HoloG – Ero Pt. 01

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I walked to my door and knocked, a cute digital voice spoke.

“Howdy Brandon, come on in!” I heard a click and the door swung open. I was greeted by the holographic image of Maddie, my electronic assistant. I wrote her A.I. when I was 16, since then she had been constantly studying the world, consuming knowledge from the web and myself. It was my 18th birthday today and I had just returned from the birthday party my friends threw for me at their apartment. I had designed Maddie to have the likeness of an anime character, and boy did she look good. Back in 2068, last year we had finally figured out the power of the Fourth Dimension, and figured out how to utilize it. Now there were rare 4d projectors available, which had the ability to make holograms that could interact with the physical world. Fortunately these weren’t being used for malicious purposes, due to being so difficult to get a hold of. I personally got mine through my grandfather, the designer.

My current occupation was professional gaming, I earned money by doing live streams of the Virtual Reality MMORPG known as “HoloG”. I had streamed yesterday and earned a whopping $2,000 from my loyal subscribers and donators. I hung up my coat and went threw myself down on my chair. Groping about blindly, I found the virtual reality headset somewhere on the desk, almost falling off my table. I gingerly set it upon my head, not wanting to disrupt any of my brainwaves. The headset worked by replacing the waves of the virtual world with the ones of your real world, occasionally you’d get up and walk around like you did in the game, but that was to keep you healthy, sitting down too much would end up in damage to your Bayan Eskort legs. After a bright burst of color the the HUD pulled up, if you could still call it that. I called forth the cube that had the cinematic of animated combat.

“Activate HoloG” I said. Immediately I was plunged into the game. I reappeared in the Hartshire Inn that I had logged off at.

“All systems green, how are you feeling?” Maddie said.

“I’m feeling great, thanks for always looking out for me Maddie!” She appeared to blush a little.

“Anytime darlin'” She said.

As I walked out of the room, I encountered one of the maids, she asked me if I needed anything, I shook my head and she continued cleaning. the polished wood panels that made up the floor shined in the torchlight. I casually walked out the front door and realized I had something to do. I signed out and woke up. I tapped the cube on the corner of my desk.

“Maddie, materialize would you?” I said. She appeared beside me, emanating a slight golden light. I looked at her, my eyes tracing the curves of her body. Being 18 meant I was legally able to do some things I couldn’t do before. Why play games when I can do something even better? Maddie had long blond hair, with little cat ears poking out to suit my preferences. I looked into her eyes and noticed that she was looking down and her pale face had a slight red tinge to it. I realized that I had an erection.

“Maddie, can I…?” I asked, as I slowly reached towards her shirt. She nodded timidly. I She was wearing a nightgown, the attire I had programmed for her during the night time. I gulped down the saliva that had formed while I was staring and gingerly groped her. It was a magnificent feeling, I had always assumed that it was just the thought of breasts that aroused men, but immediately my heart started racing. She squeaked a little bit every time I moved my hand along her breast, it was a first time for her as well. I lifted her dress and slowly started kissing up along her legs, gradually reaching towards her chest, it was instinct that guided me now. She didn’t object at all, and cooed in pleasure as I gradually got higher. She was completely realistic in all except looks. Her breasts were just as pale as her face, as white as a sheet of paper, they were the perfect size for my hands, not too big or small. My mouth finally reaching her nipple, had begun its work. I licked it once, and she yelped. They were firm and smooth, I groped her other breast, enjoying every sensation I was experiencing. Suddenly she lightly shoved me off. For a moment I was concerned that she wasn’t enjoying it, but then the next thing I knew, she was on her knees unzipping my pants. She stopped and looked into my eyes.

“Maddie, would you please?” I asked with a hungered look. She nodded eagerly and slid my penis out of my boxers. After pulling some of her fine hair behind her ear, she put the entirety of my 7 inches into her mouth. Not being alive, she had no need for breathing, all of her features were simply to suit me. She was slowly moving her head up and down. It was the greatest pleasure I had ever experienced. Suddenly she began using her tongue as well, the slippery wetness of her saliva and the soft caress of her tongue amplified the experience ten fold. I was moments away from ejaculating. I stroked her hair and scratched her ears gently. I could feel the vibrations of her purrs on my dick. When I was about to come, she removed my penis from her mouth and started using her hands, with her mouth open wide beside the head. For the first time, I ejaculated from a female. She eagerly drank up the globules of semen that I shot into her mouth.

Suddenly, she passed out. I guess it was an overload of new sensory material. Alas, I wasn’t quite done with her yet. I lifted her onto my bed, and flipped her over, her breasts being compressed against the mattress. I lifted up the dress, and admired her ass. I spread the cheeks, and slowly stuck my penis in. It was tight, very tight, for a moment I was concerned that I wouldn’t fit in. I could see and hear her breathing evenly, I guess she had started subconsciously to enhance my experience. It was just as good as her mouth, if not better. Her saliva still remained on my dick, being enough of a lubricant to allow me to thrust easily. I laid atop her, feeling the firmness of her side boob, all while thrusting rapidly.Her scent turned me on, it was as if she knew my every desire and had manifested it for me. Finally, I came in her ass as well, After slowly sliding out, I saw my semen slowly trailing out of her anus and dripping on to her vagina. I would save that for another day, when we could both enjoy it together.

******************Authors Note*****************

Hey guys, sorry for my inactivity, I couldn’t afford to get my computer fixed. Now that I’ve gotten a new one, I lost my inspiration for “Summoning the Succubi”, but I still want you guys to be able to enjoy my work, so this is the intro to my new story, HoloG – Ero. Hope you guys enjoy!

-Erotic Kappa


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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