Good Things Come In Small Packages

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I was sitting at my desk at work when a memo appeared on top of my “in” basket. I always wondered how these things seemed to just materialize when I’m not looking. I read the title “Management Consulting Team Visit”, and thought to myself “oh shit, here come the ‘hatchet-men’ and followed by whatever the latest buzz-word is for ‘down-sizing’ or ‘right-sizing.”

“Might as well sharpen up my old resume.” quipped Valerie, one of my co-workers across the hallway.

Everyone thought the worst since the company had not been doing so well for the past three quarters. Some say it is the sign of the times.

I read further into the memo and read that vacant office space will be utilized for the various team members. Looking around my office (a converted storage room), I was the only one in it and it was much more spacious than the others. I knew where one of these loathsome bloodsuckers would have to use as his base to sharpen his knives. I pictured a little weasel-looking, coke-bottle bottom glasses wearing bean-counter, the likes of which one would see in some bad 40’s movie saying “vee have vays of making you talk”.

Sure enough, I was right. The next morning Fred, our always congenial Janitor came in with a folding table, two chairs and a power-bar for their computer equipment. I stared at the empty table-turned-desk, and approached this experience like a good old-fashioned root canal (without Novocain).

To my surprise, two young women showed up with laptops and a stack of files. Being the gentleman that my mother raised me to be, I got up from my desk and helped these ladies with their things. I thought to myself “this is a pleasant surprise” and proceeded to get lost into naughty thoughts of these two young things. What can I say, I am a healthy red-blooded Canadian guy.

I chatted them up and learned that one was named Chow-lee but went by the name of Shirley for those of us who do not speak Mandarin. She seemed quite shy. Her partner was named Nina was a little friendlier. She was originally from Pakistan, but grew up in the west. They both went about their work like a couple of eager beavers. I suppose being as young as they were, they couldn’t have been with their firm very long.

At coffee-break, Valerie asked me “So, how are your new room-mates from Exocet?”

“Huh?” I asked, not knowing what Exocet was.

“You know Executech, the hatchet-men. We’ve been calling their company Exocet like the missile… can’t see it coming… but when it hits… WHAM … game over.”

“Oh, I get it.” I laughed politely since Valerie’s jokes aren’t usually very good, but she is a good friend.

“I see you got two of them rooming with you eh?” asked some new guy that I couldn’t remember his name.

“Ya, I guess I will have to watch my step.” I replied.

Back at my desk, I couldn’t help but tuzla escort stare at Nina. She must be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had the face of a model, and the most proportionate petite body imaginable. I have always had a soft-spot for South-Asian women ever since I can remember. I don’t know if it is their soft brown eyes, or the copper skin, or perhaps it is that eastern charm they seem to magically possess. I looked at her more-than-ample breasts and thought “those must be fun to play with”. Nina looked up and caught me staring at her. She seemed to almost be embarrassed by the attention and smiled uncomfortably.

As time progressed, I saw much less of Shirley and more and more of Nina. I suppose that Shirley was a little uncomfortable in the cramped quarters and preferred to do her research out in the plant. This suited me just fine since I don’t think I ever heard more than 10 words from her the entire time she was here.

I noticed that Nina came a little more provocatively dressed with each successive day. I thought at first that she was trying to get the attention of the Mail-boy Brad since he was the sort of hunky guy that I thought good-looking girls went for. I just brushed her aside in my mind as a passing fantasy since I thought an average looking guy like me had no place even THINKING of playing in her league.

A few more days of working, and she asked me totally out of the blue “What sort of food do you like?”

Well, I was a little taken by this. I replied with “Oh, I like it all, but I am partial to Indian.”

She then retorted with “Well, I know a great place for Indian food. Would you like to have dinner with me?”

I was so dumb-struck, you could have pushed me over with a feather. This was totally unbelievable. Here was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is asking ME out to dinner. I replied with “Um, er, well, OK.” Yes I do get so articulate at times like this.

“OK, how does Saturday sound, around 7?” She stated in a rather business-like manner.


“Alright then, pick me up at 7 then.”

I was in heaven for the next day. I felt like a little child on Christmas eve. This was still unbelievable. Why wasn’t she drooling over Brad the Mail-boy? Why did she want to see me? OK, paranoia began to set in… maybe this is a ploy to find out some of the real workings of the company… maybe this is a clever way to let me know that I was the next on the chopping-block… maybe… maybe…

I went on like this for a while, then I decided to go for it. I got ready and followed the directions Nina gave me, and found her apartment.

As I walked down the hallway, I thought I could smell the beautiful aroma of curry down from Nina’s apartment. I rang the doorbell, and she opened the doorway wearing a beautiful traditional gown, and the most wonderous tuzla escort bayan smile. I guess I found the best Indian food in town, and it’s right here.

