Goodbye to the Past Pt. 01

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Goodbye to the Past Part 01 – Personal Assistant Required

A repressed young girl’s sexual awakening begins at the hands of an older woman.

Say goodbye to the guilt
Leave the past behind
Leave the pain with the past
Lighten up the cross
It’s a long journey ahead
Annette Peacock/Bill Bruford, Adios a al Pasada (Goodbye to the Past) 1978


Caitlin Price was twenty four years old and had left University with a middling degree. She had taken some time to get a job and had then drifted in and out of a few mundane positions for a while.

She longed to be able to afford to live up in London, but renting in a decent area was out of her salary grade and she didn’t need her economics degree to tell her that buying was not an option. Maybe not ever the way prices were going.

The train fares were hardly cheap either and made the miserable, crowded forty-three minute journey from Guildford to London Waterloo even worse. Not that it ever took forty-three minutes, of course.

It meant that she was still living at home with all that entailed.

Oppressive. Repressive.

There were two words that described it nicely. A two up, two down on the outskirts of town. Dingy and dowdy; just like her, she thought. She was always aware of the looks of disgust she got in the office or on the train at the lingering smell of stale smoke that despite her best efforts clung to her clothes courtesy of her parents.

It was on a complete whim that she applied for the job. She saw it in the Metro she was reading on the train. ‘Personal assistant required.’ There was nothing in the short description of the work that drew her to it, but the words, ‘Central London accommodation provided’ flashed at her like neon signs on a Las Vegas hotel.

She was always in the office early, so she was able to send her details to the agency with no-one being any the wiser. By lunchtime, she had an interview.

She knew immediately that she could do the work in her sleep. An American business couple had owned a small office in London for many years and were in the process of upsizing and expanding into Europe. They were full on with the office work and having just moved to a new apartment, needed someone to organise their travel, look after the everyday running of their personal lives and generally take the strain to let them take care of the business side of things.

Although naturally shy, Caitlin hoped she could persuade them that she was the right person, and once she had seen what the ‘accommodation provided’ entailed, she knew she had to pull out all the stops to get the job. Even then, she thought – Caitlin Price never got that lucky in life.

The wait had been one of the longest she could remember. After days of expecting the worst, her mobile finally flashed into action. She saw the agency number come up and her heart seemed to stop for a second. She had it on silent as personal calls in the office other than emergencies were forbidden. She ran out into the corridor, heart in her mouth and barely heard the words following, “Congratulations, Caitlin…”

For the first time in her life, she didn’t mind the commute home knowing it would soon be over. Her mother was as supportive as ever. “How the hell will ye cope with living in London, girl? What’s got into yer? Ye’ll be back, tail between yer legs in a month, I’m tellin’ ye.”

‘No ma,’ she thought. ‘I won’t be back. Not ever. This time, for once in my life, I’m telling you.’

The first four months had gone by in a whirl. She hadn’t taken immediately to Bonnie Rodriguez, thinking her abrasive, brash New Jersey exterior made her too similar to her ma. But she soon came to realise that it was all a front, and only a scratch at the surface of Bonnie’s façade revealed a fun- loving, warm and generous woman.

Her husband Frank was a different proposition. Older than Bonnie, he was in his fifties but still physically imposing. In the main he was quiet and taciturn with a hawk-like gaze that discomfited Caitlin, especially in the first few weeks when he seemed to be scrutinising her closely each time they met. He could be intimidating when she got things wrong, and whilst she wouldn’t say she was scared of him, ‘wary’ was a better description. As a result, she kept a distant, professional air with him whilst becoming more open and friendly with Bonnie.

For the first time in ages she was happy. No more smelly clothes; she could see her old Uni friends in London more regularly, and no more old-fashioned Irish mother denting her confidence with every insidious, sniping remark.

The salary was good – only a year’s contract at the moment, but the chance to renew if both parties were happy. She knew it would not last forever as they eventually planned to lessen their involvement as the business settled and would be spending more time back in Miami as time went on.

