Her day Ch. 01

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She awoke feeling rather dreamy yet dishevelled. Looking at her watch she realised she had woken earlier than normal and being a weekend she did not need to get up for quite some time. Reaching out to her bedside table she found the little bell and rang it vigorously. Within moments there came a courteous knock at the door.

“Come in!” She croaked, her voice rasping from her sleep.

In stepped her pride and joy, the man she had chosen to serve her – her pet. He had clearly been awake for some time – his hair still glistening from an earlier shower.

“Down!” She instructed, and, as if anticipating her request, he was already falling to his knees.

“Mmmm… Good boy!” She purred from her warm cocoon of pillows and duvet – reaching out a warm hand to gently stroke the side of his face.

“What might I have in store for you today?” She quizzed, knowing he would not answer. “Breakfast first, if you don’t mind!”

As he rose to his feet, naked, except for her collar around his neck, she grazed her fingernails down his torso, leaving marks upon his skin which made him suck in breath through his teeth.

“Good morning, Ma’am,” he spoke softly, “today is your day… to do with me as you wish”.


She reclined in bed and ate the croissants he had prepared carefully for her breakfast. The coffee was good – a nice strong blend, poured just as she liked it, and she felt it charging her body and mind with caffeine.

“Come here and present yourself!” She requested of him, as he waited, kneeling, at the foot of her bed.

Willingly, he moved towards her and stood, upright, by her side, his hands held firmly behind his back, as his hips jutted forwards – his genitalia on full display. She had owned him for so long now that he had long forgotten any notion of them ever belonging to him. His balls were tight and full as she enjoyed watching them squirm before her – his cock looking beautiful and majestic in its erect state, on display. She flicked him hard in the balls and giggled as he winced, recoiling slightly. The ache within him was growing unbearable and he had been desperate to orgasm for days.

“Fetch my clamps!” She demanded, throwing the covers away from her as she moved into a sitting position on the bed.

Returning and assuming the same position he braced himself for what was to follow. She removed the lid from the small box containing the heavy metal clamps and took one in her hand. He wanted to move away from her but knew he must not. Pinching the skin at the side of his cock she applied three ‘bull-dog’ kuşadası escort like clips along each side of his penis. His legs started to shake as the shockwave of pain travelled through him but his other responses made it clear that she had timed her move well. Pre-cum oozed from the tip.

She sat back and lit a cigarette – watching him as she smoked. She noticed the colour rise in the skin around his groin and watched as his glans shone as it became more engorged. He felt a familiar headiness as he struggled to remain still and focussed. He knew now that she was full of torment and his day would be tiring, difficult and arduous.

“Quickly, go and run me a bath!” She ordered as she stubbed out her smoke.

He left the room, bracing each stride against the heavy clamps on his cock, and set about her request with vigour. He hoped she would not leave the clips in place for too long, already he could feel them pinching into his skin. When the bath was full of hot water and bubbles he returned to her room and gestured that it was ready. She climbed out of bed and pinching one of his nipples hard as she walked past him, made sure that her hip grazed against his now flailing penis. He grimaced as the movement sent another surge through him, more so because he knew she had done it on purpose. He followed her as far as the doorway to the bathroom and waited.

“Come and wash me!” She requested as she slipped into the water, which was just the right temperature.

Already the skin around the clamps was starting to feel sore and he knew it would hurt when she took them off. He wondered if he should politely request their removal but knew better of it – such a request would be reckless.

He knelt down on the hard tiled floor and tried his best to reach across to wash her back without his cock touching the side of the bath. He failed. The tip grazed against the cold tiles and became squashed which send further shudders through him with every movement. She seemed to be enjoying his discomfort and purred away to herself in the water.

Having carefully washed her back he waited for her to recline in the water – he knew how much she enjoyed to relax in the bath and he hoped that she wouldn’t take too long today. A burning sensation was now throbbing out from the site of the clamps and he was finding it ever more difficult to concentrate.

“Present!” She barked, making him jump.

He knelt upwards and presented his now bruised member for her inspection. Her eyes seemed to light up at the sight of him. He braced himself kuşadası escort bayan as he predicted she would now remove the clips but instead she ran a wet finger over the tip of his cock. He gasped aloud as the mixture of pleasure and pain stirred within him. She watched as his penis hardened again.

