Halloween Rendezvous

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Clit Rubbing

Rick was in a good mood as he prepared for the Halloween party. “This was probably going to be another one of those boring parties where nothing exciting happens, but what the hell, you never know,” he thought to himself. His friend, Robert, had told him about this fabulous party at an old estate on the edge of town. He told him this was a special party but he couldn’t tell him anymore than that but be prepared for a possible night of pleasure. He also mentioned that the invitation was to only a select few friends or clients and hard to come by. The owner of the estate was a client of his and told him he could bring a friend along to the small gathering.

Rick went to the costume shop in town to find something unique for the party. A pretty young sales lady showed him different styles, but nothing seemed to look right. She finally brought him a king’s outfit to try on, telling him that they were running out costumes for him. The mid-calf coat was golden color with tapestry woven into the material. The coat was fur lined along the buttons from top to bottom as well as on the sleeve cuffs, bottom seam, and around the collar. He asked, “Where are the pants for this outfit?”

“You have to wear these,” she said holding up a pair of white nylon stockings. “It would not look good if you wore a pair of regular pants now would it?” she added smiling. Rick went to the changing room to add this apparel to his outfit. The nylons were skin tight and upon looking in the mirror noticed his cock bulging at the crotch. He heard the sales clerk’s voice asking him to come out so she could see how his outfit looked on him. Putting on his coat and crown, he hesitantly stepped out of the dressing room.

The sales lady looked him up and down and commented “Mmmm you look very good in that outfit sir.”

“Thank you but I feel a bit stupid in this outfit,” Rick said a bit embarrassed.

“Open your coat, I want to see how those tights fit you” the clerk stated. He opened his coat slowly hoping she would not see his bulge. Her eyes widened and a smile across her face. “I see that they fit you just right” she said looking at his cock bulging from the thin material. Just then the front door chimes announced another customer. As Rick closed his coat, she smiled at him. She cursed under her breath as she left to attend to her customers. Rick decided that this outfit would be all right as long as he kept the coat closed.

He finished getting back into his regular clothes and took his purchases to the counter. The sales lady seemed a bit disappointed when she saw him. “I was hoping you might need alterations,” she said with some disappointment in her voice. Well I hope you have a good time at your party” she said with an emphasis on good time. “If you have any problems at all please feel free to come back anytime,” she said winking. Rick assured her that if he had any problems at all he would be back. He knew she liked his package and thought that maybe someday he would go back for a friendly visit.

Rick looked in the mirror and was satisfied the way his costume fit. As he was adjusting the coat, he heard Robert’s car horn. Robert had dressed as a pirate with a bandana and eye patch. His shirt was partly open revealing his muscular chest. They complimented each other on their outfits as they set off for the party. On the way, Rick told Robert about his experience at the costume shop. Robert was disappointed when Rick told him he didn’t stay to take care of the young sales clerk.

There was a chill in the late October air as they drove into the countryside. A fog settling over the countryside gave ghostly shapes to objects illuminated by the road lighting. The main gates to the estate were open as they turned into the drive and began the journey up the narrow winding drive. They were amazed at the size of the mansion as it came into view. It was a three story Tudor style home with brick and sandstone blocks making up the exterior. Gaslight lanterns had been placed along the drive giving the appearance of a time long ago when street lighting did not exist. The flickering lantern fire mixed with the cold air and fog sent a slight shiver down Rick’s spine. He noticed candlelight in all the windows. Shadows of guests who had already arrived moved eerily in the windows. A valet attendant greeted them at the front turnaround. As they left their car and walked to the front door, they saw torches lit on each side of the walkway leading to the entrance. “My, the owner sure went all out for this party” Rick said to Robert as they approached the door.

An elderly gentleman who introduced himself as Charles, the butler, met them at the door. He asked to see their invitation and after verifying that they were to be admitted, gave them each a mask to wear. “The owner of the house has said that you must keep your mask on all evening and only at the end of the night when you leave may you take it off.”

The foyer was lit with candles. From the shadows, a tall dark figure dressed as Count Dracula approached them. He introduced himself as the owner of the house and welcomed them. Robert and the kartal escort owner exchanged greetings and Robert introduced Rick. Rick thought the owner to be an imposing figure, especially in this dimly lit room. The owner explained the layout of the house. He said, “I’m sure Charles told you to keep your masks on until you leave. There are some people here who do not wish to be discovered and we do everything we can to protect our guests. Please enjoy yourself gentlemen and if you need anything at all, feel free to ask Charles.”