We sat down to a fabulous meal and stirring conversation. She told me all about her university days, and the fact that she was still living at home with her parents. I knew that this was quite common with Pakistani families, with the siblings staying at times well into their thirties and beyond. She then leaned forward and told me that her parents had gone to another city for some family function, and she decided to stay at home using work as an excuse.

The talk then went to her love life. Being in an overly-protective household with a very traditional father made things quite difficult for her. She said that her beauty is a curse, since many men are afraid to talk to her. She couldn’t stand the men her parents set her up with since she didn’t want to live the strict ways of her birth-country. She was Canadian, and wanted to live the way we do.

She then said that it was time for desert. She got up from the table, and seemed to be gone for an uncomfortably long time.

I heard her say “Here it is” and enter the dining room. Well, the sight of the dishes being served to me by this Goddess wearing her thong and bra was astounding. I stood there as she presented herself to me in all her (modest) glory. She put the dishes down, and I noticed that there was nothing in them.

I had to stand there with my jaw wide open. There she stood. She reached out with her hands to clasp mine, turned and led me to her bedroom. I couldn’t help but stare at the most shapely ass a man could ever fantasize about.

Once in her inner chambers, she pulled me close and kissed my lips gently. She whispered “I want you… I wanted you from the first time you were staring at my tits”

“Did you think they would look like this?” she said as she unsnapped her bra, and a pair of firm breasts appeared. I cupped one and marveled at it’s beauty. I gently kissed the nipple and could feel a raging hard-on waiting to be unleashed. She then reached down and grabbed at my belt. Well, I didn’t need too much coaxing. I was naked in about 2.7 seconds. I just stood there holding her in the dim light of her room.

I could feel her hands reaching down to grab my ass. She then kneeled down to study my cock. She grabbed it and kissed the tip, and then started kissing the shaft. Next, she started rubbing my cock on her cheeks, almost worshiping it. She then looked up at me with those deep brown eyes and said “do you like this? Am I pleasing you?”

“Yyyyes” I shakingly replied.

She then licked the shaft and said that she wanted to please me. “If I suck on your cock until you come in my mouth, would that please you?”

“Oh, yes Nina. That would please me like nothing has ever escort tuzla pleased me before.”

With that, she obligingly took my shaft into her mouth eagerly. I could feel the warmth of her mouth, the hardness of her palette, and the softness of her tongue. She slid my cock in and out of her mouth only taking a few inches at first, then she stopped. I could feel her trying to get more in almost forcing herself to take more than possible.

She then removed my cock from her mouth and asked “how do the girls do it in those porno films? I’ve watched many of them and they all seem to be able to deep throat any size.”

I told her just to relax and do what she can. She was so intent on pleasing me, so she went back to it. I could feel her slide my cock in further and further until she had my pubic hair tickling her nose. She then grabbed my right hand and placed it behind her head, then the left one. I couldn’t believe it, she was wanting me to fuck her face.

I started humping that beautiful face of hers trying not to be too rough. I looked down to see those pouting lips wrapped around my prick. She rolled her eyes up and looked into mine. Well, that was all I could take. I started coming right there and then. I spewed about a gallon of come past her tonsils and into that tight little tummy of hers.

She waited until my cock was soft before she let it out of her mouth. I then took her by the hand and led her to the bed. I laid her down and started kissing her entire body, ending up at her thong which is now completely wet. I removed it and proceeded to give her the vigorous tongue lashing she deserved. I looked up as I was licking her clit to watch her squirm. I could feel that she was ready to unload, so I put my tongue into her slit to feel the vaginal contractions around my tongue. When she did climax, she almost pinched my tongue off. I guess she liked it.

We made love in multiple positions that night. I just couldn’t believe the stamina of this girl. She wore me out.

The next morning, she made me breakfast, and blew me one more time before I left. I could hardly walk down the hallway.

I drove home and had to call her as soon as I got in. Normally I go home and do what most guys do and never call again. Nina was different, very different.

Monday morning at the office, she showed up wearing one of her most revealing office suits, and had a small package for me. It was a neatly wrapped present.

I opened it, and found her thong from the night before. She said that I should sniff it to remind me of her when she isn’t around. (I keep it in my top desk drawer).

To make a long story short, I didn’t get the axe from work, neither did Valerie or any other of my co-workers. They just made come cuts from middle-management and left.

With Nina on the other hand, we are now celebrating our 10th anniversary with two of the most beautiful little girls a man could ever hope to see. So, my advice to you guys out there… don’t be intimidated by the pretty girls… good things do come in small packages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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