Hotel Erotique: Ms. Madison’s Pet Girl

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At the hotel bar she’s just finishing her glass of wine, relaxing from the meetings of the day. It had been ten hours since she left her room this morning, and she can’t wait to get back to it now. She’s still dressed in her formal business attire– skirt suit, dark nylons, medium heels, her long auburn hair done up in a nice wrap– and she’s looking forward to a nice hot bath and some entertaining company for the rest of the evening. Her first appointment isn’t until 1pm tomorrow, and she isn’t planning on getting to bed before midnight, for sleep anyway.

She orders two bottles of champagne to be sent up to her suite, then pays her bill, tipping the bartender with a fifty and wink, and saying, “Janice, this is to make sure they’re nice and cold and bubbly. I don’t suppose I can talk you into coming up and popping them for me?”

The bartender, a twenty-five year old grad student from the university in town, merely smiles, and says, “Ms. Madison, I’ll do what I can for your bubbly, but you know they won’t let me make house calls.”

“You can call me Madi, and I’ll speak to your superiors about freeing you from your confines in the future.” She stayed at the hotel frequently enough that she cold probably arrange the favor, but she knew Janice wouldn’t go along with it. Still, a girl can tease, can’t she?

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Madi, and have an enjoyable evening.”

On the way to the elevators she checked her watch– 7:10. Hopefully her package has arrived and was waiting for her in her room. She got a car to herself, and undid her hair on the way up to the 42nd floor to the small suite of rooms she reserved each time she stayed. Nothing too grandiose– an anteroom, bar and sitting room, bedroom, vanity, Jacuzzi bath, shower– but everything she found quite necessary when traveling for a week at a time, and all done in leather, hardwood, and marble.

As she walks in she hears running bath water being shut off. As her heels click across the short marble entryway, a young girl of twenty-two emerges from the bedroom. She’s 5’3” topped with straight black hair, cut in a pageboy with a barrette on either side, large 34d breasts over her thin waist and medium derriere. She’s got a cute, intelligent face, and she’s very attractive without being intimidatingly pretty. She’s dressed in a white, short sleeved spandex top with nothing underneath, and a pair of light pink boy short; this evening’s assigned uniform.

“Hello, Ms. Madison. Your bath is almost ready. I ordered dinner for later, and the champagne just arrived. Can I get you anything?”

Ms. Madison walked across the room to kiss her cheek, removing her blazer and tossed it onto a chair. “Hello, Paige. I need some water, then please pour us some champagne, after which you can help me out of these clothes.” She had found Paige about a year ago through an escort service specializing in college students. Whenever she came to Boston, which was four or five times a year for as much as a week at a time, she booked as many of her free nights as Paige had available in her schedule. In return for a substantial payment, she would serve as butler, dressing maid, bather, courtesan, and evening companion. Ms. Madison provided instructions beforehand, so that upon her arrival in the evening the routine could be executed without any confusion. After several visits Paige knew her preferences, and had gotten the system down. Today’s instructions read: Tight white top, pink shorts, barrettes, fully smoothed. Undress, full bath, redress. Champagne for three (will send up). Dinner in, 8:00pm. Additional guest around 9:00, please stay if possible.

Paige padded across the floor in bare feet to the bar to pour a tall thin glass of chilled Pellegrino and two flutes of Brut, then returned and handed the water to her mistress, placing the glasses on the table beside them. As Ms. Madison sipped the water, Paige carefully undid the buttons of her blouse, including the cuffs. As she untucked it from her skirt and opened it up, she put her hands around her waist and kissed the exposed skin above her camisole. Taking the glass and setting it down, she then removed the blouse, followed by the camisole, placing them in a neat pile on the table. Another kiss just above the breasts, then her hands slowly moved around to her back, unhooking her elegantly brocaded bra.

Ms. Madison (it was unclear whether this was her first name or last), was a very young looking woman of forty-four. She had a body that was full yet curvy, and one which radiated health and vitality. Standing 5’9”, her hips were somewhat larger than Paige’s and her breasts somewhat smaller at 34b, having proportions more suited for a woman her age rather than the sweater-girl physique of her attendant. She’d never been married, never had kids, and had always been sexually driven.