“What the hell was that all about” Rick thought as they entered the living room. People were milling about talking in the dim light. There were vampires and werewolves sipping drinks laughing at some joke being told. Roman solders and scantily clothed harem women walked through the room taking in the atmosphere of the party.

Rick and Robert fell into a conversation with two women dressed as witches. Their black cloth dresses showed off their shapely bodies. Their faces were covered with green paint and warts. Rick felt a stirring in his loins as they talked with these two beauties. As they talked he wondered why they had to keep their masks on. Excusing himself from the group, he went looking for something to drink. In each room, people were dressed in different costumes, some exotic and some very simple. Everyone however wore a small mask covering his or her faces.

Finding his way into the dimly lit den, Rick found the bar and ordered a bloody Mary. The bartender made a joke about him being a king and ordering a bloody drink. Some of the people standing at the bar laughed at the bartender’s attempt at British humor. Rick laughed along with the people and struck up a conversation with those at the bar. He was sipping his drink when out of the corner of his eye he saw her walk through the door.

Carol stood in the doorway looking around for her friend who had invited her to the party. She was dressed as a servant girl and Rick noticed she was very well endowed. Her white corset blouse tied in the front and extended down to her waist. The ties at the top of her blouse were undone giving everyone an ample view of her cleavage. It was evident that she did not wear a bra tonight as her nipples were sticking out of the shear fabric. She wore a black skirt, which hung, off her hips to mid-calf. Her long brown hair hung down over her shoulders stopping just short of her buxom. “Where in the hell is that woman?” she thought to herself.

Kathy had talked her into coming to this party even though she wanted to stay home. Kathy told her that she would enjoy herself and besides this was the kind of party she might end up enjoying. Carol tried to get more information from Kathy but she told her she would have to go to find out. Carol had decided on a servant girl outfit while her friend decided to dress as a gypsy. She had decided not to wear a bra and the night chill had made her nipples hard most of the night. They were pushing against her blouse and she knew everyone could see them. Her friend Kathy had gone off for some drinks and never returned so Carol decided to take a look around for her friend.

She surveyed the room looking for her friend, trying to make out faces in the dim light. She saw Rick standing at the bar staring at her. She smiled to herself, seeing that he was dressed as a king and she a servant girl. She surveyed him up and down looking at his white tights and thinking “now he knows how we feel having to dress in nylons all the time.” She noticed his muscular thighs and calves bulging against the nylons. “I wonder if he has other muscles that bulge,” she thought as a nice hard cock entered her mind. Carol decided to get a drink before she took off to look for her lost friend.

The people at the bar watched as she walked across the room towards them. Her breasts bounced slightly with each step. Seeing the people watching her, Carol swayed her hips more than usual showing off her shapely bottom. Rick stood transfixed watching her cross the room towards him. He moved to allow her space at the bar, smelling her sweet perfume as she slid in close to him.

“Hi there” the bartender said. “What can I get for you my little servant girl?” he asked

“Oh I don’t know. What would you suggest?” Carol answered.

“I have just about anything you could want.” He responded winking.

Carol felt herself blush at his remark. “Give me a bloody Mary” she requested.

The bartender laughed “a bloody Mary for the servant girl. Are you here with this king because he’s drinking the same thing?”

“No, I’m here looking for my friend” she said bringing more laughter from the bartender.

“Don’t mind him ” Rick told her. Rick could smell her intoxicating perfume, as she stood so close they were almost touching. Looking down he could see her breasts pushed together by her tight blouse. A twinge of passion went through his balls and cock as he looked at her soft white breasts.

Rick and Carol started a conversation about the party and the people here. As they talked, Rick could not see her entire face, but kartal otele gelen escort her emerald green eyes shone from behind the mask. They seemed to sparkle as she talked. Rick wondered what she looked liked and wanted to ask her to remove her mask but remembered the words of the owner. Carol enjoyed talking to this man who made her feel at ease. She smelled his aftershave lotion and felt a shiver run up and down her spine.

