Hanson House Sequel: Amanda Pt. 01

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Amanda had thoroughly enjoyed her life since graduation. With her outstanding academic performance, she’d easily landed a well-paid job in a big firm and soon had herself a new car and a big bank loan for a small townhouse. She’d been able to stay in the same city, which was good because she wasn’t far from family and friends. As an active, trained sexual submissive she’d been able to live out the dream life she had been introduced to and now seemed so natural.

In fact, Amanda had thoroughly enjoyed her life ever since she had been accepted into Hanson House. After the initial shock, she’d accepted her fate as a trained sexual submissive as a vocation she knew she was made for.

As a “good girl” and a virgin, the sudden introduction to a world of sex and submission had been totally unexpected. Then again, as she’d been reassured by the instructors, deep in her heart she knew she was meant for submission and service. She had never doubted that she was interested in sex and thought about it often – perhaps more than was wise for a “good girl”. Hanson House had offered a life that was entirely about sex and meeting the needs of others. From the first, Amanda had seen that sexual service was right for her and that she was eager to embrace this new lifestyle. After all, there could be no better way to submit to a powerful man or woman than to give them full, unfettered use of her body and her sexual talents.

Submitting to a woman – Amanda thought about that sometimes and it was simple proof that not everything had proceeded in the way she’d have expected.

She had been told that it was possible she’d be given to a woman to serve. She had been required to engage in lesbian acts with her friend Elissa. It had surprised Amanda just how much she had enjoyed being forced to have sex with Elissa. Most often this had been for the amusement of Mistress Rose and Mistress Pamela. Though Amanda had accepted it also helped her lesbian friend Elissa, since there seemed to be no other gay women in their class. She’d noted the strong lesbian overtones to the training at Hanson House – this was odd since most of the female novice submissives could expect to serve men and their cocks. Yet she could not fault the logic that having training delivered by women made it easier to retain her virginity.

Amanda had understood also that sexual activity for novices was tightly controlled for the benefit of their future dominants and masters. Yet she had been chosen, as had a number of her classmates, for “special classes” that usually involved being required to service one or more of the staff. She’d had her first real arse fuck with the imposing Master Stephen. She had lost count of how many times her mouth had been used by one of the male instructors or the attendants. Amanda had happily complied with all such requests – she had known it would help her grades and she’d assumed it was an important taste of her future life. Besides, she had been surrounded by any number of eager, rampant cocks and there was no way she, or any of her peers, would pass up such opportunities. The fact that it gave fire for her private masturbation was a further benefit.

Mistress Candace had seen fit to remark that Amanda was a very strong performer amongst her class and that she was valued as a “good all-rounder”. She’d taken comfort from that and yet she still hoped fervently she’d be allocated to submit to a powerful man with a fabulous cock. Amanda knew that was what she wanted – cocks – and she knew she’d do anything to get to worship and celebrate the fabulous male organ.

Events had taken another surprising turn on graduation. With Candace’s words fresh in her mind, Amanda had expected to be offered to some prominent, powerful men who would desire her for her talents and her fantastic grades as a novice submissive. She had, in fact been offered to several such men. They all took an interest in her and had inspected her on the recommendation of Mistress Rose.

The process of being chosen for allocation to a dominant would have been degrading and horrible for anyone but a novice of Hanson House. Certainly not for a student like Amanda. She was given the usual “check-up” of course. The basic medical tests were rather perfunctory. Mostly the staff had focused on more intimate matters such as the size of her bust, the length of her cunt lips and the bulge of her clit when aroused. Most importantly, her holes had been measured and a note made of how tight she was and also how “elastic”. All of this was put into a written report that was distributed to potential matches for her.

Then Amanda had been presented, naked, while each prospective dominant met with Mistress Rose and openly discussed her various talents as a submissive. All of them were offered the chance to sample her talents. It was “try before you buy” and Amanda had happily let these strangers fondle her and probe her. She was quite relaxed with men and woman casually grabbing her tits or fingering görükle escort her holes. Twice she had swallowed male cum after a quick headjob. One had chosen to take her arse and, with a smile, she had bent over the Principal’s desk and allowed her sphincters to stretch around his mighty cock. The new graduate had felt that familiar swelling of pride as the stranger grunted and pumped his semen into her bowels.

