”

“It’s okay. I’ll keep your secret. Why don’t we keep another little secret—just between the two of us?” His thick forearms were moving toward me. His large hands pulled off my sweaty gym shirt. In a mesmerized state, I took off my gym shorts. I stood there in his office, which felt 115 degrees inside, in nothing but my jock strap. The coach did the same. His thick fingers slid inside the waist band of my jock strap. I couldn’t look him in the eye, so I just looked down. I saw the tip of his cock poking between his belly and his jock strap. There was a little bead of thick, clear fluid at the tip. I licked my lips. He ran his hands over my chest, lingering on my hard nipples. One hand went to my ass and pulled me closer to him. He kissed my chest and licked the salty sweat from my torso. He cupped my tight balls in his hand and rubbed the shaft of my cock against my belly. I could feel the head become slippery underneath.

Biting my lip, and feeling a thousand things at once, I reached for the small piece of elastic that stood between us. As I pulled the strap down, his thick cock sprang straight out. It was thick, about eight inches long, curved slightly in the middle, and had veins all over the outside. In one motion I fell down to my knees and grasped the cock in my small trembling hand. I put my head forward to taste the pre-cum forming on his cock. He grabbed my head and pushed his cock far into my mouth. I could smell the rank odor of his balls. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, never once loosening the grip he had on my short dark hair. Soon his thrusting slowed a little. I could feel the muscles of his buttocks tightening. His heavy balls tightened into a firm mound. I felt a little tremor under the skin of the thick shaft that was stretching my lips. Then there was a gushing of hot, salty jism. I tried hard to keep it in my mouth, but I nearly gagged. He spilt the last few shots of his load in my Taksim Escort hair and on my chest. I wiped my mouth with my arm.

I looked up, but he had gone. I heard a voice from the small room adjoining his office. “You can shower in the coaches’ shower.”

Every day after gym class, we repeated the ritual. One day, though, was different. I heard him call another guy from across the gym. He said to meet him in his office, and not to undress. My heart stood still. I went to the locker room. Just as I was about to take off my shirt, he called in through the steel door: “Jackson! In my office.” I obediently went.

In his office was the other guy he had called too. It was Alex, a basketball player—not just any basketball player, but the team captain. Alex was tall and muscular. The coach spoke first: “Jackson, I want you to meet Alex. Alex owes me a favor. I want you two to put on a show for me. Drop trow, men.” We did as we were told.

Alex and I stood naked. “Well, get on with it. Jackson, you little cocksucker, show Alex how you’re getting an “A” this semester, you limp-wristed fuckin’ pussy.” I obediently knelt before Alex and took his dick in my hand. He was already hard, but I could tell he didn’t really like what was going on. He looked scared. His was only six inches long, and kind of skinny. I was surprised. I figured all of the jocks would have massive johnsons! I licked the rim of the head and started slowly sucking it in. When I got all of his foreskin between my lips, I pulled my head back. My lips made a popping noise when the came off his prick. After a few strokes like this, I tried to put the whole thing in my mouth. That was enough to finish him. Alex shot a small, watery load in my mouth. I stood up.

The coach, who had been jerking his cock furiously the whole time stopped. “What the hell was that, Alex! I see you shoot your wads prematurely, too!” he shouted. Get out of here, both of you, you make me sick, you nancy boys!” The coach groaned.

In the locker room, outside the coach’s office, I asked Alex what the coach meant by owing him a favor. Alex replied, “All of us basketball players date cheerleaders, right?” I nodded. That was the rule, it seemed; jocks got their pick of the girls. “Well, it’s not exactly like we all start dating automatically,” Alex explained. “The coach assigns us our girls. We get them—it’s a kind of incentive to win games. We win, we get to fuck. Most guys use their bitches like ho’s. To them, cheerleaders are cunts in mini-skirts. But I wanted something special… I wanted Angie.” Angie was the star cheerleader, and the object of every guy’s jackoff fantasy. I’ll admit, I yanked the plank at the thought of her ripe, pink C-cup tits, slim waistline, flowing blonde hair, and her long, luscious legs. Of course, I was also dreaming of a ripped young buck hammering her from behind while I reamed his ass. “Coach said I owed him for assigning Angie to me.” I listened in silence; in the background I heard the rhythmic slapping of slippery flesh, that little popping noise a hand makes when tightly wrapped around a cock, coming from the coach’s shower.


One day about a week later, Alex invited me to come over to his apartment. He said his roommates would be away for two weeks, we’d have the place to ourselves. He told me to come over Taksim Escort Bayan about eight. When I arrived at his house that evening, his girlfriend Angie was there and so was this other girl, Seanna. Seanna was a tall redhead with perky tits and a tight-looking ass. She was in a few of my classes, but she didn’t know me very well.

“Tom, this is Angie and Seanna.” Alex introduced us. The girls had gotten up from the sofa where they were sitting together.

“What’s your pleasure, Tom?” Seanna asked in a low, whispering voice.

I didn’t know what to say. I figured she was asking me if I wanted anything to drink. “I’ll have a—”

“—Tom likes boys,” Alex interrupted. I blushed.

