Hot Tub Wife Pimpin

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I got in over my head with bills for my autoparts store. It’s usually small parts replacement, but if you’ve taken a look at our economy lately, you don’t need me to explain why things are tough. We also have a garage on the side which usually makes enough to float us for a while. It wasn’t now. We had two mechanics working in the garage full time, Diego and Lester and their salaries were depending on business picking up. I was going to lose the shop unless I found some new contracts immediately that could extend us some more time.

I knew another local business who had in the past, on occassion, offered some work and thought maybe I could hit them up for some work or maybe even a loan. I knew the owner Neal in passing. Bit of a blowhard, but driven and successful. More than me at least.

My wife Karen, 5’9″ brunette c-cup weighing a good 150lbs with hips ass and things. She was never a big fan of the shop and the financial strain it put on us from the start, but she loves me and knew that the shop was part of me. So she helped out when she could, after her regular full time hours as a head receptionist in a doctors office. Most of the time she was working at the shop, that just meant watching tv or being on her phone behind the front counter while I worked in the back, or hanging out with Diego and distracting him from his work because she was bored, or coming with me to trade shows, which were a real timesuck for her. That’s how she knew Neal, from the three or four shows we would do each year. Our booth would be modest, while his would be extravagant. Neither of us liked him. He would always hire tacky bikini models and give away big prizes and at the end of each show he would stop by and chat and always make a joke about me getting Karen in a bikini to help improve sales or coming to be a model at his booth next year. It was all played as fun and jokes but it was also letcherous. It never looked like he could have made as much money as he spent, but it must work for him because that’s who we were going to.

We invited him to dinner at a restaraunt where we all had wine and I try to butter him up. My wife doesn’t like guys like him, but she knew this was important so she stayed quiet at first. She knew things hadn’t been great over the last six months, but she didn’t know how bad things were at that moment.

The dinner starts fine enough and everybody was polite but after a few glasses of wine, Karen began making it a little obvious how little she thinks of pretty much anything Neal said. I guess I didn’t realise how boring it would be for my wife to have to sit and listen to shop talk for a couple hours or how many glasses of wine she would get through, but it was clear Karen was sauced.

When my wife gets drunk, she gets further and further away from reality. At first she just isn’t aware of what she is saying which often comes across as rude statements, or not laughing at his jokes which did typically tend to be mysogenistic. She would roll her eyes at things he would say. It was all too honest obviously. I knew how she could get at a certain point, where she has no idea what’s going on and I was grateful she wasn’t there. At least not yet. Still, it was very embarrassing and not really going the way I’d hoped.

Neal had a way of constantly bragging about himself casually in conversation, how much money he was making or what kind of man he was; a man who took what he wanted, a man that knew how to negotiate. At one point he even made an insulting offer to buy us out of our business for an insulting amount. I would nod politely or agree with him, saying; oh yeah or totally agree, 100 percent, or at the offer to buy us out I would just politely decline even going as far as to say how generous it was.

Karen couldn’t stomach his crap and actually laughed out loud when he said that he was the kind of man who takes what he wants. I was certain that Neal would get angry, but he never did. He was cool. There was no way that he wasn’t insulted. I could see it on his face, he was. He just never lost control of himself. Instead he absorbed it like hate rays from the sun as I tried to keep talk on business and made apologies for Karen, while she just got more and more drunk and beligerant.

“God, you think you’re so fucking great, dont you?” She slurred her words a bit, not realizing what a spectacle she was making now.

Even then, he smiled through it and said, “Yeah, I’m pretty good sweetie. Good enough for your husband to come to me… to beg me for work.”

“It’s not… its negoshiating.” She spat out lamely, and then under her breath, “Not fucking begging.”

“I guess we’ll see.” He said flatly.

He was almost amused, even if he was a little pissed, but it seemed clear to me that the dinner was over.

I paid the cheque. It was the least I could do for the insult, but it was expensive and now I wasn’t going to get any work from him, so it hit a little harder.

