How Hannah Solved a Problem

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Motivation or How to Solve Problems

Hannah was excited as her first term as a Lecturer’s aide came to an end. She had been offered some summer work as a tutor for two young College freshmen. They needed to improve in several areas most notably math if they were going to pass their up coming tests.

Although, Karl and Max both came from good families, she had quickly learnt that the two boys were into teenage rebellion or ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ as they used to say. It was this attitude that was costing them their grades and their parents’ tolerance. It was finally decided that they would be tutored over summer by a responsible and bright aide.

Hannah applied and got the position. However, she had been warned during the interview that she would have her work cut out for her. As Karl’s father noted, “His views on teachers and women are not that progressive. You may have to have a tough skin and adopt some unorthodox strategies to get them to learn.”

It was decided that the tutoring would begin in the second week of the break. As an added bonus, Hannah and her students would be able to use some of the facilities of the local College at which Hannah taught. Inspired by her first real teaching assignment, Hannah spent the first week drawing up a lesson plan. It was her intention to give then a thorough understanding of Math and ensure that they were able to get good marks in the tests.

However, she learnt very quickly that this might not be possible. Her charges were less than enthused at having to spend most of their summer break studying. While, she established a good personal rapport with them, they were both unmotivated by their parents’ desires to improve their academic standing.

Further, she realized that they were more interested in checking her out. She often caught them looking at her, mentally undressing her with their eyes. Sometimes they gave voice to their opinions and feelings vocally. During one lesson, Karl informed her that the only mathematical equation he wanted to know was that which would determine her tit size. Max had asked as to whether she had mathematically measured the size of those dicks that she could take.

Hannah had quickly ascertained that she needed to fight fire with fire and had retorted with some ribald comments of her own about their probable dick size. The result was that while the atmosphere in the room gradually became more sexually charged due to the increased sexual observations and connotations made by the three of them, Hannah’s lesson plan fell into abeyance.

Three weeks before the make-up tests, Hannah realized that they were in trouble. She sat at home and worried about it at nights. If they failed again, it would, she decided, reflect very badly on her. Therefore, they must not fail again.

At the beginning of the next week, Hannah brought the issue up in class. She said that she was worried about the fact that neither of them appeared to have learnt anything over the summer. She was worried about how they would fare in the exam and their parents’ reactions if they failed. Further, she was worried about how it might reflect on her.

Karl snorted, that Hannah had nothing to worry about. She had been told that they were unteachable. Besides, it was their fault for giving them a hot young teacher with a great ass and great tits.

Max laughed and said that his interests lay elsewhere and the only mathematics that interested him were those that could be put to a practical use, “such as ” he paused and poked his tongue out, “strip poker.”

Hannah was not that impressed. “What would motivate you both?” she asked in despair.

“Grade A pussy!” Karl chortled, “That would be a great motivator.”

“Yeah,” Max agreed. “Seeing your body would be a great motivator, or doing you like a pig on a spit” They both laughed.

Hannah considered her options. Maybe their lust could be used to get them motivated. She could trick them into learning if she had the right carrot and it appeared as if she was the right carrot. Plus, it might provide some fun for her.

She stood up and said that she would consider their requests, if they learnt math and got reasonable scores in their mock tests. This brought hoots of derision from Karl and Max. It was a trick they said. She would never do that. They would need assurances before they committed themselves to anything.

Hannah thought about it and said that it was fair enough. But, she was not going to sacrifice her tits and ass for two losers. She was, however, willing to undertake a deal by which they could see some ‘Grade A pussy and some great tits.’

Both, Karl and Max seemed very interested in the recent developments in the lesson and sat at attention.

Hannah giggled and sat on the desk. She started to draw her skirt up her legs, “If they studied hard, then she would reward them, “she said. She drew her skirt up to her knees and held it there. Slowly, she started opening her legs, drawing her knees apart exposing more and more of Gaziantep Escort Reklamları her inner thighs. She started to slowly draw her shirt up again, stopping at mid-thigh. Her legs spread wide enough to give Karl and Max an uninterrupted view to the top of her stockings and beyond to her pink panties.

