Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 08

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Erica Allston smiled looking out the slider to her back yard where three strapping young men were hard at work putting in a new deck, replacing the smaller one that had stood for years and had been in sad shape.

She liked what she saw, as she always did in young people, especially those with a hard work ethic and hard young bodies.

There was Mario, a handsome, smooth-skinned Latino lad of 20; Todd, a tall, skinny bushy-haired boy of 18; and Matt, the leader of the trio, 29, a gorgeous young black man with shaved head and a powerful body honed by years of working construction before starting his own firm.

They wore tight jeans and boots, and on this hot morning had stripped off their shirts, young torsos gleaming with sweat. She slid open the slider for a better look at Mario’s silky smooth and powerfully muscled body with a gorgeous six pack belly, Todd’s hairless, slim frame and Matt’s sleek, muscular chest.

She stepped out onto the nearly completed deck, and their eyes turned her way, grins breaking on their handsome faces.

“Everything looks great boys, love that you’re so HARD at work!” beamed Erica, clear in her double entrendres, a sexy and well-kept 65-year-old silky haired grandmother. “Is there anything you boys need, something I can help you with to make your day go easier?”

They all looked at each other then her, the younger ones with nervous eagerness; they’d been on the job a week and had gotten to know Ms. Allston rather well. Mario and Todd smiled as they looked at her in the doorway, fresh back from her morning run in her ball cap with her blonde ponytail in back, tight white sleeveless t-shirt and very short white tennis skirt, ankle socks and sneakers. The boys looked at each other and then at their boss, who shook his head, laughing.

“Maybe in a few minutes, Ms.. Allston,” he said. “We just want to get a little bit more done this morning before…we take our breaks. Can’t wear these guys out just yet!”

“Oh, you all are so very young, you don’t wear out easily, believe me, I know!” she said brightly. “Very well, you know where to find me when you…need a hand!”

“Will do, Ms. Allston, will do,” Matt laughed, nodding to the boys to get back to work. “Coffee break’s coming up soon.”

“Got just the thing!” she called out as she walked inside, three pairs of eyes riveted to her long, lean legs and spectacular ass packing her shorts.

She went into her living room and sat on the couch, sipping her morning coffee and reading the paper. And wondering who’d be first. She crossed her sinewy, lean legs and felt her pussy tingle as she ground her luscious thighs together.

The way it always did when she lent a hand to young people.

Erica was a specialist in delivering release with her educated fingers, in addition to other ways but always favoring lending a hand, as she liked to call it, to young people – including her own grandchildren, and their friends, be they male or female.

When she needed her deck replaced, it was her grandchildren who suggested the company that employed friends of theirs. She hired them immediately, getting to know them, in her own unique way, the first day of week.

That she jerked them off every day, one by one or in a group of three, came as no surprise to them, having heard about the lovely lady’s manual manipulation skills already.

Today would be the last day on the job, and Erica sat in her living room, her pussy aching, as she concocted a fitting farewell for a job well done.

She heard the slider door open, looking up to see Mario, a shy boy, shuffling toward her.

“Coffee break?” she smiled, getting up and walking into the kitchen where he stood, hands in his pockets, leaning on the granite counter, awkwardly shuffling from foot to foot.

“Yes, Ms. Allston,” he said softly, watching her approach, his cock stiffening in his tight jeans. “ you suppose…?”

“Do I suppose what?” she teased, walking to him and boldly tracing the outline of his cock with her nails, making him jump. “Ohhh, I see, I see…”

He blushed as she stood beside him, leaning on the counter and kissing him as she slowly undid his belt with her left hand, peeling his jeans and briefs down to his knees and unleashing his rock-hard dick that bobbed into view, the end smeared with precum.

“Nice, nice, this is always at the ready, despite having been…worked on all week, eh?” she cooed, kissing his ear and lancing her tongue inside, making him shiver, her tiny hand encircling his long, thick dick.

“God, yessss,” he groaned as that hand expertly started to stroke him slowly.

“Relax, relax, you’re always so nervous when I do this!”

Erica giggled, licking his sweaty ear and neck, enjoying the resultant tremble of his muscular body. “Enjoy…”

He moaned as her left hand cruised up and down his thick shaft, occasionally stopping at the meaty head where she’d slowly twist her hand in circles, focusing on the super-sensitive tip. She pressed her crotch into his hip, grinding her pussy against it as she worked his beautiful Ankara travesti cock.

“Mmmm, you don’t mind, do you, that I rub on you like this?” she growled, biting his shoulder as she stroked him and ground her crotch into his hip, flooding her pussy and soaking her thong panty. “If I get a little pleasure as I give YOU pleasure…stroking your big..hard…cock?”

