HIdden Desires 3 Ch. 02

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Hidden Desires 3

Chapter 2

Since the first session with his lover, they felt exhilarating and very at ease with what they have with each other.

Two days later his lover and wife comes home from shopping and finds a note on the table. It reads, “ Be in the living room with the toys, undressed and waiting.” She smiles and does as the note reads, so that when he walks through the door he will see her ready and awaiting his arrival. He smiles as He walks into the living room after work and seeing his love waiting for him naked, on her knees with the toy bag. Smiling he walks toward her, moving behind her, blindfolding her tenderly, taking away her sense of site. Moving around behind her he pulls out the wooden X that he had built and hid in the living room. He had it stashed as part of a couch back and kept it hidden from her till today.

Turning back to his lover, He lifts her tenderly into his arms, he moves to the X and lays her gently down on it. Slowly and softly binding her hands and ankles so she is laying on it and open to what he has planned for her. Her breathing is slowly becoming irregular with the knowledge of something good is going to happen tonight. Slowly moving back from her and looking at her naked form ready for what is planned for the night he raises up the X till it is upright. Leaving her about a foot off the ground suspended in the air, he moves to the table that has been set up and gets the toys ready for this night. Reaching onto the table He selects the next size up in nipple and clit clamps; slowly begins to attach them to her nipples first, one at a time and then to her clit, already hard with desire. kuşadası escort Watching her reaction to each one as it is being placed on her. Seeing her intake of breath as the clamps are placed and then her breath returning to regular, her nibbling on her lower lip as she gets used to the new sensations. Watching her take in all of the sensations He has carefully brought to her, excites Him even more. After the clamps are in place he moves back and takes picture of his beauty in this position, to keep for fond memories of the night He has in store for her. He then moves to the table again and picks up one of the toys.

Moving next to her he lights the lighter, moving it over what he has in his hand. Placing one above her left hand and then lights the other and places it above her right hand. As she listens she begins to feel warm sparks hitting her naked body wondering what it is. She hears his soft laugh and feels heat on her body, like something being dropped from high above her and it cooling as it settles her skin. She knows what this is as she has seen movies with it being done. Registering in her brain it is candle wax being dripped on her, her pussy becomes wet and her body trembles with excitement. Slowly he lowers the X table and lays her flat so he can drip the wax over her entire body without missing a spot. Knowing ahead this time T/they have an audience watching from across the street again, he continues with the play at hand. Moving down her body, beginning slowly at her chest, letting the wax drip onto her and watching it cool and puddle on her skin. Watching her body tremble with each drop and seeing her kuşadası escort bayan pussy getting wet with desire to please her Master. She holds still with a little movement at each drip. As the wax continues to drip down her body, he reaches behind him and picks up the anal beads. Softly chuckling to Himself, He slowly beings to slide them over her body, through the wax, slowly across each of her breasts, moving gently down across her stomach, continuing down across her mound, between her wet, waiting pussy lips and then down through her cheeks to her waiting ass. Slowly he starts to slide the anal beads into her hot tight ass, she gasps as the first on enters her and opens her ass up to him. As he slides the second and third bead into her, he moves the wax down her body dripping over her clit and onto her pussy. Sliding the last two beads into her ass he lets the wax drip down on her and watches her body tremble with each drop.

Blowing out the candle and placing it on the table and picking up something that will shock her body even more smiling. Moving his hand over her body, He lets it drip down onto her, watching her body jump and tremble. Letting the ice melt in His hand and drip down onto her body He moves slowly so the ice hits her nipples and breast. Watching her body twisting as the ice hits her giving her a new sensation to feel and come to like. The first cube melted, He slowly moves His hand over one of her nipples, bringing it fully erect from the coldness of His hand. Moving away from her for a moment, He slowly picks up another ice cube. Starting where He left off, He begins to run it down her body watching escort kuşadası as she trembles from the feeling, and using all the will power she has within herself to not have her orgasm without His permission. He again reaches back to the table, picking up a special dildo He brought home with him; one she has never felt before. He slides it into her pussy in one stroke, letting their audience watch with the knowing His lover is having a hard time controlling her self and not cumming.

He picks up the bottle of massage oil He has setting there, carefully pouring some into His hands and over her body. Gently He begins to massage her body, first with soft, gentle caresses, feeling His yearning, passion and desire rising within Him. Touching her in just the right spots, giving her sensations she has never known before. Teaching her her body, and her mind. Softly massing His way over the wonderful tenderness of her body, He leans down, gently whispering to her, “you will cum when I tell you too my little one.” He watches her shiver with anticipation and trying to hold back…she waits for the word from Him to release her juices. Leaning down, He gently begins to bites her neck, as He softly whispers into her ear, as He pinches the clamp still on her clit, “yes my little one, release your juices and cum for me” Removing the dildo from her soaking wet pussy, He slides His fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out of her pussy. Deeply massaging her, stroking her walls, He begins to feel her juices running free, His cock harden, He smiles knowing more things will be happening soon. He leans back over, tenderly kissing her lips with passion, breaking the kiss, He breathlessly tells her more things will be happening soon, as He slides the blindfold off and undoes her restraints, gently massaging where they were around her beautiful skin. He slowly takes her into His arms, embracing His lover, now submissive.

To BE Continued….

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