“Study hard and I will reward you,” she repeated. “Sit and pass those tests that I set for you and you will be treated well. Carry on as usual and…” She grabbed the skirt and pulled it down and snapped her legs together, blocking the boys’ view. “Do we have a deal? ” She coyly asked.

Karl was openly salivating at the thought. “Oh, yeah” Karl grunted, “I feel like whipping it out now and spraying it all over you, now!”

She laughed. “I think that seals the deal. I’m setting a test for Wednesday, so study hard.” She said as they both left the class. Hannah was satisfied. She had motivated them, even if she had no intention of doing anything totally untoward with her body, she would, nonetheless ensure that they remained motivated.

Max and Karl did study hard for the test. They swatted with a fervor that surprised themselves as well as their parents. They memorized the relevant equations and the various questions in the revision book. They even tested each other, and further motivated each other by talking about Hannah’s tits and pussy. By the day of the test, they felt thoroughly prepared.

They arrived early. Waiting by the College’s main door until Hannah arrived.

“Oh yeah,” Karl laughed, “Here she comes, big tits and all.”

Hannah blushed as Max snickered. “Down, Boys!’ she giggled. ‘People will get the wrong idea. I hope that you have studied?”

“Test us and find out,” Max teased.

“”I intend to,” she replied. Unlocking the door, she entered the building and made her way down the corridor. Karl and Max followed behind, their eyes locked on her ass. She felt them mentally undressing her and she encouraged their excitement by running her hands down the back of her skirt as she walked, drawing the fabric tight around her body. She stopped at the classroom door and drew the key out of her skirt pocket, bending over exaggeratedly to highlight her bum as she unlocked the door. She sensed the two boys stopping and checking her out. The lock clicked open and she straightened up. Hannah opened the door and walked to the desk, placing her books and papers on its top. Max and Karl entered, obviously excited and sat down at their desks. For once they were eager for the class to begin and Hannah was equally eager for their learning to continue.

She took two tests from a manila folder and looked at the two boys. “Ready?” she grinned. “The test will take half an hour. I will give you five minutes warning prior to the end of the test before collecting it and marking it.” Her voice trailed off.

“Yeah! Then it’s blowjob time!” Karl hooted.

“Oh baby!” Max added. “I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

She placed the tests on their desktops and walked back toward her own desk. She sat down in her chair and started to read. Before her Karl and Marx were furiously scribbling.

At 25 minutes past she told them that they had five minutes left to go. Five minutes later she stopped the tests and collected the papers. Hannah then sat down at her desk and started to mark them. She was impressed as it appeared that the boys had substantially improved, justifying her faith in their abilities to pass the tests. She then reminded herself that their marks had been also substantially driven by their cocks and smiled inwardly. Twenty minutes later she had completed the marking of both tests. Max had marginally edged out Karl, however they had both passed and by a good 10 percent.

She got up and sat on the edge of her desks. “Well done!” She chirped at them. “You both passed! And passed well!”

Karl and Max looked at each other and proceeded to give each other a high five. Hannah slid off her desk and walked across to Max. “Such diligence deserves reward,” she cooed.

She took his hand and placed it on her breast on the outside of the jumper. “Oh yeah!” Marx moaned and gently squeezed the firm mammary. She lent down further and kissed him fully on the lips. She felt his mouth open and his tongue forced its way into her mouth, their tongues started to wrestle. Max moved his other hand up to squeeze her other tit. Her nipples became erect under her bra and she started to feel very warm. She leant further into his embrace and coaxed her tongue further into his mouth. His hands gripped her breasts tighter and he started to grope them. He ran her hands over his shoulders and onto his arms she held them and started to pull him up from his desk. Max groaned and stood up. His body was hard against her and his hands were running up and down her body. He started to kiss her harder.

Hannah was really hot. She was, in fact feeling very aroused. It had, she reminded herself, been a long time, plus Max was not bad looking. She moved her hands down to Max’s butt and pulled him hard against her. She could feel his erect heavy cock through his jeans pressing against her and she wanted it. Max obligingly ground his hips against hers. His left hand pressed against her back, while his right arm moved down to her waist and started to pull her blouse out of her skirt.

