Hucow Farm Life

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While it was cold outside, the barn was plenty was for this time of year. Jack walked down the aisle between the stalls, he could see the farm hands going about their morning tasks. The sounds of the milking machines humming away mixed with the fans cycling the cool fresh air with warm. All that was missing to him was the sounds of cows mowing. The last time he had heard them was when he was a little boy nearly fifty years ago. Stopping by a farm hand Jack read the clip board he was handed, checking the production numbers he noted the changes recommend by the doctor to increase her yield. He saw she was still a year into treatments, some took to this faster than others. The scientist were always trying to improve their creation, to keep up with ever growing production demands.

He looked down at the small pale white ass, the dildo was slowly pumping in and out of her pussy. Her long brown hair pulled into a ponytail allowing the strap of the ball gag to be clearly seen. Stepping into the stall Jack took it slow, she moved meekly, rattling the chain attached to her collar. Crouching down he stroked her cheek. She looked at him with dull eyes, her moaned stifled by the red ball gag. Jack looked at her breasts which had doubled in size since she had started. The miking machine pulsated against her nipples collecting her sweet nectar. Reaching in he gave each one a squeeze, standing up he patted her head. Nodding to the attendant he handed back the clipboard and continued through the barn.

After all these years the product was still the same thing people demanded, the source of the milk was the biggest change. When he was little, the droughts and scorching hot days had damaged much of the world’s farm land. Farmers began to hoard what feed and stock they had. As the world’s hunger grew, scientists had stepped in trying to solve the problem in any way they could. Unfortunately not every animal could adapt the changes or synthetic foods. Cows and other milk producing animals suffered greatly. Only a few small herds which were well guarded the world’s elite remained. Other means of milk from nuts was limited by the drought and some of the synthetic lab created stuff just didn’t do as well as they had hoped.

Humanity turned to the largest source available, women. The scientists had tested first on the convicts who had long sentences with the offer of knocking off many years. It took a few years of testing and clinical trials, along the way there was success and loss before they found a working solution. A hormonal change which increase lactation or kick started it in non-pregnant women. A second drug dulled the sense, reducing the urge to fight, struggle or runaway. They found the first shot increased pleasure through vaginal stimulation and nipple sensitivity. Now all they had to do was convince half the human race to do this for the benefit of others.

Governments had decide those convicted of certain crimes could use this as a way to pay their debt to society. The list for approving candidates included those who wished to get out debt, they could work it off over five to ten years. Any woman who chose to do this voluntarily was readily accepted, though some activist feared this would lead to women being forced by family as a means to earn money. Their concerns were dismissed by the growing demands for the new milk. In order to make things went smoothly, a new bureau was created for inspecting equipment and living conditions. They would make sure the women would be treated humanely and to shutdown those who broke the rules.

Production levels, farms and farmers had taken sometime getting used to the new ways as well as the guidelines for treatment and upkeep of hucows. Jack was one of those who had taken time to adjusting, though would happily admit the job did have its rewards. While he didn’t have a space to house a large herd like some farms, he was able to keep the family farm with a small heard of fifty. It had taken him a few years before he turned a profit. The cost in changing the farm over and training up new hands for the job. Hard concrete was replaced with soft padding that still made for easy clean up. Plumbing for waste removal and food delivery added, small beds and sex machines where final touches.

Jack knew some farms let the hands or anyone who paid to have sex with their hucows whenever they wanted. He had limited the practice to those who signed certain consent forms, they took place few days in a special room away from the other hucows. Walking through a door he entered the doctor’s outer office. She was a middle age woman, one of the few on his staff. She looked up, her glasses reflecting the light above her.

“Morning Jack,” she said brushing a lock of dirty blonde hair from her face.

“Morning Debra. Do you have the list of new arrivals?”

She handed him the papers. “Came in yesterday. We have eight leaving us in the next month, so we get eight new ones today to start training.”

Jack read over the bahis firmaları list which contained first names, age, color of skin (some paid more for milk from different races.), height, weight, body size, and breast size. The final column noted crime, debt or voluntary. This would help dictate the kinds of shots required and the dosage, though it was not an exact science, no matter how hard they tried.

