Hospital Date

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If the motel were busier, you wouldn’t even notice her. She was about five foot five inches tall, brunette, 130 pounds, mid-forties, nice shape and probably fun to look at under her jogging suit. I had seen her yesterday in the operating waiting room. Like now, she had looked tired, down and alone. Company for continental breakfast seemed like a good idea, so I walked over to her table in the corner by the window. “I saw you at the hospital yesterday. My I join you for breakfast?”

“Sure, but I’m about finished and ready to go across the street.”

“Who are you visiting?”

“My husband has diabetes and is having his remaining leg removed because of circulation and infection problems. You were waiting yesterday too. Who were you visiting?”

“I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Are you his primary care-giver?”

“Yes, we’ve been married forever and he has been disabled for six years.”

“My wife is having back surgery. She has Parkinson’s and I’ve been her care-giver for many years also. You are so young and beautiful. I’m sorry that you have to sacrifice so much.”

“Thank you for the compliment. Sounds like you really know the routine. I sure don’t feel young or beautiful.”

I reached out a hand, “I’m Ron Huddle.”

“Teri Clark.”

“Tell me all about yourself, Teri Clark.”

“Not much to tell. I was a real estate agent until Tom got sick. We have two kids: a boy and a girl; both grown, married and moved away.”

“Do you have any hobbies? What do you do for fun? What do I have to do to get you to smile?”

That brought a smile to her face. Like most women she was pretty when she smiled.

“Not much time for fun or hobbies anymore. I used to love to travel, garden, dance and just go and go.”

Her voice was hollow and sad for her own loss of freedom. I knew the feeling well. She finished her breakfast and was ready to leave.

“May I walk with you across the street? I’m anxious to read all the same four year old magazines again.”

“Every time I saw you, you were working on your computer.”


She never answered my question but I pulled her chair out and we walked together across the street in the beautiful, clear, early morning June air.

Our day was predictable. We were both starved for company and conversation. We kept running into each other in the cafeteria when our spouses slept. We talked for a total of three hours. During our afternoon meeting, I asked her, “How about having dinner with me tonight after Tom is settled for the evening?”

She looked shocked but recovered quickly. “I don’t have clothes to go out and I’m not sure that would be appropriate.”

“I understand. I enjoy your company and thought it would be fun to talk about other things than our ailing spouses.”

Her husband was on the fifth floor; my wife was on the sixth. We walked together quietly to the elevator. I punched both floors and just before the door opened for the fifth floor, she spoke, “I would enjoy dinner tonight.”

“Meet me in the lobby about 6:30. We’ll find someplace we both like.”

Teri was dressed in tan slacks and a white short sleeve blouse and waiting when I got to the lobby at 6:25. In makeup and with a smile, she was beautiful. Her green eyes sparkled. When I looked at her and let my eyes travel over her body, she lowered her head and eyes.

“You are beautiful, Teri. You had yourself hidden well yesterday and today.”

She blushed and said, “Thank you.”

We found a generic steakhouse and enjoyed a high cholesterol dinner. Both the hotel and the restaurant were in a business area, so there were few customers on Friday nights and the weekends. When the waitress asked if we were ready for dessert, I took over, “Give us a little time to work off some of our dinner.” I held out my hand to Teri. She took it without a word and I led her to the empty dance floor, just after the prerecorded track started to spill out a dated Nat King Cole slow tune.

I was taller, stronger and more athletic than Teri. Halfway through the song, she had quit resisting my leads and we moved well together. I dipped her slightly at the end of the song and held her until another slow dance started. This time, her body seemed to be touching mine more than it did during our first dance. The song was a long one. We quit talking and just enjoyed the touch of each other’s body. Her left hand had moved to the side of my neck and my right hand had slipped down quite a bit by the end of our dance. As the music ended, her breasts were pressed against my chest and my right thigh was tight between her legs. I leaned down, kissed her neck below her ear and whispered, “Thank you. I really enjoyed that dance and the touch of your body.”

Teri realized how far we had gone and pulled away from me. I followed her to the table and motioned to the waitress, “Can we please have some coffee?”

“I have to get back. I should be at the hospital by eight.”

“Have a coffee with me; then, I will take you back. Teri, I’m sorry, if I offended you on the dance floor. My compliment Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort was true. I haven’t danced or held a woman close and felt her body respond in many years.”

