Her Toy Ch. 2

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When I did wake up it was to a sharp slap on the ass. I opened my eyes and looked up at Brandi. Standing over me naked. She didn’t look happy.

“Toy, you will always wake before me and you will wake me up by slowly and gently licking up my leg until you reach my pussy. You will then flick the tip of your tongue over the lips of my pussy until I awake. You will then eat me till I cum or get busy with the day’s chores, What ever I tell you. However today you didn’t wake me so you will roll over.”

I did so without asking questions. There was no way I was going to go to Military school. I heard her rummaging around in the drawer again and then I heard her open a jar of something. Suddenly I had something hard and solid shoved up my ass.

“Don’t fight it, it will only make it worse. Now roll back over and stick out your tongue. Make sure the but plug doesn’t fall out or I’ll fuck you with that vibrator that your dick enjoyed so much last night. I know the plug feels big but the vibrator is about four times bigger.”

Four times. I thought I was going to be ripped apart as it was. I quickly rolled back over and stuck out my tongue. There was Brandi, standing over me again, I could see her puffy lips dripping again. Her nipples were standing out hard on her perky breasts and my cock was at full attention.

“Ahhhh I see part of you likes having something up your ass. Now make me cum toy!” And she turned around so she was facing my feet and sat down hard on my face. My tongue went to work immediately. I shoved it as far between her lips as I could. I dove and licked, desperately trying to pin her clit down. I slipped my tongue in and out of her pussy fucking her like a tiny dick. In fact I was so caught up in eating her that it took me a minute to realize that it wasn’t my hand on my dick, it was hers. Her lips encircled the head of my cock and my hips began to buck. I tried to make her fuck me with her mouth but she held on with her lips to just the crown. I thought I was going to die, then it got worse. She began to move the but plug in and out of my ass. I was going to cum and I knew it. I held on for all I was worth and sucked her clit into my mouth. She came. She came and came, letting go of the plug and taking her mouth off my dick. I hadn’t cum, I was safe. But I wanted to cum so bad I thought I was going to loose it. After a minute she stood up and looked down at me.

“Very good toy, I though you were going to loose it there for a minute. Now go and cook me breakfast. I’ll be down in a minute.” I stood up and went for my clothes. “Now did I tell you that you could get dressed?” she asked over my shoulder. “No I didn’t, in fact you will only wear what I tell you to wear, no matter what. Understood? Good not you may wear these.”

She had Gaziantep Genç Escort the pair of panties of hers that had started all this trouble. Only now she had cut a hole in the front. She helped me put them on. They were way too tight and the hole was too small. It was acting like a cock ring. Making me very hard.

“You will wear these while you cook me breakfast. You will remain hard the entire time. Not sort of hard, not semi hard but rock hard. If not then strike three. You may play with yourself to keep it that way but you will not cum. Understood? Good now go cook breakfast.”

Humiliated I went to cook breakfast. I thought I would cook the best damm breakfast she ever ate. I made eggs, bacon, toast, and was cutting up oranges for freshly squeezed orange juice. Brandi who was siting reading the paper was watching me. Every once and a while she would come up from behind me and test to see how hard I was. It is very difficult to cook and masturbate at the same time. I was turning around to ask her if she liked pulp in her juice when in walked Maria, the part time maid. She is from Portugal and doesn’t speak any English. She saw me standing there in Brandi’s underwear, holding half an orange and my dick. I have no idea what she was thinking, but she screamed and ran for the back of the house. I could just stand there and Brandi was laughing her ass off. Then we heard her trying to use the phone and Brandi got up. She looked at me and told me to finish, remember the rules, and she would be right back. She took off after Maria. I had always had a crush on Maria. She is dark skinned, very strong with waist length hair, and a huge set of tits. However this situation had never been in my fantasies. I finished breakfast and sat down in a chair to wait. I was starting to get soft so I began to play with my self. I imagined Maria, in black underwear lying on my bed. Her lips sucking me, burying myself in those tits. Fucking her face. I was about to cum, not being able to stop myself when someone cleared their throat. I opened my eyes and there was Brandi, her arm around Maria. Maria didn’t look upset any longer, in fact her hair was down and her uniform was slightly unbuttoned. What had Brandi done? I stopped playing with my self and quickly tried to find some cover.

“It’s alright Alex I explained everything to her. In fact you are an extremely lucky man. You see Maria here has a husband that likes to fuck her only one way and doesn’t care what she wants. She also has always had a crush on you and so I explained that you were my toy and asked if she would like to use you. She wants to fuck you Alex. So sit down.”

