Helen, Roger, , Me Ch. 2

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Roger & Helen’s House, Wednesday 7:00

I drove up the drive of their house and parked the car. I slowly got out and walked up to the door. My dick had been permanently hard for ages at the thought of what may happen. Just before I was about to knock, the door opened and I walked in. Roger was standing there wearing only a pair of shorts.

‘Please come in Master,’ he said, not looking at my face.

I could tell he was embarrassed by why I was there.

Helen was sitting on the lounge with a drink in her hand, she was wearing a long skirt with a blouse. I could sense that she was very turned on already.

‘Sit down, lover,’ she said. ‘Get your Master a drink, Roger.’

I sat down next to Helen as Roger went to the kitchen for a beer for me.

‘Now,’ said Helen, ‘What are we going to play at tonight?’

When Roger came back and gave me my beer, Helen told him to put on the video player. What I saw when he switched it on was a hard core porn film of a Mistress and two male slaves. She had one of them tied to the bed face down while the other one was fucking him with a large dildo.

‘Now,’ said Helen after the film had run for a few minutes, ‘Come here Roger and kneel down in front of me.’

Roger did as he was told then Helen pointed at her crotch and Roger put his head under her skirt and I could hear him sucking away at her cunt. The look on her face showed me that she was really enjoying Roger’s ministrations especially while I was watching.

My dick was fit to burst.

‘Roger,’ said Helen it seems your Master needs to have some pressure relieved.’

Roger came out from under her skirt and shuffled across on his knees so that he was in front of me. Before I could say anything he undid my fly and pulled off my jeans and pants then began to wank my dick. Helen leant over and gave it a kiss right on the end and then began to kiss me very passionately. I could feel my balls about to burst but when I said that I was about to shoot my load, Roger took it in his mouth and began to suck. I exploded in his mouth like I had never come before.

Helen laughed and while Roger went to the bathroom to clean up she removed my shirt, shoes and socks so that I was naked.

When Roger came back he was also naked but unlike me, he was sporting a massive hard on.

Helen said ‘OK, lets see what we are going to do tonight.’ She took out a dice and said that I should roll it. If it came up evens then I would be the Master for the evening but if it came up odd I would have to be her slave like Roger and do as I was told. My dick was beginning to swell again at the thought of screwing her while Roger watched or even at the thought of being dominated by her. But I never dreamt of what would actually happen to me that night.

I rolled the dice, my heart was in my mouth! It landed on a five.

‘Great,’ said Helen, ‘Now I have two slaves!’

Roger and I were both naked and both sporting a hard on.

‘Get the ropes Roger and take them to the dining room.’

As Roger left the room Helen grabbed hold of me and said, ‘I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time, I really going to enjoy having control over two blokes and if you are good I may let you screw me later.’

She then led me into the dining room, I was beginning to get a bit worried now that I was under her control, but the sexual excitement was also telling me to keep going. She told me that if I said anything I would be punished, that both Roger and myself were denied the right to speak unless she told us to.

I was pushed over to the dining table by Helen and made to lie face down across the table with my feet on the floor. My ankles were then tied to one set of table legs by Roger and my arms stretched across the table and secured to the other legs so that I was unable to move. My dick was just overhanging the edge of the table and my naked arse exposed to Helen’s gaze.

She put a blindfold across my eyes. Then I heard them both leave the room. She left me in that position for what seemed like a hour but may have only been a few minutes.

I heard them return to the room, but couldn’t see what was going on because of the blindfold. Suddenly I heard a swish and felt a stinging blow to my backside, I cried out in pain.

‘That’s what you’ll get if you don’t obey me slave,’ she said, ‘Only worse! Do you understand?’

I nodded my head as best I could.

I then felt someone, I think Roger, smearing something on my arsehole and then a görükle escort finger was slowly inserted past my ringpiece. It was slowly pushed in and out, the initial pain was only minor then the pleasure took over. After about a minute the finger was removed and I heard Helen say to Roger to begin using the dildo. My arsehole was well lubricated by now but even so the dildo was really painful as he slid it in. Once it was past my sphincter he began a rhythmic motion.

I was scared but excited. I couldn’t have resisted much even if I had tried. I was now completely under the control of my Mistress Helen.

‘Now the real thing Slave Roger.’ said Helen

Oh my God! I thought she’s going to let Roger bugger my arsehole. I began to struggle as he removed to dildo from my swollen arsehole. I immediately received two hefty wacks from Helen on the backside. I squirmed but couldn’t resist.

‘Stay still!’ commanded Helen.

I felt Roger come up behind me and his hot knob was pushed at my arsehole. Slowly and painfully he pushed his 8 inches into the hole. I tried to move further up the table away from him but it was no good, my ankles were firmly secured.

I felt his dick go all the way in and then he began to pound away.

As Roger was screwing me the blindfold was removed and I saw Helen’s face in front of me, she was kneeling on the floor next to the table.

‘I like my slaves to have a little pleasure once in a while, Roger has wanted to fuck your arse for quite a while!’

She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up then began to French kiss me as my arse was being abused by Roger.

