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Candle light drops sinuous shadows across your face as you eat. I watch you, mesmerized by your beauty, grateful and awed that you and I are enjoying this dinner together, that you are finally back at my side. You look up at me from under your lashes and smile, amusement writ in the curve of your lips. Pointedly you look at my plate, and I smile in return and bend to the task. The music choice in the cafe is soothing, a backdrop of melody instead of a jarring dissonance of sound, adding to an atmosphere of ease. We are at ease, enjoying each others presence, comforted by the familiarity. You are fair bubbling, animatedly talking of your trip, and acquainting me with your experiences by effluent description. Taking care to continue with my meal, I listen as you weave a tapestry of your voyage.

Our conversation winds down as we are caught regarding one another across the table. You reach your hand across the table and I clasp it, gently kissing your fingers and holding your palm against my cheek. I see your features soften in happiness and love, and the same feelings swell in my heart. “Would you like to go home now?” I ask, reaching to caress your brow. Wordlessly, you nod in agreement, and push off from the table. We pay our account and make our way to the car, hands twined and hips touching. Your eyes hardly leave my face the whole trip, fingers playing an arpeggio along my thigh. I am hard pressed to keep attention on the road, the whole of my being crying out for a glimpse of your beloved face. Though it seems an eternity, we arrive at our destination. You reach for me and I go to you, fitting against your body with absolute ease. Thus we make our way home.

The door barely closes before I ease you against the wall, kissing you deeply and longingly. My hands glide over you, stroking your entire body through your clothing, making ceaseless patterns. You return my touch with equal fervor, passion in every movement. Slowly I unbutton your shirt, kissing every inch of skin I expose, my breath stirring the fine hairs on your arms. I stop and look at you, drinking in the sight of you. “You’re beautiful, you know.” Shivering and sighing, you hug me to your chest, shirt still pooled around your arms. Quivering with emotion, I lean against you, loving the feel of your skin against my cheek, the beat of your heart in my ears. I begin to lightly run my hands down your torso, then up your back with the other hand in an alternate pattern. You loosen your hold on me and I go to work again, removing your shirt and covering you with kisses. Hungrily I seek your lips, kissing you deep, hands buried in your hair and my tongue teasing your mouth.

Gently, escort kartal teasingly, you work my shirt over my belly, then over my breasts, all without relinquishing my lips. Laughing, I step back and pull it over my head, delighting in the desire in your eyes as they seek my breasts. I take your hand and we walk to the bedroom, shedding clothing as we go. You sit on the bed and I sit in your lap, clasping you to my chest and hugging you to me. Your arms wind tight around me and we sigh, knowing we’ve come home. We kiss, slowly and languidly, tasting each other and re-exploring each other’s bodies. Your hands move to cup my breasts and I moan as you tease my erect nipples. I grind my hips involuntarily against you as you take one pink nipple in your mouth, flicking the tip with your tongue and sucking. My nails score your back, leaving red welts as you gently bite the swell of my breast and tug at my hair. You move to study me, reveling at my lidded eyes and sensual look before plunging your mouth down at my neck, forcibly exposing it by pulling my hair and my head back. You kiss softly then bite, gently and then violently, as if to devour me.

I gasp and cling to you, shuddering helplessly at the pleasure. You take my hips with one hand and with the other seize my breast, arching my back and dipping your tongue to my navel, teasing the ring and pulling with your teeth. I cry out at the wave of bliss, fingers clench and unclench in the skin of your back. You release me and I pounce, driving you down on the bed and pinning your arms. Violently we kiss, teeth catching each others lips, kissing, biting and sucking, our tongues dancing together. I move down your neck, barely breathing as I trace a line down your throat with my lips. Abruptly I latch on with my teeth and you gasp, hips grinding against mine as you surge upward involuntarily. I chuckle throatily, pleased with myself, the laugh vibrating in your flesh. I suck, and suck, leaving a red weal and the impression of my teeth in your neck. “Now you’re definitely mine,” I say, and move lower on your body. I lick your nipples, then nip them, eliciting more gasps and moans from you. Lower and lower, I kiss a path down your body as I make my way toward your cock. It leaps and pulses the closer I get, a drop of moisture glistening at the tip.

I lick the tip of your erection and pause, hand around your shaft and eyes gazing at you from beneath my lashes. “Did you want me to?” I tighten my hand playfully. “Yes, oh yes,” you breathe, your need naked in your eyes as you look at me. I take you into my mouth, little by little, teasing as many gasps and moans from you as I can. Up and down, I glide my uğur mumcu escort mouth and tongue over the length of you, hand moving simultaneously with my mouth. I hum gently, and hear your indrawn breath as the vibration pleases you. Carefully I rake my teeth across the head of your phallus, and move to suck harder, taking you as deep into my mouth and throat as I can. Clenching your hands in my hair, you push me further onto your cock as you surge upward into my mouth. Your breathing is ragged now, soft moans and gasps torn from your throat as I suck harder and faster.

