Good Fortune

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“It’s not your fault,” exclaimed Paula. “There’s no reason for you to feel bad about things out of your control.” Paula sensed the obvious guilt that Diana was feeling over the work trip gone wrong. Yes, the forecast did call for additional rain after all that they’d been having, but there was no way that Diana could have known that high winds would knock trees down along the highway. “Lighten up. We’ll just have some extra free time.” Paula was a 28 year old brunette with wavy hair past her shoulders. It went well with her darker complexion.

“That’s right,” Anna chipped in. “Let’s enjoy our evening as much as possible. Besides, it’s still on the company ticket. If we can’t make it to the conference tomorrow, we can pick up some CEUs another time.” Anna, at 24 was the youngest of the three ladies, and always had a positive, can-do attitude. She may have been a little innocent, even naïve, but what she lacked in experience, she made up for by being an encouragement to others: everyone but the most jaded or envious liked to be around her. And who wouldn’t want to be around the cute 5′ 3″ gal with the mousy-brown, shoulder length hair.

Diana enjoyed Anna’s company. At 31 with dirty-blond hair worn in a bob cut she was the senior of the three coworkers, and tallest at 5’8″. Although she had been through one divorce she didn’t let her experiences jade her. She tended to be reserved with her feelings, and more serious and focused in her actions. Anna was a breath of fresh air, and Diana felt a smile return to her face. Diana enjoyed Paula’s company as well. They had been working together . . . working well together . . . for over 4 years. Paula could problem-solve any difficulty so that everyone came out a winner. The saying might be that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but Diana felt lucky to know that as far as her coworkers were concerned she was on the green side of the fence.

It wasn’t unexpected when Paula suggested that they grab an early bite to eat. While their motel did have a little eatery she had noticed a mom and pop Chinese restaurant a couple blocks back, and the ladies soon agreed that it was worth braving the tempest one more time. They shared a “dinner for two” between the three of them with plenty left over, and returned to the motel more relaxed.

They chatted for a while and discussed what they might do to fill the time. They were in agreement that no one wanted to go out again, even to invest in a board game for the evening. No one really wanted to watch movies: Anna thought that was far too passive, and she expressed that she had some pent up energy and was feeling a little adventurous. Paula had a deck of cards, and while no one was against playing cards, everyone wanted to be more active than that. Diana and Paula both would normally have spent some time on their exercise machines in the evening, so they felt that some exercise was in order. Anna’s suggestion that they mix cards with exercise was soon accepted by all. The winner of each hand would dictate the exercise that the other two would perform, not to exceed 20 repetitions; though they all wanted to exercise, there had to be some incentive to winning.

They took a quick break to change and freshen up then sat around the writing table: Paula in the recliner, Anna on the edge of the bed, and Diana on the upright chair. All three were in decent shape. Their mutual desire for healthy lifestyle had often led them to share dietary and exercise tips to help each other stay in shape. Anna had a petite body and looked like she could be a gymnast. Paula’s 5’6″ body had more curve to it, but nothing out of proportion. Diana was built like a runner: lithe and firm.

The rules were agreed upon, the cards were dealt and the game of black jack begun. Diana won the first round and Anna and Paula found themselves doing 20 sit-ups. Paula breathily remarked to Anna, “You’re hardly breathing. It’s not fair.” “Privilege of youth!” Anna retorted.

The next two rounds went to Anna. The other ladies were reminded that Anna had an ornery streak. First Diana and Paula were doing pushups. Paula collapsed at 15 and Diana made it to a shaky 18 before giving up. They both returned to the table breathing hard: their exercise machines didn’t train for pushups. After her second win Anna explained a 4-position squatting warm-up exercise that she’d done in high school. While she was counting out the repetitions, and “supervising” their performance, Anna remarked to herself what good shape her co-workers were in. She knew they were attractive, but watching them more closely heightened her respect. She also noticed that Paula had the most jiggle in her chest. Diana seemed to spend more time indoors: her skin was more fair than Anna had remembered contrasting with Paula’s tanned skin. And at this moment Diana was already covered in a slight sheen of sweat. Somehow watching her coworkers was a turn-on. She resolved to take care of that discreetly when everyone had retired.