She was visibly uneasy and flinched when I used the word “respond.” We sipped our coffee in silence for several minutes. Teri stole several looks at me, as if wondering what else I would say. I had no intention of saying anything else. Age gives you that. If your partner doesn’t want to be with you, you don’t want it either. My sex drive no longer pushes me into the testosterone driven games of my dating youth.

I never asked if she wanted dessert. Instead, I paid the bill, helped her on with her jacket, walked to the car and drove back to the hotel. Teri was quiet but struggling to say something. She slipped her arm in mine as we walked in and stopped at the elevator.

“I enjoyed tonight.”

I tightened my arm around hers to acknowledge her words, led her into the elevator, but I said nothing.

She did not look at me when she spoke, “I liked the touch of your body also.”

Now I turned her, tilted her face to mine and kissed her lips softly. The kiss was one of possession, without passion and without any demand. Her eyes were closed when I broke the kiss. She wasn’t finished. Lightly I touched her eyelids and traced my fingertips down the side of her face, across her lips and down her neck. The door opened and we walked to the door of her room. I opened it and escorted her in with the words, “Have a night cap with me, it is only nine.”

Teri seemed pliable. I removed her jacket, sat her by the little table and poured her some wine from the room’s bar.

I pulled an armless chair in front of her and said, “Talk to me, Teri. I don’t get to hear a healthy woman’s voice often enough.” She started to tell me that she did not know what to say, when I lifted her feet to my lap, removed her shoes and began to massage her feet. I sensed a complaint and just held a finger in front of my lips and repeated, “Talk to me.”

For the next thirty minutes, I learned about her kids, her house, her garden and her lost dreams. I also learned to make her pause by touching special spots on her feet, ankles and calves. One of her feet slipped between my legs while I worked on the other. She could feel my half hard cock resting against the arch of her foot. When I switched feet, she nestled the newly freed foot back into the warmth of my crotch.

I brought her foot to my lips and kissed her toes and sucked the middle one into my mouth. A little gasp slipped from her lips but she did not pull away.

“I want to kiss you again. Come here.”

She came to me and started to sit on my lap sidesaddle. “No, straddle me.”

She responded without hesitation.

Our kiss started like the first one, until I licked her lips. Her mouth opened slightly. The kiss was soft, warm and wet. We learned quickly and enjoyed each other’s taste too much. Her ears were soft; I removed her earrings and sucked her earlobes. Her head rolled to present more of her ear and neck to me.

For wonderful, exciting minutes her body warmed and yielded. Kisses down her neck, led to rolling her nipples between my fingers and kisses on her breasts through her blouse. Her hips rolled and her pussy rubbed against my painfully twisted dick.

Teri’s breathing was irregular when I stopped kissing her. She looked dreamily and questioningly at me. “I am very uncomfortable and twisted. Open my pants and straighten him out.”

I felt a moment of hesitation and then her fingers went for my belt. Her hand was strong and knowing when her fingers closed around my cock and pulled him straight. The head was above the waistband of my briefs and she slowly rubbed its tip with the palm of her hand as she withdrew. I knew her hand was wet with my precum so I guided it to her lips and kissed the back of her hand pressing her palm to her lips and tongue.

I pushed her to her feet, to stand before me, “I also want to taste you.”

When I reached for her belt, she said, “I might not be ready for this. Tom is the only man I have ever known and I can still get pregnant.”

“Teri, when you say stop, I will stop. I cannot get you pregnant and I do not have any diseases. I just want to bring you pleasure. Let me taste her.”

Her pants and panties slipped down her legs and she stepped out with her right foot, leaving her left foot caught in the circle. When she sat back into her chair, I saw my treat for the first time. She was cleanly shaven, except for a little landing strip. The lips of her pussy stood proud and were already red, swollen and glistening. I knelt in front of her, opened her with my thumbs gently and sucked at each lip before licking up the drops that freely formed between them. Intentionally, I ignored her clit. She inhaled sharply as my tongue “accidentally” licked across her asshole. Her hips thrust forward slightly. I paused. Her next sound was one of complaint, so I moved up to lick and then gently suck her clit. It had been too long; she was already close. She readily followed when I pulled her up and laid her back on the bed with her legs hanging off. Again, I knelt between her lovely thighs and started where I left off, with my lips and tongue. Two fingers of my right hand, easily slipped into her and their tips began to press and stroke at her pronounced g-spot. Her legs tensed.

