He Finds Her Ch. 01

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All characters are over 18 and mature consenting adults. I hope you enjoy this, my first submission. I’m not sure where this will lead, but my desires are strong and there are few limits to my imagination. Stay tuned…


He has a relatively happy life, a successful career, a loving wife and children. He is a self-help author and motivational speaker. Appalled by other speakers who aren’t anything more than snake oil peddlers he works hard to provide genuine life-building change and encouragement.

Their two kids have moved on, marrying wonderful mates. They are in their thirties now, Jason, 32, and Constance is 29.

It seems like this is so rudimentary. Where is the passion? What about the vigor for life he so often talks about? He and his wife, Malena, have grown close over the years. They’ve shared their ups and downs and have found a way to settle into a simplified way of living that keeps the happiness gauge at about medium and keeps the arguments at a minimum.

You see it, don’t you? You know what’s happening. After 35 years of marriage it is monotonous, sex is all but eliminated. Many times they sleep in separate beds, you know, snoring, one wants the window open, the other doesn’t. Ankara travesti Typical stuff. Yet, the sleep never improves. The relationship stays static. Neither one wants to express their inward desires. Why that would cause a tremor or eruption in their calm, placid existence.

They are out of shape, middle-aged and have lost their desire for one another. Again, sounds typical. Oh yes, the sex. Even though his hormones have dropped since he was 20, he can still get a raging, blood-pumping hardon. Yet, he stays limp with her unless he takes that little blue pill. Her early adult hygiene was lacking and has left a semi-permanent impression on his attraction to her. And, OK, he hate to say it, but she’s fat. He thinks she is heavier than him. Where sex was fireworks, explosive, sweaty and creative, it’s now bland and taxing. Where they used to know exactly what turned each other on, even that’s very dicey.

So, he begins an adventure. An adventure to get that old spark back in his life. Thinking that if he could just see beautiful, sensuous women, the juices would start flowing again. When they go out, he would check out hot women at restaurants, grocery stores, walking in the town plaza. Wow, Konya travesti they’re hot!

One time he and Malena were at a restaurant and a beautiful, cute, young creature walks in. She had flowing brown hair with golden blonde highlights. Her wavy hair descended down to the middle of her delicious back just above the curve of her ass. She appears to be about 5′ 4″, small build, probably around 115 pounds, with legs to die for. Her 32C breasts gently bounce as she strolls into the dining room. You know, the kind of bounce that says, they’re firm, natural and released from captivity. Her waist flared out perfectly to her nice round, firm ass. That dress. It was a champagne-colored, plunging neckline cocktail dress that hugged her body, deliciously flowing from curve to curve, ending abruptly just below the bottom of her butt, never showing her pussy. Her legs are firm, long and shapely. What a startling beauty.

That was enough to get his furnace going. He was starting to warm up, the martinis and this beauty were doing exactly what he had hoped for, prayed for. He was turned on and horny.

Then she did it, he had hoped for just such an encounter, a show better than anything on Broadway. İzmir travesti She gracefully sat down at a table directly in his line of sight. Just two tables away. Wow! This is amazing! She is so hot, he thinks. Her skirt is riding up her silky tanned thighs as she is crossing her legs. Mmmm, did I just see her panties, or was that her pantiless pussy?

His wife had been talking. Uh-oh, she wants a response. “Yeah, sounds good, Baby…” “Where are you?” Malena asks. Looking over her shoulder, she sees the hot temptress of his dreams as she uncrosses her smooth, firm thighs and they both see her exposed pussy for just a moment. He is drinking in all the details, there’s a slight tan line from wearing short bikinis on the beach. That wisp of hair following from the top of the tanline all the way down her pussy lips. Tiny. So very sexy and tiny.

Meanwhile, Malena has also been drinking it all in, rather chugging it. She spins around, “You! You haven’t heard one word I said! You’d rather look at that slut? Then, fine! Go ahead!” As much as he would love to do just as Malena said, he knows the evening is over. She rushes out of the restaurant, he leaves a 100 dollar bill, that more than certainly covers the bill, and gets up to leave.

But beautiful, young creature catches his eye. With a sly smile, she mouths, “My pussy wants you,” while stretching her arms up in a satisfied stretch that exposes just the upper semi-circle of her puffy pink nipples. Mmmmmmmmm . . .

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