House on Park Ch. 02

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Eric must have enjoyed the polishing job we’d done on the trunk of his Tempest, because when I’d finished shooting off into him, he said, “Well, Peter, if you’ll get this beautiful body off mine and stop entertaining the neighbors, perhaps we should go in and shower.”

“I want to fuck again. I want you to fuck me,” I said, without moving.

“That’s not out of the equation,” Eric said, with a laugh. “You haven’t seen my shower. It’s special.”

I slowly began to pull my cock out, but I was still pretty hard, so just as Eric started to move, thinking I was getting up, I rammed into him again up to my root. He gasped and winced, and said “Naughty, naughty, to the showers with you.”

I disengaged, and we took a minute to gather up our clothes. He led me into the house and over to a staircase. As he ascended the first step, I ran my hand between his legs in the back, and grabbed his now-tumescent rod, which began to engorge again immediately. Ah, the joys of youth, I thought. He just laughed and we continued up the stairs. We entered what must have been his bedroom. A king-sized bed took up the center of the room, and, yes, there was a mirror above it on the ceiling, as well as large mirrors on all of the other walls. He then led me into another room off this, which must have been a full bedroom at one time, but which had been turned into a large bathroom. At one end of the room was the largest shower stall I had ever seen. It alone was the size of a large bathroom. Eric walked over and into the shower stall and turned on water jets at one end that spouted water from three walls and the ceiling. There was a large bench in the corner of the stall. He took tubes off a rack, turned around, and asked me, “Strawberry or chocolate?”

“Strawberry, by all means,” I answered. He tossed one of the tubes to me and beckoned for me to enter. I opened the tube he’d given me and squeezed a large helping of paste onto my hand. He, however, put the other tube back on the rack and said, “Later. I’ll do you later. I’ll do you special—but later. I want you to do me now. Right now.”

I moved in, quite ready to comply. The paste lathered up on his body fast and thick. I could feel my dick on the rise again as I rubbed the lather in, all over his body, and played with running my soapy hands through his curly hair. He was getting hard again, as well. I started at his head and kissed and sucked and licked strawberry way down his body. When I got to his dick, I started to blow him, but he gently pushed my face away and sat down on the corner bench. I went down on my knees in front of him, lifted his legs, one at a time, and continued my kissing and sucking until I had reached his toes, which I plopped in my mouth, one at a time and sucked.

While I was doing this, Eric had pulled down another tube and took the top off. He squeezed out a large glop of ointment into his right hand and instructed me to stand and move in closer to him. When I did, he took my erect cock in his hand and slowly swallowed it. He played with my balls for a few minutes, and then I felt the fingers of his other hand going past my balls and to my asshole. I gave a little sigh and moved my hand back to my butt to help open up access. His fingers were lubricated with the ointment he had squeezed in his hand, and I felt myself tense at the coldness of the ointment but quickly relax as his fingers slowly entered me with a sucking, lubricated sensation. But this was no common ointment. A tingling feeling of menthol started to build on the inner surface of my asshole and spread deeper, as Eric’s long, sensuous fingers probed deeper. Not only was this a very pleasant feeling, but I also felt my channel loosening and opening as it had never done before.

Eric continued with this for a few minutes, giving me a slow and easy blow job, pulling and rolling my balls, and doing a job in my anus with his beautiful fingers. Then his fingers got even more creative, as he found my prostrate, and with little notice, I found myself shooting my load once more. This time Eric had pulled away before I shot, and the load went all over his neck and Ataköy Escort chest. He just laughed and let the jets of water carry it away.

I wasn’t sure what was to come next, but Eric was. In the last few minutes, he had stopped playing with my balls and was using that hand to beat his own rod, which now stood up to its full seven inches. After shooting my stuff, I had turned to move back into where the streams of water converged, but Eric grabbed me with one hand on each hip, and turned me away from him.

“Sit on it,” he directed. “You want to be fucked. Fuck yourself.”

I was game. As I slowly lowered myself on Eric’s skewer, my back to his chest, he guided me down toward him by the hips. As I approached his lap, he guided his dick to my asshole with one hand. I could feel him enter me, but the ointment had done too good of a job. This was going to be pleasant, but it wasn’t going to fill me up, I was afraid. I slowly, ever so slowly came down on his shaft, until I was sitting in his lap. He reached his arms around me and gave me a bear hug, and then he massaged my chest briefly and tweaked my nipples. I stretched my face around, and we engaged in a long, hot kiss. The water jets pelted our faces and bodies.