Smiling sardonically, I stop and raise my head. Whimpering in frustration, you grip my wrists and push me off of you. Giggling, I lay submissively while you part my legs and caress my thighs, inching your hands up slowly. Your gaze is intent on my face as your fingers reach my cleft, watching for my reaction as you lightly touch me. My legs quiver and I sigh, leaning into your touch. Satisfaction and smugness suffuse your features as you feel how wet I am, my nether lips dewy and silken. You slip one finger, then two into me, while your thumb caresses my clit. I arch my back and claw at the sheets, helplessly grinding against your hand as you move deeper into me. You take my nipple in your mouth and suck, timing it to the beat of your fingers. You kiss your way down my body and reach my clit, carefully kissing and manipulating it, fingers never missing a beat. I feel you smile against me, exhilarated by my response. Removing your fingers you pause long enough for me to whimper, pleadingly gazing at you, my whole body begging for you.

You lower yourself between my legs and lick the length of my pussy, flicking your tongue against my clit rapidly. My nails dig into your hair as you insert your tongue into my opening, tasting me. Gently biting, licking and kissing you bring me to such arousal, my legs quivering and my breath coming in gasps, barely drawing breath before it explodes out of me in moans. With one hand you reach down and stroke yourself. Before I climax I tear myself away, gasping and shuddering. You stand up, still stroking you cock as you look at me, love and desire in your eyes. “Come here!” I say imperiously, and you do, coming to sit beside me on the bed. I sit in your lap and, never taking my eyes from yours, slowly impale myself on you, inch by delicious inch. Sighing, our foreheads touching and our bodies connected, we stay for a bit, slowing our breathing and enjoying the feel of each other.

Back and forth we rock together, sensuously slow and languid, making up for lost time. The feel of your cock deep inside me is indescribable, çavuşoğlu escort almost too good. I arch back and thrust my breasts in your face, a temptation. “Oh, I see. So that’s how it is.” Laughing, you cup my breasts and take them into your mouth. You look up to see me gazing intently at you, and you tilt your head in question. “I love you,” I say, trembling. You hug me, the special sort of hug reserved for moments like this. The one that says, without words, how much you love me back. You murmur into my hair. We continue rocking together, clasped in each other’s arms, the whole world and all the beauty of it in that moment.

You feel me smile against your shoulder and you know it spells trouble. I break the hug and, smiling impishly, lower my hand to my clit, tracing circles. With each thrust I press, and you shift so you can watch. Lost in your desire and arousal, eyes on my working fingers, you move faster and harder into me. I rouse myself and get on my knees, then look over my shoulder in invitation, my pussy presented. You mount me, fingers caressing my back as you sheath yourself fully into me. “Keep playing with your self,” you demand, and I oblige, making small breathy noises as you thrust. I feverishly work with my hands, muffling my moans in the pillow as you drive deep and hard, faster and faster, gripping my hips and my hair. With each forward thrust I back into you, wanting you as much as you want me. You slap my hand away and use your own, expertly working at my clit while you thrust.

The combination drives me wild, my body works inexorably toward climax. “I’m going to come,” I tell you, and your fingers tighten in my hair, and you moan, my pussy caressing the length of you as I work toward orgasm. I tear your hand away and take over, leaving you free to grip my hips and thrust hard. Your breath comes faster, sweat sheathing your body, dripping on to my back. “I’m going to come, tell me when you are coming,” you gasp out, fingers digging into my butt. In a moment I am driven over the edge and there is no need to tell you anything. My orgasm explodes in my body and I gasp, muscles clenching and pleasure flooding my body, my pussy tightening around your cock. You feel this and lose control, coming seconds after, your seed rushing to fill me up. We strain against each other, locked in our mutual climax, calling each other’s name.

We both collapse on the bed, you still on top of me. After catching my breath I wiggle around to face you. Taking your head in my hands I kiss your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks and your lips. “That was wonderful, Cheri. Thank you.” Still panting a little, you brush my hair from my face and smile at me. “Mmm. Thank you. That was… whoo.” I chuckle at the look on your face, and kiss you again. Content, we lay together, legs twined and my head on your chest, listening to you breathe. You kiss me and my heart is full. This is where we belong. We are home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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