I Hate My Master Ch. 18

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Timmy fucked me twice, got blown, and had my tongue working on him the rest of the time. All while playing his game. I was worn out. He didn’t care how tough this was on me, just that he was feeling good. I didn’t know if it would ever end.

He got a text, checked his phone and said to me. “Get your clothes on. Your ride is here.”

“Daddy, do I have to go?” I was seeming sad, but glad this was finally ending. But what was next in store for me?

“Yeah, I got to send you back to Chris. Someone is here to pick you up. Get a move on.” He slapped me on the ass.

“OK, Daddy.” It took me a moment to remember where my clothes were. I got them on, and since I was supposed to be a good boyfriend, I leaned over to kiss Timmy good-bye.

“Kiss the cock.” Timmy wiggled his still partially hard member.

“Oh Daddy, thank you Daddy!” I obeyed. That was so stupid. Timmy kept playing his game as I let myself out. Then I realized where I had a ride, but I didn’t know who. I had my wallet, so I could pay, but I’d have to explain to Chris why I spent money.

In the parking lot was a car in the drive, stopped perpendicular to the parked cars. There was a thin man standing, between the car and the open driver’s side door, his arms resting on the top of the door and the car roof. I could tell he was watching me even through the worn sunglasses.

“You Marky?” The man said as I got close.

“Yes, sir.” Fucking Chris made me be respectful to every man.

“Get in.” The man slid behind the wheel. I got in the passenger’s side.

“I’m one of Rob’s boys. I have permission to order you around from Chris. He said I could get you to do anything I wanted.” He said.

“Yes, sir.” Great, I get to obey one of Rob’s slaves now. My torment will never end.

“Pull your pants down to your ankles.” He had a smirk on his face. He must like being the one ordering someone around, rather than taking commands.

“Yes, sir.” I pulled my pants down. He reached over and played with my junk a bit. I started to get hard again.

“Deliver a smack to your balls.” He says, removing his hand.

Damn. “Yes, sir.” I gave my balls a quick slap. “Ouch.”

“That hurts you? Master Rob would break you like a stick.” He gave a small laugh.

“He hurts you a lot?” I could talk, I just had to be respectful, and I couldn’t let my real feelings out.

“Some. Albert is the real pain pig however. He’s got this thing, sort of like a jock strap with spikes on the inside. Rob will walk by while he’s kneeling there and kick it. Can you imagine getting spikes shoved into your dick?” He gave one of those fake shudders.

“Fuck no.” I looked at the dashboard. I hoped Chris never heard about that. He’d absolutely make me do it to myself.

“Or putting them in a vice. I’ve seen Master Rob order Albert to put his own balls in the vice and turn the crank.” I grimaced as he said this. “Once he had Albert dip his cock and balls into a jar of melted candle wax.” At this point I could tell he was telling me all this to make me cringe. I couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth, but it did sound like Rob. I wasn’t hard. Hearing this was a turn-off for me. And since I wasn’t actually serving him, I wasn’t required to have a boner.

“Master Rob makes all us boys the best we can be. Your Master Chris is a different type. He likes to rip guys to pieces. I know this one big muscled top, a power lifter type, now he’s all subby for twinks.” He reached over and cupped my balls. “I know he’s taking you apart. You should just let him. He can do whatever Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort he wants to you. Being owned is like that.”

“He sure is taking me apart.” It felt good to say it, and it seems I could, since I was following his lead.

“Just go with it. Masters always know what’s best for us. Besides, we belong to them, so it’s not like we have any choice.” He gave another bit of a laugh at that.

We were getting close to Chris’s house, and just drove in silence. When we pulled up, I saw there were a number of cars there. Great, another party, and I’m sure I would be the entertainment. He parked and told me to get out and get naked. There weren’t any houses nearby, so it’s not like a neighbor would see me. I stripped off and stood there while he pulled a box out of the back seat.

