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“I plan on caressing you slowly. Letting my fingers wonder around your naked body, until you can’t take it anymore, all the while your hands are bound.. You will be blindfolded. After my fingers have wondered your beautiful body; my lips shall explore. I’ll whisper in your ear what a dirty girl you have been. Then take my belt across that pale ass of yours and will turn it a nice rose color. The pleasure will be your heaven. The pain my desire.”

The message says, as I read it in the airport waiting for my plane to board. I am dripping wet and can’t do a damn thing about it. Master knows his slave all too well! I have been away from him for far too long. I miss his gentle yet brutal touch, the punishment he administers, his degrading, the gag in my mouth, and his teasing. I know what’s in store when I gets back. His message was elegantly clear. I had broken a rule, but I didn’t care. I craved his punishment and body. Suddenly a terrible thought popped into my head! What if that message was a ruse? Master has done it before to me and it made me go insane!

“Now boarding Flight 8907 from Portland to Chicago.” A long trip back to Florida to ponder and fear the horrifyingly wonderful threat.

She should be boarding her plane now. Hopefully she got my message I want her mind distracted and her to long for my embrace to the point that it drives her crazy. I want her here now, but I have to wait a multitude of hours before I am able to see my sweet and delectable slave. She has been out of town on business and this is always when she misbehaves the most. It’s almost always with women, as is her preference when she has had a few, and every now and then men. She has her rules and she knows them well, but she likes the punishment so she will break a rule every now and again. How do I know that she breaks the rules you might ask? Simple, she likes the consequences of her actions and calls me to let me listen in. Do I always punish her knowing that she broke the rules on purpose? The answer is yes. How you might ask? By ignoring her wants and desires. This drives her pass the point of insanity.

But this time is different, I have missed the way her ass turns different shades with each hit of my belt, the way she pleads for it to end, the sounds of her silent moans as she gets aroused more and more by the pain, and the shear way her body twitches with each hit. The feel of her hair gripped tightly in my fist, my teeth sinking into her soft flesh, and the way her pussy drips with each passing moment of me doing as I please. God it has been to long since my slave has been home but that all ends tomorrow.

The hour has come! My slave’s plane has landed and I am at the gate to pick her up. Her face lights up as I catch her gaze. I try my hardest to keep my delight off my face. She is a vision of ecstasy. Her radiant blonde hair and her tan soft skin. She struts her way over to me puts down her bag, and wraps her arms around my neck. Gives me a firm kiss on the cheek. I in turn give her a firm embrace still trying to hide my glee. I kiss her soft lips. I pull back and stare into her blue eyes they capture me. Her voice frees me from their spell, “We have to go collect my bags.” I nod and take her bag in my hand. I hold my other arm out for her to take. She wraps herself around my arm, and rest her head on my shoulder. A gleeful smile across her face. I ask her to tell me about her trip as we wait for her bags to come on the conveyer belt.

After waiting a few moments, the belt starts to move. A few bags later hers appear as if conjured up by our eagerness to be alone with each other. I take her bags in my hands and lead the way to my truck. Moments later we arrive at my truck, and I load her bags into the bed. She is behind as I lean over to place her last bag in the bed. She wraps her arms around my stomach and kisses the back of my neck. Tickling me and arousing me just a bit. I turn around to face her and give her deep kiss. Walking her to the passenger door. I break off the kiss and open the door for her. She puts on a face of happy disappointment and reluctantly gets in. I close the door behind her. I walk around to get in once I do that is when the real fun begins.

She sits there staring at me seductively biting her lip playfully. I want so badly to take her there and now, but alas I can’t I remind her of this, “What are you doing?”

She replies with an innocent look, “Whatever do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.” I declare, “We still have your punishment to take care of when we get home.” My face twist into an evil smile.

As she responses, “I was hoping you would forget.”

“Why would I forget my dear?”

She shrugs, “I don’t know.” Our conversation shifts back to her flight and she finishes her story of her trip. Along with various other topics. Her head is in my lap and she is teasing me. I have been running my hand through her hair and give it a good pull back. She smiles a devious smile I played right into her hands. Damn, its a good thing we are Betist almost home. I pull the truck into the drive. We get out I grab her bags.

