His First Noel Ch. 05

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Noel and Robbie had to go several days without seeing each other because of their respective jobs. Noel was still grounded and being kept on a short leash by her parents. Her mother was driving her to and from work to make sure she didn’t get lost. They got by on a few text messages each day, and then a lengthy phone call each evening. He was learning more about her each day, their talks moving past the point where the friendship talks ended in the past. They made plans for a movie that weekend, and Noel got the required permission from her mother. Robbie wanted to pick her up with enough time to get dinner before the show, and they agreed on Friday at 5:30pm.

Robbie got off work and went home with enough time to shower and dress for the evening. He pulled up in front of Noel’s house a few minutes early and headed for the door. Her dad opened the door this time and invited him inside. He said Noel wasn’t ready yet and he could wait in the living room. Her father asked what movie they were seeing and Robbie rattled off three choices from the theater they were visiting. He was leaving the final choice up to her, which made her father chuckle.

“If you leave it up to her, you’ll be seeing the romantic comedy,” he said.

“Probably,” Robbie agreed, and laughed as well.

When Noel came down the stairs, she looked like a virtuous angel. Her hair was up in a ponytail that fell over her left shoulder. She wore a simple red summer dress with a light paisley design. The dress had a conservative V neck that ended in a line of buttons all the way down to the hemline below the knees. The bottom five buttons were undone to allow her knee to push through as she walked. She wore her calf-high barn booties with suede fringes along the back. To Robbie, she looked like a cowboy’s wet dream.

Robbie stood up as she came into the room and took her hand and kissed it, telling her she looked amazing. It looked like her father approved of the minimal display of affection, and told them both to have a good time. They walked out to his car hand in hand, and Robbie opened the door for her.

They had dinner at a pizza parlor where the booths were dark and private. They kissed while the pizza was cooking, and didn’t stop until the waitress plopped it on the table in front of them. Noel confirmed to herself that her feelings were just as strong, and his kisses still made her dizzy. Robbie confirmed that he loved kissing her, and she wasn’t wearing any panties. By the time the pizza came, even more of the buttons on her dress were undone.

They ate, talked, and teased. Noel picked the romantic comedy, no surprise there. She also wanted to know what time the movie got out. She went to the bathroom, leaving her purse, but taking her phone. It had beeped a few times during dinner, but she didn’t even check it until they were driving to the theater.

“Just a girlfriend of mine,” she said, texting away.

The theater Robbie had picked had been upgraded with plush rocking seats down the center section. Most of the crowd gravitated towards the center, but it was busy enough that people would be sprinkled all over. When Robbie took her hand and led her into the dimmed theater, she was already shaking. The pre-movie ads were playing, and there were more people than he expected. The center section of the theater was thirty seats wide, with an aisle on each side. There were two wing sections on the outside of the aisles, with ten seats between the walkway and the wall.

“Where would you like to sit, my darling?” he asked.

“O Jesus, there are so many people! Fuck!” she whispered, nervous.

Robbie looked around and picked the spot where he thought they would be unseen and successful. He pulled her hand and led her over to the left side wing, turning into the third row from the back. He moved halfway across the section before sitting down, telling Noel to sit on his left side, closest to the wall. The next five rows ahead of them were still empty, but behind them was potential trouble. Two girls sat in the very back row, in the two seats closest to the aisle. They looked high school age, but it was hard to tell with just a quick glance. Noel kept stealing glances over her shoulder at them while the commercials played out on the screen in front of them.

“Stop looking back at them,” Robbie said.

“Every time I look back, they are both looking at me,” Noel said, blushing in the dim theater.

“That is because you are in their forward field of vision. When you move, they sense movement, and look. It’s a natural reaction,” Robbie said.

“But what if they…” Noel trailed off.

“See you giving me a blow job? What if they notify the box office, or call the police? What if you’re arrested for sucking cock in a theater Noel? Will your mother bail you out of jail?” Robbie asked.

“O fuck,” she whispered.

“Undo more buttons,” he said.