“Who do we have for helpers today?” He asked.

“Kim, Emily, and Brittni, our usual trio of misfits.” She said not looking up from her computer.

Jack chuckled at this. After serving their time the trio had decided to stay on voluntarily. They received special shots to help they retain their milk production but at a reduced rate, they came in five times a week to be milked. The rest of their time was spend living together in a small cottage on the farm. Jack new that they were making plenty of money. Since their libidos had not been reduced, if they weren’t milking, eating or sleeping, they were fucking each other or the farm hands.

Jack didn’t mind this, he himself had sex with each of them, and it did keep the hands more relaxed. There were some who still had their cocks stiffen at the sight of naked women being fucked by machines daily. Better the trio instead of a non-consenting hucow.

“Well, I’m sure they make the new one’s comfortable. You can start the hormone reductions on the one’s finishing their obligations. We’ll see if any wish to stay on.” He told her.

“Sure thing Jack. Wendy is getting the paper work ready for them.” Debra said getting up. Grabbing her lab coat and doctors bag, she got ready for the morning check of the herd. She would see the new arrivals after they arrived that afternoon.

Wendy, her young assistant, entered the room. She greeted them with a smile. Jack returned it, checking her over as he always did. Where Debra was slim and petite woman with small breast which got lost under her clothes yet fit her body perfectly when she was naked. Wendy was a the opposite of Debra, her large breast threaten to burst through her sweater. Jack could described Debra as a tall pixie with gentle eyes, Wendy mischievous look to her gaze. She was head shorter than Jack, and though he had never had sex with her or seen her naked, he wished he could. There was a little bit of fat on Wendy’s body, she had a some what of an hourglass figure, though it was her large breast. Which always caught his attention.

Besides wanting to see her naked Jack had always wanted to hook her up to a machine and just watch it go to work on her bosom. Debra knew this was one of Jacks fantasies. They had talked about it plenty of times after they had sex. They weren’t lovers as Debra had a small stable of young farm hands she would take to her bed when she wanted there youthful exuberance.

Wendy too had eye’s for her boss. His salt and pepper grey hair was a big turn on for her. Jack was just over six feet tall and kept himself in perfect shape through hard work. Wendy had also heard her share of rumors from the trio that Jack was well hung and a skilled lover.

“I’ve got the paper work all set for this afternoon. Debra, I want to check up on number 37. She’s still favoring her left side.” While they came to the farm with names, the women were assigned numbers which attached to the stalls.

There was plenty of footage online of police raids on farms where they had branded, tattooed, or pierced the ear with a number tag. This was against the guidelines, along with refusing to release a hucow from their contract upon completion. They were still human to him, and Jack made sure to make their time went smoothly as possible.

He could hear the sound of giggles coming from a small room next to the one he had walked into. Jack lead a pair of hucow’s to the two empty but wide open stalls and attached their chains to the wall rings. Number 25 & 26 took a few moments to get used to their new surroundings. A farm hand checked the milkers and the sex machines. The cow’s sat on their butts eagerly awaiting to be milked. Jack checked his watch the new arrivals would be arriving soon, he patted each on the head knowing they would have to wait to. They would be demonstrating the milking process for the new cows.

Jack headed to the door where the giggles were coming from, he looked around and noticed the farm hand had gone back to the main barn. Debra and Wendy should be coming in soon, he thought, knocking on the door. The giggles hushed for a second before starting up again.

“Come in.” A sexy voice called.

He opened the door and entered to find the trio in various states of undress. “Good afternoon girls.” He said taking in the view.

They were sexy as always. Emily was skinny when she arrived, she had filled out nicely, her large breast struggling against her bra as she started to remove her pants from her shapely ass. Her long auburn hair hung in curls around her head. Brittni was already naked, she brushed kaçak iddaa her dark brown hair. She was the tallest of the three and nearly as tall as Jack. He remember she had been perfect when she arrived, her body in perfect proportion. Now her breasts were twice their original size, they were like small melons, she was his favorite of the trio.