Paige placed the bra carefully on the pile, and placed her hands lovingly on Madison’s breasts, gently massaging them, and rolling her nipples delicately in her fingers. The intent was to relax and invigorate, but not to arouse just yet. Ms. Madison opened her mouth slightly and extended her chin, asking for a kiss, which Paige obligingly gave. As the kiss lingered, the skirt was undone and dropped to the floor, where upon Paige grasped the waist of the pantyhose and brought them cautiously downward as she lowered herself to her knees. Ms. Madison lifted her right leg as her hose were removed, then her left, stepping out of her skirt as she did. Still on her knees, Paige rolled the hose into a ball, then folded the skirt, placing both items on the table.

Ms. Madison, standing in her panties, reached for the champagne and handed a glass down to her. “Have a good long drink, dear. Finish the glass.” She did so in three big sips, then put the glass down beside her. Then she put her hands on Ms. Madison’s hips and kissed her stomach, working her kisses down to her panty line, which fell away as the panties were removed and her neatly trimmed bush was revealed. Again, soft encouraging kisses were given, but nothing too arousing. Paige then stood, took her mistress by the hand and lead her, naked, to the bath.

The tub, filled and bubbly, was nearly free standing in the large bath area, with two feet of surround on each end and a foot on either side. Paige dimmed the lights and guided her up the step to let her settle in, before climbing up and sitting on the surround behind her with only her feet in the warm water, Ms. Madison’s head resting in between against the padded lip. She began with a shoulder massage, gently rubbing the tension out of her body. She rubbed her temples, her neck, her arms, and ended up caressing her soft, soapy breasts, paying a bit more attention to her nipples this time, keeping them firm and excited. With the spray nozzle she wet her hair down, soaking her own panty clad lap and her shirt in the process, rendering them both erotically translucent. She washed her hair, taking her time to massage her scalp as she worked the soap through Ms. Madison’s long hair draped over her thighs. After her final rise, Paige’s attire was thoroughly wet.

“Oh, my dear,” Ms. Madison said, completely content, “you are so wonderful at that. Now come around here and wash the rest of me.”

She stood up and walked around to the side of the tub and stepped in. “Oh my, don’t we look a pretty picture,” Ms. Madison said gazing lustily at her buxom wet plaything.

“Thank you, Ms. Madison,” she said smiling, as she sat down between Ms. Madison legs, facing her. “I’m glad you find me pleasing.” With the sponge she proceeded to bathe her entire body, lifting each limb out of the water carefully as she went, taking the time to massage each as she proceeded from arms to hands, feet to legs. She finished with both hands underwater, caressing her uppermost inner thighs with her fingers as she massaged her lips with her thumbs.

“Ohhh, yesss…,” she sighed. “Rub mama’s pussy for her. Yes, just like that. So nice.” Paige knew just how she liked it. She rubbed her lips and squeezed her thighs for several minutes before even approaching her clitoris, getting her considerably worked up by then amidst her continuous soft moans. Finally, while she massaged her clit with one hand, she eased two fingers of the other gently into her warm slit, pushing slowly at first, then increasing the pace to match the urging of her mistress’s hips. She expertly brought her to the verge of orgasm and back down repeatedly over several minutes, something Ms. Madison had taught her to do. The result was that when she finally came, signaled by the persistent drive of her hips down onto her hands, the orgasm was tremendous, and could be stretched out for many, many more minutes. As the water sloshed about and the moans and gasps echoed in the marble room, Paige played her pussy like an instrument, coaxing whichever pleasure or intensity from it she wished, until at last Ms. Madison, said, “Enough, child, enough.”

Sitting back, still caressing her legs, Paige waited for further instructions as her lover recovered. “Why don’t you go get us some more champagne. Bring the bottle with you.” She stood up and let the water drain off a little before patting herself down with a towel. Her wet clingy see-thru outfit looked incredible, especially the way her large breasts seemed to want to jump right out. As she walked out she offered an excellent view of her nice young ass, and coming back in her pretty, bald snatch was just as pleasant to see.

She filled the glasses and handed one to Ms. Madison, setting the bottle at the foot of the tub. She took a drink of her own and set the glass beside the bottle.

“Thank you, now come back into the water and let me have a look at you.” Paige got back in and stood where she had been. “So lovely. Take off those silly wet shorts of yours for me.” She rolled the soaked fabric over her hips and down to her ankles, stepping out of them and leaving them to float away. “Oh, how pretty! Come closer,” Ms. Madison said, sipping from her glass. She placed a foot on either side of her thighs and stepped as close to her as the floor of the tub would allow, at which point Ms. Madison sat up, placing her hands on the backs of her courtesan’s thighs, and brought her face to her crotch. Paige let out a Sex hikayeleri gasp as her warm tongue immediately parted her lips and slipped inside. Ms. Madison licked her perfectly smooth pussy hungrily, pulling her forward to her face, then stopped as she felt her knees buckle.

