Hotel Rendezvous

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You arrive at the door to the unfamiliar hotel room. Room 367…this is the number he gave you in the email. Everything was as he wanted, you were completely shaven, wearing a black thong, and bra, your collar nice and tight, all concealed underneath your trench coat. You knock hesitantly, and shift your feet nervously awaiting an answer. As your legs push together you can feel the wetness between them. Not touching yourself all week has been a challenge, but it is what he wanted. Even as you long to touch yourself you find some pride in being able to do as he asked, even with those amazing emails he sent you depicting things he would do to you.

Your hear the door unlock, and it is opened slightly, you hear “come in my pet”

It is pitch black a second later, as the door shuts. “stand still” you hear him say, as you feel his presence circle around behind you, and tie a blindfold around your head. it is tied firmly, and you hear a lightswitch, your only clue that the room has been illuminated, for you could still see nothing but black.

“take off your trench coat”. You do as he asks, and let it fall to the floor. You feel his presence approach you from the front, and you can feel a slight tug on your collar and the clank of chains. You realize what has happened, and as you feel the tug increase you follow.

You are stopped by a gentle hand on your face, caressing your cheek, and then a finger sliding along your lips. ” You look better than i could have imagined pet, and black suits you very well” You hear as you feel a hand slightly lift at your breast from underneath. He lets it fall, and you sigh, anxious for more attention than he has given you. He puts his hands on your shoulders and slides the bra straps down to your elbows, and back up to your neck, holding your face in his hands, and kisses you, gently, as your lips part your tongues meet, and the tingling between your legs grow, but before long he pulled away quickly, leaving your mouth agape and longing. You feel the tugging on your neck and follow, he stops you about ten feet away and Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort leads you to sit on a bed. “Give me your arms”, he says as you feel him firmly grasp your wrists and lash a rope around them. He pushes gently against your shoulders, and leads you to lay on the bed, and you feel a slight pulling against your wrists as the rope is tightened. You feel his hands on your upper thighs, as he pushes your legs apart as he slides his hands to your inner thighs and down your legs to your ankles. He ties a rope to each and you feel a pull as they are lashed to the bed posts. He grasps your ankles again, and moves his hands up leaving only his finger tips touching your skin, and slides them up your lower legs, and to your inner thighs, where he stops just short of your sex, and caresses one finger on each side over your panties, up, and down. You squirm at his touch, lavishing in the first touch that you have received there all week.

You feel the bed shake slightly as his presence looms over you. ” Have you done as I asked all week my pet.” You nod and bite your lip. “Good” He moves his head down and kisses your neck, sucks slightly, and parts his lips allowing his tongue to caress your skin. He continues this down to your collar bone and to the spot between your breasts, and stops. You wore a bra that clasps in the front, perfect for the occasion, and he quickly unclasps it and your breasts fall free, exposed to the colder air they become harder than they were already. As he does this, he pull his knee that was resting between your legs up father, pushing against your sex, and begins to grind it into you.

At this your eyes close, and your head tips, before he caresses your right breast and then squeezes it, keeping a firm grasp, while letting it slowly slip away, until he is only holding your nipple. Firmly he rolls it between his fingers before releasing it, and continuing his circular motions with his knee. He lowers his head to your breast and flicks the tip of his tongue over your nipple, before bringing his tongue back down, just barely grazing it. You pull at your restraints attempting to make more contact with his tongue, but to no avail, the ropes allow almost no movement. He continues teasing you with his tongue, as a slight moan escapes your lips. At this his hand moves down your stomach, and down your inner thigh. You feel one of his fingers push under the side of your panties, and pull up and inwards slightly, before doing the same to the other side, before pulling them between your nether lips gently. Finally, when you feel as though you might burst with anticipation, he circles your nipple with his tongue and takes it into his mouth, while pulling the now bunched panties up into you.

If you had no blindfold on you would not have been able to see anything anyway, as your eyes close and your back arches, feeling the dampened fabric pulled up into your wetness. He stops pulling and moves two fingers down, one on each side of the fabric, and slowly moves up and down your exposed lips, while he continues to suckle on your nipple, and circle it with his tongue. He brings both of his hands to caress your breasts, squeezing them and pushing them together slightly, before moving down your sides, and kissing down your stomach, paying special attention to your belly button, circling it with his tongue, before continuing further downwards. You feel him draw closer to your sex, when he stops. You whimper slightly at this.

He easily unfastens one of your legs and pulls strait upwards. He begins to kiss around your ankles, slipping his tongue out slightly, and moves down your calf, and to the spot under your knee. He kisses, and caresses it with his tongue, before continuing to your inner thigh, slowing down, and kissing each inch. He licks the final few inches, and reaches the spot where your lips begin, and stops. He breaths out slightly onto your exposed sex, before refastening your leg to the post. He unfastens your other leg, and beings the same process, as you half whimper, half moan at the thought of having to go through that wonderfully slow torture once more.

Yet as he reaches your inner thigh you fell as though he is going even slower than last time, as he makes his way to your sex, its wetness having already soaked your panties. This time though, he does not stop, and licks up one side of your lips, and down the other, making your hips squirm. He inhales the sweet smell of your sex, before reaching up and pulling down your panties, you raise your hips to speed the process. He lifts your free leg over his head, and pulls it out of the panties, and leaves them to your ankle of your restrained one, before reattaching your other leg to the bed. He slides his hands up your inner thighs, and parts your nether lips with his thumbs, before snaking his tongue out and licking from the base of your slit, to the very top, just barely brushing your clit.

He slides his tongue between your lips, and finds your clit, taking it into his mouth, and slides a finger into your wetness. Flicking your clit with his tongue, he slowly begins to push his finger in and out, causing you to push your hips up to meet his tongue. He removes his lips from your clit, using his tongue, explores your sex, snaking as far inwards and his tongue will allow. Pushing in an out, his tongue continues writhing, while his hands caress your thighs. You begin to squirm, and try to bring your hips up to meet his efforts, but he holds you still, and continues with his tongue.

He slowly slides his tongue from your sex, replacing it with two fingers this time, slowly sliding them up inside you, and moves his kisses upwards, to your neck, and then your lips, your kiss becoming more passionate by the second, as his fingers work on you, and you taste yourself on his tongue. His thumb moves to your clit, and circles it while he continues fucking you with his fingers, he breaks your kiss, only to move to your earlobe, sucking it into his mouth and licking up the edge of your ear.

You become lost in your kiss and the constant rubbing on your clit becomes almost to much to handle, as your tongues find a perfect rhythm circling each other. Your head spins, and he increases speed over your clit. You almost break your kiss to gasp as he pushes a third finger inside of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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