I was so confused I just plopped down in a chair. We all stared at one another for a minute and the Brandi came over to me and knelt down. She took my cock in her mouth and ripped the panties off me. I nearly exploded, finally being free of that restraint. Brandi sucked me up and down a few more times and then stood and looked at Maria. Maria had her hand inside her bra and was massaging one of her massive tits. Brandi smiled and went to her. She began to help Maria get undressed. Maria was the color of coffee with cream; her hair cascaded down to her waist. When she removed her uniform she had a white pair of cotton underwear through which I could see a healthy tangle of hair. Her tits were held up by a large strong bra and when Brandi went behind her and took it off, her tits spilled out like a title wave. Maria just kept staring at me and my cock. Maria took off her own panties and walked over to me like she was in a dream.

“She’s never ridden a man, especially one of your stature Alex so fuck her properly and I’ll let you cum in my mouth tonight.”

Maria straddled me and Brandi helped guide my cock into her. I had to hold her up because her tits took up so much room between us. Maria slid down my cock and gasped. She just sat there, her eyes closed and her mouth open. Then suddenly she began to move, slowly at first up and down my cock and then faster and faster until she was bucking wildly all over me. She grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, then buried my face in her tits. She shoved her nipple in my mouth and I sucked it in. She pulled away and I let it go so she repeated the process until I understood not to let go, all the while fucking me like crazy. I held her nipple in my mouth as she leaned back stretching out her nipple and her massive tit. Maria was going nuts. My cock flashing in and out of her. My hand on her ass and back. Then Maria began to cum. She didn’t cum like Brandi, forceful and done. No Maria came like a river, deep and constant. She began to moan and her body began to shiver. Her cumm running down my legs and onto the floor. A small pool of it forming beneath up. I looked up, tit in my mouth, and saw Brandi fingering herself. She looked at me and licked her lips and opened her mouth like she wanted something in it. I fucked Maria harder, and she continued to cum. Finally in one big bang she threw her self off of me and onto the floor where she lay panting. My cock still sticking straight in the air. Brandi got down off the counter, finished removing her robe and crossed to Maria. She whispered something to Maria and Maria said some thing back.

“What did you tell her?” I asked

“That it’s time for her to hold up her end of the deal.”

“And what is her end, what did she say back?”

“She said only if you keep fucking her and her part of the deal is that she has to eat my pussy.”

I looked over at Maria. She was on her hands and knees looking right at me. She slapped her ass hard and jerked her head over her shoulder.

“Get back their toy and fuck her good. After I cum you may cum, but only in Maria’s mouth and only if you want her to kiss all your cum back to you. And yes you’ll have to swallow, your choice, cum or not.”

I crawled around behind Maria and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Brandi spread her legs in front of her and Maria lowered her mouth to Brandi’s lips and began to lick and suck. Maria also began to mover her ass impatiently.

Brandi said. “Get fucking toy, she’s a good cunt licker and if she stops cause your not fucking her then I will be pissed, Oh and don’t forget to say when your cumming so Maria can catch it.”

I had had enough. I began to fuck Maria like a wild animal. I grabbed her ass and fucked her sending tremors through her body every time my balls slapped her ass. I fucked her with as much of my dick as I could and as hard as I could. I started slapping her ass and scratching her back. Maria went wild under me. I could here the wet sucking sounds as she ate Brandi’s bald pussy. Brandi was throwing her head from side to side yelling things at Maria in her language and telling me to “Fuck this slut like the whore she!” in mine.

Brandi came with Maria’s tongue in her and then again with Maria’s fingers in her and tongue on her clit, and finally with Maria’s face buried in Brandi’s pussy, her fingers in her ass and on her tits. I couldn’t take it any longer after the last explosion from Brandi so I screamed I was cumming. Brandi said something to Maria and Maria wiped off my cock flew around and impaled her mouth with my cock.

She started to suck for all she was worth and I came. Cum pumping into her mouth, load after load. I collapsed on the on my back and just stared at the ceiling. I hear Brandi say something to Maria and then I felt Maria crawl up my body, to my face where she kissed me, feeding me my own cum. I was about to gag when I felt Brandi’s mouth on my cock. The feeling was so incredible that I relaxed and swallowed. After a moment the girls got up and left. I was exhausted, so I just lay there. I think I fell asleep, when I woke up Maria was sucking my cock and Brandi was sitting in the chair.

“Maria wanted her pussy shaved like mine so we went to take care of that, now she’s going to climb on your face and you’re going to eat her till she grows tired of cumming. Then your going to eat me until I’m tired, then if Maria wants another go her again, and I know I will want another go so me again. In fact your gonna eat pussy till you pass out.”

The last thing I saw that day was a newly shaved pussy dropping onto my face. I ate their pussy’s for what seemed like days and then passed out.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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