I tell her, “Go inside and get comfortable.” She scampers off into the house with glee. This scares and thrills me. A moment after she went into the house I follow suit with her bags in tow. I take them to the room as I reach the bedroom I drop everything in stunned shock. Bent over naked on the bed there she is. My belt lay across her bare ass. Well so much for making her wait on her punishment. She may be the death of me but I love it. She presents me with an opportunity might as well take her up on it. I took up my belt and my position behind her. I raise the belt and bring it down furiously on to her sweet little ass.

As the belt hits across my bare ass, I let out a quick yelp. I plead, “Master I promise, I’ll be good!”

As I hear those words I become erect, and reply gently in thy ear, “Four more for my misbehaved whore.” To be sure my slave is silenced except for the sound of her breathing in exhilaration I put in the gag.

My mind starts to wonder as he places the gag around my face and into my mouth. The sensation of the anticipation starts to make my heart race faster and faster. As I lay across the bed, I turn my head trying to lock eyes on to him. Trying to predict what will happen next. Eyes being wide, I breathe out really deep. Shaking with anticipation.

Amused bewilderment clear across her face, and the tremble of her body I have her right where I want her. As I raise the belt to bring it down a second time. A lustful smile dances across my face. Fully erect as I look at my beautiful slave and the art I have created. Her once pale cheeks now a rosy red. Her once placid body trembling with anticipation. Her innocent eyes now wide and lusting staring into my soul. The belt meets her ass, “Thwack!” Her cheeks ripple growing a deeper shade red and her body recoils. “Three more,” I say bringing the belt up again. “Thwack!” it sounds as it makes impact. “2 left,” I say as I draw the belt back I pause and take a moment to enjoy the view of my slave’s ass a bright red now and a glistening from her pussy. My smile deepens with renewed craze. “Thwack!” One left, but I rest the belt across her ass.

My mind wonders is he gonna be a generous master and not administer the final blow, or will he strike down with a furious vengeance. I look into his eyes and they say it all! Crazed and deadly they pierce my soul telling me exactly what is going to happen. The belt slides across my ass. As he draws his arm with the belt in tow slowly up.

My excitement builds as does her anticipation. My arm pauses at its pinnacle and then in an instant. The belt hits her ass hard “Thwack!!” It almost echos throughout the room. Her spankings are over yet she is not able to get up just yet. I drop the belt, and my lips and fingers start to explore. I remove the gag and kiss her gingerly with ravenous passion.

I start to slightly make small moans of satisfaction. Grabbing him by the face I bite the side of his neck to reissue the pain he faced me. Feeling his pulse and watching him squirm makes me feel so powerful at this moment. As he sits with his legs on the side of the bed. I get to my knees and start unbuckling Master’s pants. Running my hands softly up his thighs. I lean over and breathe hot air into the bulge of his pants.

I moan deeply and lustfully forgetting the world around me. I have now become the slave. Slave to my desires and wants. Slave to my slave as she rises to the power of Mistress. But I have some fight left in me. I grab her by the hair and pull her face up to stare into my eyes. Bringing my lips down onto hers and work my way to her neck. My vampiric instinct takes over, but not fully giving her a firm euphoric bite. She moans right in my ear, and the taste of her soft radiant flesh is an aphrodisiac. Making me press my body deeply into hers. Her hands are fumbling with my pants button and zipper. I halt her hands assault on my pants by seizing both of her wrist in one hand. My free hand grabs the belt and uses it for shackles. I forcefully throw her over on her back to begin an assault of my own creation upon her naked flesh.

I glide my lips over her entire body stopping every now and then to bite and kiss. I make my way to her gushing pussy and tease it ever so slightly. Starting from the inner thigh near the knee of her right leg slowly kissing down to the valley, and hovering over her clit breathing ever so slightly. Driving her completely wild. “Why doesn’t he just attack it? It is what I want!” her body language cries out to me. Then I move to inner thigh of her left leg. Slowly making my way up and back down. As I approach her pussy for a second time. I pause there for a few seconds. Slave thinks, “This is it I get what I want!”