“That’s better!” She commented, “We can’t have that beautiful cock looking so sorry for itself, now can we?!”

He shook his head and bit into his bottom lip as her fingernail grazed over the opening of his urethra. He was near his limit and knew that if the clamps were not removed soon he would have to do something he really did not want to do and call “Red!”

Sensing his discomfort and limits she moved around in the bath so she was facing him. Silently, she removed the first clamp and placed it carefully on the side of the bath. The sharp sensation flew into his groin like a rocket – new pain surging yet relief at the pressure being released. He groaned under his breath, careful not to antagonise her. Carefully she removed the second clamp, from the opposite side. Again the same flooding sensation flowed through him and he held his breath to compensate. Awaiting the release of the third clamp he braced himself again, his eyes now shut but instead he felt her reach up and grip hold of his left nipple. Before he could move the first loose clamp had been attached – a new sharp sting filled his mind. Then another, as his right nipple suffered the same fate.

“You thought you were going to get off lightly, didn’t you?!” She growled.

“N…n….n….no, Ma’am” he stumbled with his reply.

Gripping the now throbbing tip of his cock between her thumb and forefinger she squeezed him hard.

“What was that, you little shit?!”

“N…N… N… NO, Ma’am!!” he grimaced.

Then, quickly without warning, she reached for the remaining cock clamps and released them all at once. He fell forwards and gripped onto the side of the bath, knocking two of the clamps into the water, as the pain swathed over him. Looking down he saw a line of neat little bruises at either side of his cock, three on each side. His skin looked red and sore. She had already noticed his marks and was already reclining in the bath, purring at her work.

“Now, be a good boy and reach me a cigarette, will you?” She requested, rather calmly.

“Yes, Ma’am!” was the only reply he could muster.

When he returned to her he found that she was already lying back in the water, washing her hair. He felt a mixture of emotions and sensations. escort kuşadası His nipples were starting to hurt now, too.

He handed her a towel to dry her hands and face and watched her light the cigarette. Blue smoke curled from the corner of her mouth as she gestured for him to remain standing, but come closer. He dreaded what she might do now. A cigarette burn now would leave him in pieces.

Rinsing her right hand in the still bubbly bath water she reached up towards his now flaccid cock but stopped short of touching it, as if to tease him.

“Stroke it for me,” she requested, having taken another deep drag from her smoke.

He hesitated, reluctant to touch his sore penis.

“Do it, or I’ll rip your nipples off!” She snapped.

Fearing he had no choice but to do as she demanded he reached down and gingerly took his limp cock in his hand. This new sensation wasn’t quite as painful as he had imagined and, oddly, it felt warmer than usual. His hands were dry and he had trouble taking pleasure from his own touch.

“Aww… diddums!” She teased him. “Doesn’t he like stroking his own cock anymore?!”

“No, Ma’am!” He agreed, realising she had turned him off his own pleasure in minutes.

“Present!” She then demanded and moved forwards in the bath. “Let me kiss it better!”

Immediately, his cock sprung to life again. The notion of her soft, delicious mouth against him sent shivers down his spine and he struggled to find a focus. He must not cum while she is close to him or she will rip his balls off and have them for breakfast. Think of something. Anything! Then, too late, her mouth started taking him in, her warm, inviting, sensual mouth, sliding down around his glans, her soft lips gently grazing over his little bruises, which didn’t seem to matter anymore. He wanted to cum. His balls began to churn as she took him deeper. He let his hips move forwards to accommodate her more. She felt wonderful. Silky, soft, warmth, wrapped around his aching cock. His legs started to tremor beneath him and his mind became lost in the hunger of his rising orgasm. He couldn’t even think straight. Focus. He must focus!

The tide was rising in him, and she knew it. She only had to work him for a mere moment more and he would explode without control. She could not allow that. She would not allow that! She gripped onto his balls and squeezed her hand around them, pulling them tight and holding them firm. She could sense the pulse throbbing in her hand. Then, just when he thought she was going to let him cum, she pulled away and nipped him hard on the tip of his cock with her sharp teeth. He tried to pull away, but she had him by the balls. Her grip tightened, as his groans intensified.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” She snarled at him, moving her hand quickly and slapping down with a smack onto his hard, bruised cock.

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