Diana won the 4th round. “Please, I’m going to need a break pretty soon,” Paula implored. Diana shooed her over with Anna to the empty space where they high-stepped in place 20 times. Diana was having a good time, porno but didn’t realize her face was getting serious as she watched the other girls jogging. She was noticing how beautiful both of her younger co-workers were. Anna had such pert, little breasts that hardly bounced at all, while Paula’s chest had a nice, healthy jiggle beneath her baggy clothes: not overly large, but . . . nice. She judged herself to be somewhere between the two of them in size. And Anna’s furtive scrutiny of her and Paula’s bodies earlier hadn’t been missed.

“What’s up? Why so serious?” Paula panted when the high-steps were done.

Diana lifted her chin and put a smile back on her lips. “Oh, I’m fine. Just thinking” Diana replied.

“What are you thinking about,” Paula pressed. “Not work, I hope.”

“Oh, no. Not work. It was nothing,” Diana evaded.

“Well, it was something, and you can tell us. We’re your friends. It’s alright.”

Anna added, “It is alright. What’s on your mind?”

Diana was reassured by her friends. But she still wasn’t sure how to answer. “I’m just not sure,” she said. “I’m feeling a little heady, and am not sure . . . I just don’t know. There was . . .” she stammered.

Anna jumped in again. “There was what? Please tell us. We want to know.” Paula firmly nodded agreement.

“It’s so silly, but my fortune tonight . . . Nah.”

“You’re fortune cookie? Come on, tell us. Was it good? What did it say?” Paula eagerly inquired.

“Please don’t take it wrong. It just said ‘Something exciting will happen to you today.'”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Anna tittered. “That’s really good. My friends and I always said that fortunes are much more amusing when you add the words in bed to them. So, ‘Something exciting will happen to you today . . .'” Paula and Anna looked at each other and laughed, saying in unison, “In bed!”

Paula continued, “Well mine was almost as good. Mine said “You will find adventure . . .” She looked at Anna again and said “In bed.” Anna smiled wryly, but didn’t join in for the giant lump suddenly in her throat.

Paula looked at Anna and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m great,” Anna half-choked. “It’s just, I think I know what Diana means. I’ve got this deep sense of anticipation, like a weight, in my throat and chest, and I don’t know quite what it means.” She looked at Diana, “Except maybe I do know what it means, and I never thought about it before, and I’m scared to say. I don’t want you to hate me.” She looked at Diana who had that serious look again, but offered a crooked smile of support.

“Wait. You’re not thinking . . . You’re not saying . . . You’ve never? . . . Have you? . . . Of course not. Whoooaaa,” Paula rambled.

Anna slowly nodded assent while watching Diana. “No, I’ve never really considered . . . you know . . . with friends, um, girls. I’m . . . I wouldn’t know where to begin. I . . . maybe we should change the subject.” She blushed and looked down.

Paula swallowed hard, but had to admit she was getting kind of excited. And both her friends were attractive. “Hey. We’re friends. Um, no one will ever know what goes on here tonight. I watched an X-Rated movie once that had a section with two girls.” Things were going a little fast for her and her mouth was getting ahead of her brain, but if there was ever a time to do this, she couldn’t think of anyone she’d trust more, or with whom she’d rather explore this. “Um, I mean, if you want to . . . um . . . I’m game.” She shrugged her shoulders and smiled while looking back and forth between her friends.

Diana smiled reassuringly at the other ladies. “If you . . . if we are all willing to do this, then I think we should go slowly. If anyone gets too uncomfortable, say something and we’ll stop . . . or separate.” She paused for thought. “We can continue playing blackjack. Losers . . . lose one article of clothing. Winner’s choice? No, loser’s choice. Everyone’s got the same amount right.” They glanced at each other. “Are we all O.K. so far.” Anna and Paula looked at each other, and back at Diana and nervously nodded assent. “A loser with no clothes can . . .,” she smirked, “. . . do more exercises at the winner’s discretion. When everyone is out of clothes . . .?”

“Then . . . ” Anna continued in a husky, barely audible voice, “. . . the winner can suggest some action for the other two to take for one . . . or, two minutes.” She cleared her throat. “Is that too long? Uh, does anyone have a timer? Uh, with an alarm in case we get distracted and lose track of time.”

Paula glanced around. “Two minutes sounds good. The microwave has a timer that’s pretty easy to set. Um, how long do we . . . you know . . . keep doing that. This is kind of unexplored territory.” She glanced uncertainly at her friends.