But it would do for now and she loved her little apartment. She finally had somewhere to call her own, and not many girls of her age could boast a seventh floor bursa otele gelen escort apartment in the exclusive Chelsea Harbour area of West London. She only had couple of smallish rooms – a bedroom with an en-suite shower and toilet and a nice little living room with a small kitchen area attached. But she treasured it and it was hers. It was an annex to the main penthouse apartment and the main house was something to behold.

It had cost her her boyfriend, but that didn’t matter to Caitlin. There were more boys out there – when she felt she was ready. A few months ago, she barely thought about sex. It was something she could take or leave – sometimes it was nice, sometimes she endured it. Always vanilla – no real excitement. Never stellar or earthmoving. Just something to end the night and hopefully not get too messy. And once or twice it had been truly horrible, but she tried not to think of those times.

When she and Steven had split up it didn’t bother her overly – she could never see it lasting anyway. When she had got her new job he seemed to think she had gone above her station and appeared jealous of her new live-in apartment in this luxurious area. She’d thought he’d be happy for her, but if that was the way he wanted to be, she was better off without him.

Strangely, in the weeks after their breakup, she began to feel stirrings. For some reason she began to miss the sex and found herself using her hands more than she had ever done. Her fantasies as she toyed with herself began to get more lurid and sometimes she shocked herself at the things she was thinking. She plucked up courage to mail-order a vibrator and despite feeling a little guilty each time she used it, she found she was drawn to using it more and more frequently.

Even in her fantasies, Caitlin had never thought of making out with another girl. It just didn’t factor. There were no thoughts of what it may be like, or any bi-curious tendencies. All her thoughts had been purely hetero, and she soon realised that in fact they hadn’t been so lurid after all.

Now she knew lurid.

And she loved it. The more lurid the better.

And she also now loved making out with girls.

And it was all down to Bonnie Rodriguez, her boss.

The lady that helped her say goodbye to the past.

Chapter 1

Looking back on it all now, on her last night in this apartment, it was a bittersweet moment. There weren’t many places like this, and there weren’t many views that compared to what she had come to think of as ‘her’ view. She was ready for one last blast of a party, then off to her new life. A life she could never have imagined a short time ago.

Caitlin glanced at her right ring finger and raised it to her mouth. She kissed the diamond encrusted engagement ring and thought about how much had changed in the last two years.

She recalled in vivid detail the night it all began.

She had loved standing by the rail of the rooftop garden, watching the River Thames as it flowed by the harbour on its way past Lots Road Power Station, Wandsworth and Battersea. It was never the same twice. The sunlight at different times of the day, the twinkling of lights at night, the wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

She would make little notes to herself. That crane on the south bank is new. That building site is going up fast. The tide is low today. I wish I was on that pleasure boat going up to Kew Gardens.

On the night it happened, she had gone out to watch the sunset with her headphones on, listening to Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks. She had heard it on the radio and it somehow resonated with her. She tried to imagine where Waterloo was over to the east; the station she had commuted through for so long. As the ‘Dirty Old River’ flowed on by beneath her into the night, she felt a little tear trickle down her cheek as she wished for a moment she was Julie to the song’s Terry.

She wasn’t in Paradise, as Terry and Julie had been. Not then.

But Caitlin Price wouldn’t have long to wait.

She hadn’t know it that night as she turned and went back inside her little apartment, but very soon things were about to change for her.

Yes, she was going to miss this place. She was going to miss Bonnie and Frank. But she had so much to look forward to, and ‘her’ view would always live on in her mind.

She didn’t need to feel jealous of Terry and Julie any more.

Now she really was in Paradise.

Caitlin glanced at the connecting door between her flat and the main apartment and thought – It was all down to Bonnie, yes – but that door handle had a bit to do with it.

And me, of course.

She could remember the day, date and time – she’d never forget it. You tend to recall life changing moments in detail. It was late on a spring Thursday evening and Waterloo Sunset was still playing in her mind. Frank was in Paris on business; Bonnie was heading there in the morning and they would be spending the weekend there after the business was attended to. Caitlin had printed escort bayan off Bonnie’s Eurostar itinerary for her. It would come off on the printer in the office area in the main apartment. She would leave it there until the morning and then put it on the worktable on which she always left their travel documents. In the end, just before turning in, she decided to go through and move it. Bonnie would undoubtedly be in bed by now, and it would give her some extra time in bed in the morning.