“I think I need to give you a good cleaning myself, you dirty thing.”

This was part of a code they’d developed. The use of various key words were Paige’s signals as to what sort of mood her mistress was in, and what sort of sex they would have. Were she to be called “lovely” they would share a tender sort of lovemaking, whereas “naughty” would lead to spankings, and “playful” meant toys would be used. “Dirty” as one of Paige’s favorites. It meant she was supposed to talk dirty to her while she was being sucked off, usually in some particularly adventurous manner. And best of all, it meant she could turn the tables a little on her mistress.

“Good, because my hot little cunt has been aching for a good suck all day. You need to give this little bitch what she deserves.”

She was instructed to climb onto the edge of the tub. Ms. Madison sat back against the padding as Paige put a leg on either side of her head, her legs stretching back across the surround. She supported herself by using her hands behind her on the sides to keep herself pressed into Ms. Madison face, who assisted by holding her ass in her hands. Thus suspended, Ms. Madison began to devour her filthy young girlie treat.

“Oh, god yes,” Paige began, “I finally get to fuck your pretty face. Oh, that’s it, give me a good cleansing tongue-fuck, mama. Give you little girl a shiny new pretty pussy.” She was aggressively grinding her hips onto her face, fucking her hard as her tongue shot up into her, her upper lip rubbing her clit. “Oh, fuck yes, mama. Face fuck my dirty girl cunt. Bite it, you fucker. Bite my fucking clit, goddammit! Ah-ouch!”

Paige got herself worked up pretty fast when she felt like it, and she definitely felt like it now. Her voice got higher and higher as her excitement grew, increasing in pitch until at times she got beyond her range, at which point it became nothing but high panting breathes. It made her seem so juvenile, and it was something Ms. Madison looked forward to every time. For the moment, though, she eased back to let her little girl recover, because she loved to hear her talk such filth.

“Oh, please, mama, don’t you fucking stop.” Paige bucked hard against her chin. “See what a dirty little fucker I am, huh? Keep tonguing me, bitch. Make my dirty fucking pussy come all over your precious pretty face! OW, fuck!!” She got a bite on the clit for that last one, letting her know she could go down that path if she wanted, but there would be a price for it.

“Oh, mommy, please don’t bite me,” she acquiesced, “pretty pussy’s sorry she’s so bad, but she can’t help it. Oh, god. Oh GOD, that’s so nice. Yessss, tickle my clit, mommy.” Her tongue was massaging her entire pussy now as she lifted Paige’s ass higher. The whole center of her sex was awash in pleasure, and she was nearly squeaking the words as her orgasm neared. “Oh, fuck! Fuck pretty pussy so good!”

Ms. Madison was feeling either particularly randy or particularly mean, because she backed her off again, which had exactly the desired effect. “Oh, godDAMMIT, you fucker! Lick my fucking cunt, bitch! Didn’t I make my pussy pretty for you? Didn’t I do everything you wanted? So smooth and fuckable on your pretty face.” She was grinding hard again, forcing her head back roughly into the padding. Ms. Madison wished she had a free hand to fuck herself with at this point, because Paige was in exceptional form tonight, and she was completely turned on. Her arms were finally getting tired however, so she decided at last to go in for the kill, plunging her tongue deeply in.

“Oh, YES, that’s it, just like that!” her voice shot up in range. Oh, yes, pleeeease. Gimme, gimme, gimme! Oh fuck, OH FUCK, I’m cu-“ her voice disappeared upwards into tiny hard breaths as the orgasm tore through her. She forced her sex forward onto Ms. Madison’s face and held it, her whole body rigid, then let it exploded into violent shocks of pleasure. It felt as if she would pass out, and she flexed her legs and arms to keep herself aloft, holding onto the position to savor the moment as long as it could possible last, before letting it recede.

When she was all done and fading from her pinnacle, Ms. Madison playfully released her, causing her to fall into the tub in her lap, sending water splashing everywhere and plunging Paige completely underwater. She came up gasping and laughing, and splashed Ms. Madison back in retribution, before lunging forward, wrapping her arms around her neck, and sharing a long warm passionate kiss. Even though theirs was a business realationship, at the heart of it there was a definite emotional bond between them.

