Hiding under Her Desk

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It is the middle of the week and you are expecting me at your office for lunch. I am running a few minutes late but still get there in time for us to relax and enjoy each other’s company for a little while before you have to get started again. Fortunately for us you have a private office and no one saw me come in shutting the door behind me.

Giving you a sexy smile as I walk through the door I noticed you had released a couple of extra buttons of your blouse giving me an incredible view. The edges of your bright red lacey bra are peaking out as the rest of you is just barely contained. The buttons on your blouse strained to the max against your very large beautiful breasts. My attention completely captivated as take the rest of you in.

“Hi Gorgeous,” I say as the door latch clicks into place. You look up from your computer and with a big smile and a hello as my focus locks onto your brilliant blue eyes. Walking slowly and deliberately around your desk while my gaze never leaving your eyes. Standing tall over you as I get to your side your head leaned way back to maintain the eye contact you can’t seem to break. Leaning down slowly, licking my lips, anticipation building as the distance between our lips continues to shrink. Slipping my fingers through your hair and cupping the back of your head our lips finally come into contact. Gently at first but as the taste of your lips hits me I just need more of you. Holding your head so that you can’t get away I continually increase pressure until our lips are practically crushed together.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Splitting apart instantly we both look at the door wondering who could possibly be there to disrupt Gaziantep Olgun Escort this moment. Then the annoying voice you have told me all about penetrates the door. It is the boss’s wife come to give you a hard time as usual. Though today was supposed to be her day off which is why I chose today to visit you during lunch.

“Are you in there?” We hear through the door. We both know that my presence here is going to cause you more grief than good so before you can say anything I get down on the floor and crawl under your desk. Thankfully being related to the boss at least got you a nice office with big desk that doesn’t allow anyone to see under it from the front.

“Yeah the door is open,” I hear you respond with obvious distress in your voice. Normally you don’t deal well with this woman but having the extra worry of me being discovered in the office with you is almost more than you can handle. Being so connected to you I can feel the tension flowing through you.

The door flies open banging into the wall behind it. She comes stomping in yelling, “I thought I saw someone come in here with you,” she says glancing around the room that is obviously otherwise empty. “I guess I was wrong. It’s a good thing too because you have a new client to deal with. He is here early and I expect you to end lunch early to meet with him. “

Being overly polite just to get her out of the office you reply in the affirmative. She gives you a funny look but accepts it as walks out of the office immediately sending the client in. You great him with a handshake and then sit back down at your desk. Pulling your chair in so you legs are now completely underneath and on either side of me giving me the most spectacular view of your matching red panties and lacey stocking tops. Following the view down your legs to high heel covered feet. My cock starts growing massively hard in an instant.

There is no way I can sit there behaving while you are dealing with the client so I decide to see how well you can concentrate. Reaching out with just the tips of my fingers I start at your toe cleavage, just barely touching you, slowly sliding up the tops of your feet, then the front of your shins, up over your knees. As my hands pass over your knees my palms come into contact with your thighs. Farther and farther up your legs until my fingertips pass the lace tops of your stockings contacting your bare skin. I hear you take a deep breath in and give me a gentle kick while concentrating in the extreme on the client.

Smiling to myself I apply more pressure to your legs as I draw my hands back down. Sliding them around the back of your thighs and down your calves hooking the back of your shoes, I pull them off as I round heels and down the bottom of your feet pinching your stocking covered toes. My cock is now hard as a rock as I look up your skirt seeing your wetness coming through your panties. I can sense just how flustered you are but you are still able to maintain perfect professionalism while dealing with the client.

At this point I know what I want and I plan to test your control to its absolute limits. I unbutton my pants and slide them down releasing my hardness from its uncomfortably confined location. Very carefully laying back against the desk I am now very accessible. Firmly grabbing your feet I pull them towards my cock. You are concentrating so hard to maintain your composure that you don’t realize what is coming next until the bottoms of your feet come into contact with my hard shaft. I feel tense and stutter when the realization of what I am doing hits you fully. The client asks if everything is okay.

Back and forth I rub your feet along my shaft. There is nothing you can do but go with it because to fight or do what you can to stop what is happening will give away that I am in the room with you. Your panties have a very distinct wet patch now. Holding your feet tight together I slip my cock between your arches and slowly start fucking them. The friction of your stockings is sending amazing stimulation through my cock. I must keep things slow in order to maintain the secrecy of what is going on just inches from the client. I hear the tension in your voice and feel it in your energy but fortunately the client is not so astute.

I hear your meeting is starting to wrap up as I feel my orgasm starting to build. I reposition your feet so the bottom of one foot is running up and down the length of my shaft while I curl your toes of the other foot around my cock head. I can hold out no longer. Biting my lip hard to keep any sound from coming out I explode hard with jet after jet of cum pushing its way through your stockings and between your toes. The sudden unexpectedness of it is enough for you to lose track of your thoughts mid sentence. Fortunately for you it was the end of the conversation with meaningless wrap. I slip your shoes back on your feet with my cum all squishy between your toes just in time for you to get up and walk the client out of the office.

Before you get back I am able to leave you a little love note on your desk and slip out of the office without anyone noticing I was there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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