Diana answered, “I guess we’ll know when we get there. So . . . is everyone ready? Still O.K.?” She looked Anna and Paula both in the eye. They both nodded and smiled. She felt the excitement, and butterflies, build in her stomach, as the first hand was dealt.

Anna won the first round and received a couple socks for her effort. Diana won round two, which left Paula sockless. Paula mockingly griped, “This just japon porno isn’t my night, I haven’t won a round yet.” That changed as Paula won round three and left both her companions without socks. Three pairs of feet nervously tapped in anticipation under the table.

When Paula won round four, she sighed in relief, realizing she was the first to get to see a little more skin on both coworkers. Since Anna’s shorts were skimpy, she handed them over revealing just a little more of her finely shaped legs. Neither Paula nor Anna could keep from staring as Diana removed her T-shirt to reveal her white bra over skin only a shade or two more tan. Paula glanced down.

“It’s alright,” Diana assured her. “We’re going to be doing a lot of staring this evening, and now would be a good time to get used to it.” She emphasized her point by standing up and doing a slow spin. The light-hearted action had the desired result of setting everyone more at ease.

Paula was thanking her lucky stars when she won her third round in a row. Diana stood up and turned around, then looked over her shoulder as she lowered her sweatpants to reveal her white panties covering her firm buns. The other girls giggled, eyes glued to the revealed butt.

Anna remained seated while she lifted her T-shirt over her head revealing her very firm abdomen and tan bra covering her little breasts. “Someone’s . . .” Anna croaked, then cleared her throat, “Someone’s going to be more exposed next round.” And she thought to herself that while it would be alright if it was her, she could hardly wait to see more of the other women.

As luck would have it, Anna won the next round. Taking Anna’s cue, Paula removed her baggy gym shorts to reveal her beautifully tanned legs. Everyone had shaved for the conference and their smooth skin emphasized the shapeliness of each pair of legs. Paula and Anna then turned to Diana, who smiled, stood, and unclasped her bra from behind. Her medium-small breasts with smallish pink areolas sagged just a little, but held the other womens’ attention. “Wow,” Paula gasped, “Those are really pretty.” She couldn’t think of anything more profound to say, but Diana was inwardly pleased at the compliment, knowing that large breasts seem so often the rage.

The next hand was dealt and Anna came up with the winning combination again. She looked at Paula who removed her baggy T-shirt to reveal her nicely rounded breasts held back in a gray sports bra: the other girls were momentarily transfixed by the evenly tanned cleavage before them. When everyone finally took another breath, all eyes went to Diana who was down to her panties. Diana stood, hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties, took a deep breath, and pulled down the panties while bending at the waist. Anna noticed that Diana’s pubic hair nearly matched her own mousy-brown hair. And while her pussy was not shaved, her bush was trimmed back so that it wasn’t too thick. Diana muttered teasingly to herself, “I’ve got to start winning some hands.”

Anna looked Diana in the eyes and sincerely stated, “You are so beautiful. I’m . . . I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.”

Luck was not with Diana as Paula regained ascendancy. Anna undid the front clasp of her bra to reveal her pair of very firm tits. While not long, it was obvious her nipples were erect, and nicely surrounded by her smallish tan areolas. Diana sighed, “You have the prettiest breasts. They match you so perfectly.” Anna flushed and nodded her thanks.

Paula turned to Diana and pushed some bravado into her voice, “And for you . . . more pushups!” Diana groaned and started to bend to the floor. “No, no, no,” Paula interrupted. “On the bed.” She felt the catch in her throat as Diana’s lithe form began the pushups. Her breasts hung straight down touching the bed with each pushup. She quickly lost count, but Diana gasped out “Fourteen” as she collapsed, her small rounded butt briefly sticking up before she pushed herself up and resumed her post on her chair.

“I’ve really got to start winning some hands,” Diana muttered again. But she had to admit that she couldn’t wait to see the rest of her friends revealed, and . . . whatever would follow.