They talked and had a few more Bloody Marys before Carol started to excuse herself to go looking for her friend. Rick did not want this beauty to get away so soon and offered to accompany her on her quest. Carol was pleased that he wanted to accompany her. She looked at his white tights and wondered what may lie hidden under his robe.

The party was in full swing as the pair headed into the different rooms. People were talking but they noticed that some couples were kissing and fondling each other in the shadows. They did not find Kathy in any of the rooms on the first floor so Rick suggested they try the upper floors. At the top of the stairs, they heard voices coming from one of the rooms. Walking in, they were not quite prepared for what they saw. People talked and drank casually, seemingly ignoring two people on the floor in the throes of passion. They were naked except for the masks. The man was lying on top of the woman plunging his cock in and out of her pussy. Her legs, wrapped around his waist, urged him to fuck her harder. Their moans filled the room as they approached their climax. He called out that he was about to shoot his load and she threw her head back and her hips upward toward his cock, telling him she wanted his hot cum deep in her pussy. Rick and Carol watched transfixed as the couple on the floor gyrated, moaned and groaned, loudly against each other until their orgasms overtook them and they slumped together in each others arms.

Carol’s breathing quickened as she watched the couple. She wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the sex that made her start to sweat. Afterwards they overheard one of the bystanders tell another that the woman was the owner’s wife. “Oh so that was the reason for the masks. So people could enjoy others without strings attached or maybe they wanted to keep their identity a secret,” Rick thought to himself. He put his arm around Carol and whispered “Well what do you think about this party now my little servant girl?” Picking up on his usage of servant girl, Carol said “Well my king, it appears that we have stumbled into a party of pleasures.” Rick’s head tilted and kissed Carol’s lips softly, running his tongue lightly along her lower lip. Carol moaned softly when she felt his lips and tongue play along her lips. A surge of desire rose in her body as their kiss lingered. Her tongue snaked out, moving lovingly across his lips, feeling his tongue touching hers. Rick moaned from her gentle touches. He wrapped his arms around her tighter and pulled her closer against his body. He felt her breasts push against his chest and then move from side to side. They broke their kiss and held each other as they looked around the room.

Couples were pairing off in the dim shadows, kissing and fondling each other. Rick pushed her against the wall kissing her more urgently, pushing his tongue inside her lips. Carol’s tongue met his, pushing against his, then allowing his to enter deeper into her waiting mouth. She sucked it in further feeling it fill her mouth. She sucked on his tongue drawing it deeper, hearing his moans of pleasure. Rick’s tongue slipped in and out, fucking Carol’s mouth. His hand found her breast, lightly gazing over it, then gently squeezing. His fingers felt her hard nipple. Grasping it, he twisted and pulled, hearing her sharp intake of air. Their moans increased from the passionate kiss and the insistent rubbing of their bodies together.

They were interrupted by other sounds in the room. Looking to the center of the room, they saw a gypsy woman lying across a coffee table surrounded by four men. The men leaned over the half-dressed woman kissing and touching her breasts and body. The woman moaned with undeniable pleasure as the men fondled her through her clothes. Carol’s hand flew up to her mouth, gasping as she watched the scene in front of her. “Oh shit, that’s Kathy” Carol said watching the withering body being stroked and fondled. She stood transfixed watching her friend being pleasured by four men. Rick’s hand squeezed Carol’s breast harder, rubbing her hard nipple through the thin material. Carol’s body rocked back and forth feeling Rick’s hand rubbing her hard nub. Rick stepped behind her and put his arms around her with his hands resting on her breasts. He pulled her back against him, kissing the side of her neck as his fingers tweaked her nipples. Carol moaned from his touches and kisses, pushing back against him. Her hands rubbed along his thighs and moved up under his coat. She felt the smooth nylon and then the large lump at the top of his thighs. Rick moaned when her hand grabbed his cock and rubbed it slowly through the thin nylon material. kartal eve gelen escort He opted not to wear underwear and the feeling of the nylon rubbing on his hard cock sent shivers through his body. As they pleasured themselves, they watched the lady on the table being undressed.