Her breathing spread up, but she did it. Robbie reached over and laid his hand on the inside of her escort bursa leg, pulling it wider. When her legs were better parted, he laid his hand softly at the juncture of her inner thigh and her hot furnace. He let one finger drag up the front of her, feeling her wetness, the soft hair, and the hard bud of her excitement. When he bumped it, she moaned low in her throat. Robbie lifted the finger away from her, and then tapped her lightly. He tapped every few seconds, lightly, always on that warm button. Noel’s eyes were closed and she was gripping the arm rests on both sides. Her head was tipped forward but her mouth was open. The lights started to dim and a murmur ran through the crowd as people got settled. Robbie lowered his hand and dragged two fingers deeply through her soaked lips.

“Ugh!” she moaned, much louder than Robbie expected.

The lights went out and the music came up with the coming attractions.

Robbie leaned over and said “Shhhhhhhhhhhh” in her ear.

He waited two minutes and then told Noel to scrunch down in her seat a bit. He went back to the slow tapping but now that button was hot, wet, and swollen. Another few minutes and he told her to scoot down a bit more. She did as she was told and Robbie looked sideways at her. Her head was still above the back of the seat, but the next time she scooted down, she would be out of sight from the prying eyes behind them. He went back to the tapping, adding a swirl every few taps. Noel moaned again, but it was softer and more controlled this time. When he told her to sink lower, she did, and her butt was nearly off the front edge of the seats. Her legs were spread wide, and she unbuttoned her dress up to the waist without being asked. Robbie adjusted his hand and allowed his index finger to draw through her wet slit before bumping her needy clit at the top. She made a low ‘Mmmmmmm’ sound with each upward draw, and a grunt each time her clit was contacted. He could tell she was close. She had been teased and primed all through the previews.

“Be quiet my darling, if you get us kicked out before my blow job, I’ll spank your bare ass in front of this whole theater,” Robbie whispered to her.

She didn’t make a sound but nodded her head rapidly in the dark. Robbie drew two fingers through her wetness and scooped up all the moisture he could. He set the pads of his fingers on her clit, and started rubbing it back and forth. Noel started to make a noise and then jammed a hand in her own mouth. She stopped breathing and her body arched tight like a drum skin. Her hips started to buck on their own and he fought to keep his fingers in place. He kept at it until her hand grabbed his, ceasing the movement on her overstimulated clit. He moved his hand back to her thigh and held the inside of her leg while she shook and twisted through her orgasm in a theater seat. His plan was to give her a few minutes to get her head on straight before they moved on, but she started moving after only half a minute. He stopped her with a hand while whispering in her ear.

“You can’t sit up or the girls behind us will see the movement. Stay low, lean over me, and suck my cock baby. Swallow every drop,” Robbie whispered.

Noel moved around and Robbie slid lower in his own seat now. Noel got his pants undone and he lifted his hips to help pull them down his legs. She wasted no time in getting her mouth on him and moaned with satisfaction at the same time he did. She was louder. Robbie was not able to lean down and tell her to shush, so he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled it into a tight fist. That stopped her from moving and he got the impression she was listening.

“Be quiet” he growled, before relaxing his grip on her hair.

She started back up, moving slower with more control now. She licked up the side, then slid her lips down him. She nuzzled her face at the bottom, trying to get every part of him inside her mouth. She blew on him, and then dragged her teeth along the sides. When she was satisfied with the amount of teasing she had done, she got down to serious toe-curling sucking. She pulled him in with her cheeks, fluttered with her tongue, and gripped his legs with her hands. Robbie had kept quiet and relatively still until she started her mad dash to the finish line. He gritted his teeth and rocked his hips while trying to keep his head and shoulders still. His orgasm rushed up on him and he fought to keep from screaming it was so good. He snapped his head back against the seat when he came and felt jet after jet blast into her mouth. Noel was ready for it and moaned softly to herself when he came. He felt her mouth working as she fought to swallow everything and keep up with him. It felt like his orgasm went on and on, but it was probably only half a minute. When his body settled back into the seat Noel stayed with him, kissing him lightly. He allowed it until he became too sensitive and then grabbed her hair to pull her off his sensitive cock. She turned her head to look at him, bursa merkez eskort her smile beautiful in the dim light of the theater.