“I’ve got my orders too. I had to practice this a bit.” Rob’s boy, I still didn’t know his name, took some kind of grease pencil and started to draw on my face. The first one was blue, and he marked my face with a few different colors. I was getting a bad feeling about what he was doing. My fears were realized when he ordered me to check out my face in a side-view mirror. He had done an incredible job of putting a butterfly on my face. “Like a girl at a circus.” He had a wicked smile on his face. I was devastated. This was beyond humiliating. It was mostly an outline, with bits and emphasis in different colors. There was no way I could maintain any form of dignity at all. “But we’re not done yet.” He popped the trunk. This was going to be so bad. He pulled out a simple blue helium balloon, tied to a weight. He took it off the weight and came to me, tying it tight to my cock, several loops to keep it on. I couldn’t say a word. Internally, I was screaming like he was holding my feet to the fire, but outside, I was all submissive. He put the balloon on my cock. My fucking cock, turned into a balloon anchor. I looked so incredibly stupid. I was beyond mortified. My stomach actually hurt.

“Now bend over and spread ’em.” He said. Damn, wasn’t this over yet? I heard sounds I could now identify as lube being applied to something. Fuck that I could recognize that sound. I felt something cold and squishy on my asshole. He was putting a butt plug in my ass. It went in way too easy. Fuck that, butt plugs easily slid into my hole now. Fucking Chris. “You stand straight up.” I did. I felt something, a string up my back. I twisted around a bit trying to figure out what it was.

The boy laughed. “Another balloon tied to the plug. Your owner sure wants you humiliated. You do look like a fucking idiot.” No doubt about that. “Oh, one more thing.” He pulled a headband thing out of the trunk. It had springs with glittery blue balls at the top, the long springs making the balls bop around. My stomach lurched. Silly, completely stupid. Any pretense of dignity was gone, I was geared up like a buffoon. It was worse than just having to hit my own balls. A bit of physical pain is one thing, this stripped me of any manhood I might have had. Dumber looking than a clown. I looked like an imbecile. Whatever was going to happy, I would start the butt of the joke like this.

“We’re all ready now, follow me.” He turned and headed into the house I lived in. I had to obey, but it tore me apart. The boy opened the door and ushered me in. I could see about a half dozen men there.

Chris looked up and said “The entertainment’s here!” As the men got a look at me, they all burst out in laughter. Not little chuckles, full on laughs. I did look beyond ridiculous, but I could only stand there and take it. There were all fit men, Travis and Josh among them. I was the only one naked. It was like a gut punch. I knew how incredibly stupid I looked, and I was there soley for their sick amusement.

Chris approached me “You can stay on your feet and not wear your collar this time.” He propelled me towards the men, I was the center of attention. The men were still laughing.

Chris said, through his laughter. “So here’s the game. Marky here will serve drinks and snacks, like a good slave boy.” He gave my shoulder a squeeze, like he needed to remind me that I had to be totally obedient. “His butt plug is set to go off at random intervals. Whenever it does, Marky will get on his knees before whoever’s closest and beg to service them. Use his mouth as you want. Should be fun to see how he reacts with a tray in his hands.” Everyone laughed. Except for me. I was the butt of the joke again. “And the sucking should be fun. Let him go for a bit, we’ll get to watch how he gets on.” Chris slapped me on the ass. “Get in the kitchen and serve a round of drinks. You’ll need to make sure people always have drinks and snacks.” He added softly so just I could hear “Beg good.” I’d be debasing myself all night, one way after another. I headed to the kitchen.

There were drinks in the fridge, and snacks prepared. I put beer on a tray and began to serve the men. I couldn’t pass near any of them with eliciting some form of laughter, pinching, slaps, or fondling. They clearly viewed me as an object. I managed to get them all drinks and was passing snacks around when the buttplug went off the first time. It wasn’t too bad, and more of the shock that caused me to jiggle the tray. But a vibration in your ass gets your attention right off, and I struggled to put the tray on a table. The guy I was closest to I didn’t know. Great, I had to beg some stranger.

I got on my knees. “Please Sir, I’m a stupid whore, would you please take advantage of me? Please use me anyway you would like. Please I’m a whore for you, I need your dick real bad Sir. Give me that big dick in my whore-hole and use me to get your rocks off. I’m such a whore, I need dick all the time.” Where was this coming from? I would never say something this horrible, I wouldn’t even think of it, so it must be something Chris did to me. Everyone was laughing. I looked beyond stupid. Balloons, face paint, and that stupid stuff on my head. I was crushed, totally crushed. I was set up to be a damn fool, and everyone got to enjoy my humiliations. I was merely some plaything.