“No…GOD no…oh…Ms. Allston…feels sooooo good…”

“Do you like me to jerk it slow, like this?” she teased, slowing her pace down, barely making contact with her fingers and thumb around the shaft, painfully light and moving them down from tip to base, making him cry out in frustration. “Or fast, like this?”

She whipped her hand up and down blurry fast, her muscular forearm dancing with tendon and sinew, her long fingers gripping him tightly.

“YESSSS FAST LIKE THAT OH GOD!!” he screamed, head tilted back and eyes closed as her expert hand flew up and down his quivering shaft, balls aching for release.

“Thought so,” she groaned, pushing her pussy into his hip harder and faster, lifting her thigh, supple, warm and muscular, up and into his bloated balls, pushing them up into his shaft. “And you like my old thigh on your nuts like this? Does that help?”

“FUCK YES PLEASE LET ME CUM!” he bellowed.

“And what about this?” she hissed, leaning her mouth to his closest, muscular tit, suckling on the nipple, playfully gnawing on it, drawing it inside to dribble it with her hot tongue.

“Yes…yes…yes…” he panted, nearly breathless from the exertion of having to wait to cum.

“Think I’ll try something new, young man, lemme know if you like it,” she said, her mouth still firmly sucking his beautiful nipples.

She ran a hand down his back, wetting her fingers in his sweat, and over the marble-smooth white butt cheeks, slipping between them – and slowly inserting her long middle finger into his tight pucker. He tensed, eyes shooting open.

“Now, now, now,” she cooed, working it in a bit deeper. “Let Mrs. Allston in, baby, time to learn something…I take it you’ve never had a finger up your gorgeous little ass?”

“No!” he winced, trying to relax, loosening his rectal grip on her probing, long finger. “But…”

She felt it ease up and slipped her digit up to the middle knuckle. He relaxed more and she was in to the hilt, making him gasp at the sensation, especially when that educated finger made gentle circles around his young prostate. His cock felt like it would explode as she left it in, buried deep, working his hot little gland.

“Let’s see how far this can make you shoot, kiddo,” she growled, pumping his ass and grinding her cunt into his hip, her hard old thigh pressed up into his nuts, her other hand stroking him rapidly. “You gonna cum? You gonna cum for me, baby?”

Her answer came as he let out a guttural groan as he began his powerful orgasm. She kept sucking his nipple, finger up his tight little ass, watching wide eyed as the first stream of spunk jetted from his cock a good eight feet away, splashing wetly in a long, white stripe onto her kitchen floor.

“Oh my GOD!” she laughed, stroking faster.

She sucked his nipple harder, pressing her thigh into his nuts more intensely to the point of pain, finger probing his asshole and jerking him fast as ribbon after ribbon of hot boy cum blasted from his dick in long steaming strings of white. She slowed her stroking as his orgasm abated, the last of it dribbling onto her tanned, lean thigh and pulsating old hand.

“Well now, that was quite a lot!” she laughed, gently pulling her finger from his asshole and dropping her leg, lifting her hand to her mouth to lick clean.

She smiled, and kissed him, loving his initial reluctance to taste his own cream.

“We made quite a mess!” she said, nodding back toward the kitchen floor gleaming with long ropes of thick cum. “Give me a hand cleaning that, would you?”

“Sure thing, Ms. Allston,” he sighed.

He fetched a handful of paper towels and knelt on the floor, dutifully wiping up the long puddles of his cum, wadding them up and tossing them into the trash. Still kneeling, he turned to face her as she leaned on the counter, hands beside her on the granite, her cum-soaked thigh thrust out, a blanket of white on the silky soft flesh.

“Well?” she smiled, wiggling the gently saggy flesh of her slack thigh, the puddle of cum quivering along with it, shaking her head as he balked. “Now Mario, I was nice enough to lend a hand and give you a huge orgasm, this is the least you can do. I didn’t make you LICK it off the floor did I? No, now if you would…”

She wiggled her slightly wrinkly old thigh again at him. He stared at it and shrugged.

“Yes, Ms. Allston,” he sighed.

“And don’t swallow,” she said, wagging a finger at him and then pointing it toward her puckered mouth. “I want you to share with me!”

He shuffled to her on his knees, his big calloused hands cupping the back of that thigh and dipping his face to the front, gingerly lapping and slurping up his Konya travesti cum until the flesh was clean of spunk. He looked up at her as she smiled down at him.