“Good girl,” he said, giving her a smile.

She smiled back, and then began wiggling back over into her own seat. She closed the buttons on her dress about half way before Robbie told her to stop, and leave the rest for now. He told her to sit up and curl up against him without looking back. She did so, leaning her head against his shoulder. Robbie worked to get his pants back up and fastened, and then put an arm around her to pull her closer. He kissed the top of her head and she let out a sigh.

“Love you,” she whispered, staring forward.

Robbie opened his mouth to return the sentiment, but hesitated. It was very early for them, probably too early. He was still learning to trust her, and didn’t know if he could just yet. The first person to admit love in a relationship also gave away all the power. He liked where they were right now. He loved the things they did. He just needed more time before he felt comfortable saying those three little words.

Towards the end of the movie his hand drifted down between her legs and pulled them apart again. She put her hand on top of his to stop him but he brushed it away, pulling her leg again. She spread her legs for him with some reluctance, and he rested his hand in the crook of her leg. It was still warm and sticky from earlier. He moved over a fraction and rested his fingers against her lips. Noel brought her hand down on top of his to freeze it in place, but that was all he wanted for now. He just wanted to rest his hand against her, and he wanted her distracted by it for the rest of the movie. She was distracted. While Robbie kept his hand as still as possible, Noel’s body moved against it. Her movements were hardly noticeable at first; but became wantenous grinding by the end of the movie. He didn’t know if she was doing it consciously, or subconsciously, but her body wanted more of him.

When the movie ended and the lights came up, he told her to button up her dress to mid-thigh. She looked excited and relieved, and he understood her thinking. She had been worried he was going to make her walk out half dressed, possibly exposing herself to others. Something to think about for next time he mused. They stood up and Robbie saw the two teens from earlier still in their seats. He pulled Noel in close and kissed her on the ear.

“It’s over and you didn’t get arrested; why don’t you wink at them or blow them a kiss,” he said.

He took her hand and led her out to the aisle. Robbie was leading and she was walking slightly behind him. He kept his eyes on the girls who looked from him to her as they passed. Whatever Noel did, made their eyes pop wide and one of them gasped. Robbie never stopped, and they were both laughing by the time they walked out of the theater. This theater was attached to a shopping mall, with a large open space between the two. As they walked out into the large open space, a woman off to the side called Noel’s name. Noel saw her and did a quick wave before turning to Robbie.

“That’s one of the supervisors from work. Let me run over there and say hey and I will come right back,” she said, already moving off.

Robbie turned sideways so he was nearly facing away, but he was watching them in the reflection of the building’s windows. Because it was dark outside, he could see them quite clearly. The two women had a short conversation, and Noel looked back to make sure Robbie wasn’t watching them. He thought Noel handed something over to the other woman, but it was hard to tell as her body blocked his view. Her supervisor from work was not as careful, and handed something back. Noel stuffed it down in her purse.

“Dammit,” he whispered to himself.

Noel came back over and her friend disappeared towards the mall doors.

“I didn’t want her to see you in case she saw you in the store that day,” Noel said.

Robbie just nodded. They turned towards the parking lot doors when Noel said she needed to use the bathroom and clean up before they headed back to her home. She also brought along a pair of underwear to slip on before arriving back home. Robbie thought fast and took advantage of the sudden opportunity.

“That’s fine, I need to make a quick phone call while you’re in there. My phone is dead so let me use yours,” he said.

Noel looked panicked for a hot second, then torn between what she should do. They were building trust and she couldn’t rightly tell him no. On the other hand, there were things on the phone she didn’t want him to see. She was trying to think of a way out of the situation fast.

Robbie raised the ante.

“What, you don’t trust me to make a phone call to my brother?” He asked.

“No, it’s not that, I was just expecting a call from somebody,” she said, reluctantly handing over her phone.

Robbie pretended to start dialing a number and then bursa sınırsız escort shooed her off.

“Go to the bathroom,” he said.

She left, but looked back at him while walking towards the bathroom. As soon as she was out of sight, he looked at her most recent messages.

outside the theater at 925, 4 yellowjackets, $100

“God Dammit!” he muttered to himself.