No, instead I kiss right above her mound taking caution to avoid her scar as to not ruin the moment. I slowly work my way up to her perfect perky little Betist Giriş breast. I kiss her sternum, then move to her left finding her nipple with great ease. I ply with it in my mouth rolling my tongue over it, biting it gingerly, and then move on to the other with the same assault plan in action. I can feel her body underneath me trembling with pleasure. Her moans are a symphony to my ears. I make my way back up to her face our lips meet with a raging passion. I break off the kiss with a devilish smile playing across my face. I stare into her eyes losing myself in the sea of blue.

I moan extremely loud due to all the sensations running throughout my body. I stare back into his eyes wondering, “What move will be made next? Is it my turn to make him feel the way that I am?” Starting to squirm from the restraint of the belt, I end up rolling on top of him. Leaning down staring into his eyes, I softly press my lips against his. Pleasure starts to get to me and I can’t help but give soft kisses that trail down Master’s neck. Further down the unknown of his stomach… licking and biting… hoping to rise him. Please him whilst staring into his piercing eyes.

“Oh shit!” Is all that is on my mind. This beauty that I have had my way with all this time has finally gained the upper hand. My body trembles with each soft caress of her touch. Sending tiny sparks where ever her skin brushes mine. Driving me to the point of insanity from the ecstasy. I can’t take it anymore and don’t care now if I have the upper hand over her. Her stare has mesmerized me to her will.

Maybe I have one trick up my sleeve, but it is a matter of how or when do I play it. As she is on top of me. I can always pull this card and make her want me more and beg me for more. I let her carry on. Then I grab her makeshift restraints and hair to gain the upper hand. I roll her back over onto her back. Once she is there I go down on her teasing her a bit more, and finally give her what she wants. I gently play with her clit in that certain way that only she can handle. She begs for my cock, but I still refuse to give it to her. It is not part of my game or my torture.

Starting to turn quite insane I let the words roll out, “Master please, I’ll do anything! I want your cock so desperately!” I become reckless, bucking my hips up and down impatiently. He grabs me by the hair setting me on his lap. With his other hand, bends me over forcibly. Legs spread and my face as far down to the floor as far as it can go. “This is it! He has me where I want him!” I think.

I drop my pants she can see my fully erect cock from the position she is in. Her face lights up with irresistible lust. I line my hips up with hers; then bring them closer.

Time seems to stand still for the lustful slave as he is mere inches from my soaking wet pussy. Closer still he draws near he is almost there. His tip is touching my lips. He plays there for a moment. Then as quick as a flash he stops.

I sit back on the bed. Confused she leans her body up. A look of horrified bewilderment and lust spread across her lovely face. “Come here!” I say. My slave does as told imagining the reward in store for her. She stands before me. I bury my face in her chest. Cradling her there; then I forcibly grab her hair and bound hands forcing her to her knees. With her hair in my hand I bring her face to my cock. “This is the most of my cock you will get for now!” I say devilishly.

I open my mouth gleefully as he assist me. He occasionally forces my mouth to consume the whole shaft to the base. I gag as the shaft reaches the back of my throat. Tears swell up in my eyes. It then all stops Master brings my face to his.

I stare at my wonderfully magnificent slave. I stare deep into her soul and then kiss her ravenously as though I was never going to kiss anyone else. We stand up, I undo the makeshift restraints as our bodies tangle together. My hands find their way to the base of her ass. I tightly squeeze lifting her into me a bit more.

His hands then roam my body as he walks behind me. Kissing my bare shoulders, then he forcibly throws me on to the bed. I gasp in excited surprise. His hand slowly reeling back to him across my back.

The moment my slave had been eagerly waiting for! I draw in close once more playing with her lips. With a powerful thrust I impale her to the base of my cock!

All I can feel is the pure ecstasy running from my nipples all the way down to the tight walls of my soaking pussy. Not being able to control myself, I let out, “Yes, Fuck my little fucking pussy Master please!”

Then Master stops, grabbing a fist full of my blonde hair and whispers, “You can only have my cock when I say so! You understand my little fucking slut?!” My nipples fully erect and my pussy throbbing. I have no choice but be a good girl and do as Master wishes. Master directs me to lay on my back on the bed with my head slightly hanging off the side. Then from the same side of the bed that my head hangs, Master grabs me with one strong hand to my throat. Almost chocking me saying, “I’m not finished fucking that sweet little throat of yours. You better keep it nice and wide for Master.”

