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About 4 months and 80 pound later, Christi was at her restaurant, the Hungry House. After she graduated from college, her wealthy father helped her purchase an empty building which she turned into one of the popular eateries in the city. The money she made there was easily more than enough to support both her and John, although she didn’t like talk about that lest she bruise her boyfriend’s ego. The Hungry House was so successful she was considering opening a second one. Up until recently, she took a very active role in her restaurant, being well known to her patrons and treating her employees like family, but ever her sudden weight gain she’s mostly hid herself in her office and let her employees handle the Hungry House’s affairs.

In her office, Christi stood naked in front of a full-length decorative mirror she had, examining her now 250lb body. Her face was now padded with fat and her double chin was becoming more prominent every passing day. Her hips and thighs were now huge and amply plump rear was now pushing out a couple inches. Her belly was gigantic and drooped all the way down to her upper thighs. She and John could still get to her womanhood rather easily, but it took a little more maneuverability than before. On her large stomach rested her enlarged breasts. They were still shapely but thanks to her excess fat they had lost their firm perkiness and was soft and and almost twice the size of her head. Her arms were now weighed down and her chubby fingers was beginning to lose some mobility.

All this isn’t to say Christi had started to impede on her health. On the contrary, she was probably one fittest fat people you’d ever meet. When she started becoming grossly overweight, all her working out at the gym left her exhausted and it became a source of embarrassment for her to be the sweaty, gasping fat lady at the gym. But she refused to give up, so she continued working out until she rebuilt her stamina and adjusted to her body’s ever increasing weight. All her workouts eventually resulted in her not only becoming as active and energetic as she used to be but she became the most athletic person at her gym. Underneath all her plump padding was a muscle structure strong enough to lift up three of her easily. In addition, all of her body’s bulging curves were smooth and free of sags and rolls and also, thanks to various creams and ointments, she didn’t have stretch marks or chafing. All laughs and snickers that sent her way by fellow gym patrons quickly turned into questions about how she could possibly still be overweight.

That was a question she herself desperately wanted answered. She went to various doctors and weight loss physicians and underwent dozens of tests, but no one could figure out what was wrong with her. At best, they theorized that she had some new metabolic disorder. Christi herself theorized that the genes she had inherited from her mother. Her mother always prided herself on her size, since it represented high ranking Tahitian household where she was raised and she always told her not Gaziantep Saatlik Escort to be ashamed of her size when she was a teenager. However, Christi always felt miserable as a child. She always being picked on by the other kids and the best social position she could get was being the popular girls’ designated fat friend. Worst of all, she had to watch the guy she loved get with another girl because she was too shy to confess her feelings to him. After high school, she was fed up with it all so during college, she went to the gym and didn’t leave until she worked herself down to a size six. While she enjoyed exercising, she always hated all the dieting and calorie counting and missed the days where she could eat whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, but she always resisted the temptation. As she approached her goal weight became bursting with newfound confidence and worked to set herself above the crowd. Then one day she saw John eating lunch and went over and confessed her love for him and they’ve been together ever since.

Christi thought about all this and continued to look at herself in the mirror. She worried that her life would return to like it was before and she felt terrible. Then, in the midst of her angst, she began to remembered all the things she accomplished, all the success shes had and all the friends she had made and began to feel better and decided that, no, she wouldn’t just sit around depressed like she was in high school. If fate wanted her to be a lardass then this time she would approach it with all pride and confidence she could muster. And to do that, she needed to face facts and buy some clothes more suited for someone of her size.

She proceeded to put her clothes back on: a pair of sweatpants that John owned that was so stretched on her that they would tear if she bent over too far. She wasn’t wearing any underwear because the last pair of panties she owned was so tight on her she had to cut them off herself. The bra she was wearing was far too small for her enlarged breasts. The clasp in the back had long since broken off and she struggled to keep her breasts in the cups. The only reason she still wore it was so that her nipples wouldn’t press out against the pathetically small tank top she squeezed herself into everyday.

After she got dressed, she waddled her way to the restaurant’s kitchen. It was closing time and everyone was getting ready to go home. However, she approached her friend Susan before she could leave. Susan was the head chef and had been with Christi ever since she had started the Hungry House. Susan was around Christi’s weight range, but she loved to flaunt her weight and loved eating her own cooking almost as watching others eat their fill of it.

“Hey Susan,” Christi began nervously. “I was wondering that since tomorrow’s your day off if you would maybe want to come shopping with me?”

Susan looked excited.

“Of course I will!. In fact, I’ve been wanting to take you shopping for a while now because, sweetie, this is not working for you at all.” She motioned towards Christi’s shabbily dressed body and Christi looked down, red with embarrassment. Susan put a comforting arm around her.