Roger began to pump faster and I felt his dick pulse as his shot his cum deep inside my. He collapsed across my back with a shuddering moan.

Helen laughed, ‘Now go and take a shower,’ she said to Roger.

When he had gone Helen came around behind me and I felt something being inserted into my arsehole again.

‘Just a little butt plug, I don’t want your sphincter closing up, I haven’t finished with you yet,’ she said

I thought my backside was going to split but the pleasure I received by being sodomised and abused while I could do nothing to resist was excruciating. My balls and dick were fit to burst, I desperately wanted to fuck Helen and release the pressure but I knew that I was in for more pain and pleasure before I could do that.

Helen untied one ankle from the table leg but then retied it to my other ankle with about a foot of cord between them so that I would by able to hobble but not move too quickly.

She also untied my arms and retied them behind my back, a cord was tied around my genitals and knotted quite tight and then it was pulled between the cheeks of my arse and secured to my wrists.

Helen pulled me to a standing position and I was forced to shuffle back into the living room. The plug up my arse and the cord around my genitals was making my dick swell bigger than I can ever remember seeing it before.

Roger was out of shower and sitting naked on the settee with his dick limp, Helen pushed me to my knees before him and told me to start licking his dick to get it hard again. When I hesitated the cord around my dick was given a sharp tug. The pain was intense.

‘Now do as you are told, slave, while I go and prepare myself for your next bit of abuse.’

She left the room and Roger grabbed my head and pushed it down towards his crotch. I almost hesitated again but I felt him reach across my back for the cord, so I slowly licked the flaccid head of his prick. It immediately began to swell and as I licked more Roger began to moan in pleasure.

Just then out of the corner of my eye I saw Helen return to the room. I looked up and nearly fainted. She was naked except for an artificial penis sticking out of her crotch. Her tits were amazing, the nipples stuck out like organ stops.

‘This is a double ended dildo,’ she said, ‘ the other end is in my cunt and I’m going to fuck your arse and myself at the same time, slave.’

She knelt on the floor behind me. ‘I didn’t tell you to stop licking his dick.’ she said as she pulled the plug from my arse, My head was grabbed again by Roger and he forced his dick into my mouth.

Helen then grabbed my hips and rammed her double ended dildo into my arse. The pain made me move forward and Roger’s dick was forced deep into my throat. I thought that I was going to choke. They were both fucking me at the same time and I couldn’t resist.

I görükle escort bayan felt Roger dick start to pulse, his dick squirted what seemed like a flood down my throat and all over me as he pulled it out of my mouth and began to wank it in my face.

Helen rammed the dildo hard into my rear and I heard her moan as she too orgasmed. She pulled away and I collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I was left on the floor for about 15 minutes as they went away and cleaned themselves up. I was totally exhausted from all the abuse that I had received, I was still securely bound and my balls felt like they were going to burst if I didn’t get some relief. I tried to rub myself on the carpet to release all the pent up sperm in my balls but just as I began Helen returned fully dressed and saw what I was doing. She picked up the short leather belt that was on the coffee table and hit me hard several times across the backside.

I let out a scream and rolled over on my back, now my genitals also received a stinging blow. I screamed again. My dick lost it’s hardness almost immediately.

‘I didn’t give you permission to relieve yourself, slave,’ she shouted, ‘Now get to the shower and clean yourself up.’

She untied my genitals and hands but left my ankles secured so that I had to hobble painfully down the hallway to the bathroom. My arse was red sore when I looked in the mirror. I turn on the shower and climbed in the relieve of the hot water took away some of the aches and pains but I still felt as though I had been steamrolled.

I got out of the shower and began to dry myself when Helen walked into the bathroom.

She said, ‘Did you enjoy that slave? Tomorrow I have got something even better planned for you. What do you think of that?’

‘I can’t stay tomorrow,’ I said, ‘ I am going away to the city for a few days.’

‘Oh no you’re not,’ she said, ‘your are my possession now you’ll do as I tell you.’

I began to get angry. ‘You can’t keep me here against my will, the deal was that I would occasionally be your slave not all the time!’

‘Oh, but I can,’ she said, ‘ I’ve got something that will convince you that you have no choice.’ She took some polaroid photographs out of her pocket and passed them to me. I nearly choked when I saw what they were. They were of Roger fucking my arsehole as I lay across the table. You couldn’t see Roger’s face but you could easily make out that it was me even though I was blindfolded. I tore them into bits and threw them into the toilet.

Helen only laughed. ‘Those aren’t the only one’s I took,’ she said, ‘and if you try to leave the house I will sent copies to all your friends.’

‘You wouldn’t do that!’ I shouted.

‘Just try me, you can’t really be sure that I wouldn’t can you?’

I just stared, if the pictures ever got loose I was finished. I was defeated. I would have to do just as she said.

‘What do you want me to do.’ I said.

‘You are to stay here under my control for as long as I require you. You’re on holiday for a week so you will stay here for that long. When you have to go back to work you will return to this house every evening to see if you are needed. If not, you may go back to your own flat.’