Near the end of the kiss, Eric took a hand and slapped the side of one of my butt cheeks. This was the obvious signal for show time. And a show I did give him, and I’m sure he enjoyed it more than I did. I slowly rose and came back down, a little less slowly rose and came back down. I increased the intensity until I felt him tense up, and then I came all the way back down and then just slightly back up and started rotating my butt in circles. Eric clearly liked this, as it set him to panting. But he hadn’t felt anything yet compared to what I planned to do to him.

“Sit perfectly still,” I said, “but scoot your butt out farther on the bench.”

He did as I asked so that his back was at more of an incline back into the wall tiles.

“Now don’t move a muscle,” I said. “I’ll show you a trick I learned from a very talented Sri Lankan.” Then I began to pivot my whole body to the left, while staying fully spitted on Eric’s dick, which started to fill out a little more as he realized what I was doing. I raised my left leg and pulled it around and over his chest and head, and viola, there I was, facing Eric, still sitting in his lap, his pecker still up my ass.

“Well, hello there, I said,” right before I crushed his lips with mine. My hands went to his chest and up over the muscles of his arms, down his arms to his legs, out to his knees, back to the center, to his belly. He reached down and wrapped both hands around my cock and held it. I fanned out my hands on his belly and let them slowly ascend back up to his chest, where I buried them in his chest hair and did a tattoo on his nipples. Then up to his shoulders, over his neck, to the side of face, with a finger lodged ever so suggestively just at the canal of each ear. Then, I released my hands and my lips and thrust myself backward, rocking back and forth, back and forth, taking his dick with me. Eric was having spasms on the bench, his body also arched back as far as it would go. At the last, I came back to him, my arms wrapped around his chest and my lips on his, my tongue searching his mouth. And I just bounced my ass up and down until he came in two separate spasms.

We sat there, hugging each other, rebuilding our strength. I was happy I could do this for him, and the experience was pleasant, and I’d never tell him that he hadn’t filled me. I hadn’t even come this time.

“Wow,” he eventually said. “I guess that rates my special surprise.”

“Your special surprise?”

“Yes, okay, get off me and come over to this side of the stall.” I stood, and he reached out for my cock and pulled me over to the other side of the shower.

“Okay, back to the wall, your hands in mine, close your eyes, and give me another kiss. Then I’ll show you my surprise.”

I did as he asked. He planted his lips on mine, and our fingers entwined, he lifted my arms up and out, and the next thing Ataköy Escort Bayan I knew, he extracted fleece-lined steel handcuffs on six-inch chains from recesses the walls and had snapped them on my wrists.

“Hey, I said. What’s this? This is kinky.”

“Yes it is,” Eric said, as he took down the tube of chocolate paste and started to lather me up.

“Hey, some surprise. Let me out of here.”

“Oh, this isn’t the real surprise yet. And you’ll enjoy the surprise, I think. This is just the preliminary, don’t worry nothing harmful. I just think you might enjoy this more.”

And Eric seemed to be right. Because somehow his ministrations with the chocolate paste and his tongue, all over my body had a little thrill that full control could not have provided. There was a mirror across from this position, and I was able to watch every move, as Eric’s hands and mouth ran over my body and then as he slowly and sensuously went down on me until I was about to explode. The only downside is that the mentholated ointment in my ass channel had continued to do its magic, and the tingly and expanding sensation down there had only increased. I was dying for Eric to put something up there, and I told him as much, but he just laughed.

When I was about to come again, Eric stepped back and said, “Now for the surprise.” He motioned at the door, and one of the largest, yet best built men I’d ever seen entered the shower stall. He was wrapped in a terry cloth robe. The stall no longer seemed that big.

“Peter, meet Claude; Claude meet Peter. Claude is my roommate; Peter is my new playmate. Would you like to play too, Claude?”

“Certainly,” Claude answered, giving me a big smile, as he took off his robe and threw it back into the bedroom. He was magnificent. Claude was a drop-dead handsome Mulatto, with smooth, hairless milky coffee and cream skin. He had long back hair that streamed down his back. He had the muscles of a pro wrestler, and stood a good six and a half feet tall and was perfectly proportioned. Everywhere. That meant the rod between his legs was as big as my engorged one, but thicker—and his was still limp. His chest muscles were like basketballs, but his waist was no larger than mine. His thighs and arms were simply enormous.

“Claude and I have fun,” Eric was saying, “but he’s always a little tense, because our activity is somewhat limited. I’m just not big enough for him to fuck, I’m afraid. We keep trying. We get it off in other ways, but I just haven’t been able to give him the whole experience yet. I think you can.”

I swallowed hard, but I must admit that I was game, and my pecker was betraying my interest.