After folding her into the passenger seat of our car, I walked over to Neal and made my apologies for the whole night. I explained she clearly had too much and that she didn’t know what she was saying, even though we both knew that wasn’t entirely true and that she never liked Neal at any time we’d ever met him.

I explained that she didn’t hold her booze well and how if she kept drinking she wouldn’t know who was talking to her or where she was so not to take it personally.

His eyes were glued to Karen trying to get a seatbelt around her boobs in the car now and making it look difficult.

“Tell me how badly you need the work.” He said flatly, not even looking at me.

“Honestly? Really badly. I’ll take whatever offer you can give me, really. I’m really in a spot.” I just blathered on like an idiot before he interrupted.

He said, “You’re a terrible negotiator,” He was smiling now, “But I have a ton of extra work right now. Maybe we can help each other out a little.” He says all of this without taking his eyes off Karen, now rooting through her purse in the front seat. escort kahramanmaraş bayan

“You still have that hot tub that Doug Barnett put in for you a couple years ago?” He asked.

I said yes.

“You should invite me over to use it.” He was the kind of guy who would invite himself over.

“Yeah some time, that’d be great.” I knew it wouldn’t. I knew neither Karen or I wanted this douchebag in our hot tub, ogling Karen and trying to see her nipples through her bathing suit.

“Not sometime. Tonight. Right now. I mean if you want to finish this conversation.” This was the first time he took his eyes off of my wife to look at me.

I really hoped he would have just offered me the jobs right then, but I didn’t have any leverage here at all. I knew Karen was going to be angry, but it was also largely her fault things went so poorly tonight. So I agreed.

She was pissed to say the least, but also really just exhausted and bored and thought we were “done with this shit tonight.” But after a minute or two, really the entire drive home, I got her to admit that she had been rude and that “we” had to try a little harder to be nice. I pressed the urgency and importance in us getting these contracts. She agreed reluctantly.

Neal followed us in his truck. At our place we had another glass of wine and talked out on the back deck. Neal was no less cocky than he’d been before, but at least now Karen would give him a sort of begrudging, forced laugh. He didn’t seem to mind. I noticed that when I spoke to him, he only looked at Karen. Eyeing her like a piece of meat. I was getting a little nervous now that we were in private and alone with him.

We decided to change for the hot tub. Neal borrowed a pair of my trunks and changed quickly in the bathroom while I took the cover off the hot tub. When I returned I found him outside the door to our bedroom in the shadow. The door was open enough to see Karen changing inside. If she hadn’t been drunk, she would have noticed the door and closed it but as I mentioned earlier, the more drunk she gets, the less she’s aware of what’s around her. It was remarkable.

When Neal noticed me, he didn’t act surprised and instead smiled. He was so confident. Karen had already stripped down to nothing. I’d seen her wide, white ass a million times, but it never looked so enticing as it did through another man’s eyes all of a sudden. She teetered slightly going through her bathing suit drawer thinking of what to wear. As she turned to look at herself in her mirror, holding up different bathing suits, her angle to us would change so that we could see her tits. She was holding up a one piece and trying with little success to step into it.

“Thats nice.” He said with his tongue hanging out. “Make sure it’s the green two piece and bring out a round of shots for us by the jacuzzi.”

The music was loud enough she didnt hear our little exchange. Neal went outside and I went to help my wife into her bathing suit before she fell over.

“You should wear the green one.” I don’t know why I didn’t put a stop to this all immediately. Maybe I was fooling myself.

“The “little” green one?” She balked. “It’s so tiny! You want me wearing that in front of him? I only wear that for you.”

“Wear it for me now, then.” I pulled the suit she was holding from her hands and let it fall to the floor. Cupping her breasts and giving them a little squeeze.

“Think’m sexy?” She slurred a little again.

I grabbed her naked ass and kissed her, pulling her close. I knew this phase in her drunkeness was the needy phase, looking for praise and validation. Perfect timing.