“Did I make you happy, Ms. Madison?” she cooed innocently, kissing her face and neck. “Please tell me I’ve been a good dirty girl for you.” She nestled herself between her legs, curling up against her chest in a warm embrace. Ms. Madison stroked her messy wet hair back into place. “You’ve been a perfect darling,” she said, kissing her forehead.

There was a knock on the door, then it opened and room service was announced. “Please leave it on the table, honey.” Ms. Madison called from the tub. “I’m a little indisposed, sorry. I’ll give you a suitably compensatory tip on your check.” They heard the sound of the tray being left on the table, then the door being shut once again.

“Ok, Paige, time to get dried and dress.” Paige got up and out, removed her top, toweled off, then wrapped Ms. Madison in her towel when she stood up. After stepping down from the tub, she patted her dry all over, taking care to do a thorough job of it. As her hair was being dried, Ms. Madison absent-mindedly played with Paige’s ample breasts. “God, I love these wonderful globes of yours.” She bent over and drew a nipple softly into her mouth, running her tongue over it within. Paige held still, enjoying the attention until she was done, then hung the towel up and brought over some body powder, which she delicately applied, then brushed out her long auburn hair and rolled it up into a simple bun. She quickly brushed her own, replaced the barrettes, and went to look at the selection of clothing that had been laying on the vanity since this morning: a deep burgundy pencil skirt, garter and stockings that were almost an exact match, and a sheer cr? short-sleeved blouse with a high ruffled collar, with accompanying camisole. Beside it was some lingerie for her: a simple black silk chemise and a matching thong.

“Dress yourself first, dear,” Ms. Madison said as she walked over to the armchair in the corner and took a seat. Paige slipped on the thong, then tossed the chemise over her head and let it drape down. She brought the stockings over to where she sat, got to her knees, and rolled them sensuously up each leg, placing a kiss on the inner thigh at the height of each one. “Stand up please,” she said going over for the garter. She got to her knees again and reached the garter around her hips, fastening it in back, then adjusted the clasps and hooked the stockings. When she was finished she leaned in and placed a kiss at the base of her still exposed bush. She got up again, returning with both camisole and blouse. Pulling the camisole over her head, she smoothed it out and placed a kiss between her dainty cleavage. Then slipped on her blouse, buttoned it up all the way, and placed a kiss at the top of her neck, just below her ear. She retrieved the skirt, and leaned over, opening it to let her step in. She slowly pulled it up her legs and over her hips, carefully smoothing the camisole as she tucked it in, then zipped up the side, and kissed her cheek. She took a half step back with her hands clasped behind her to observe her handiwork, then leaned in and kissed her lovingly on the lips, holding herself suspended there for nearly a minute as their tongues entwined.

When they finally parted Paige said demurely and genuinely, “Thank you, Ms. Madison, for letting me dress you so nicely.”

Ms. Madison smiled and said, “Let’s have some dinner. You’ll be staying afterwards, I hope?”

“Yes, of course.”

They had some more champagne with dinner, emptying the first bottle and opening the second. They didn’t say too much as they ate, as their relationship was kept at an agreed upon professional distance for personal and emotional safety. Just as they were finishing and Paige was stacking things back on the tray, there was a knock on the door.

“Our guest has arrived. Will you please show him in.”

Paige went to the door not giving a second thought to her attire and opened it to find a handsome young man, a little older than her, maybe twenty-five, in a linen blazer, cotton shirt, jeans and beach sandals. This was a model quality individual, in shape but not overly muscled, clean cut brown hair and a close shave, and a smile that made her melt. He looked her up and down with a somewhat surprised look on his face, then entered as she stood away from the door. No words were exchanged; each understood their role.

“Come in, young man, and let me take a look at you,” Ms. Madison beckoned, now seated on the long leather couch in the sitting room, legs crossed.

“Oh, honestly,” she balked, “Jeans?? Young man, have you no sense of decorum? You leave me no choice but to ask you to remove this ensemble completely. Please hand them to my girl as you do.” Paige stepped to his side on cue, but he hesitated.

“Young man. Now.” Ms. Madison chided, looking him in the eye. “If I ask you to do something I expect it to be done. Is that clear?”

“Ye-“ he began, but was interrupted.

“I did not ask you to speak,” still holding his gaze.

He gave a slight understanding smile and bowed his head once, kicked off his sandals, then removed his blazer, shirt, and jeans, handing each one in order to Paige, who draped them over her arm and took them to the table when he had finished.

