He Said, She Said Ch. 01

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I am trying something different with these stories. Instead of writing a single narrative, I have written 10 vignettes from a relationship. Each chapter alternates between the point of view of the two main characters and is written as if talking to the other person.

In addition, I have written each chapter as a quickie; all of the stories are 1,000 words or less, which is something of a challenge for me. They take place in chronological order, although there may be days, weeks or months between chapters.

Please let me know what you think of this style by leaving a comment or send me feedback via email.



He said

Lunch plans? I type out and press “send”.

I have something for you to eat. Your return text is exactly what I wanted.

I tap out a reply. Sounds yummy.

My place. Noon.

You park next to my car. I watch your breasts bounce as you walk from the parking lot. I am waiting at the top of the steps in front of your apartment.

“I hope you’re hungry,” you wink.

As soon as we’re through the door, I pin you up against the wall. Our lips meet. Your supple breasts mash flat against my chest.

I slip my hand under your skirt. You aren’t wearing panties.

And you’re a swamp down there.

You pull me towards the couch and sink into the cushions.

I spread your legs. I can smell your arousal.

Our bodies were made for one another.

After a kiss to the inside of your thighs, I devour your pussy.

You kartal escort writhe in ecstasy as I bathe your labia and clit with my tongue. I love the way you taste. If we had longer than lunch, I would eat you out for hours on end.

Your thighs tighten around my head. Your fingers dig into my hair.

I never let up. Looking up, I see your teeth clenched. Your eyes are hooded over with pleasure.

When your legs start shaking, I push a finger into your sex. Then two. Then three.

You hunch forward and cry out. Just as the cum hits you, you throw yourself back into the couch and let out a glorious, ear-splitting scream.

All the while, I eat you through the orgasm, until you can’t take any more and try to pull me up to kiss you.

I push you down, leaving a wet mark of your juices in the shape of my hand on your blouse over your luscious tit.

It only takes me a second to fumble with my belt and push my slacks down. My cock springs out. You try to grasp it, but I don’t let you.

I’m going to fuck your brains out.

You just orgasmed all over my face. I love taking your sweet pussy right after you cum. You’re extra tight for me.

There is resistance at first, but it gives way soon enough. With a single thrust, I bury myself all the way inside you. My hands grope your tits.

The feral look in your eyes matches mine.

Without preamble or warning, I start to hammer your pussy with my cock.

We’re past niceties.

I want you.

You want me.

We’re cumhuriyet mahallesi escort not making love. We’re fucking. And we’re damn good at it together.

“I’m cumming again!” you wail. Those words are music to my ears. You begging me to fuck the shit out of you.

I feel your pussy spasming around me. Flooding with warmth. Your fingernails dig into my forearms.

You try to pull me in to kiss you, but I push down on your tits, which are jiggling with each thrust.

When I feel the contractions around my cock subside, I pull out. You whimper in disappointment.

Now I let you kiss me. My tongue presses into your mouth.

A delighted squeal follows me flipping you over on your stomach. You are pressed against the couch.

I lift your skirt up over your wide, round hips. I pause for a moment to take in the perfection that is your ass.

Unwilling to wait any longer, you reach between your legs and guide me back inside you.

The tips of your nails rake my balls and the underside of my cock.

Once again, you cry out as I thrust into you, making your ass ripple. I dig my fingers into your cheeks.

You arch your back to meet my thrusts.

I can feel you diddling yourself as I take you. Over and over.

Reaching around, I cup your tits in my hands. I can feel your nipples through your bra and blouse.

Without thinking of the consequences, I tear at your top. Buttons fly across the room. I know you’re pissed, but I don’t care. yunus escort

You don’t either. Not really. I impale you on my cock, grunting in your ear.

I lift your bra over your tits, not even bothering with the clasps. Your heavy breasts are putty in my hands.

You’re still touching yourself as I pound you from behind.

Releasing one of your breasts, I reach up and run my hand up the back of your neck and into your hair. When I make a fist with your sandy blond locks between my fingers, your head jerks back and I feel you cream around my tumescence again.

We fuck bent over the couch in your living room.

We fuck because for all of the problems and drama in our history, we’re really good at it.

We fuck until our bodies can’t take any more.

“I gonna cum!” I moan.

“Cum in my cunt!” you scream.

The two of us collapse in a heap, our hips still humping against each other as our simultaneous orgasms subside.

I pull your collar down and kiss you on the back of the neck. In that place I know you like.

“You owe me a new blouse,” you whisper without any real threat in your voice.

“I’ll buy you two,” I promise blankly, still panting for breath.

My cock is still nestled in the soft folds of your succulent pussy.

You turn your head and we kiss again.

I lift my weight off you and pull my pants up, your wetness still coating me.

We both reek of sex.

With a sigh, you get up and go back to your bedroom and change into a new blouse, which surely will not go unnoticed among the hens in your office.

Of course, you’ll probably just taunt them that you just got laid on your lunch and they didn’t.

We return to our cars.

One more kiss and our afternoon quickie is over.

Until next the next time.

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