I nod, “Yes sir.” Then leaning over my mouth he starts to rub his cock all over my lips and he stops. Leaves the room for a couple of seconds. The confusion is building up in me. “What happened? Was that it? Did he just leave me to pleasure myself?” Shortly he enters the room with something in his hand… A blindfold. He wraps it around my eyes and continues the previous position.

He rubs his cock all over my lips, watching my mouth chase it. I just want his cock so bad no matter where he puts it! “You want my cock huh slave? You want it to completely fill your fucking mouth?” Master says as if reading my mind. He can see how bad his words are making me squirm and moan. My body feeling like it’s going to explode. He thrusts his cock into my mouth until I start gagging and coughing. Little does Master know… This is my favorite… Making me dripping wet.

So close to cumming I yell out, “Stop Master before I cum! My pussy is so close and if you thrust one more time. I won’t be able to control myself!”

“I will stop when I am ready my slave! You will cum so I can taste your sweet wet juices and feel your body spasm with pleasure! You think you have control my dear slave how you are so wrong!” I say thrusting my cock in her mouth until I feel her teeth at the base of my shaft and she begins to gag. Holding it there for a moment. I pull back and assault her mouth again. Her body starts spasming. I drag my free hand from the nape of her neck through the valley of her breast. Down her soft lovely stomach and finally stops at her clit. I start an assault on her clit in a clockwise motion. My finger rolls with enough pressure to feel but not enough to cause discomfort. I thrust my cock burying my shaft to the hilt. Her screams silenced by the cock in her mouth. Her body spasming hard I can feel the pleasure in my cock through her screams and spasms.

One of my free fingers rubs the lips of her now geysing pussy. This brings me ecstatic joy. My face twist in devilish euphoria. I let out a lustful laugh enjoying my art that lay bare and beautiful before my eyes. I continue my assault on her mouth driving her madly insane with pleasure from her orgasm. I finally reach the precipice of my own orgasm. I withdraw my cock from her mouth. Still assaulting her clit I kiss her vigorously her breathing is labored from pleasure. She has become my marionette. Then I whisper in her ear, “I am going to fill your mouth with my seed. If you have any objections speak now or forever hold your peace!” Letting the words linger. I kiss and bite her nape and ear awaiting her reply. Her labored breathing tickles my ear with pleasure keep me on edge.

Moaning out I manage, “No… Not yet. I want… you inside… me now… please!” Starting to kiss his neck I make my way to his perfect lips. Kissing him now so passionately. I stop and assume the position on all fours. Perching my little ass in the air… Waiting for him to make his move while my is shaking and ready for his stiff cock to impale me…Over and over… Faster and faster.

Again I tease her lips with my tip almost losing control. The moisture of her soaking pussy that is excreting is enough to make any man lose control. I keep it together for a few more seconds. Enough to regain control over my bodies own urges. As I tease I slip a finger in her tight little ass. Her shaking body tenses in surprise and she lets out a gasp. I almost give into my desires of wanting to give my slave her request, but I can’t let her have what she wants just yet. “A little bit longer,” I say to myself. I drag my nails across her prefect back. Pain and pleasure going hand in hand with them. I lean forward biting her shoulder then I whisper in her ear, “You want my cock bad don’t you? Well my beautiful slut you are not going to get it!” She seems a bit disappointed but to lost in the pleasure to really care.

I make my move ramming her with my throbbing stiff cock. My pelvis meets her ass with a harshness. Her cheeks ripple from the impact. She screams with desire and pleasure. I grip her hips tight preparing for another assault over and over again. Each one harder and faster than the previous! I grab her hair pulling her head violently back to mine. I grab her breast and then go about playing with her erect nipples. Kissing her neck and occasionally biting it and her shoulder. I nibble her ear and allow the pleasure of hearing my labored and erotic breathing. I whisper in her ear, “You feel so good and tight my slutty slave. Now that I have had your juicy pussy… Your ass is next!” I say this with a devilish smile. I throw her head down on the bed, and pull my cock violently out of her pussy.

Still high with pleasure I watch as Master goes to the nightstand and opens the drawer. He pulls out a bottle of lube. I thought that maybe he was joking a kind of cruel joke, but I was wrong. Still on all fours Master takes his position right behind me as before. I feel the cool slow liquid hit. My tight asshole tenses as the liquid hits. I jolt just a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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