“You have exactly five minutes to shower and return, and don’t you dare waste anything in there. We’ll want everything you’ve got tonight.” Sikiş hikayeleri Turning to Paige she said, “Show him the way, and make sure he’s timely. Go.” Paige extended her arm indicating the way and followed him through to the glass shower without saying a word. As she walked she couldn’t help but admire this man’s perfect form, and felt herself creaming a bit in her new panties. She stood outside the view of the shower in the vanity area until the water turned off, then came in and presented a towel, nodding slightly to indicate he was still on time. Then she returned to the main room.

“Pour us all some champagne, dear.” She poured three glasses and handed one to Ms. Madison, then the other to the young man as he entered the room. She couldn’t help but glance at his penis as she did. He had obviously given himself an erection in the shower, and although it was probably only half way at this point, it was still enormous, almost shockingly so.

He came into the room, graciously accepted the glass from the Paige, to whom he gave a surreptitious wink and stood again before Ms. Madison, raising his glass slightly in thanks. “Drinks as you wish,” she said. Now it was her turn to look him over, and her eyes widened a bit at the sight of him. “Oh my, young man, that is spectacular. You’ve come highly recommended, and I see you’ll not disappoint. Bring that thing over here. Young lady, come have a seat next to me.”

Paige sat down next to her as the young man approached the sofa. Ms. Madison leaned forward and gently wrapped her hands around his smooth cock and balls. Closer to fully erect now, he was easily eight inches long already, and a thick as any cock either of them had ever seen. Ms. Madison immediately placed her lips around the head, opening her mouth wide, then wider still as she literally pushed him in with her hand. As she stroked him, sucking only on the head, he grew to full hardness, and became the most magnificent mouthful she’d ever felt. She massaged his balls with one hand and pumped his shaft with the other while she drew his succulent precum out with her tongue. Then she released him and licked up and down his full length, deliberately leaving trails of saliva to get him nice and slick, then she popped him back in her mouth, this time opening her throat to take in as much of him as she could, simultaneously letting her wet hand glide easily up and down it’s length. She was an expert at sucking cock, and he equally adept at servicing women with it, but it was hard to say who was more aroused at this point; she by the sheer splendor of it, and he by the way she was able to stiffen him so fully and quickly.

After only a minute more of sucking, she released him again, this time letting go as well and hiking up her tight skirt all way to her waist. “Forget the foreplay, boy, get that thing in me pronto.” She lifted her legs, bringing her lips upward to greet him as he dropped to his knees and placed the tip at her opening, where a small glisten had emerged from the base of her hole. He was in the process of massaging her lips open with the head when she took it from him and pushed it right in. “I told you once, when I want it done, do it!” she said greedily, gasping as his huge cock abruptly forced her open and plunged to her deepest depths.

“Oh, my sweet fucking Jesus Christ, this thing is incredible! Goddammit, young man, fuck me right now like your best horny bitch. Oh!” Her voice became shouts of sweet agony as he took her for her word and immediately began slamming her back into the couch, holding her legs up to get maximum penetration.

“Oh, god, oh god,” she wailed intermittently over the course of the next few minutes. “That’s it, fuck your nice hungry hole with that big dick. OW! God, so fucking deep! Do it, get it in there! You better give me that good hot cum understood. Give mama that precious goo, right up in my tight cunt. Give to me.” Not sure whether to shoot it or wait and prolong her misery, he opted to restrain himself without showing it, lest he get in trouble again for disobeying her.

Beside them, Paige’s hand had found it’s way up under her thong, and ways slowly working her clit at the sight of the savage fucking for which her mistress was begging. She was mesmerized watching the full enormity of it disappear into her again and again, as she held on for dear life, pleading with him to make it worse. She caught a brief glimpse of the look of bleary bliss in her eyes as her head rolled to the side.

“Sweetie,” she managed, almost as if just remembering she was sitting there, “be a good girl and massage this man’s balls for me. He’s playing games with me by holding back, and I simply won’t tolerate it. Ah, oh God!” He fucked her harder for having found him out, then felt the soft grip of her pretty attendant’s hand caress his tight nuts as she reached around from behind him. It did the trick and it wasn’t long before he got even bigger and harder still with his impending load ready to flood this woman’s genitalia.