“You know I do. I want to show you off.” I playfully tugged on her bikini bottoms cutting into the meat on her hips and let them fall to the floor.

She purred in my arms and agreed to the tiny green bikini. It was something we had bought a few years ago but she never wore because it was a size too small even back then and she was constantly falling out of it. The bottoms were tied in a bow on each hip, the kind of bottoms that made men instinctively want to pull the string to get them off easily.

I still wasnt sure how far this would go, but I knew I was out on a limb. Maybe she didnt know what we were getting involved in but I knew it was messed up.

I kissed her and told her to be nice to him.

“Are you pimping me out?” Was her reply.

She gave me a look that said she wasn’t all there and headed out the room wiggling her ass for me playfully so I never actually had to give her an answer. I didn’t even know what to say right then. We were just so close to those contracts. I knew I was playing with fire… at this point I was trying to get burned really. I carried a tray of shots out to the hot tub on the back deck and watched my drunken wife drop her towel and present herself for our guest. I could see her immediately try to pull at one side of her bikini only to find that pulling one side then caused her to fall out the other side.

“Nice suit.” He said.

“Thanks,” she said sarcastically, “Its a little too small.”

“That’s whats nice about it.” Was the immediate reply.

It seemed like Karen needed a moment to swallow her pride and not be angry at being so rudely objectified, which Neal was fine with as he enjoyed the view. Instead she decided to try and be polite, knowing how much I was relying on this evening working out.

“Thanks. I didn’t mean to be rude before.” Her voice was flat, monotone.

He didn’t care. “That a girl! Why dont you come in here?”

I knew it had to be even more awkward for her to climb into the hot water, with each step she was popping out and generally jiggling toward him, exposed.

He said something like, “I told you I always get what I want.”

I watched her sink down onto the bench in the tub next to Neal. At least she was mostly covered by the water now. I brought out the shots.

Neal was in one corner, I took escort kapalı gaziantep bayan the other so that Karen was in the middle between us.

We all did another couple rounds of shots at Neal’s insistance. Karen was at the point that she couldn’t stop herself but probably should. I knew it, but didn’t help her out. I didn’t intervene. I didn’t say anything.

Neal told me to put on the jets and when I turned back around, the bubbles covered their hands pretty well. Everybody was buzzed and laid back in the tub. I tried to talk to Neal about the job again but he only offered vague general statements. Karen had gotten quiet.

Above the water it may have looked like everybody was chilling and listening to the music, but I quickly began suspect there was more going on under the bubbles. Karen had this faraway stare and her mouth never quite closed and she bit her lip from time to time adjusting herself slightly in place. It kind of looked like she had found a jet from the hot tub and it was blasting her gspot. I could tell she was wasted now if that’s what she was doing.

It was only moments later that I noticed her bikini bottoms floating next to me. I quickly pulled them under before Neal noticed. I only wanted to humiliate my wife as much as needed. I wasn’t sure what to do when the bubbles stopped or if she wanted to get out.

That didn’t end up being an issue though. See, I was wrong about the jet blasting her clit under the water. It was Neal’s fingers. Karen couldnt tell whose hand it was and probably assumed it was mine since I was also sitting next to her.

It was only minutes later after seeing her cum more than once that I realised her hand was busy as well, stroking him off. Well this was it. She had hit full drunk status now and clearly had no idea what she was doing. It was like her entire personality just goes away and she becomes a primal wild fuck monkey. She let out a moan just then. It was audible in a way that made you realise she didn’t see why that would be innapropriate in front of a guest.

“I think you should get us another round and then we can wrap this up.” Neal winked at me, as if we were both in on some master plan at work. As if he were letting me know that he can take it from here.

“What do you think?” He was now talking to Karen who didnt seem to know what he was talking about.

She smiled at him and said, “Dont worry, I’ll keep him happy.”

I felt bad about getting out of the tub now, but this is what I wanted, right? He was going to give me the contract. I could keep the shop open now. When I turned around to look back before I went inside, Karen was making out with Neal who already had his hands inside her bikini and was groping her tits enthusiastically. Her hands still under the bubbles, getting him off.