“That’s okay. I can be a boy for you.” Seanna took my hand an led me over to the sofa. Alex and Angie followed. She pushed me down. As I came to a sitting position, I noticed something unusual: there was a small bulge at the front of Seanna’s jeans. Without warning, Seanna started to pull down her jeans, and out snapped a black rubber cock. She touched my head and I looked up. Our eyes met, and I knew what to do. I carefully grasped the rubber cock in my hand and started to lick the head. There was a faintly sweet, salty flavor on the dildo. The redheaded girl leaned forward and whispered, “It’s Angie.” The smell of Angie’s essence made me even harder! Although it wasn’t real, Seanna responded to my licking and sucking by running her fingers through my hair. After a few minutes she told me to stand up.

When I was standing, she pulled off my tight black t-shirt and started to unbutton my 501’s. I quivered with a mixture of fear and anticipation. The tension that filled the room tasted sweet. I glanced over to the other side of the sofa and I saw Alex and Angie making out. Their hands were like tendrils, feeling every part of each other’s body. I felt a sharp tug at the waistband of my jeans. Seanna was trying to get my attention. She pushed me back down to sit on the sofa. She pulled my jeans off, and I sat completely naked. She finished undressing herself. Even though I’m not attracted to girls so much, I could feel my cock stiffen at the thought of having Seanna fucking me with that strap-on.

It was getting crowded on the couch now. Alex and Angie were getting undressed. Seanna grabbed my cock and led me to the middle of the room. Alex and Angie followed. Seanna gently pushed me to the floor and made me lie down on my back. Suddenly, all three of them were sitting around me, caressing my skin, running their fingers through my hair, pinching my nipples, but they did not touch the pulsing member that was now standing straight in the air. Alex got up on his hands and knees and came down between my legs. He lowered his head to take the purple head of my seven-inch prick in his mouth. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of his cool spit starting to coat the head. I felt a nudge at my lips. Seanna fed about three inches of her dildo into my mouth. Angie scrambled across the carpet to be on the other side of my head. I opened my eyes just in time to see the two beautiful girls kissing. I could smell the juices from both of their cunts heating up, starting to flow on the insides of their thighs. Down below, Alex’s head was bobbing up and down my shaft—he was sucking hard. I redoubled my efforts Escort Taksim on Seanna’s rubber cock. I was so close to coming when Alex stopped sucking. I looked down. He waved his finger at me as if to say, “No-no, don’t come.”

Alex gave a signal and Seanna pulled her rubber cock from my mouth and lie down on the floor. Angie crawled over, and facing away from her girlfriend, positioned the dildo on the little pink rose between her creamy ass cheeks. Alex smacked my ass and pointed at Angie’s cunt. I had never fucked a pussy before, but Angie’s was soft and wet, but a little tight. I drove my prick into her neatly-trimmed snatch with one thrust—right up to the hilt. Angie whispered to me to be still for just a moment. I supposed that she needed a minute to get used to having two cocks inside her, but I was surprised when I felt the head of Alex’s cock at my asshole. He gave a little push, and I felt the head. My hole widened as he eased the head in. Then it slammed shut over the collar. Alex paused for a second. Then he slowly pushed the rest of his narrow shaft in. With our combined weight on her pussy, Angie shuddered and gasped. Her eyes went white for just a moment. She pulled my head to hers and ravaged my lips, thrusting her tongue inside my mouth. Angie looked almost innocent at school in her cheerleader’s outfit, but at that moment, she was a wanton, lusty, cock-filled slut!

I heard a little click and then there was a buzzing sound. Seanna’s strap-on had a vibrating egg, I found out, on the inside to stimulate her clit. That click was a signal for us to start fucking. Alex, Seanna, and I started a steady hammer-and-tongs rhythm. Girl cum poured out of Angie’s cunt as we hammered her for just five minutes. Alex was the first to come. I suppose it’s hard to hold your load in a tight virgin ass. He winked. The feeling of hot cum up my ass was too much for me. I exploded in Angie’s pussy, filling it with white spunk. Alex and I pulled out together and looked at his girlfriend. She lie still on top of Seanna with the black, rubber cock up her ass and white cum spilling out of her cunt. Angie gently sat up and pulled the dildo from her ass.

Angie got on her knees and straddled Seanna’s face. She stretched out and pulled the dildo away from her friend’s cunt. The two girls formed a perfect sixty-nine. The sounds of their slurping and sucking filled the air and combined with the smell of teenage sex. All Alex and I could do was sit on the sofa and gently stroke each other’s cock.

After about a half-hour, the two girls parted and motioned to us. Alex went to Angie and I went to Seanna. “Fuck us.” We instantly stuck our cocks in their wet holes and started pounding them for all we were worth. “Don’t come!” We stopped, because Alex and I knew we were close. “Switch.” The two girls pushed us back and we crawled on our knees to our partner’s girl. “Fuck.” We fucked them. After a little while, Alex and I were both on the verge of another orgasm. The girls pushed us back and told us to come in their mouths. We did as we were told… we didn’t want to disobey these two hot bitches. Angie and Seanna got up and embraced. Their mouths met, and Alex and I could see each of them had a large pearl of jism on their tongue.

After a hot, soul-searching kiss, the girls parted. Seanna said, “Looks like Tom likes girls, too.” The two girls giggled. After giving me and Alex a blistering, sultry show like that, the girls wanted to see how men suck and fuck.

Please send any comments or criticisms to the address in my profile. If you got off on this story, let me know. Thanks. Tom Jackson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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