“Oh! Good girl, Fuck, oh GOD!” she yelled before losing the ability to articulate. He cock was now impossible huge and hard, and the unspeakable pleasure of it was coupled with the aching pain like being punched in the gut with each new impalement. Then she felt his hot liquid rush into her. She felt it simultaneously all the way in at her cervix, and fully down the length of her vagina as it was forced back out instantly, his massive cock taking up every bit of space within her. Her orgasm was blinding, and she just held on as best she could as this muscular fuck machine pumped her ruthlessly until drained of cum.

Coming back to her senses she breathlessly commanded, “Young man, take that thing out of me now and put it in my little girl’s mouth.” Paige, who had been leaning over while seated on the couch, simply lowered her head to take in a much of his cum soaked cock as she could once he’d pulled it out. Ms. Madison rubbed her hand over her worn, cum covered pussy, smearing the mixture of juices around her aching lips, and reaching further below to finger her ass while she watched her pretty plaything struggle with his girth.

“Relax your jaw, dear, just accept that it’s too big and work with it, don’t fight it. That’s it, let it glide in over your tongue. Stroke him gently with a wet hand to keep him stimulated. Good girl, practice taking him deeper each time.” Paige stopped to get a full breath of air with a loud gasp as spit and cum poured form her open mouth and down over her hand. She gathered it up, wiping her chin and reapplied the slick mess to his hardening dick.

Ms. Madison now had two fingers in her ass, lubing herself up for her next indulgence, waiting for her fluff girl to do her job. She gave him a few more minutes of recovery before taking over once again.

“Alright sweetie, that’s enough. Help me get out of these clothes for a minute.” She unzipped her skirt and raised her hips while undoing her blouse, as Paige pulled it off over her stockings. Fumbling out of her shirt she turned over, kneeling on the edge of the couch with her hands on the backrest.

“Ok, young Mr. Cock, time to put that up mama’s ass. Sweetie, come spit on me and help him get it in there.” He stood up and began to rub his dick on her backside, sliding it up and down between her cheeks. Paige leaned over and dribble a healthy amount of cum and saliva mixture from her lips, and rubbed it around and into her anus, getting both fingers easily in.

“Oh, yesss, such a good girl. Now grab his dick and slip it in me.” She held his shaft in one hand and pulled one cheek aside while he pulled the other, and together they pressed his enormous head into her waiting hole.

“Ooowww, FUCK!” she screamed, “Hold it still right there dammit! Oh god, start feeling nice, start feeling nice, please. Ssssshit!” He held it still, impressed that she’d even taken him in this far, and let her set the pace on her own. It sounded like she was almost crying as she rocked her hips slowly, taking short, quick breaths as she yearned for the discomfort to cease. Slowly the pain turned to ache, and the ache to a warm glow, then her anus finally began to tingle with the pleasure of it. She began to ease her ass over him, letting it glide in ever so slightly further with each backward press, drawing her arousal from his outward glide. Soon he was freely moving against the tight ring of her anus and into the warm soft pocket of her ass.

Adjusting now, but still breathing short, she turned to Paige and said, “Sweetie, lose your panties, climb up here, and sit in front of me on the back of this couch. Give mama something tasty to distract her.” She climbed up as instructed, placing her pussy right at head level for her to suck. “Oh, that’s a good pretty pussy. Let me have that. She balanced herself with her hands on Paige’s thighs as the young man began to fuck her in the ass at his own discretion. Paige knew she was being used to muffle the inevitable shouts, but they sent wonderful vibrations through her whole cunt each time she did. It wouldn’t get her off, but it was a great way to experience her ass fucking. Plus now she was sitting face to face with this gorgeous man and his terrific dick, and even though the scene was quite extreme, she still felt like a bashful schoolgirl flirting with him. She smiled as her pussy purred, and he smiled back as he filled her mistress’s ass with cock.

Ms. Madison felt his cock stiffened, and assumed it was from watching his counterpart’s pussy getting licked. But when she glanced up and caught her smiling at him, she knew in an instant what was going on. “Sweetie, I think he likes you. His dick got hard when you smiled at him like that.” Paige actually blushed. “Oooh, there it goes again. Keep smiling, child. Keep that dick nice and hard in mama’s ass for me. Maybe when he’s through loading me up with cum you can fuck him, too.” He stiffened again. “Ohh, little one, he’s looking forward to it.