“Hey don’t feel bad. I know you’ve put on a lot of weight, but a good shopping spree is just what you need!”


The next day the two waddled over to the local department store and entered a store called the Plump Hut. Christi had seen the store before but never actually went inside it. As they walked through, Christi observed that not only did they carry clothes that could fit people up to ten times her size, but they also carried plenty of other various objects designed for the heavyset. They sold oversized, reinforced chairs and couches, decaled automatic scooters, easily adjustable tables and adhesives to prevent things from being accidentally knocked over. And there was an entire section devoted to “pleasure items” designed for the oversized, even those who could no longer easily reach their “pleasurable areas” themselves.

Christi went to a clothing rack and pulled out various dresses that were very large and concealing.

“How about these?” She asked.

“They look nice but they don’t look like anything you would wear!” Susan exclaimed. “You need to stop thinking how you can hide your size and start thinking about how you can work it! Try picking out the kind of clothes you would have bought a couple months ago.”

She looked around the racks some more and found a bunch of XXL t-shirts filled covered in licensed characters and funny quotes, just like the one small ones she had back home. She went and put one of them on and, much like the old shirts, was one size too small and put a lot of attention to her huge cleavage. And while it hugged against her body, it was still the most comfortable thing she had worn in months.

“That’s more like the Christi I know!” Susan said.

They picked out plenty of more t-shirts and tops that showed off her ample curves. They got jeans and shorts that put plenty of emphasis on extra large backside, gym clothes designed to allow her to work out in comfort, bras and panties that could hold all her excess womanhood and shoes that were padded so that her feet were cushioned and comforted under her increased weight.

“Thanks for coming with today.” Christi said. “This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.”

“Oh, the day’s not over yet. We’ve gone shopping for you but now it’s time to shop for you and John.”

Susan turned her in the direction of the more NSFW items of the store and, despite Christi’s protests, she had her try on various kinky lingerie and made her buy a giant book on the various games and sex moves that could be done with a fat partner in the bedroom.

Back at her house, Christi put all the new clothes she had purchased in her closet. John had to work late that day so she was alone. However, once she got to her lingerie she decided to put one on. She was soon in a full-body lace outfit designed to let her boobs hang out and exposed her crotch and rear. She began to pose in front of her mirror, slapping her ass and squeezing her tits before she moved hand to her crotch. All her fears about her size faded as she stimulated her throbbing, blubbery mound. She fell back into her bed, her mind becoming more and more hazy as she neared her climaxed, however then she thought about John. Her hand movement slowed to a stop as she wondered how he truly felt about her weight change. She knew John wasn’t shallow enough to leave her because of her body and he’d been giving her more and more attention as her size grew, but did he really still love her or was he just trying to make the relationship work to spare her feelings.

As she laid there, deep in thought, she allowed her climax to fade… only for it to begin to rise again as she felt a tongue begin to lash against her clit. She began moaning in ecstasy as she struggled to look up to see John’s face between her legs, kissing her pussy and inserting his tongue in and out it.

“Ah AH AH AAAHHHH!!” Christi screamed as she climaxed over all her boyfriend’s face. “I see you got off work early.” She said out of breath.

“And I see you went shopping today.” John said as he wiped his face on his sleeve. He dropped his pants to ground and, with effort, flipped her over onto her knees. He grabbed her by her giant, jiggling asscheeks and slid his cock up and down her crack before her finally plunged himself into her. Christi moaned and shrieked and John kept ramming in and out of her, squeezing her flab and slapping her ass until finally she squealed loudly, gripped the bed sheets and came all over John’s member. John was enjoying the results of his experiment, watching Christi huge figure quiver and quake as her huge buttocks kept slamming into him in response to his continuous thrusts until he unloaded into her. Christi laid flat against the bed as John fell onto her sweating back, keeping his cock against her ass until it fell flaccid. Then he fell off of her to her side.

“Hey John,” Christi asked. “Do you still think I’m pretty. I know I’ve gained a lot of weight over the past couple of month and I want to know if you still think I’m attractive…”

John cupped her cheek.

“Christi, I don’t think you’re pretty. I think you’re beautiful. The most beautiful woman ever I’ve ever met. You’re as beautiful now as you were when I first saw you.” John reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a ring box. “I been wanting to ask this for a while now, but Christi, will you do me the honor of being my one and only for the rest of our lives.”

“Yes! Yes I will!” Christi said with her eyes welling with tears.

John took the engagement ring slid it onto her pudgy finger. Christi then grabbed him and began kissing him deeply. With her bountiful frame engulfing him, John and Christi both felt him starting to get aroused again. Christi then moved on top of him, let her breasts brush against his face before she slid onto his erect member. Christi was tuckered out after her romp with John, but she felt this night needed to be memorable and she wanted to try and some of the moves she had read in her new book.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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