Rose had been delighted with her performance at these inspections. Amanda had enjoyed them as well, understanding the privilege of being offered when some classmates would wait for months.

Mistress Rose had also arranged for Amanda to be inspected by the Carvers. They were an important couple – powerful and directly involved in the governance of Hanson House. As an all-rounder, she had suggested that Amanda would be a good fit for this power-couple. But the Carvers had been focused on Lisbeth. That caused a little disappointment for Amanda until she remembered the tales of Lord Carver’s massive phallus.

Another wealthy man had asked to inspect Amanda. He ran a retreat that catered specifically for over-stressed senior managers – men only. Along with standard therapy, he offered his male clients some traditional forms of “relief”. However, Mistress Rose was well acquainted with his particular needs and had steered that gentlemen in the direction of Grace and Abbie.

Amanda had been a little surprised to be told, finally, that she was being allocated to Andrew and Julia Latham. Their file, which she read of course, revealed an interesting couple. They were not yet prominent and powerful and Amanda had felt a stab of regret at that. Mistress Rose had a plan, of course, and she assured Amanda that this first assignment would be only temporary.

“I have a special client in mind,” she’d explained. “Its not quite time yet but he’s very interested. Have patience.”

Patience was one thing the novices rarely had. The enforced virginity of female students at Hanson House meant that graduates rarely quibbled about their assignments – they were determined to have “real” sex and take a real cock in their cunts. Andrew Latham didn’t seem so bad and Amanda knew already that he was well-endowed. Whatever else happened, she’d be certain to enjoy plenty of sex. Having been trained by Hanson House, Amanda knew only one way to enjoy herself physically – through sexual service and submission. She was already confident she would succeed with this charming young couple.

Andrew was in his late twenties and on his way to a considerable fortune in the tech industry. He was a driven individual, a high achiever, which also made him suitable for Amanda. He worked hard and exercised diligently and he had high expectations that his wife would provide what he wanted.

Julia Latham was smart and hard-working and almost as brilliant as her husband. The couple had met while backpacking and, on realising they lived in the same city, a holiday romance had grown. It was true love and Julia had quickly realised that she wanted to do everything she could to please him. Like others, word of mouth had brought them to the attention of the people who ran Hanson House – a chance comment overheard, some gentle inquiries and slowly they’d been allowed to glimpse deeper into that new world. Being highly motivated and highly-sexed they had embraced the opportunities – although not yet fully immersed in the larger group activities such as orgies.

His desire was to further explore BDSM. He had come to enjoy the fact that his wife was happy to take his lead – especially in bed. Julia’s eagerness to please and obey encouraged him to search for more and, together, they’d taken their first steps into the world of dominance and submission. It was Andrew who’s proposed adding another submissive to their relationship. The reasons were obvious – firstly, he would have access to another sex partner without any of the complications of “cheating” on his beautiful wife. Besides, like many men he had a strong wish to try threesome sex. With an extra female submissive, he would “encourage” his wife to entertain him with lesbian sex play. And if that failed he would have the pleasure of two women sucking his cock.

Inexperienced at selecting a submissive, the Lathams had been happy to take the advice of Mistress Rose, the wonderful Principal of Hanson House. Quickly warming to the ways of this secret society, Andrew had eagerly taken up the offer of a “sample”. With a nod he’d put the sexy young woman on her knees and then shoved his cock into her mouth. As his own wife looked on, wide-eyed and somewhat aroused, he’d delivered a rough face fuck to the willing graduate and poured his seed down her pretty throat. The deal was done that very day.

It helped everyone that Amanda liked the look of Julia from their first meeting. Ms Latham was rather beautiful. She was blonde, a little chunky but definitely perky. She had her own gym routine to see görükle escort bayan to that. Her B-cups jiggled in a very delightful way when she went bra-less – something Andrew encouraged. She had a nice smile, too, and that made Amanda feel more comfortable even as Andrew shoved his thick cock into her mouth.