Watching the cute girl in front of him who he knew he was going to fuck next get her cunt licked by the woman he was ass-fucking made the semen well up in his tightening balls all over again. With Ms. Madison’s mouth back over Paige’s pussy, he began fucking her harder now, forcing Erotik hikaye more muffled grunts from her as he rocked into her with a good strong rhythm, bringing her and himself closer to orgasm. Paige kept smiling at him, excited by the fact that he maintained eye contact throughout now, occasionally staring at her spread legs. Whenever he did she opened them wider, and his stiffening cock made Ms. Madison reward her with a good suck on her clit. It was an amazing circle of cause and effect, and it brought them all to orgasm at the same time.

Ms. Madison’s started first. Feeling his impending load build made her asshole hungry for his cream and the deep anal orgasm began to fill her throughout. This made her clamp down on Paige’s pussy, igniting her clit into the first of its spasms, and the pretty sight of her head falling back as she held the woman’s head up to her cunt and started cumming made the young man lose his load. When his hot jet shot up into her ass the next wave of escalation began again, and the triple orgasm multiplied as their shouts and moans filled the room. Holding her ass fully up against the base of his spurting cock, he gave her the last of his cum before slowly easing himself out. Her ass gaped for a moment, shiny with cum, before closing gently.

As he stood there, Ms. Madison, her pussy and ass dripping with come, instructed Paige to get some warm, wet towels to clean them up. She hopped down and stumbled to bathroom and returned a moment later with a handful of steaming towels to distribute.

“Pour us some more champagne, as well, dear. Then, if you can suck this boy toy back to life again, I’ll let you fuck him. How does that sound?” Even though Paige’s kitty was tired, she got herself wet thinking about that big cock in her at last.

“I think that sounds fantastic, Ms. Madison, thank you so much. I know I can get him back in shape,” she said, giving him another wink as she filled his glass.

They all collapsed on the sofa, Ms. Madison in the middle, sipping from their glasses, too tired and unconcerned to talk. After another round of pours in which they drained the second bottle, Paige put it down, downed what had left and stood before the two of them, seductively dancing in her black chemise, running her hands up and down her curvaceous body. She dropped one strap over her shoulder, then the other, and pulled the fabric down over her beautiful breasts, letting it rest on her waist as she arched her back to emphasize her curves and keep it from falling. With her hands she began to play with her tits, rolling the nipples in her fingers, and lifting them up to her mouth for a flick of her tongue. She was looking at both of them, but focusing her energy on the young man, looking for signs of revitalization in his freshly cleaned dick.

“Give him the works, dearie,” Ms. Madison said approvingly, taking great enjoyment from watching the show now that she’d been fully satisfied with her multiple fuckings.

Paige approached the young man and ran her hands up his strong thighs, then back down, using them for support as she lowered herself before him. She leaned in to place a kiss on one knee, then the other, and alternated her way up his inner thighs as he opened himself for her. With one hand she grabbed his half flaccid dick, squeezing and tugging gently on it while she pressed her face in to lick the soft underside of his balls. His dick was tired and his balls felt spent, but the ministrations of this cute little thing made everything feel good all over again.

She sucked his balls sweetly, looking up at him and smiling with her eyes, his big soft meat in her tiny grasp. She released them with a ‘pop’ and ran her tongue up the full length of his slowly hardening shaft, tickling the underside of the tip before licking back downwards. She continued doing this as before, leaving her trail of saliva and working it in with her hand, and before long she had the head deep in her mouth, and her little hand gripping his fully erect penis.

Ms. Madison congratulated her on her success, and stood up, issuing new instructions.

“Follow me, both of you,” she said, walking towards the bedroom door. They got up and followed, Paige holding onto his dick with an innocence like she were holding his hand.
Pulling back the bed covers Ms. Madison lay down in the middle of the bed with her head resting just at the foot of it.

“Come here child, and lay on top of me like we’re going to sixty nine. She hopped up onto the bed, with her knees next to Ms. Madison’s sides, her feet under her shoulders, supporting herself by resting her hands on her mistress’s thighs, beginning to understand what she had in mind. She looked over her shoulder and shook her ass at the young man.

From beneath the girl Ms. Madison said, “Now, come her boy, and let me suck on you for a minute before you give it to our little playmate here. He walked over and placed his dick on her face. She tilted her head all the way back and opened her mouth, and he slid his dick in her upside down face, bending his knees a little as he fucked her mouth, forcing her to gag. He rested his hands on Paige’s hips, staring at the tiny smooth snatch he was finally about to enter. Unable to wait any longer, her pulled his dick from her mistress’s mouth as she gasped for air, and positioned the head right at her opening, taking care to ease her open, unlike the entry he was forced to make earlier.

