He Finally Meets His Mistress Ch. 03

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Part 3- Note to readers: If you have not read the first 2 parts to this story take a moment and do so, this is a direct continuation of the previous parts. Hope you enjoy, Please feel free to send me any feedback. Thanks for reading my stories. Happy reading to you all!

I climb off your back and put my outfit back on. I then walk over to you, take the blanket off your head and give you a gentle kiss asking “are you enjoying yourself so far?”

“Yes Ma’am very much”

“Good my little boy toy, I am happy that you are enjoying this, there is only good things to come in the next 2 days.” Handing you the room service menu I ask: “what looks good for supper my sweet?”

After I call in our order, I untie you, we sit at the table and we discuss what other fun I have in store for you over the next couple of days.. We are going to go to a party, we are going to have private fun, as well as a little not so private fun. You watch my eyes as I speak about what’s in store for you with anticipation.

“You do trust me right Andrew?”

“Oh yes Ma’am very much so”

“Good my boy, then I will assure you you will enjoy the upcoming hours of fun I have in store for you”

Just then there was a knock at the door, you stand in order to move to the restroom, but I snap my fingers and point back at your chair. You look at me in disbelief, I motion for you to stay put, while saying: “Do not move, and you wont be punished” and I walk to the door. Opening the door with a smile, I move aside so the waiter may bring the tray in. You look at me horrified, I simply smile at you and watch as the waiter walks over toward you, place the tray down on the desk, turning toward the table and smiles at you.

“Evening sir”

“Uhhhh Evening?”

“Would you like me to serve you both this evening?”

“Yes that would be wonderful” I say, your response at the same moment is “No sir, thank you that will be all” I glance at you and say again, “It would be lovely for you to serve us, I thank you”

“Yes Ma’am” kuşadası escort the waiter says. I don’t believe at this point he has realized you are completely naked. I sit in the chair across from you and smile as he takes the food from his tray and sets it in front of us. I look up at the waiter as he serves us and explain that the reason the room is in such an uproar is my friend here and I were having a little play time. You glare at me, as my foot comes up and rests on your chair between your legs. I play loosely with your manhood causing you to shiver from my simple touch. The waiter then moves around the table to pour some wine in your glass and I do believe that is when he noticed you were completely naked. He glanced at you, and almost dropped the bottle of white zinfandel he was carrying. He then quickly poured the wine, and said to have a nice supper turning and walking toward the door. I laugh at his quickness to leave the room, and look over at you… “Play time was fun, too bad you were caught completely naked. I will have to remember to send a big tip next time.”

We finish eating and I place the tray outside the door. I then decide I want to take a bath.. Coming over to you, and pulling your chair out from the table, I reach down for your cock, and hooking a leash to the string you have tied around your cock and balls I say, “Follow me, my pet” You quickly stand and almost running after me I walk into the bathroom. You not knowing what to expect next follow with anticipation but with apprehension as well. I stand in front of the tub… Reaching down I turn the water on, and begin to fill the tub… I then turn toward you, and have you bend over the counter. Your chest is flat against the counter, and your head lying flat as well. Your ass is high in the air, I secure the leash and I’m sure you believe that you will be in this position until after my bath. I then leave the room, when returning I drop the bath lotion in the tub.. I then reach for the soap, soaping my hand well I come back over and my kuşadası escort bayan hand rubs along your ass cheeks. Soaping up my hand often I massage the soap into your skin, this removing any cream left from earlier this evening. I then soap the end of the plug, and slide my finger around your hole, then sliding the plug all the way in with one push you grunt. Taking your leash back I walk you over to the bath, and have you stand at attention as I undress.

Slowly stepping into the tub, I smile at you. You are still at attention being sure not to move in fear of what I may decide to do next if you misbehave. I give the leash a gentle pull and you come toward me.

“I wish to have a bath, please wash me Andrew”

“Yes Ma’am” Taking the wash cloth and soaking it in the tub you begin to bathe me. Washing my back, and hair with your gentle hands; caressing my body as you slide the cloth across my wet skin. When you reach my erotic spots I moan with pleasure, closing my eyes, I reach up for your cock as you lean over me. Fondling you, as I moan with pleasure, fully enjoying my bath. When I have had enough of the tub, I rise unexpectedly, stepping out and still soaked, I take your leash, leading you to the bedroom and over to the bed, I attach your leash to the headboard. I then come over to you, and instruct you to dry me with your tongue.

Your tongue eagerly starts to dry my wetness. It slides easily across my sensitive skin, my nipples become hard and more wetness forms between my legs. Your hands grab at my body in order to move me closer for your touch however I keep from moving closer and make you stretch further and further until you can feel the pull from your leash. I continue to instruct you to lick me dry, and reach over taking my crop and slapping your ass, causing the plug to push in further with each jump caused by the numerous swats connecting with your already sore bottom. Your tongue works hard, licking me dry. With each swat, your tongue licks, the quicker I give the swats escort kuşadası the faster your tongue moves until finally you bring me to ecstasy and I release my juices for you to taste.. Before you are finished lapping up my sweet nectar I pull away from you.

Leaving you to beg for my pussy, “you want this?” as I rub my pussy; smearing the sweet juices across my bare skin. You can see the sticky juices gleam in the candle light.

“Oh yes Mistress please oh please??”

“Then come get it my little pet” as I giggle continuing to rub my hot wet pussy.

You pull on your leash, stretching your tongue far out your mouth in hopes of being able to reach, I tell you, “You have to beg me for it dear”

“Oh please Ma’am, may I have your pussy now… May I have a taste? Please Ma’am you can do anything you wish to me if you just let me have a little taste”

Laughing I ask, “Do you mean anything Andrew?”

“Yes Ma’am ANYTHING at all”

I take my fingers slide them between my lips, coating them with my juices, and bringing them to your mouth, pushing them between your lips as your tongue wraps around them to taste the sweetness that coats my fingers. “You want more?”

“Yes Mistress, please may I have more?”

“You still mean I can do ANYTHING at all?”


I then move close enough, laying down spreading my legs, telling you, “Remember Andrew you said anything”

Your tongue moves quickly over my thighs and along my slit, I allow you to work your tongue, for a long time bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.. Then, sliding away from you again, I smile up at you and remind you “you said I could do anything to you Andrew remember? Looking at you, your face covered with my juices, you answer, “Yes Ma’am I remember”

“Good” and I reach over unleash you and tell you “Go to the window, face the outside, and stay put. I will call you when I am ready for your next task. Do not turn away from the window, no matter who is outside, or what you hear behind you; do not turn away from the window. Understood Andrew?”

“Yes Ma’am” and you walk slowly to the window, facing it, placing your hands flat on the glass as you know I want and wait. And Wait. And wait some more…..

To be continued in Part 4.

Part 4 to come soon.

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