Hannah suddenly felt two hands on her bum, rubbing her ass through her skirt. She had been so involved with Max, that she had forgotten Karl. He pressed his body against her back and ran his hands down her legs. Hannah could feel his hard member pressing up against her ass cheeks. God, she felt like meat in a sandwich, a big horny sandwich. She had to regain some control.

Max had succeeded in pulling most of her blouse out of her skirt and was starting to run his hand up her bare belly. Meanwhile, Karl was drawing her skirt slowly up her legs exposing more and more of her thighs. Hannah reluctantly broke her kiss with Max and moved to free herself from the boys embrace. They started to groan in complaint. Slowly, Hannah knelt down in front of Max. Her fingers undid his jeans buckle and unzipped the fly. She pulled down the front of his boxers and his cock sprung out in front of her. She ran a hand along it and used her other one to cup his balls.

“Oh Man!!” Max moaned in delight.

“Shit! She’s gonna blow you!!” Karl exclaimed, “She’s gonna blow you good!”

Hannah moved forward and lightly kissed the head of Max’s penis. She then leant back and lightly blew on it, before moving forward and slowly taking his cock into her mouth.

It had been a while since Hannah had given a blowjob, but she had not forgotten how to do it. She slowly drew Max’s cock into her mouth and slowing slid it almost out, teasing the head with her tongue before sliding it back in again. She started to cup and stroke his balls as she slid her tongue along his cock.

“Man!! She’s good!'” Max groaned. He was grasping the desk as his teacher started bobbing her head backward and forward along his shaft, slowly at first and then faster, drawing it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Hannah was tickling his balls while she sucked, providing extra stimulus for Max. His cock was wet with her saliva as she drew it all the way out and held it up against his body while she drew her tongue along the underside. Max groaned deeply. Hannah then engulfed it again, swirling her tongue along the shaft.

She could sense that he was on the verge of coming and she did not want him to unload in her mouth. Hannah gave Max’s cock a couple of more deep sucks before taking it out and jerking him off in her hand. It proved to be too much for Max and grunting he came on her palm as well as splashing cum on her chin.

“Man!! That bitch is something!”

Hannah turned her head and was mouth to cock with Karl’s stiff member. He was jerking off. Seeing that he was near to coming as well, Hannah quickly swallowed his penis and gave it two quick short sucks before placing her hand on it and starting to stroke. On her third pull, Karl came as well, shooting his come over her hand and her brunette hair.

Both Karl and Max were done, as was Hannah. They were sitting in their chairs, their wet cocks slowly subsiding. Hannah decided that she must have looked a sight, with her clothes disheveled, her blouse partially out of her skirt and partially unbuttoned and, finally, male semen on her hands, her chin and in her hair. She stood up and looked at them. “As you can see I live up to my bargains.” Hannah started to tuck her blouse back into her skirt. “There will be another practice test next week. Study hard for it as it will be more difficult.” She finishing tucking in her blouse, before picking up her books and folders and walking briskly from the room. Once in the corridor, she ran to the Women’s toilet down the hall to clean up. As she splashed water on her face and hair, she decided that she had not felt either so slutty or so turned on before.

Hannah spent the next few days recovering. Using the guise of having a severe dose of the flu, she rang Karl and Max’s parents and explained that she would not be able to see them until the following Wednesday. She said that the rest was up to them as she had taught them everything she could about the upcoming College tests. However, she reassured them that she would be having a final test with them on Wednesday. She then spent the rest of the week going over her lesson plans and working out a harder set of questions.

On the Monday she received word that the boys had been studying hard over the previous week. “Like they were possessed” was how Karl’s father put it on the phone. He told Hannah that he did not know how she had motivated them but she had. He was really pleased.

Hannah was pleased herself. In terms of motivation, her plan had succeeded brilliantly. However, there was still the issue of the real exams to cross, she reminded herself. She also wondered if Karl and Max’s parents would be quite so impressed if they learnt how she had motivated their sons.