He backed out of the messages and made a call to his brother, letting it ring once before hanging up. He closed the screen and held the phone down by his side, purposely not looking at it. Noel came back after the fastest pee in history. She took the phone back before kissing him on the cheek.

“Did you make your call?” she asked, glancing at her phone.

“Yea but he didn’t answer. I’ll try again when I get home tonight,” Robbie said, taking her arm.

Robbie put off the problem for now and tried to enjoy the ride home. It was fun, and they talked about the excitement of the sex in the theater. Noel was still keyed up, and running her hand up and down his leg while he drove. Robbie was playing along, but was not in the great mood he expected to be in. Inside he was pissed. She had done it again, broken his trust. He was glad he had not said he loved her back in the theater. When they arrived back at her house, it looked like her parents were gone. They walked in and she set her purse down on the dining room table. She invited him into the living room where they sat together on the couch. Noel started kissing him immediately and ran her hands up and down his leg. She was trying to turn him on, but he could not get over what he discovered earlier. Her kisses grew more desperate, while his kisses lost their passion. She was rubbing her body against his but it was not having the usual effect. The fact that she was trying to distract him was pissing Robbie off more and more. Finally, he had to pull his lips away from hers.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, looking worried.

“I’m having trouble conveying some emotions tonight,” he said in return.

“You know you can tell me anything?” she asked.

“I do, but I don’t know if you’re ready for that kind of honesty,” he said.

“I am, please,” she said, looking like she meant it.

“Fine, lay across my lap,” Robbie said, moving to the edge of the couch.

“What?” she said, confusion on her face.

“Noel, you asked me to be honest, now get over my fucking lap. And clasp your hands behind your back!” Robbie yelled.

Noel looked scared, but she had asked for this just moments ago. She couldn’t refuse it at this point. She moved around and leaned over his lap, with her hands folded behind her. Robbie lifted her dress to uncover that spectacular ass of hers. The panties were white and plain, bisecting her cheeks nicely.

“Count off each one,” he said, before smacking her ass hard.

“Ouch!” she yelled before recovering, “One.”

He spanked her again, his own hand stinging with the impact.

“Ouch! Two! that’s too hard Robbie!” she pleaded.

He tried to spank her even harder with the next one.

“Three!” she said crying, “I’m sorry, whatever it is,”

Robbie spanked her again, hard, right as the front door opened and her father walked in.

“Ouch! Five!” she cried.

“What the fuck is going on!” her father roared.

Noel tried to sit up but Robbie was holding her hands and pushing down on the middle of her back. She wiggled around when she heard her father, but she was not accomplishing much in the way of escaping.

Her father stormed into the room and stopped right in front of them with his hands balled into fists.

“What the hell are you doing?” he yelled.

It was one of those make-or-break moments, and Robbie wasn’t going to back down. He thought if he played it right, her dad would be on his side. He never liked the term ‘for your own good’; but in this case, it applied. This was for her own good. He took a breath and met the man’s eyes.

“I’m disciplining her,” Robbie said, trying to be clear and calm.

“What?” her dad said, still not understanding what was happening. Then he amended his early question to “Why?”

“Because I caught her buying drugs at the movie theater,” Robbie said.

“That’s a lie! I would never…” Noel started to say before Robbie cut her off with another hard spank.

“Stop lying!” Robbie said.

“Ouch!” she yelled, forgetting to count.

“Stop that!” her father yelled, and Robbie stopped spanking.

“Daddy I would never do that,” she said, trying to look at him from an upside-down angle.

“Go look in her purse,” Robbie said, looking over at the dining room table.

Her dad looked at where Robbie’s eyes moved, and stomped over to the table. He picked up her purse right as Noel spoke again.

“You can look in my purse, that’s my private property!” she called out.

Her dad held the purse upside down and dumped the contents onto the table. He pushed the stuff around a few seconds before opening the small zippered compartments inside the purse. He lifted up the small baggie of pills like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He looked back and forth between his daughter and the pills several times.

“Those aren’t mine; I’m just holding them for a friend,” Noel said.

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