Helping Hand

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Adam was a helpful lad, always willing to do a favour and like most eighteen year old boys, he was constantly horny, but he was also a little shy when it came to girls.

On this particular fine morning it was the lady over the road, Barbara, who needed help, she caught Adam as he was heading out.

“Adam, Could you be a dear and help move a wardrobe, it’s far too heavy for me,” she called from across the street, a look of helplessness on her face.

“Go on then,” Adam replied, not really wanting to be bothered.

Barbara was a nice lady, in her late 40’s, very polite and well spoken, she was also a bit of a frump and boring, so he’d been told.

Barbara’s house always had that old house smell, the décor was drab and boring with framed old paintings on the wall.

“You really should give this place a fresh lick of paint and brighten the place up, “observed Adam as he followed Barbara up the stairs, suddenly noticing the sway of her hips and the full rounded shape of her ass filling her trousers, Adam swallowed as a stirring began in his crotch.

Barbara led him in to a bedroom, Adam squinted, it was quite dark, heavy curtains and dark walls.

“This is it, do you think you could move it downstairs and out in to the alley for the man from the charity shop to collect later?” Barbara asked.

“No problem, has it been emptied,” enquired Adam, testing the weight of the wardrobe.

“Yes all emptied, we just need to move the storage boxes out of your way, sit them on the bed.” Barbara indicated to three large boxes.

Adam lifted two of the boxes on to the bed, Barbara picked up the third one, but as she lifted it the bottom flaps came lose, spilling the contents to the floor, Barbara gave a shriek as the box collapsed.

“Don’t worry, we can repack these, just need to tape up that box,” said Adam, as he bent to retrieve some magazines, just then the titles caught his eye in the gloom.

“Anal fetish, mature Ankara travesti playthings, The art of masturbation.” Adam read the titles as he picked them up and flicked through the pages, they were all hardcore porn, there was at least a dozen and scattered among them were several sex toys, he whistled and unconsciously rubbed his hardening cock. Barbara coughed, averting his gaze and biting her lip.

“I see this has made you uncomfortable,” Barbara stated quietly.

“Eh, no, I’m sorry for staring, it was a surprise, but it doesn’t bother me.” Adam stammered, trying to lift the sex toys on to the bed with the magazines, without focusing on the content.

Barbara took a deep breath and reached out, rubbing the ever increasing bulge in the front of Adam’s jeans.

“I meant this must be causing you discomfort, all trapped and urging to be released,” Barbara indicated to the straining bulge, then began to unzip his fly and unfasten his button as she sank to her knees.

Adam gulped, his cock sprang forth and was quickly engulfed in Barbara’s warm wet mouth, she swallowed him all the way down to the stem, Adam’s heart and breath were racing, He’d only had one blow-job previously and this one was already far better.

Barbara worked her mouth expertly, sensing Adam was close to cumming, she eased off and let his cock slide from her mouth, it glistened with saliva and pre-cum, as Barbara expertly pinched his cock just below the head, the feeling of wanting to cum eased away.

Barbara stood and pushed Adam on to the bed, then she removed her blouse and bra, revealing her full rounded tits, the nipples hard and pointed, then she removed her trousers and panties, Adam had no thought on what he expected to see, but it wasn’t a shaved and tattooed pussy, glistening with moisture.

Barbara climbed on the bed and took Adams cock between her tits, pushing them together and rubbing them up and down, the saliva allowing Konya travesti the tits to simply slide along his shaft.

Barbara smiled and repositioned herself, then raising a leg she straddled Adams face, her wet glistening pussy lips were engorged and open as she lowered herself to his tongue.

Adam had never eaten pussy before, but Barbara was an expert teacher, guiding her pussy over his tongue, pushing down when he needed to apply more pressure, then Barbara took his cock back in to her mouth.

As they sixty-nined, Adam rubbed his hands across Barbara’s ass, tonguing her pussy for all he was worth, and Barbara deep throated his cock, he knew he couldn’t last any longer, he gave a groan and bucked furiously, firing jet after jet of hot cum in to Barbara’s mouth and like a veteran, she swallowed the lot.

Barbara let his cock flop out of her mouth, then slowly licked it clean, she positioned herself to lay beside Adam, taking his hand she placed it on her pussy, the guiding his fingers she showed him what to do.

“Like this,” she indicated, showing him a beckoning motion with her index finger as she guided his hand to her ‘G’ spot.

“Oh, ah, yes there, just there,” whimpered Barbara, as spasms of pleasure coursed through her groin, she began to grind on Adams hand.

For Adam, it was the most amazing feeling, having this woman respond to his every touch, the more Barbara ground her pelvis on his hand, the more aroused Adam became, until his cock was stiff and hard again, Barbara smiled and took him gently in hand, teasing him.

“I really need you to fuck me Adam,” Barbara insisted as she straddled Adam and lowered her moist eager pussy on to his cock.

Barbara let out a long moan as Adam penetrated her, then with her hands on his chest she began to ride him, slowly at first, then faster, grinding her hips as she went.

For Adam, this was incredible, the feeling of this wet pussy sliding and İzmir travesti gripping his cock, it was heavenly.

Barbara leaned forward pushing her full breasts in to Adams face for him to suck and nibble on the pert nipples. Barbara was in ecstasy, her nipples tingled at the attention of Adams mouth, her clit throbbed with pleasure and her pussy creamed to the rhythm of the fucking.

Adam could fell himself getting close, Barbara could sense it too. She dismounted Adam and positioned herself on all fours, Adam could see her pussy, open and dripping.

“Finish me from behind, then you can come deep in me”, Barbara pleaded, Adam wasted no time, he knelt between her legs and with one hand on Barbara’s ass he guided himself in to her open and willing pussy one again.

This time there was no slow start, Adam began to pound in to Barbara’s pussy from the off, his balls slapping with the force of each thrust, Barbara rocked back and forth in time with Adam, her pussy on fire with delight, she clawed the mattress as her orgasm began.

Adam gripped Barbara’s hips, pulling them back as he slammed in to her dripping wet cunt, Barbara was pushing back, urging him on.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you to fill me with cum”, screamed Barbara, it was enough to push Adam over the edge.

He grabbed Barbara tight by the hips and thrust deep into her, pumping jet after jet of hot cum deep in to Barbara, until he collapsed back in exhaustion, his cock flopping out of Barbara’s gaping wet hole.

Barbara reached down to her clit and began to vigorously rub it and plunge her fingers in to her pussy, in seconds Barbara let out a scream and stretched her pussy open as pussy juice and cum came squirting out.

Barbara trembled and shook as waves of intense pleasure coursed through her, until she collapsed on to Adam, she took the lads face in her hands and kissed him passionately, pushing her tongue in to his mouth.

“Thank you Adam, I needed that, I think I may need a helping hand again soon, there is a lot to do here, like you said, it needs brightening up, are you up for it,” Barbara asked with a wink and a smile.

“I suppose so, nothing better to do,” Adam replied with a cheeky grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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