“Give us a kiss,” she snarled with a teasing dominance, pulling him to face her and thrust his cummy tongue into her mouth as she gratefully sucked out his cum and swallowed it, smacking her lips as he finished. “Now get back to work!”

She slapped his ass as he laughed and pulled his pants up, returning to work. She went back to the couch, crossing her long, supple legs, and moments later, Todd approached, a giant grin on his face as he looked at her top crossed leg and the sneaker and sock on that foot below her rather muscular calf.

“Hmmm, the way you’re staring at my feet makes me think you need more than me landing you a hand, right?!” she said, laughing as Todd nodded his head frantically, watching her kick off her sneakers and launching one up for him to catch. “Have a seat, while you have a sniff!”

“Yes, Ms. Allston!” he said brightly, plopping down on one end of the couch and burying his face in her sweaty old sneaker.

“You foot boys are so lovable,” she laughed, leaning over to shuck his pants down his legs, his long, thin cock springing up rock hard and ready.”How does my nasty old sneaker smell, young man?”

“Worse than usual,” he groaned, inhaling deeply and blanching at the thick, sweaty scent, then stammering, “I mean…what I mean…”

“You naughty, naughty boy!” she roared. “Have you been sneaking into my house and smelling my shoes when I’m not around?”

He nodded, red faced.

“That’s OK, I’m flattered,” she sighed. “These sneakers are particularly nasty, I wear them every day.”

“God, I can tell,” he croaked, face lost in her sneaker, tongue lapping at the sweaty interiors.

She sat back and lifted her long legs up, wiggling her socked feet in his face, the tendons and sinews of her rugged calves flexing in fleshy, well-defined undulations.

“Then get it from the source, baby,” she grinned. “Dive in!”

He dropped the sneaker and took both her lovely old feet in his young hands, planting his nose into the bottoms, sniffing deeply and loudly, moaning at the vinegary scent of her sweaty socks. His cock was soaked with precum as he licked up and down her soles, then sucked the toes into his mouth, sucking the sweat from them through the grungy fabric of her oft-worn white socks.

“You’re such a foot boy, you really are, look at you suck my dirty socks, I LOVE that!” she cooed, sitting back and watching him worship her granny feet, his strong hands moving up to massage the hanging relaxed meat of her muscular old calves as she held them up. “And now, your reward…”

He groaned, eyes wide, as she dropped her sexy old feet to his lap, the one closest to him on the back of his shaft, the one in front mashing his huge, bloated balls up into his cock. He winced in pain and pleasure as she moved her locked feet up and down, jerking him off in them, taking his big nuts along for the ride.

“Hurt those big, luscious balls so nice?” she asked with an innocent look, pumping her legs up and down faster.

“YEssss… GOD Ms. Allston, you’re so good!”

“I am, I am!” she giggled, holding her legs under her knees and watching her feet work his gorgeous young prick. “And don’t you forget it…”

“OH GODDDD!!” he screamed.

“You’re MUCH too noisy, young man!” she scolded, stopping briefly to peel off her socks, soaked with both her sweat and his constantly flowing pre-cum, and jamming them into his mouth, laughing. “Suck on those and be quiet!”

He groaned, eyes rolling over in the sockets as she strapped her naked, bony feet around his shaft and nuts, jerking him rapidly, his precum streaming down into her insteps and lubricating the silky flesh. He devoured the flavor and smell of the old sexy woman’s socks stuffed in his moaning mouth, looking down at her feet thick with pulsating tendons and veins as they pumped him to orgasm.

“UNGHHHH!” he groaned in a sock-muffled roar as his dick exploded, much to her delight.

“Ahhhh, yes, baby, let it go!” she laughed.

Erica groaned, biting her upper lips, thighs tensed around her wet pussy, watching rope after rope of thick white cum arch into the air and land in thick gooey stripes up and down her bony shins, the last of it oozing out and dribbling down his shaft to coat her scissoring feet.

She teased him a bit by holding his cock against one foot and pushing the other sole onto the sensitive dickhead, making him squirm. She laughed and took the tip between the big toe and adjacent one to squeeze the last thick pearly drop of cum from the eye.

“Gotta get it alllll out, and get you back to work!” she laughed, squeezing harder and making him yelp in pain. “Give me back my socks, you naughty foot slave!”

He grinned as she pulled the filthy socks from his mouth and watched the beautiful senior citizen lovingly tug them back on her cum-soaked feet.

“Wow,” he groaned, as she pulled them up to her ankles and then İzmir travesti put her sneakers back on, mashing his hot load into her socks and shoes.