I hurried to get the shots lined up again. I didn’t want to let my wife be humiliated any more than needed. It would only take a minute or two to line up and pour. They were ready to go on the tray, but just as I was about to go back out I heard them at it. Peeking around the corner I could see how far things had gone now.

Karen was bent over the edge of the hot tub now, her arms splayed out, trying grip the edge but without much success while he was going to town on her. Her top was now off, thrown out of the tub entirely. Her tits were slapping against the side and she was just repeating “yeah” over and over. But she said it like, “yuh, yuh, yuh.”

Behind her, Neal was getting whatever he wanted from that wide, white ass that he was eyeballing before. His hands gripped her hip fat and slammed into her at his leisure.

It was surreal to see another man use my wife with no respect and clearly enjoying what he was paying for. It probably made him feel superior and gave him at least some satisfaction after her attitude toward him earlier. I didn’t know if she was so loaded she thought he was me, or if she knew it was him but was so drunk she didn’t care, or if she knew what she was doing and was letting him inside her because she knew we needed the money. What was not in dispute was that she just kept on repeating, yuh, yuh, yuh with each thrust. She was enjoying it.

I can still hear that wet slapping sound as he took what he wanted from her. Shlap, shlap, shlap, shlap… he shoved himself inside her again and again like she was just an object to fuck. His sneer of satisfaction rutting her flesh was seered into my mind, the entire image, her flopping tits, yuh, yuh, yuh, shlap, shlap, shlap.

I took the drinks out to them. He didn’t care that I was there and she didn’t even notice. He might actually have fucked her just that little bit rougher after I came back out and just stood there watching him borrow my wife.

“Guess we didnt need those shots after all.” He smiled. “I like a woman with attitude and a certain selfrighteous temperment that makes them talk back like that. You know, really lets you know what’s on their little minds. They don’t realize until it’s too late who has the power in the situation, do they? That makes it all the sweeter when you take them.”

I had no response for him, so he continued.

“That’s why I can stick my thumb in your wife’s ass like this.”

Karen made a low groan but that was all she had to offer.

I think maybe he wanted to provoke a reaction from me, but I was stuck on a track and it was too late to deviate now without risking losing everything we’d sacrificed for already.

He finished negotiating our terms, which wasn’t all that generous to me, considering he was balls deep in my drunk wife at the time. Her moans got long and slow and his strokes did the same while he explained what contracts he would send my way. It was so casual to him. Neal was the kind of guy that paid for sex regularly while I had never had been or ever wanted to be with a prostitute, yet here he was treating my wife like one. Of course I understood he was doing this to assert his dominance kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan over me and it totally worked. I just had no choice and I needed the work. Or was that just an excuse?

“You married some grade A pussy, man. Must feel good to fuck it whenever you want. Well, not right now.” He never stopped fucking her while he said this to me, he would just push deep into her and grind his cock against her back wall to take his pleasure.

I said thank you, for some reason. I wasnt even man enough to take my cock out and stroke it even though it was rock hard in my pants. I had no dignity left so I’m not sure what I was trying to protect.

His strokes into her were long and deep and measured and at his hilt, fully inside her, he would hit a spot inside her like a button and every time he pressed that last inch inside her she would moan, “Fuck yes, fuck me fucking good!” Only in this state of sloppy drunk mess it came out it groans of slurred appreciation, “Fug yeah… fug meee… fuckin ughhnn….”

At one point Karen lifted her head at looked right at me as she was getting fucked by another man and mewed, “You always fug me so good, baby!” And then dropped her head back down and moaned. She had no idea what was going on.

Once everything felt like it was settled, Neal explained the timeline he would need the work done by. It was ridiculous. I would have to work my small crew over time every day and they would hate me and might even quit. Diego was always polite but Lester and I had already had words about his late paycheques recently. I tried to tell him that but he was less than receptive.