I wanted to tease her more. I slowed and lightened my touch. Her hands went behind my head and pulled my mouth tighter. I would grant her wish. I matched the strokes of my fingers with the sucking and licking of my tongue. Twice I stopped when she was almost there. The third time I continued through and was rewarded with a little spritz from deep within her womb. Her hands and thighs were demanding and did not relax after her little testing orgasm. I pushed her thighs wider and began long firm strokes with my fingers. In less than a minute she leaned forward, turned her head and pressed her mouth into her own arm to muffle sounds as she came again. Her pussy was wet and I could not get enough. She tried to push me away but I licked gently until her sensitivity subsided. Then I sucked and licked her for my enjoyment. I pressed inside her roughly and she rocked hard matching my thrusts.

For a few moments I didn’t think she would cum again but she started a quiet mantra. “Yes. Lick me. Yes. Yes. Yes.” Her mantra grew louder but she seemed to be hanging. I drenched the middle finger of my left hand with her wetness, suckled her clit steadily and pushed my finger smoothly into her asshole. She curled around my head, squirted into my mouth and cried a very loud, “Yes!” In only a few moments she was completely still. She had given me the most wonderful proof of knowing I had pleased her. She had passed out.

For some strange reason, I was satisfied with just taking care of her. She had let me please her but only at my urging and seduction. I cleaned myself up and wrote her a note before I left.


Your body is a piece of heaven. Your juices are sweeter than the finest honey. Thank you for letting me touch you and kiss you.

I want you more than my next breath, but only if it is what you want also.

No expectations. Have breakfast with me at seven.


At a quarter after seven, Teri came into the lobby for breakfast. “I thought you weren’t going to have breakfast with me today.”

“I almost didn’t.”

“I’m glad you did. I missed you.”

“Ron, I need to talk about last night.”

“You don’t have to. Last night can be a one-time happening. I think you enjoyed it and I definitely did.”

“Oh, I enjoyed it. Why did you leave? What did your note mean?”

“I felt I had pushed you farther than you had planned to go and that you would have regrets when you woke up. Maybe you would even feel obligated to please me. I didn’t like that. If you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you, I would be ecstatic. I took care of myself last night imagining you riding me and then sleeping in my arms because you wanted to.”

“Last night was confusing. My body has never been driven so wild or so completely satisfied.”

“I’m happy about the last part.”

“I don’t know what I think or want.”

“We both have a few more days around here. Don’t worry. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company and conversation. We do not have to do anything. Please don’t say any more right now. I’m totally enjoying the idea that such a beautiful, desirable woman spent time with me last night.”

We went off to our daily duties. I did not see her all day. I figured that was an end to things so I hung out until after seven at the hospital that evening and had dinner in my wife’s room with her. There was a note on my door when I returned to the hotel, “Call me. —- Teri.”

“Hi beautiful, how was your day?”

“Truthfully, I couldn’t keep my mind off last night.”

“Hope you were smiling and wet.”

“Don’t do that to me.”


“Say things like that, to make me tingle between my legs.”

“I won’t promise that. I like knowing you are wet and tasty.”

“Quit that. I haven’t eaten. Take me out for a hamburger or something.”

Saturday night fair turned out to be the local IHOP. Teri did order a hamburger. We talked, laughed and got to know each other better. I drank coffee. Too much coffee. “Excuse me for a few minutes.”

“Where are you going, Big Boy.”

Teri’s eyes twinkled and she was smiling. I had not seen this playful side of her. She and I were remembering to live and play. “I’m going outside to see if it has snowed. I want to write our initials.”

“It’s not fair. I cannot do that.”

“Sure you can. You can use mine.”

She paused and then added, “It’s June, but even without snow, I want to use yours.”

I leaned over and kissed her. “You make my heart skip beats. Stick you tongue out.”

She looked puzzled but did as I asked. I took one of her French fries and laid its tip on her tongue. “Suck.”

Teri, turned bright red, looked about and then forgot all about the other people in the restaurant. She sucked. The fry came apart and drooped down. “Look what you have done. You took a proud firm potato and reduced it to a limp noodle.” I heard her giggle quietly as I went to relieve myself.