Jack turned his gaze to Kim, of the trio she was the shortest. Similar to the build of Wendy, she was removing her panties revealing a thin strip of blond hair. Where Wendy was fight and stacked in the chest. Kim was a little plump some love handles on her side, and a big jiggly butt. Her heavy breast’s strained to break free as she bent over. They swung and jiggled as she stepped out her panties.

“Hi Jack.” They said in unison when they saw who stepped into the room.

Closing the door behind him, he could feel his dick stiffening. He checked his watch. Too bad they didn’t have time for a quickie. “Hello girls. How are you today?”

“Horny,” said Brittni, she crossed over to him.

Their lips locked, she stroked his cock through his jeans. He returned the kiss, one hand cupped her round ass, as the other found her gave her firm round breast a squeeze. Jack pinched her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. He could feel some milk leak out onto his finger. Brittni broke the kiss, her eyes closed she moaned as Jack slowly milked her. He took his hand off her ass and snaked it around the front. His fingers found her moist lips. Jack watched Brittni jumped with excitement, his fingers rubbing against her pussy.

Emily and Kim had finished stripping, walking over they joined them, playing with each others breasts as they watched. Jack could see each of them skipped their morning milking. They were at the point of bursting, milk squirted out with ease from the slightest touch. He could feel his cock fighting to break free, it had been a few days since he last had sex and now the urge was trumping his duties. He knew Debra and Wendy could handle the introduction, but they would need part of the trio to assist with the process.

“Emily, Kim. The two of you can put on your robes. Find Debra or Wendy and tell them Brittni and I will be joining them later.” He said.

“Sure, Jack.” Said Kim. They both kissed him on the checks. While they were jealous that Brittni was going to get fucked, they knew they would get to be milked sooner. Their breast ached at the thought of it. Slipping on the white robes they walked out the door. Brittni kissed him with earnest, her hands fighting to free his cock.

Jack stopped her. “Not here darling.” Taking her hand he led her to a door in the back corner of the room. Opening it, he led her up the stairs to the viewing area. The glass was one sided allowing Jack to view new stock along with the others and to keep the new cows from becoming nervous seeing others besides the doctors and female helpers watching them. He slid a padded bench over to the window. Turning around he found her standing there playing with her pussy as she squeezed her left breast.

Walking over Jack grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her pussy. Turning her slightly he gave her ass a light slap. Brittni yelped in surprise, lust blazed in her eyes, she turned her head mashed into his mouth, their tongues dancing. Reaching down she unbuckled the belt and popped the snap on his jeans. Putting his hands on her shoulders and Jack gave a gentle push. Brittni responded by sinking her knees. She looked into his eye’s while her fingers undid the zipper. Her mouth salivating as his pants fell to the floor leaving only his boxers. She could see his large cock straining to break free. Pulling them down she took his cock in her hand and stroked it. Brittni smiled at the sight of the large stiff cock in front of her. Leaning in she brought her lips to the purple head, and gave it a kiss. Parting her lips she took the monster into her mouth, her left hand rubbed her dripping pussy.

Resting a hand on her head he watched the new cows being lead into the room below. Of the eight new cows four were convicts, three debtors and one a volunteer, Wendy lead them into the room. From the outside a farm hand would lock and guarded the door. He knew Debra would greeted them with a smile, all he could hear was Brittni gagging on his cock. Jack knew she like to try to deep throat him, she confirmed this when she pulled off his cock to breath, stroking it with her hand.

Debra looked them over as they came in, she already knew their stats but one could not just make an assessment from without visual inspection. They stood in a line, their shirts one size to small and yoga pants helped her see what they looked like.

“Welcome ladies to Knowles Dairy farm. My name is Debra and I am the staff doctor here, you’ve already meet my assistant Wendy. The owner of this farm will be joining us shortly. For now I will get the process started.” She said as Wendy handed each of them a clipboard with papers. kaçak bahis “Before we can begin anything serious you will need to look over and sign these pieces of paper. They are consent forms, next of kin in case of serious injuries or problems. Which I promise you will not happen on my watch.”
The women began to flip through the forms. “The final piece is the sex consent form. While you are being milked you will be simulated through a sex machine, should you chose to you can have a real cock a few times a week. You will also receive a shot which will temporarily keep you from getting pregnant. This is not sterilization. You will be able to bear children once you leave the farm.” She waited as they flipped through and signed the papers.