“Dont talk back to me!” Neal spat at me. It was the one time he lost his cool, but he quickly regained his composure and came back with, “I tell you what, let’s put another bargaining chip on the table. I will lend you a few extra mechanics to pick up the slack if you give me your permission to fuck your wife’s ass loose. Right now.”

I tried to act hesitant but in the end I relented. I gave my consent. “Okay.”

He was practically frothing at the mouth as he took his slick cock from her wet pussy and pressed the tip to her puckered asshole, pushing it in, but then he stopped.

“I change my mind. The timeline stays the same, no extra guys and I’m still gonna loosen up your wife’s uptight ass for her.” He laughed. “Why? Because I can, and you’ll let me, because you still need me and you have no leverage, zero power here.”

He said this as he forced his way past her o-ring and up into Karen’s asshole.

“Fuck thats tight! Not for long though, right?” He laughed at his own jokes and defiled my wife in front of me. Life was good for Neal.

In drunken stupor, Karen’s moan turned to gutteral groans of discomfort, but she was clearly too wasted to mount any kind of defense. We’d have anal sex on occasion so I knew she could likely handle it, but he was clearly fucking her with more savagery than I ever had. Just a limp pile of limbs, Neal wasn’t interested in my wife as a human, just something to stick his cock into and mark as his territory.

“We have a deal.” He said and then he pulled out of her asshole and slammed straight into her pussy to the hilt and unloaded his seed inside her with a few good hard thrusts. He even reached around and gave her soft tit meat a good squeeze for full satisfaction. “There. Ugh! Your wife’s cunt just saved your business for another few months.”

When he was finished he got out of the tub, taking a towel with him as I rushed in to hold her arms and make sure she didn’t fall in and drown.

“Nice doing business with you buddy!” He chuckled as he dried off. I couldn’t help but see his admittedly large cock.

I decided it was better to get Karen out of the tub than leaving her flopped over the edge and helped her swing one leg out and then the other, spread naked until she sort of tumbled out onto the lawn. Her drunkeness plus the shift in gravity coming out of the hot tub water and she just lost her balance. I was there to ease her to the ground so she wouldn’t hit her head, but she still ended up sprawled out naked in a humiliating display. I didn’t see much point to trying to find her bikini for all it would cover anyway. It was a degrading exhibition.

A click of his phone and now Neal had a momento that would mortify my wife, guaranteed. Even more than the fucking I think.

“Let me know if you want to do any more business in the future. I have so much work coming my way I usually have to refer it somewhere. Maybe I can bring the work to you… and your wonderfully self righteous wife.”

He took another long look at her passed out on the ground and licked his lips. “I’ll see myself out.”

He threw the towel at me and went back inside to change into his clothes and leave. Over his shoulder he said, “Tell your wife she was a great hostess.”

I was left with Karen on the ground. For a brief moment I wondered if I should put the towel under her head as a pillow or as a blanket to cover her limp, naked, prone body… and then all of a sudden I was counting the seconds for how long I thought it would take to assume Neal had got changed and left… three minutes? Four minutes?

The whole time Karen just lay there, freshly used and surely available to her own husband, and then I was on her.

Her pussy was easy to slide into, slick with his cum and clearly her own juicy wetness and I started fucking her right there on the ground.

It felt loose to me, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. This was a desperate and pathetic act. I came just as I heard Neal laughing on his way out, saying, “Enjoy your sloppy seconds, buddy!”

Karen half woke up in my final throws.

“Again?” She said smiling, but I had already finished, adding my cum to his.

“Too late,” I mumbled, already in my final flexes.

She closed her eyes and said, “It’s okay, you fucked me so good already. I came so many many times.” She said in a half giggle.

I helped her to bed and then sat and watched her naked and passed out, cum leaking out of her loose pussy and onto the sheets and wondered what she would remember tomorrow.

My emotions were exploding between my impotent rage and jealousy, my utter shame that I clearly enjoyed seeing her defiled like that, to my bottomless guilt that my incompitence as a business man led us here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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