Hard and Ready, Hot and Heavy

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We’d been out for a few hours, having lunch and playing shooting games at the arcade, but I was unsure if he still wanted me like he used to and I thought I’d die if I didn’t get to feel him inside me later that night. We’d dated a while, split up awhile, and now we were back on, but he could be hard to read and I didn’t know if he wanted to jump back into the sex. I sure did. There was a man at the edges of my life who was off limits but soo soo tempting to me, and I’d just happened to see him around town on that week off from dating this one. I was ready to take my sexual frustration from trying to be a good girl out on my guy in a big way, now that we were back together.

He hadn’t kissed me hello like usual and we hadn’t touched much for the rest of our date but I was hoping that was just an initial awkwardness that would go away.

When we’d had the friendly competition of arcade shooting games, combined with the need to be really close in order to share a gun, I’d started to relax and so had he. Now we made our way into the movie and he chose the very back row, which I was hoping was a good sign.

It was one of those werewolf/vampire flicks and I was pretty into it but mostly distracted by thinking about his big hands and how much I just needed someone to fuck me.

I made him move the pop he’d bought for us to share and just reached for his hand, I thought, hell, I had to start off somewhere and I might have been feeling a little bit shy, after all it had been a confusing week.

At first he just let his fingers stroke back and forth over mine, settling in. Soon he moved my hnd to his thigh, then ever upward until he was showing me kartal escort just how he wanted me to stroke him over his jeans. He moved his free hand over and stroked me outside my pants as well, I made room for him to do it but I was so concentrated on his pleasure I was barely paying attention. I so loved hearing his quiet groans and knowing how on edge he was. There were two guys sitting a few seats away, I don’t know if they noticed anything because I was so caught up in it I didn’t even think to care. We kissed over the arm rest and I swallowed his sounds as he came in his jeans. I felt like a teenager but I was so damned proud of myself for making him forget himself like that that it didn’t even matter.

Afterward, We drove home quietly, both of us thinking and again not touching. As soon as we were safely in my bedroom I thought we’d rip each other’s clothes off but I got a bit shy again and turned on a movie. We watched part of it, him laying behind me with his arm under my head. He snuggled me back into him and wrapped his strong arms around me, his hands on my breasts. He molded them and squeezed them, seeming to like the way they looked today. I’d worn my favorite bra that made them sit up nice and perky and a purple tank top with lace at the top under a lacy black shirt. Frankly, I knew my tits were nice that day because I’d kept noticing them myself when we had been out and about. He stroked his hands inside my bra and my nipples stood up instantly. Usually I don’t have very sensitive nipples but I was so ready to go they’d been getting hard at any brush of fabric or anything all day.

He moved over to be on top of me, holding my legs just kartal otele gelen escort so around his hips so he was grinding into me at the perfect place. We started kissing and he did that thing he does that I like so much where he starts off slow, just pecks and slightly teasing open mouthed kisses, then he moved onto small thrusts of the tongue. I groaned and bit his lip as he started working on removing my pants.

Soon I was without shirt or pants and was helping him get off my bra.

He kissed me again and ran a finger under my panties into that sweetest of places. I jerked into him and he grinned, moving back so we could get completely naked as fast as possible. As soon as we were he kissed me again, and allowed me some time to explore his mouth with my tongue. I loved the feel of the back of his teeth, the strange suction two mouths can make.

He moved down to my neck and kissed my jaw, biting me a little right below the bone of it, marking me as his and making my pussy jump with pleasure. He kissed and sucked a bit lower, on the part of my neck that makes me crazy. His hands were on my bare breasts and soon he was laving one nipple after the other with his tongue. He closed his mouth over my areola creating a light suction and then he flicked his tongue quickly back and forth and I nearly came at just that. I clung to him and tried not to mark his shoulders too much with my nails. He ground his cock into my slit while his mouth was on me, so hot it was like all of the sensation centered there and just radiated out, and when I whimpered for more he went for the condom in my bedside drawer.

I loved kartal eve gelen escort watching his big hands with the broad flat nails as he put the condom on himself. He took himself in hand and positioned himself above me, in total command now while I whimpered and waited for him to fill me up.

He stroked the head of his cock over and around my clit once and then shoved up into me fast. I cried out and threw a leg over his hip as my first orgasm instantly hit. I could feel my muscles contracting around him, bringing him in deeper as he thrust fast and hard. I whispered “oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” over and over and tried not to be too loud, but it was hot and wonderful.

It was too hard and fast for finesse and I was loving it that way, I pullled my leg up behind him higher and held my ankle with my hand while I deliberately clenched around him and used my other leg for leverage to swivel my hips into his with each thrust, letting him hit me as deeply as he could inside. It felt so good I came again, moisture surging around his thick cock while he still went, saying quietly “oh yeah, oooooh yeah” in his rough low voice. My hands were all over him now, grabbing his butt and helping push him into me, running my nails up to his shoulders and holding on while he thrust so strongly into me. My third orgasm came on me like a wave just when he finally came with two big final thrusts into me.

We collapsed on the bed, his head on my shoulder and just breathed together for a minute, my muscles still throbbing around his quickly softening cock.

A few minutes later he asked if I minded him going home for the night. I told him of course not, because as much as I would’ve liked to have been able to go again, I knew I wouldn’t walk right in the morning if we did. The muscles in my thighs jumped pleasantly every time I woke up that night, and for a few hours, at least, I was completely satisfied and not thinking of anyone else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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