Eric and Claude played for a while for my benefit. Eric soaped Claude up and gave him the complete job, including some semblance of a blow job preliminary that increased Claude’s length to what had to be nearly a foot, with close to a three-inch girth. My butt was twitching wildly, but I was happy to note that the ointment was continuing to do its magic. Claude’s own butt put on a show for me as well, because while Eric was soaping Claude down, the giant turned away from me but right in front of me and doubled over and grabbed his ankles. Eric moved behind him, but off to one side, so that I could see Claude’s cavernous butt hole. As I had done with Eric on the trunk of the car, Eric caressed and kissed and tongued and blew into Claude’s hole until it loosened. Then Eric started inserting fingers, but, not stopping where I stopped with Eric, he wound up fist-fucking Claude, getting his whole fist up that hole. Claude seemed to enjoy it, as he did some moaning and squirted a big load onto the floor before Eric was finished.

Then Claude sat back on the corner bench for a while, while Eric did some more work on arousing me. Shortly, however, Claude approached me and looked down into my eyes, which he leaned in and kissed, followed by possibly the sweetest, most tender kiss on the lips that I’d ever received. His ham-fisted hands went to my butt cheeks, and he gave them a good squeeze. Then, before I realized it, he had both Escort Silivri of my cuffs detached from the wall and he’d swung me around and hung the chains over a hook in the center of the show stall. I was dangling there, my feet barely touching the floor tiles. But apparently Claude had a very good sense of measure, because it turns out that he had me hung where my bung hole was at just the right angle for his cock.

Claude moved behind me and went down on his knees. Holding my thighs steady, he started licking my asshole, then tonguing it, ever deeper and ever faster. I could have sworn that his tongue was at least as long and as thick as Eric’s rod had been. While Claude was doing this, Eric moved around to my front and gave me a couple of good kisses. Then he worked his mouth and tongue down my body until he had reached my cock. He gently took my balls in his hands and started giving me head.

Claude marked his readiness to proceed by giving me a sharp slap on the butt, moving in close behind me, and lifting my legs effortless off the floor and extending them outward, but supporting my weight on his hands and forearms. At this point, Eric stopped blowing me and fiddling with my balls and apparently took Claude’s battering ram in his hand and guided it to my asshole. I had never felt anything that big pressing at my ass. But, again, I never had opened up that far before. I felt every contour of the head on Claude’s dick, as Eric slowly guided it into my hole and then every vein running down that gigantic rod as Claude slowly, slowly inched his way up my ass chute. This was it; this was what it meant to be truly filled and fucked.

Eric took my cock fully in his mouth again and just held it there, while Claude parted the waves on his way in. When he hit my spot, I felt like I was going to either faint or explode. Claude grunted and stopped, as if this was going to be as far as he could go. But Eric sensed the problem and reached around, took my butt cheeks in his hands and pulled them farther apart. Once Claude was an inch farther in, both I and he knew it would be smooth going from there and he just glided all the way in. I’d done it; nearly twelve inches. It was a cinch. But then Claude started to stroke. At first he didn’t pull out any farther than where we’d encountered a problem. But he did start to pump. Then my attention momentarily went to Eric, who I thought was doing the impossible. He had taken me all the way in now, but was going even farther. He had my balls in his mouth as well, and plopped them into his cheeks. I had never felt this sensation before, and this ability to deep throat must have been why he was able to keep Claude semisatisfied. But now, with me stretched even farther and probably to the limit and Claude beginning to lose control of himself, Claude moved into deep fucking.

The rhythm that this brought on caused my balls to plop out of Eric’s mouth. He must have been able to feel Claude’s rhythm at that point, because he began to match Claude stroke for stroke in the attention his mouth was giving my cock. Claude would pull out until only his dick head had purchase, and Eric would pull back until only my dick head was encased in his mouth. Then Claude would deep dive and so would Eric, down along my shaft, down to the root. Claude picked up speed, and so did Eric. I think I came twice before Claude came his first time, seemingly sending cum all the way up into my stomach, but Claude came three times before he stopped, and I’m happy to say that I didn’t lose my hard on before he did. Miraculously, we came together the last time, and Claude only had enough strength to release my legs and lift my chains off the hook, before we all collapsed to the floor, letting the jets of water wash over us and take the cum away.

There on the floor, a little weak now from the effort he didn’t usually get to make, Claude only turned over and smiled, as I took his cock in my mouth, waited for it to reawaken, and showed him that he too could enjoy a good game of hide the sausage. All the time I was going down on Claude, Eric was looking on a little wistfully. When I was done, both Claude and I stood up. He slapped me on the butt and said “Let’s clean up and have some lunch. I’m starved.” We soaped each other, washed off under the water jets, and toweled each other off, and Eric brought out loose, silky basketball shorts for each of us to wear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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