The guy had a goatee, and he looked down on me with a wicked grin on his face. “Get to it fagboy.” Everyone laughed and I opened up his pants, getting a look at his cock as I fished it out. Even mostly limp, it was pretty good sized. I put my mouth on it, sucking like I had been taught. I discovered I had to hold the string of balloon to the side with my arm. He started to chub up pretty quickly, and it was hitting the back of my mouth. So I was gagging on it, causing more laughs at my expense. The things on my head bobbed back and forth, hitting his stomach and causing more laughter.

I had been going for a few minutes when he slapped my chest and told me to get back to serving. I pulled off and retrieved the tray. Everyone was amused at my perdiciment. I heard men laughing at how stupid I looked. If they tried, could they have debased me more? The sad thing is they probably could. And I’d take to it seemingly happy. A puppet to them, they could pull my strings and I’d dance to any tune they played. I’d keep coming back for more. Could I even consider myself a man anymore? Was I even a boy? What was I?

I was cringing so hard, but all inside, I couldn’t show it outside at all, no matter how much I tried and wanted to. They were all enjoying themselves. Talking to each other. I noticed Rob’s boy was sitting next to him on the couch. Even I could tell he was with his master. Rob had his arm over him, in a possessive way. The boy was folding into him like he needed his strength. Rob was tough on me, but he seemed to be easier on this own boy.

The stupid fucking butt plug went off a random times just like Chris said it would. I would always have to get on my knees and beg each time. After debasing myself, my mouth would be used. Never for long, but it was enough to show I was at the bottom of the pack. The balloons just made things worse. I wasn’t just that I was a sex toy to all of them, but that I was in this unforsaken get-up. Chris kept pushing me lower and lower, stripping me not only of my masculinity, but of my very humanity. Under my standing orders, I appeared to be really into this, and giving it my all. It’s one thing to humiliate a guy, but something else to make him humiliate himself. And even worse to make him like it or look like he liked it.

I was broken inside. Going from humiliating myself with Timmy and calling him “Daddy” to straight on to this twisted appearance and game. No matter how torn up I was in my own head, my face and body looked like I was enjoying myself more than anyone else there. And my dick was hard. Almost painfully hard. Some of the guys were beginning to hook up with each other, holding on and being either tender or tough depending on what their particular bent was.

The buttplug went off again. I was standing in front of Rob’s boy. I got on my knees. I knew this guy was a slave, he sucked dick, took it up the ass and did whatever he was told. Now I was kneeling before him. “I’m a whore, I big old whore, I’m here for you to take your pleasure with me any way you want. Use me like a slut, be as rough as you want, Sir. Put your dick in me and use me like a cheap hooker. Use me and abuse me, toss me aside and I’ll come back like a licking puppy anytime you call.” Everyone was watching. They knew who I was begging to, and how low it made me. I got more laughter. I wanted to break down and cry.

The boy looked to his master, totally unsure of what to do. Rob had an expansive expression on his face, and let the boy wait for a moment. “You know your dick doesn’t go into guys, don’t you?” Rob said.

“Yes master, i am not allowed to put your dick in men.” The boy looked puzzled for a moment.

Rob then pointed to his boy. “Suck him off you whore.” That got a laugh like it was the funniest joke in the world. The slave pulled his cock out and shoved it in my mouth before I could say anything. That brought new laughs as people found that funny as well. Rob grabbed the back of my head and forced it to hump a bit before pulling me off and shoving me to the side. It was enough for everyone to have a good chuckle at me again.

It turned out to be like a signal. Some of the guys headed out in pairs, and at least one triple, and a couple of sets to the guest rooms (one of which was supposed to be my room). As they did, Rob and his boy left as well. Chris and some well-build man were the last left. They let the last guys out, and Chris kissed this guy at the door, obviously the more dominate one. “Clean up, sleep in the kitchen slave.”

“Yes Master.” I said as Chris put his arm around the waist of the guy and headed for his room. I had a mess to clean up, and I was exhausted. I had been fucked and worked and humiliated. I got the butt plug out and popped the balloons, hearing Chris laugh from the other room. I took a deep breath. I was bound to obey, so I had to get to cleaning, and as tired as I was, I had to work. I did manage to get to the bathroom and scrub off the greasepaint. I couldn’t look my reflection in the eye.

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