On the Wednesday, she got up early. She had put the finishing touches on the mock test last evening and had gone to bed before 10.30. Waking early, she had a shower and got dressed, before having a light breakfast. She walked swiftly down to the school and arrived 45 minutes before Karl and Max. She used the additional time to prepare herself for the test.

She heard them arriving, walking down the hall, joking and laughing with each other. They entered the room and looked at her. There was real sexual tension in the air, Hannah thought. Karl and Max looked at her the same way that a school of piranha might look at a piece of meat.

“Good morning,” Hannah said. “Ready for today’s test?”

“I’ve been ready for today’s test since last week,” Karl quipped.

“That’s good,” Hannah replied nonchalantly. She motioned them to sit down at their desks and then she marched swiftly to the door and quietly locked it. Not taking any chances she pulled also down the blind on the door.

“Math, ” Hannah said, ” is all about the use of numbers to find things out and solve problems.” She paused briefly, “this is the last test before the real exam. I believe that you two can solve the problems in this exam and pass the real tests.” She handed the test to the two boys. “There are two parts to this test. The first section is a written exam; the second part will be verbal. The first part of the test will take an hour. You can start now.”

Hannah marched back to the desk and sat down. Karl and Max looked at each other and shrugged. They took out their pens and paper, turned over the test and started writing. Hannah marked time by reading a book. A rollicking romance with dashing knights and damsels in distress, she often wondered what planet romance writers lived on. It certainly wasn’t Earth, but it helped to pass time. All too soon she was remained by the beeping of her watch that there was only five minutes left in the test. She put down the book and announced that the written part of the test was drawing to a close. Five minutes seemed to pass quickly and so she stopped the test and collected the papers.

She took them back up to the front and put them on her desk. The boys’ eyes followed her every move, especially, when she bent down to retrieve a pencil that she dropped. She remembered the analogy with the sandwich again. Though, on reflection the analogy with piranha might be more appropriate. She knew that they must have run over today in their minds a hundred times over the past week. It was a wonder that they had any energy left, as their hands must have been working overtime. She grinned inwardly at the thought. Anyway, first things first, she thought and took out a red pen to grade the scripts.

Grading both exams only took half an hour. Max had done well, yet again. To be truthful they both had, though Max had gotten five percentage points above Karl. She was very pleased with the progress that they had made. Ultimately, the final proof would be when they sat the exams, however, she was now confident that they would pass and pass well. She picked up both sets of exams and sauntered over to their desks. They both looked up as she approached. She could sense their lust and she could also tell that they were mentally undressing her.

“Well, you both passed with flying colours,” she said. She passed back their tests with the numbers 81 and 86 percent written on them. “Congratulations! I feel you are going to do really well in the final exam. You have both worked hard.” She stood in front of them, her hands on her hips and her legs slightly spread. “I’m really proud of both of you.” She smiled and continued, “and, I know that your parents will be as well.”

She paused and continued to smile at both Max and Karl. The boys looked at her. They did not speak and she continued to stand before them. The sexual tension was incredible. Slowly, Hannah moved her right hand down to the skirt’s waistband and undid the button. She then slowly unzipped the small zip at the side of the skirt. She and the boys watched as her skirt slowly fell from her hips, past her knees and finally dropped to the floor around her boots. Hannah stood there in her black boots, her thigh high black stockings and her pink panties. She placed both hands on her hips and swayed a little before them.

Both Max and Karl continued to watch Hannah as she slowly swayed before them. She started to run her hands up and down her hips, while at the same time thrusting her panty clad abdomen at the boys. She ran her hands up the front of her light black pullover to her breasts and then back down again to her hips. She did this several times. On the third time her hands slipped under the waistband of her panties and Hannah pulled them down to her knees exposing her dark brown pubic hair and labia. She stood up and her panties slipped further down her legs, before stopping around the tops of her boots. She reached down and slipped them off first one leg and then the other. She held them in her hands, displaying them for the boys, before dropping them on top of her skirt.

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