Paige let out a little sigh at the pressure of it, equally eager for him to enter. But as he moved inwards, the full width of it became apparent, and here little pussy was being uncomfortably stretched before he’d even gotten the head in.

“Ooooh, shit, shit, shit, oh my god!” she said giggling, her voice already rising to the upper registers with the excitement and trepidation. “Easy please, oh, yeah, like that. Slowly. Goddam, it’s so fucking HUGE, aaa-AAAH!” He was in to his full width, now it was just a matter of getting in as deeply as he could. Slowly he began rocking his hips.

Beneath them both, Ms. Madison had a perfect view to watch her girl’s adventure. She was licking both her clitoris and his shaft as he entered her, and his balls were beginning to brush her forehead as he drove deeper. She knew her tongue on Paige’s clit would make her pussy much more willing to take the abuse, and she loved the idea of having this glorious cock slamming into her less than an inch form her own face.

At about three quarters in he felt the back of her pussy, and she made him wait. “Oh jesus, fuck, you’re all the way in already, Oh my god it feels so fucking good. How much is left??” she asked, looking over her shoulder to see that a good portion of it remained. ‘Holy shit, it won’t fit, you fucker.” The pleasure was beyond anything she’d felt before, and she’d felt a lot of cock up in her tiny slit. But even though he was pushing her to the threshold of pain, it somehow still felt better being there.

“Ok, baby, go ahead, work it in to me slowly. Oh FUCK, that’s so good. MMMMmmmmmmm, yes, yes yes.” Here voice went right to the ceiling as he drove it all the way in and she just curled up and took it. She was squeaking like an eight year old now that he had gotten beyond her deepest depths and could still fuck her at will. Her cries were intoxicating and amazingly kinky, like he was fucking the little girl trapped inside this twenty-two year old hottie.

Meanwhile Ms. Madison was doing her fair share of torturing by continuously sucking her clit while enjoying his balls bouncing off her face. She could feel Paige’s head drop occasionally into her naked lap as she buried her face and screamed. Her little sex-pot was getting the fuck of a lifetime, and she had front row seats for it. She felt her having several small orgasms as they went along, each of which made her less and less coherent, and more and more susceptible to additional ones.

Luckily for Paige the young man found the whole thing terribly stimulating. Were it not for that, with all the action his cock had already seen he probably could have fucked her indefinitely. But after about ten minutes, which for Paige felt like forty, he began to feel the semen build again. Now, knowing it was his final shot of the night, he began to hammer her relentlessly, getting off on the near abuse he was giving her. She had long ago lost all means of communicating anything, and had been reduced to a shrieking and whimpering mess. Now, as he prepared for his ultimate push, the new level of intensity seemed to have reawakened her. She raised her head up, and was trying to speak, but all that came out were guttural noises from her throat, which with the rapid tempo of hips became a long continuous ever-modulating moan with the occasional bird like chirp thrown in. He was massacring this little girl with his cock, and it felt amazing.

At last he let if go and blasted his third load into her ceaselessly quivering cunt. The shock of it was so great that she actually fell silent even though her mouth was open and her throat was trying to cry out. Even her breathing stopped at this point, as the intensity of the pleasure made her momentarily lose consciousness. Ms. Madison felt her head fall into her lap and her body go weak when she did, and removed herself from her pussy, instructing the young man to hold still for a minute to allow her to recover. She came around in a few seconds, but was still far from coherent.

The young man slowly pumped the last of his semen into her, and eased himself out, again, leaving a temporarily gaping hole. He stumbled backwards onto a waiting chair, and watched as Ms. Madison gently rolled Paige over onto the bed, still murmuring with eyes shut.

“Go wash up and get dressed, please. There’s an envelope on the dresser there with your name on it,” she said matter-of-factly. As he got up and slowly exited the room she added, “That was world class fuck, young man, with a cock for the ages. We may be seeing you again.” He smiled, nodded, and left.

She turned herself around and curled up next to Paige, who was somewhat more alert now, but still unable to move. She pulled the sheets up over the two of them and held her for several more minutes, kissing her softly about the face and neck. Eventually Paige turned and faced Ms. Madison, just looking at her with her big brown eyes. It made the woman’s heart swell. Kissing her on the nose she said, “You’re a good girl, Paige. A very good girl, and mama loves you.”

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