Two weeks later Amanda had passed into the wealthy, gated community where the Lathams lived and soon found herself naked, kneeling by the front door next to her new female sex partner. The prospect of losing lose her virginity had been distracting Amanda for several days. Julia assured her that it would happen that night.

Andrew had no sooner entered the front door than he took his cock out and shoved it hard into Amanda’s mouth. She was a submissive and had a safe word – Amanda now had the right to refuse what her dominant would demand. That was not likely, however, since being used sexually was what Amanda had spent so long training for. Andrew gave her a brutal face fuck, wanting to ensure there was no mistake as to who was the dominant in this household. Amanda was well prepared for such treatment and she responded brilliantly, using her lips and her tongue to pleasure the new shaft no matter how hard the new master thrust into her.

Then Andrew had ordered them to the bedroom upstairs, stripping off his own clothes along the way. He ate his wife’s cunt next, bringing her to a series of powerful orgasms. He knew enough to want to show that his wife remained the first among his two beautiful submissives. Then Julia and Amanda were ordered to pleasure his cock and, for the first time, the newly dominant man experienced two eager women licking and sucking his cock and his balls.

Only when he could no longer wait, Andrew announced it was time for Amanda to lose her virginity. There was no need to ask for her consent. Julia got onto hands and knees and signalled to Amanda that she should do the same. The young woman had often imagined her “first” would be somehow more traditional, perhaps even romantic in a comfortable missionary position. But she remembered, too, how Master Stephen had first fucked her bottom, from behind like an animal. It seemed right to have her virginity taken in this way – even more since she was on all fours besides her new friend, Julia.

“Relax and enjoy it,” Julia had said. But there was no need – Amanda was well practiced at taking in her cunt something the size of a thick cock. Andrew had started with Julia to ensure he was well lubed. Amanda had never been so excited to watch another woman being fucked – knowing that it was her turn next. She’d never felt such a thrill at the sight of an erect cock, Andrew’s weapon pointing almost straight up as it glistened with his wife’s cunt juice.

Andrew had been almost casual as he’d forced the head of his cock past Amanda’s lips, taking the virginity she’d been forced to guard. For her, the feeling was almost indescribable as she experienced, for the first time, a “live” cock filling and stretching her. Even she had never heard the sounds she made as Andrew’s cock fucked her cunt for the first time. How good it was, finally, to be a real woman and a full submissive as she gave her cunt to a man worthy of her gift. The doggy style fuck was, after all, the best position because Andrew’s thrusting gave Amanda a totally new experience of feeling a man’s balls slap against her clitoris as he pumped into her. She orgasmed beautifully around his cock, just as she had imagined, and when Andrew shot his load into her cunt for the first time she actually climaxed again. Losing her virginity could not have felt better!

Amanda quickly discovered that she loved being fucked, and loved cocks, even more than she’d imagined. She had had plenty of cock while a pupil at Hanson House but this was so very different. No longer was she being trained – now she had a duty to service a cock as often as she could and it was a duty she relished. That first proper fuck with Andrew released her inner slut. Amanda had been initiated, her cunt used properly for the first time. She was hungry for everything she could get.

Yet there was much more in store for Amanda than pleasing cock and having her cunt fucked. Julia had readily agreed to Andrew’s suggestion of them acquiring a female submissive. He had mentioned his desire for Julia to explore sex with another woman. If her husband wanted it, and if it would make him happy, she was quite prepared to accede. What she had never told him, ever, was that she had long wondered if she was, indeed, “bi-curious” and what it would feel like to fuck another woman. There was no reason for the secrecy other than a feeling of embarrassment. Much easier, she decided, to have sex with a woman because her dominant and kinky husband requested it.

Amanda would have been called “straight” except that as a graduate of Hanson House that had very little meaning. She loved cocks, of course, but she’d been trained bursa escort in giving and getting pleasure with a woman. If her new dominant ordered it, she would gladly have sex with another woman. Andrew had made his requirements very clear and, as an eager submissive she would readily follow his orders and fuck his wife as he looked on.