When I returned she said, “Did everything come out all right?”


“Why not?”

“It is almost impossible to pee through a hard on.”

She looked coy and batted her eyes, “Did I do that?”

“Yes, you did and made a wet spot on my underwear.”

“I’m so sorry.” She was very insincere.

As she finished her hamburger, I asked, “Want to go dancing again?”


“Where do you want to go? It’s early Saturday night.”

“Back to the hotel. Your room tonight.”

I was sitting close on her right side. With my left hand I pulled her head back using her hair; kissed her passionately and slipped my right hand between her legs, up tight against her pussy. Her body tensed then relaxed. “Inhale through your mouth.” She did and I exhaled into her lungs. She was deathly still, holding her breath. “For a moment, you are living on the breath that kept me alive a minute ago. Do you like my breath inside you?”

She whispered, “Yes.”

“You have my cock tenting my pants for everyone to see. Come with me.”

Several sets of eyes watched our exit.

Teri had definitely resolved her breakfast conflicts. As I drove us back to the hotel, she slipped her hand in my shirt and rubbed circles around my nipples and pressed her breasts into my arm. “Are you still hard for me?”

“No, I was fibbing, you don’t excite me at all.”

Immediately her hand slipped down to my crotch and her fingers closed around my very hard cock. “You are not a good, liar.”

“No, I’m not. You have me wanting you so much that I’m babbling like a boy on his first date. Are you going to leave me frustrated again tonight?”

“No, I want to sit on you, tease the head of your cock with my pussy lips and feel this stretch me and touch me deeper than I’ve ever been touched.”

“What else do you want?”

“I want to ride you, watch you and feel you throb and cum inside me.”

I was quiet. Barely able to cope with what was being offered.

“Then you can do anything else to me that you want, all night.”

I took her hand and pressed it to my chest. “Feel what your words have done to my heart. Can you hear it pounding?”

She slipped her hand from under mine and guided my fingers between her legs. “Feel what you have done to me.”

The crotch of her pants was soaking wet and hot. She held my hand tight and thrust against it. I pulled my hand away. It was visibly wet.

“Suffer with me for just a few more minutes.”

“If it is any longer, I’m going to cum just thinking about your sliding into me.”

Neither of us said a word as we parked, I took her hand and led her into the hotel, up the elevator and into my room.

“Ron, I’m very nervous.”

“It’s ok. I am too. We can stop.”

“God, no. I don’t want to stop. I just don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Impossible. Remember I have already drunk from your body. That memory will thrill me forever.”

“Fuck me.”

She started to strip. “No. Let me unwrap my present.”

Teri tried to let me undress her but her body was betraying her. When I was too slow, I heard a button fall to the floor as she pulled at her blouse. I removed her bra, sat in a chair facing her and fumbled with her belt. I pulled her to me and sucked her right nipple and teased it with my teeth. Her body trembled. As her slacks and panties slipped together down her thighs, I licked over her ovaries and raised my right hand to roll her left nipple. A groan of frustration escaped her lips and she trembled again. I looked up at her. Her eyes were filled with fire and lust. Her pants were still around her knees but she pulled me up by my shirt, guided me and pushed me down on to the bed. She frantically removed her bindings and I heard stitches around her zipper tear.

There was no hope to save my shirt. Teri ripped it from my body, looked surprised at the hair on my chest and dove her lips and teeth to my right nipple. Her roughness was wildly exciting. Before I realized it she had my pants open and was struggling to pull them down while her mouth still suckled at my tiny nub. My cock sprung free and her head curled down my body guiding her lips onto the glistening mushroom. She wanted my dick inside her. She wildly bobbed, I felt the head of my cock being squeezed by the opening to her throat, pulled out, licked and forced past her lips again. I needed to slow her. I wiggled and removed my shoes, socks, pants and underwear. Only the shreds of my shirt remained on my body.

“Slip up and let me taste her.”

“I don’t need that.”

“Do it.”

She crawled over me and lowered her cunt onto my lips and tongue. Her body was tight, her hands tangled into my hair and involuntary tremors raced through her when I sucked at her pussy’s lips, tasted her and licked quickly across her clit. I tormented her for slow teasing minutes. When I heard a wonderful guttural animalistic growl come from deep inside her, I grabbed her hips and pushed her away from my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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