‘OK.’ I stammered.

She hit me hard across the face.

‘What did you do that for?’ I complained.

‘You will call me Mistress at all times when we are in this house or when we are not with over people, is that understood?’

‘Yes…Mistress.’ I complied.

‘Turn around, slave.’ She said.

I turned around with my back to her. Roger came into the room and retied my wrists behind my back. I was lead from the bathroom to a small bedroom and pushed onto the bed. They both left the room and left me to contemplate my fate. I thought of trying to escape and call her bluff, but I couldn’t be sure that she wouldn’t do as she said.

After what seemed like an hour the door opened and in came Roger with a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

‘You bastard,’ I said, ‘you knew this would happen didn’t you?’

‘I couldn’t refuse to do as she said, she has got photos of me as well,’ he stammered.

He helped me drink the coffee and eat the food for which I was grateful. I felt sorry for him for betraying his best friend, but somehow glad that it was me Helen had picked to be her second slave.

‘She says that I have to give you a wank.’ Roger suddenly said.

I couldn’t believe it. My mind was in a whirl. A few days bursa escort ago I wouldn’t have even thought of letting another man touch me but now I almost cried with pleasure. I needed sexual relief so badly.

‘Thank you.’ I cried.

‘You mean you don’t mind,’ he said, ‘I thought you would hate me touching you again.’

‘I need to come so badly, I don’t care who does it.’

My dick was starting to swell again as he began to gently rub it. His hand moved up and down slowly while he squeezed and massaged my balls with the other hand. Before long I could feel my balls begin to contract and the spunk begin to rise. Suddenly my dick exploded and shot my spunk into the air about two feet. The relief was fantastic, I began to cry and thanked Roger for what he had done. But he suddenly got up and left saying that Helen had told him not to stay.

I was left alone again, it must have been around midnight I suppose. After a few minutes Helen came into the room with a big smile on her face.

‘How’s my slave,’ she beamed, ‘ are you ready for tomorrow?’

‘What’s going to happen, Mistress?’ I said.

“I am going to throw a party for a few of my girlfriends, a lingerie and sex aid party, and you are going to be the guest of honour.’

I was horrified. ‘What if some of them know me, Mistress?’ I stammered.

‘Don’t worry they are all from out of town and no one would recognise you the way you will be dressed.’ She laughed.

‘Roger won’t be allowed to the party, he will be locked in his room for the evening, so you will be the main act. By the way the dice you rolled was loaded, I couldn’t loose,’ she laughed.

She left the room and my mind began to race, what was I going to be expected to do? Who were the women? What did they look like?

I must have fallen into an exhausted sleep because the next thing I remember I was woken by Helen. She pulled me out of bed into a standing position. I was still tied hand and foot. She grabbed my balls and gave them a rough hard squeeze. I felt my knees go weak and tears well in my eyes.

‘That’s what you can expect if I hear a word from you without my consent.’ she said.

She led me out of the bedroom through the kitchen and untied my arms and gave me some coffee and breakfast.

I didn’t see Roger that day, I don’t know where he was.

Around 6 o’clock I was lead to the bathroom by Helen. I was untied and she told me to take a shower.

I climbed under the hot water and stood there soaking for a few minutes. As I finished and got out of the shower cubicle Helen returned to the room. She was stark naked, she had a thin leather strap and she slipped it around my balls but not around my dick and adjusted a fastener so that its was tight.

‘Roger has made some quite nice little restraints and bonds for me to use.’ she laughed. ‘He is handy in some ways, but I was getting bored with just him, I needed a new body to exploit.’

With the strap around my balls my dick began to grow, I tried to control myself, but standing there naked and unable to resist the sexual excitement was too much.

‘That’s what I like to see,’ said Helen, ‘I might let you have a wank later if you are a good boy! Now get on your knees and lick my cunt, slave.’

I fell to my knees in front of her and with my hands on her buttocks I began to use my tongue between her thighs. I have been told by previous girls friends that I give really good head and Helen was soon moaning softly and pulling my head hard against her mound. She came in about three minutes with a shuddering moan.

‘Thank you slave, you can now have a wank while I take a shower.’ she said.

I urgently began to rub my hand up and down the shaft of my swollen dick, the strap around my balls was extremely tight and had made my erection grow bigger than normal. It didn’t take long before my spunk was spraying all over the bathroom much to my relief.

‘Now take off the strap, clean up the mess, go to your room and put on the items on the bed.’ said Helen from the shower

I did as I was told and returned to the bedroom. On the bed was a type of mask with eye and mouth holes cut out. It was similar to a ski mask but made of a light cloth. Then Helen came into the room she was only wearing a towel wrapped around herself.

‘Mmm,’ she said ‘they look good. Now put on the mask.’

The mask was quite comfortable it was secured with a strap around my neck.

‘That’s just to make sure that none of the girls recognise you,’ she said. ‘You are going to be the main entertainment at tonight’s little get together. I promised the girls something really special for the party.’

She gave my balls a gentle squeeze and told my to stay in my room until I was called.

To Be Continued…

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