Wendy collected the clip boards and set them off to the side.

From booth Jack moaned as Brittni worked his cock. He could see Debra was introducing Emily and Kim. Stopping her, he removed his cock from her mouth. Brittni jumped to her feet, excited for what was coming next. Giving Jack a quick kiss she turned around and bent over, placing her hands on the padded bench. Giving her ass a shake, she squeezed right nipple as she waited impatiently. Jack decided to tease her a little bit, slapping her ass with his cock before running it up and down her slit. Brittni moaned she pushed back trying to slip him in, Jack pulled back listening to her whine. He could see Debra had asked the new cows to remove their clothing.

Taking his throbbing shaft in his hand he shoved it into her soaking pussy. She pushed back with greed, moaning loudly. Placing his hands on her hips he pulled her into his body, thrusting his cock all the way in. Their hips smacked together, Jack began to pump in and out. Looking out the widow he took in the view of the bodies of his new stock. Over the next day’s he would get to know them better and watch them change into productive cows. Turning his attention back, he focused on the sexy brown hair girl bouncing on his cock.

Brittni was panting, she meet each of his thrusts with her own. Leaning forward he reach around and found her firm tits. He squeeze the warm flesh before moving to the nipples. He pinched them then began to knead them between his fingers. Milk squirted out onto the glass and the bench. This sent Brittni over the edge, she screamed her orgasm. Jack could see some of the new cows looking up, the room wasn’t completely sound proof.

Debra tried to hide a smile, she saw the girls reacting to sound of Brittni’s orgasm. With their cloths removed and stacked into neat piles, Debra had Kim and Emily lead them into the exam room. Wendy was in there preparing the first round of shots. She glanced up at the mirrored glass, she could easily picture what was going on in there since she and Jack had done it up there a couple of times. Entering the exam room she was glad to see Wendy beginning the process with the help of Kim. They would double check the girls measurements before administering the first dose. Emily was moving amongst the new girls answering questions and offering assurances. Some of the girls reached out feeling the size of her breasts, she shuddered at the touch as some milk dripped out. The new cows gasped in surprised at the sweet nectar.

Joining Wendy in administering shots, Debra tried to keep her laughter to herself. These women would be in for a real surprise when they finally got to see a cow be milked by a machine.

It wasn’t long after Debra had moved the new cows to the next room that Jack had shot his load deep into Brittni’s pussy. She had collapsed for a moment onto the bench as she orgasmed for a second time with his pulsating cock. Pulling out of her sopping wet pussy he stood there waiting for her to catch her breath. When she did Brittni turned around and dropped to her knees. She sucked the last drops off his cock and cleaned him up as he slowly went flaccid. After she finished he led her back to the changing room where they both cleaned up.

Jack watched her showering off, her fingers rubbing her nipples causing milk flow out. Giving her ass a slap, he gave her a firm but stern warning, telling her she would be milked soon enough. Brittni dropped her hands to finish cleaning, she dreamed about the sweet release which would happen soon. They finished showering and went into the milking demonstration room.

The two cows he had brought in earlier were siting patiently on their buts. Pulling up a chair, he sent Brittni into the exam room to see how much longer it would be. She returned swiftly and told him they were on the last one. Jack nodded, he got and put the chair against the wall, she had followed him, as he turned around she planted a kiss on him while rubbing his crotch.

Grabbing her hands he forced a gap between them. “Easy girl, you’ll get your excitement shortly.” Brittni put on a pouty face.

Dam these girls, they can never get enough, thought Jack as he got ready for the next stage of initiation.

A knock on the door along with Wendy poking her head in caught his attention.

“We’re ready if you are.” She said.

“Good, send them in.” He stood by the two make shift pens watching the women as they came in.

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