The men stood around her admiring her body as they took off her clothes. Kathy rubbed the crotches of the two men standing on her sides, feeling their cocks grow in her hands. The men slowly peeled her clothes off revealing her firm body. Her breasts were taut and the nipple on each tit was standing out, hard and ready to be kissed. The two men pulled their clothes off quickly and knelt down to kiss her breasts. Kathy’s hands extended outward grasping their cocks as they knelt beside her. Each man leaned over and kissed her breasts, running their tongues around her full breasts. She moaned and sighed as each nipple was drawn into a mouth. Her body wiggled on the table as she tried to push her nipple deeper into their mouths. “Mmmmm … yeaaa … ohhhhh she moaned in pleasure.

The man between her legs pulled off her skirt to expose her shaved pussy. Her legs spread open giving him a pretty view of her wet, moist pink pussy. Shedding his clothes, he dropped to his knees, placing himself between her open legs. Kissing along her thighs, he worked his way to the top of her thighs and kissed her sweet mound. Kathy’s back arched high off the table when his mouth came into contact with her pussy. She moaned loudly stroking the cocks in her hands faster. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, putting his mouth against her swollen lips, licking up and down.

Her face turned upwards to see the man at the head of the table, his hard cock swinging inches from her lips. The man grabbed his cock and slowly … tantalizing ran it over her lips. She could taste the precum on the tip of his cock as her tongue licked lightly over the sensitive head. The man pulled his cock away, teasing her, making her lift her head to try and grab onto his cock. She moaned “give me that hard cock. I need to feel your hard cock in my mouth.” The man bent slightly and pushed the head of his cock inside her lips. She sucked on the head until he shoved it in deeper. He started a slow rhythmic fucking; pushing his hard cock deep and then pulling it out until only the head was lodged in her mouth.

She undulated on the table from the assault on her body from all sides. The men licked, sucked, and fondled her body as the people in the room watched with fascination in their eyes. Carol felt wetness on her thighs as she watched her friend being pleasured and Rick’s stroking and kissing. Rick whispered in her ear “I want you to stand here like a good wench and watch your friend being sucked and fucked while I lick your hot pussy.” His words made her hotter and she clenched her thighs together. She could only mutter “I want to feel your hot tongue on my pussy, my king.” Rick slid down to his knees and lifted her billowing skirt, giving him access to her treasure. His hands slid along her thighs, upward to her mound expecting to find underwear. When he touched her mound, he was pleasantly surprised to find no underwear impeding his touch. Carol moaned when his fingers ran lightly along her slit. He felt her juices on his fingers as he moved slowly up and down her labia. Carol shuddered and moaned loudly as his fingers found her hard clit. Rick’s slick fingers, coated with her juices, slid easily over the hard nub. He felt her hands on his head guiding him to her pussy in the darkness. Her body arched upwards against the wall when his tongue licked her clit. Taking the hard nub in his mouth, he sucked on it as if it were a nipple … nibbling it, then licking his tongue around her hardness. Carol’s hands pulled Rick’s head tighter against her, rotating her hips on his face. Rick picked up one thigh, placing it on his shoulder. Two fingers slid into her opening penetrating deep into her pussy. Carol pushed her pussy against his fingers, moaning as they slid deeper into the depths of her sex.

She watched her friend gyrating and undulating on the table being serviced by four well-hung studs. The man at her pussy got up and pulled her thighs around his waist. He guided his cock to her opening and pushed the head inside. He pushed harder and she felt his hard hot cock slide deep into her slick pussy. He moved slowly at first and then faster, pumping his manhood deep, shallow and then deep again. Her hips rose and fell in rhythm to his powerful pumping.

Carol watched the man’s cock sliding in and out of her friend’s pussy and felt her own desire heighten. Her hips moved faster on Rick’s face, pushing and sliding her wet cunt on his tongue and fingers. With one hand on his head keeping him captive, the other moved to her breasts. Her fingers squeezed each breast and pinched her hard nipple. Her body began to move involuntarily as her passion began to become uncontrollable. Her breathing quickened as her body rocked against Rick’s face and the wall behind her. She saw the man at her friend’s head piston his cock faster in and out of her mouth as his face tightened trying to fight off the oncoming orgasm. His breathing was ragged as he pulled out of her mouth and began stroking his cock above her face. “Aaaaggggg … yeaaaaa I’m coming you wonderful bitch” he screamed shooting his jism into her waiting mouth and on her cheeks.

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