Hot Tub Fun Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I went to my home office and pulled out the tripod and the HD camera. These two sweet girls both have a really naughty streak. Or maybe they get a competitive and want to see how far they can push the other. Whichever it is I am happy I get to play.

Walking back into the living room Autumn had taken Becky’s position on the Ottoman. Setting on her knees she was cleaning Troy’s cock with her mouth and Becky was stroking his balls. She jumped up and came to help me sit up the camera. I also got one of her world famous deep kisses.

“I can’t believe I took both of you when I had the plug in.” She whispered to me. “I was so tight and it felt amazing.”

“It was very sexy baby. I almost came a couple of times.” I told her. “Do you think I will get a chance at your bottom tonight? Or are you done for the evening?”

She smiled that sexy smile and said “Maybe just a little bit more. I want Autumn to clean you up after you cum in my butt.”

“She will want you to do Troy’s the same way.” I reminded Becky. “Do you think you can take me in your ass and Troy in your pussy?”

“I am not sure. The butt plug was not nearly as big as you are.” she gave me that sexy little grin in reply.

I had already came twice tonight. Troy had as well. Autumn and Becky both multiple times but none of us was were ready to stop. Autumn still had the big butt plug in her tight ass and sucking on Troy’s rapidly hardening cock. Becky had went to bathroom. I was sitting up the video camera as my goddess return with a warm wet wash cloth for me and another one for Autumn. She cleaned off my soft cock and down my thighs. She went down one then back up the other one. She then cupped my very depleted ball sack and squeezed them softly. She then went over to the couple on the Ottoman.

She took Troy’s member out of Autumn’s mouth and started washing him off. Autumn walked gingerly over to me and got down on her knees. She took my cock in her mouth in an attempt to revive my member. Troy’s cock was almost back to full strength from Autumn’s mouth and Becky’s warm wash off. Becky looked me in the eye as she lowered her mouth down to his wide head and gave him a long tongue lick from the head down to his base. Her eye contact while giving him head did more to harden my staff than Autumn’s wonderful mouth did.

The camera was up and ready to go. Troy was at full mast but I still was going to need a little time to recover. Oh to be young again. I led Autumn back over to the others. I had her assume the position on her hands and knees that Becky had just occupied. I went back to the camera to make sure she was in frame. Becky led Troy around behind her and into the position. Both of the girls had became very adept at leading us by those male leashes.

Becky slapped Autumn’s butt Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort to get her to widen her legs and then ran Troy’s cock up and down her friends well used pussy lips. They were very bright red and swollen as I zoomed in for a close up of the penetration. The base of the butt plug resting against her tight opening. Troy had the head of his wide cock between her lips and was pushing in.

“Wait a second stud.” Becky said. “I want to get her face on film when you ram that into her. Jim get in front and tape it please hon.”

I walked to the other end of the stool making sure to get a wide view of the three of the them. Troy standing behind Autumn’s raised ass. Becky holding the base of his cock in one hand and the other pushing down on the small of Autumn’s back causing her to slump down off her hands down to the cushion. She turned her head toward the camera and gave me a big smile.

“Tell me what is happening sexy?” I asked her from behind the camera.

“I am about to get fucked by a fireplug and then suck on your long cock.” she answered. “And I have a really big dildo stuffed in my asssss ohhhhh!”

That was the point Troy shoved himself into the hot brunette. Her mouth opened wide in the moan and her eyes closed as she got stuffed just like Becky had been earlier in the evening. Not being really long let him get all the way in her on the first stroke. Autumn was not ready for it and her head came forward with the push. My cock was almost back to full staff and it smacked her in face when she fell forward. Autumn shifted her head and opened her red lips for the next intruder for her young body. She took just the head in but was sucking on it so hard trying not to scream.

I was looking at a similar scene for the second time tonight. I was kneeling on my Ottoman with my hard cock getting suck on by a sexy young woman. Her butt was up in the air and Troy was pounding into her from behind. Pulling her hips back after every hard thrust to keep his short cock buried in her very wet pussy. I moved the camera up her back to that sexy ass. In the view finder you could see the base of the butt plug peeking out.

I zoomed out to get the whole scene of what was going on before me. Autumn was on her knees and had moved up on one elbow to get a better angle on sucking my cock. Her back was arched as she took Troy’s pounding. Troy had one hand on her hip and the other pushing down on the small of her back trying to get a better angle for his entry. Becky, still very nude and sexy was using her camera phone to take still pictures of our threesome.

Troy moved his hand on her back down to her ass. I thought he was going to start playing with the plug but instead he gave her a really hard smack on her tanned cheek. First one and then other on the beauties flanks. Autumn kept bucking back to him with every swat. She was moving so much my cock dropped out of her mouth and she let out another scream of pleasure .