“Something to remember you by,” she cooed, holding up her long, bony shins lathered with his cum and bending at the waist to run her long tongue into it, slurping it into her pretty old mouth. “Mmmm, tasty!”

“You’re…amazing, Ms. Allston,” he sighed, standing up to pull his pants back on, watching her lick the last of his load from her strong lower legs. “Damn, you’re flexible!”

“Not bad for an old lady,” she sighed, finishing cleaning her shins and swallowing it down.

She stood and hugged him, giving him a long, lingering kiss, thrusting her sticky tongue into his mouth. She then sat down, watching his eyes look down at the slack gently swaying inner thighs as she spread them. He looked up into her tiny, wet white thong, around the edges of which blossomed a thick bouquet of silky gray pubic hair. He licked his lips and knelt, parting her legs more, licking the soft, salty meat of her inner thigh flesh.

“Well, young man, what are you up to?” she asked with mock shyness.

“Do you mind?” he asked, breathing into her thong, looking at the moist, aromatic spot spreading on the fabric. “I figure one good turn deserves another…”

“That’s very thoughtful of you,” she purred. “But are you sure? I mean, it’s frightful in there…I haven’t showered, and worked out today…it must smell something awful…Do you mind? Do you mind my smell down … there?”

He looked up at her, eyes locked onto hers, smiling as his tongue snaked out and ran slowly up her furry slit through the thong. He pulled it aside and buried his eager face into her sex, tongue spearing the velvety hole, making her shiver. She let out a low moan, tilting her head back and biting her lower lip as he tongue fucked her velvety, moist pussy.

“Didn’t think you minded the smell from the way you devoured my stinky old feet!” she hissed, slowly locking her rugged thighs around his neck and cupping his head with one hand, pulling him into her pussy deeper and twisting her slim hips to pump into his stabbing tongue, grinding her clit on his nose. “Mmmm, just like that baby, let Mrs. Allston grind you…”

He stabbed his tongue her pussy with an enthusiasm that belied the lethargy that should have followed such a gigantic orgasm moments earlier. His hands palmed her tightening thighs as they compressed around his head, trapping it in their grip, her pussy gushing wetly into his mouth. His tongue scoured the depths of her silky cunt, spearing in and out, his nose grinding her clit as she came.

“OH GOD YESSSS TODD YESSS!” she screamed, locking her legs out straight and squeezing with such orgasmic intensity her thighs quivered as she filled his gulping mouth with her jetting woman cream.

She finally relinquished her leggy grip and let her thighs part, Todd sitting up gasping for air, a smile on his slimy face. He leaned between her legs and kissed her, Erica holding his head in her hands and sucking on his tongue, then licking his cheeks and chin to taste herself.

“I DO taste rather good, too, don’t I?” she growled, wrapping her legs around his middle and feeling his still-hard cock poking her pussy before pushing him away. “Now back to work and finish my deck!”

He laughed, dressed and left, returning to his job as she sat in a orgasmic fog on the couch, waiting for Matt to come in for his turn. He did, around noon, standing in the kitchen in his tight jeans, smiling as she approached from the living room.

“Another break?” she smiled, hugging him, pressing into his smooth, muscular black chest and kissing him, feeling his cock throbbing against her belly.

“It’s lunch time, Mrs. A.,” Matt said, licking her salty neck, making her swoon as he ran his long pink tongue over the creased flesh. “Can I get you something to eat?”

“You’re SO bad, young man!” Erica laughed, slowly kneeling down, lapping at his powerful sweaty chest on the way to her knees.

“Mind if the guys come inside to eat..while you do?” he laughed, looking down at her hands undoing his belt and jeans, unzipping them and pulling them down to his knees, his huge black cock bobbing at her smiling face. “It’s hot out there…”

“Not as hot as it’s gonna get in here, stud,” she laughed, encircling his massive shaft in both of her tiny hands and slowly stroking it. “Of course, let them get a show with their meal – while I eat mine!”

“Hey guys, come on in, have a seat!” Matt called out.

The two boys came in, munching their sandwiches and grinning as they sat at the kitchen table watching the beautiful old woman gorge herself on their boss’s huge cock. Erica growled as she sucked him, stroking his dick in both hands in and out of her mouth, her pretty face a mask of determination.

She jerked faster and harder as Matt leaned against the counter, hands gripping it, head tilted back and moaning as she sucked his cock. She knew he was almost there and now locked her puckered old mouth around the tip, cheeks rapidly billowing in and out as she sucked on the first couple of inches, her hot tongue washing over it, her magical hands a blur as they flew up and down the rest of the shaft, rapidly whacking him off, her meaty upper arms jiggling madly as she worked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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