I Thought Rabbis Were Good Boys

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My name is Eleni Schwartz. I turn 19 in mid August. I’m a very religious girl and come from a sophartic family. My parents come from Israel and only moved to America very recently. I was a virgin waiting for marriage and the right guy to come along. But it all had to have daddy’s approval, which was not going to be easy. I’ve had a fair share of boyfriends, but every single one would leave me because of my over-protective father who would go on dates with me. At 18 When I thought I would finally have my freedom, he put me on lock down because he said I was at the age when all kids want his sex, and his baby girl isn’t going to be exposed to that till marriage. Like most religions it was not with out the benefit of clergy. So now that you no a little about me this is how it all came to be.

It all started 2 months ago when I got in a horrible car accident. I was charged with a DUI and had to pay for the other person’s damages because I was driving with out insurance. Wow did I fuck up bad this time?

I decided to go to our temple and visit suriyeli porno the rabbi and ask him to forgive me of my sins. As I walked in the schuel it was empty and there was no one in sight. I continued to walk inside; when I thought I heard something. I followed the noises, I thought I heard someone moaning…but it was a temple it couldn’t be. When I reached where the sounds were coming from I put my head next to the door. It was what I thought, someone moaning. I slowly opened the door, and that’s when it hit me… not all rabbi’s are good boys.

I saw a naked man in his late 50’s standing completely nude. I looked down to notice a young teenager around 18 maybe 19, which I later found out, was his daughter. She had just stood up and begun sucking on his huge erect cock. It stood about 9 inches tall. I could hear low groans coming from him as she put the cock deeper in her throat. He began to thrust his cock deep into her throat. She started to gag on his cock, but it only made him go deeper. His balls hit qiqitv.info her chin as he kept thrusting. He began to thrust very fast and I knew he was about to nut deep in her throat. Suddenly the room got quiet, and I noticed that they saw me. He ran and grabbed my arm pulling me by the arm and locking the door.

I was scared of this man and began to scream for help but it was no use. He gagged me and I was standing there so helpless. He told his daughter to go get a knife. I didn’t know what he was about to do but out of fear I tried to break away from him. His strength over did mine. She brought him the knife and he cut off all my clothes. I was in so much shock I didn’t pull back anymore. The next thing I knew he had me bent over and was spreading my ass cheeks. I knew what was about to happen to me but I wasn’t about to stop it. He stuck his still erect cock in my tight ass hole. I tried screaming but only gurgle sounds could come out of my mouth. I was in extreme pain and the more I tried to scream the harder he thrusted.

He travesti porno called his daughter over. She spread her legs in front of my face and pushed my head into her wet pussy. I sucked her off while being anal raped from behind. She came in my mouth, and all her juices were dripping down my face. When he finally removed his massive cock out of my ass hole, he thrusted his cock into my virgin pussy inducing more pain through out my body. After a few minutes, which felt like an hour, it was quiet enjoying. I stopped trying to break away and scream instead I met his thrusts. I had watched a lot of porn and I knew what I was doing, but then I thought again an old man was fucking me from behind. I felt like I was fucking my father. A few seconds past and I climaxed from his cum shooting far up into my pussy.

With my pussy dripping from cum he told his daughter to clean me up. She licked up all the juices from my pussy, and caused me to have another orgasm. The more she tried to clean my up the more I was getting drenched. Finally it all ended.

The rabbi asked me what I originally came for. His response to what I did was “I don’t think a man of his own sins could forgive the ones of an innocent women who made a mistake.”

I left there with a smile on my face, and wound up never drinking again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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