On the very next night, the women had begun by sharing Andrew’s cock again. Amanda gave her very best performance, so eager to have Andrew use her over and over. She could not help but notice that Julia, for all her passion, lacked the skills of a Hanson House graduate. Amanda gave some extra stroking to Andrew’s balls, wanting to ensure that he would not resist the opportunity. Then he ordered his two submissives to share their first “lesbian” sexual experience. “Let me watch you fuck each other for me.” They were both young, sexy and fit – firm tits and lovely curves – which made it easier, if that was required. Amanda’s B-cups were a delight and Julia had the tightest little butt.

Amanda had known just what to do. “Relax and enjoy it,” she had whispered to Julia with a grin, since she was already far more experienced in this aspect of sex play. Going slowly at first, she had fingered and licked Julia to a series of tremendous orgasms as Andrew watched and touched them both. How wonderful a place was Hanson House that it could produce such pliant and skilled young women as this. Andrew was almost beside himself as he watched their private lesbian performance. Amanda reveled in her task, pleased that she could provide what Andrew wanted.

Then it was time to let Julia return the favour and lie back, her hands gently guiding the newbie, as her other lover had her first taste of a woman’s body. Amanda wasn’t disappointed that her own climax was not so powerful. She was a trained graduate of Hanson House and there was pleasure enough in obedience and allowing herself to be used sexually. Besides, she remembered her own first fumblings with her classmate Elissa as the female instructors had watched.

Andrew enjoyed the performance – he got so turned-on watching his wife eat another woman that he interrupted proceedings to roll Julia onto her hands and knees so he could fuck her arse from behind. He’d been urgent, insistent, but Julia had let him take her bottom as she grunted her discomfort at the vigorous intrusion. Amanda had felt her usual pride as she’d stroked the clitoris of her new playmate, content that it was her efforts that had so excited Andrew.

Her own arse was taken a week later. “Time to fuck your arse tonight,” was the order. He wanted to take her doggy-style and Amanda complied immediately, pleased to display her arse cheeks and her tiny brown hole. Allowing her new dominant to fuck her bum was expected and Amanda was more than ready. Ever since her first time with Master Stephen, she had known the wonder of having a man thrust his big, hard cock into her bowels. If it was not her favourite way of fucking, it was probably the most submissive.

Where his wife was hesitant, Amanda was trained and eager. So Andrew took no time in forcing his cockhead into that young anus. He was thick but Amanda had taken thicker. He was not skilled but Amanda still felt the same thrill from being buttfucked as she stroked her clit. Andrew was amazed at the elasticity of that delicate hole but, of course, that was to be expected of a Hanson House graduate. Julia found herself strangely thrilled to watch her husband arsefuck the younger woman.

After that night, the couple used her body and her holes whenever and however they wanted. Amanda’s disappointment faded quickly, replaced by the excitement of getting as much sex as the Lathams wanted and eager to serve them fully, sexually. Although Andrew was the head of the house, Julia also liked to take advantage of Amanda and demand her own sexual satisfaction. Amanda reveled in giving sexual service just as she’d dreamed. Threesome sex, especially, became frequent – whenever Andrew was in the mood. It turned him on immensely to fuck Amanda doggy style while her face was shoved into Julia’s sopping cunt. There was no doubting that Julia was excited by it as well. Thanks to Amanda’s skill, Julia enjoyed her “lesbian” explorations more than she’d imagined. Following the other woman’s lead, she used her hands to caress Amanda’s head as she lapped at her cunt and guided her to the best spots. Julia also enjoyed the “dirtiness” of Andrew shooting his cum into her cunt and then having Amanda lick and suck her clean. The young submissive complied without question since she enjoyed the taste of Andrew’s semen all the more when it was mixed with Julia’s cunt juice.

It was no surprise that Julia and Amanda became somewhat friends. Each had now been fucked by the same man and both wanted little more than to please their shared dominant. Having each tasted the other’s cunt only cemented their new relationship. Which made it all the easier, while they were shopping together a few weeks later, for Julia to bombard Amanda with questions.

Did they really teach her all those things at Hanson House? Was she really a virgin until that night with Andrew? Had she enjoyed her first fuck with a man? Did she like Andrew’s cock?

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