She was still reading the details of the travel arrangements as she absently held her hand towards the door handle. She turned it, immersed in the text and as the door opened, she lifted her head and stopped dead in her tracks. It was only later that she realised that was the moment her life changed.

She dived back into her apartment, closing the door as quietly as she could. She was shaking. Please God, Bonnie hadn’t seen her, had she? She hoped she hadn’t. She leaned against the door, her heart thumping in her chest. Had she really just seen that?

Had she really just seen Bonnie Rodriguez lying on the sofa, naked? She blinked in disbelief and replayed the split-second scene she had just witnessed. Bonnie had one leg cocked high up on the back of the sofa, the other on the floor. One hand was holding a huge glass of red wine, the other probing between her parted legs. She had been aware of a pair of huge breasts and a flash of jet black pubic hair. Bonnie’s mouth was wide open as she worked.

But it was what she had seen on the widescreen tv that had really shocked her. The tv was huge, and there was no mistaking it.

Bonnie Rodriguez was watching a porn movie, and she herself was the star. Someone was taking her from behind and she was licking at a hard penis as if it were a lollypop.

Caitlin was in complete shock. Her boss was in the next room getting off on watching herself get double teamed. It was recent too – the butterfly tattoo on her shoulder was only done in the last few months she had said. It had been clearly visible in the movie.

She looked down at the itinerary and realised that she had crumpled it in her hand. Damn – there went her lie-in. She’d need to print another one, and she daren’t go out there again tonight.

Dare she?

Despite herself and the initial shock she felt, she was appalled to think that she was actually intrigued by what she had seen. She wanted to know more – just what was Bonnie up to?

As quietly as she could, she knelt down, heart still pounding and opened the door a crack. For the next five minutes her gaze went back and forth between the screen and the sofa, her eyes getting wider and wider at what she saw. The real-life Bonnie was sipping her wine, her hand going lazily down between her legs. Caitlin saw a glimpse of something being inserted and then withdrawn. Bonnie held the long black object to her own mouth and licked at it. She could hear her purring, and only then realised she was wearing headphones, which had been hidden beneath her thick black hair. Caitlin gasped as Bonnie took the length of the dildo into her mouth at the same time as her screen version took the long cock in hers.

Suddenly, the on-screen Bonnie was tugging at the cock furiously and within seconds was covered in semen, lapping it up as the guy came. Caitlin realised she was biting the back of her hand. She also realised that she was getting quite aroused by this show. Watching her boss in real time and on video doing these things should have appalled her, but her thoughts were turning to what she was going to do with her own little toy when she shut the door.

The problem was, Caitlin couldn’t shut the door. She was screaming at herself to go back into her room, but she was transfixed. The heave of Bonnie’s breasts was incredible and the look on her face had Caitlin wishing she could feel what the older woman was feeling. If she hadn’t known the breasts were fake before, she would have now. Bonnie had joked about them a few times and she hadn’t felt comfortable with the conversation. Now she couldn’t take her eyes off them.

Bonnie drained her glass and put it down and began squeezing one then the other nipple. They were standing up like cherries. She was loving this, watching the movie from their latest party. Frank was ramming into her from behind and the big French guy had just given her a lovely face-full. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow night, when this would all be happening again with their good friends in Paris. She envied Frank, no doubt at this very moment banging away on some little Parisian floozie’s tight little pussy when she was sucking her dildo on her own.

As on-screen Frank came over her buttocks and back, she took off her headphones and made to go and refill her wineglass before she rewound the movie and got herself off. As she turned, she caught a glimpse in the wall mirror of the door to Caitlin’s apartment. It was slightly open, and she could see a little beady eye gazing out.

Bonnie had thought about trying it mudanya escort on with Caitlin ever since they took her on, but the girl seemed completely asexual. She knew she’d had a boyfriend and they had split up, but every time Bonnie mentioned something vaguely sexual, the girl seemed to close up and become embarrassed. It was a shame, because as seasoned swingers, she and Frank would have loved to expand her job description.

Maybe this was the moment. She knew Caitlin was unaware she had seen her, so abandoning thoughts of her wine for a moment, decided to give the girl a real show if that’s what she wanted.