Her orgasm caused Troy’s. He filled her tight pussy with another load. Autumn fell off Troy’s dick shaking from the orgasm we had just given her. Becky reached down and gave her a kiss on the forehead as she gently removed the dildo that was still in the girl’s ass causing one last heavy sigh. Becky stared deep into my eyes as she sucked on the dildo fresh from Autumn’s stretched ass.

Troy picked up his lover and carried her to the love seat. The switch from hard pounding sex to sweet caring boyfriend happened in a flash. The mild manner young man was back and the rough stud in heat was gone. They entwined themselves together on the loveseat. I looked at Becky and saw her flushed from the scene she had just watched.

The break in the action gave me a chance to switch roles from cameraman back to porn star. I got up and took the camera over to the tripod. I made sure the Ottoman was still in the middle of the shot and then went to my blonde goddess. She gave me one of her perfect kisses and grabbed my staff to claim it as her property.

“Do you still want to push this big thing in my tight little bottom?” She asked knowing my answer.

I grabbed her by that tight ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I returned her kiss and laid her down on her back. We were both way past any more foreplay. I was harder than I had been all night and she was dripping pussy juice down her tight crack. I thought about getting the lube but seeing that wet pussy I went for the natural instead.

Two long deep strokes into her pussy to get myself coated with her sweet nectar. I rubbed the head of my cock all around her dark purple rosebud to get it wet as I could. Becky reached down with both arms to bring her legs back wrapping her elbows behind her knees. Man she is so flexible and sexy.

The head of my hard cock pierced her puckered bottom. It was still very tight but the earlier stretching allowed me to enter her easily. She grimaced as the head slipped past her sphincter and into her rectum. The view of her on her back, knees almost to her head, bare pussy right above my cock entering into her third hole was so erotic. I stopped for a second to enjoy the sight and not wanting to hurt my princess.

She was having none of it “Do not stop. Fuck my little butt. I need it hard.”

Listening to and seeing my angel being so naughty got me moving. I pushed hard into her tight ass. I had never gotten all of my cock in her tight butt and tonight I was going to try. Her ass hole was a the perfect height with me standing above her on the Ottoman. Three or four hard strokes and she had about five inches filling her bowels. The look of pleasure and pain told me I was as deep as I was going to get. I held myself as still as I could and then gave her a slap on her exposed pussy lips.

I started to fuck her ass with as much gusto as I could. This was not going to be about her pleasure but about my release. People joke about fucking like rabbits and moving like a jack hammer but that was the sensation I wanted. I wanted to make my angel into a little slut right now. My dick was on fire from the friction. Becky started screaming dirty words at me as I kept going faster and harder.

“Fuck that tight ass! Does it feel good to fuck my innocent butt hole? You are going to ruin me! You are too big for that small hole.” all mixed in with her cries of pleasure.

I stopped again at the bottom of my in stroke. My balls slapped against her spread cheeks. I pressed my hand against her sex and slip a thumb between her pussy lips. Sliding it between her soft small lips. I rub it in circles around the top of her pussy. Brushing against her clit sticking out from its hood. Just this little touch sends her over the edge.

She drops hold of her legs and wraps them around my waist. Trying to pull me into her as I back out slowly as she cums with my cock in her ass. Her sphincter contracts around my cock milking me. I am having to use all my will power to not cum right then. She digs her heels in to my flanks like a rider on a stallion. The pressure on my ass and her contractions set off my third orgasm of the night. It was not much but it felt like I came and came. My knees got a little weak but with Becky’s legs wrapped around me I barely stayed on my feet. I looked down at my lover and saw the naughty smile on her angelic face again. She was almost finished milking my cock dry and was thinking about what was coming next.

Autumn had slid out of the love seat and was kneeling patiently besides us. Becky unlocked her legs from around my back and pulled away from my cock. My softening cock slide out of her ass trailing my cum from the tip to her now gaping hole. Autumn took the stream cum from Becky’s ass with two fingers and pulled it to her own mouth. She slurped the string in and swallowed all of it she had taken between her lips. The brunette lowered her mouth to my soft member and began to clean me from the tip down to my balls with just her mouth.

She collected all of the naughty goo from my cock in her sexy mouth. Becky was collecting the sperm leaking out her ass into her small hand. Becky then placed her fingers in front of Autumn who eagerly lapped the juices into the mixture already resting in her mouth.

“Show it to them and then swallow all that nasty stuff.” Becky ordered.

Autumn showed first me, then Troy and then looked straight at the camera and swallowed the load she had taken from Becky’s ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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