She went to town on the dildo, alternately slamming into her wet pussy and then taking it down her throat, licking her own juices from it. She upped the ante in the noise department too, and became more vocal, grunting and panting with pleasure as she worked herself up, buttocks rising from the leather of the sofa as she went deeper.

For the first time she could remember, Caitlin realised she was getting damp at the thought of what she was seeing. She felt under her nightshirt and her hand came away wet. She bit her lip and decided it was time to shut the door and retreat to bed and see if she could take her little vibrator in her mouth as Bonnie had done.

She was just reaching up for the handle once more when a soft voice carried across the fifteen or so feet between her and Bonnie.

Bonnie’s voice was usually hard and guttural, but she sounded soft and sensuous as she spoke, her harshness replaced by a slight huskiness that made Caitlin shiver.

“Caitlin, darlin’ – you going to kneel there and watch me all night?”

She froze in panic, mortified that she had been found out. She tried to get to her feet, but her legs had gone numb with kneeling for so long. She started to say something, but Bonnie cut her off.

“Way I see it darlin’, there’s two ways this can go. Either you close the door from your own side, forget everything you’ve seen and do whatever your pretty little heart desires to get you over your pent up frustrations.” She paused as Caitlin managed to struggle to her feet. Her heart was in her mouth again.

Bonnie went on, her voice low and even. “Other way is for you to close the door from my side. That’s the way I’d prefer, if I’m honest. And you know me to be honest, yeah?” For the first time she turned her head and met Caitlin’s gaze. “If you’re coming on in sweet girl, pour me a nice glass of red on your way over and get yourself one. I promise I’ll give you the night of your life. If you’re going the other way, I’ll say goodnight. Either way, you still got a job in the morning, hon. No worries there.”

Caitlin was stunned. She was in a daze and didn’t know which way to turn. Bonnie had turned away again, her hand going idly back to her nether regions. She didn’t know whether to stick or twist, cough or wind her watch as her Dad would say. Somehow instinct took over. When every sinew and muscle was willing her to go back into her own room, her heart won the day.

Like an automaton, she slowly walked over to the sofa and picked up Bonnie’s glass from the small table next to it. The woman never looked at her. She went to the drinks cabinet and poured two glasses. Her hands were shaking and she spilled wine all over the cabinet top. An empty glass tumbled over but did not break. As she began to mop it up, Bonnie’s voice came from behind her. It sounded amused.

“Just bring the wine back over, babycakes – before you do any real damage.”

She turned and Bonnie was sitting more upright, grinning at her. She patted the sofa next to her and still in sleepwalk mode, Caitlin slowly walked back trying not to spill the wine. She handed her a glass and sat down next to her. Bonnie held her glass out.

Caitlin swallowed hard and held hers out. There was a tiny clink as they touched. The both drank, Caitlin afraid to swallow too much in case she choked she was shaking so much. Bonnie took the glass from her hand and put it on the table.

“New to this, I guess?”

Caitlin could only nod.

Bonnie flicked a casual hand in the air. “Hey, I was once too. Look at me now, huh? All gotta start somewhere, kid.”

Caitlin nodded again, every instinct but one telling her to get up and run. The one remaining instinct won and she stayed put.

Bonnie sat herself up straight and held a hand out. She touched Caitlin on the chin and ran her fingers through her soft bob of dark hair. Caitlin could smell Bonnie’s juices on her fingers, stronger and more pungent than her own. Before she knew what she was doing, she took hold of Bonnie’s wrist and pulled her fingers towards her own mouth. She sucked on one and felt Bonnie shiver. She shivered herself. What the hell was she doing?

Bonnie was smiling gently. She looked lovely in the candlelight. Caitlin let go of her hand, reached for her wineglass and drained it in one go. She shuddered as it hit her system and her eyes watered. Her voice sounded tiny to her as she spoke.

“Bonnie, I don’t know what I’m doing or why, so take it slow please.” She turned her head to the paused screen trying to correlate seeing the woman sitting a couple of feet in front of her in HD, frozen in time – cum dripping from her chin. “Really is you, isn’t it?” She looked back at Bonnie who nodded and sighed contentedly.

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