Diana finally won another hand, slouching momentarily in relief, then sitting back up as she locked eyes with Paula. Paula nodded, then extricated her breasts from the sports bra. Once released, they appeared even bigger than what Diana had thought. And so perfectly tanned. And with such wide dark areolas. That begged to be sucked. She tried to whistle appreciatively, but it just came out as a rush of air. The girls laughed. Diana turned back to Anna. Yes, her small breasts, which were more separated than Paula’s, also would be fun to suck. She caught Anna’s eyes and held them as Anna stood and lowered her panties. The blonde smiled again and lowered her eyes. Anna had the most beautifully trimmed pussy she’d ever seen. Not that she could ever remember staring this intently at anyone’s crotch before. There was no hair to hide . . . the glistening moistness around her pussy. Diana nearly lost her self-control. But for her friends’ sake she brought her mind and eyes back lezbiyen porno up, sucked in some air and asked breathily, “Ready for the next round.”

Anna saw Diana go through the same feelings she was experiencing. “Breathe, Diana, breathe. Just you wait, Paula. We’re going to get those panties off you too.”

Paula laughed, “Breathe, Anna, breathe.” They all giggled trying to maintain some eye contact, but frequently dropping their eyes to their coworkers beautiful bodies. And as to the loss of her own panties Paula whispered to herself, “I hope so . . . soon.”

Paula was spared total exposure by another win. She smiled crooked at her coworkers. “On the bed. Situps. Now.” Thinking quickly, and concluding that she would only live once, she decided to feed her curiosity and suddenly insatiable voyeurism. She made both gals put their feet at the end of the bed. Since there was nothing to anchor them, she knelt down and put a hand on one of each friends’ feet. “Begin!” she squeaked. The other women giggled at her vocal lapse as they began their situps. And the brunette was not disappointed – – the view was everything she could have hoped for. And she also noticed that there was a not-unpleasant aroma beginning to build in the air. “Thank you so much,” she congratulated the girls, while grudgingly giving up the first hand contact she’d made with then. “My number’s probably up.”

And it was. Diana won. Paula stood and slid her panties down revealing a beautiful brown landing strip of hair pointing toward her otherwise shaved pussy. Her panties already sported a wet spot, so it was little surprise that a drip of moisture was slowly working its way toward her ass. Diana gained control of herself more quickly this time and turned to Anna. “I don’t believe you’ve done any pushups yet. It’s about time. On the bed, please. Show us how it’s done.” Diana began counting the pushups and Paula joined in around the count of 4, as Anna’s athletic body moved up and down. Diana moved to the foot of the bed to get a better look between Anna’s legs, but couldn’t see much in the shadow of her tight, little butt.

Anna wiggled her behind as she climbed off the bed. “Enjoy the view?”

The blonde replied, “Very much, thank you.”

Paula raised her eyebrows and remarked, “Things are going to get more . . . interesting now. Are we still all O.K.? I mean, I really hope so, because I . . . um . . . really hope so.” Anna smiled and nodded, not trusting her voice at the moment, and Diana answered affirmatively as well. “Well, let’s deal and get to it,” she said as her bare butt sank into cushy chair.

Cards were dealt and Diana won. At this point she halfway wanted to lose the hand because her body was aching for some action and release. But she also didn’t know how much self-control she had left. She leaned over and set the timer. “O.K. girls. Stand up, and make out.”

Anna and Paula stood up. Paula reached over and grabbed Anna’s hand to pull her to a more open spot on the floor. They briefly held each other’s hands while sharing a brief gaze, Anna reached her right hand up over Paula’s ear, slid her hand into the hair on the back of Paula’s head, and gently pulled Paula’s head down. Paula placed her right hand on the side of Anna’s face while reaching her left around the small of Anna’s back. Their lips met tenderly, moved away, and back together again. Anna moaned at the feeling of her body pressing against Paula’s for the first time. Paula felt her body heat up as Anna’s willing body pushed against her. Their lips parted and tongues began to slide in and explore. And the timer intruded on their intimacy. They reluctantly pulled back, and Diana cleared her throat. They could barely remember the rules, but grudgingly returned to their seats.

The cards were dealt again, by shaky hands. This time Anna was the winner, though she could hardly concentrate. She looked at the two other ladies. She would like to see them make out as well, but thought that she should come up with something different. She asked herself what she’d like to do, and the answer was to suck those beautiful nipples. She had Diana and Paula lay on their sides diagonally across the bed, with their feet in opposite corners. She set the timer and commanded “Start sucking the most beautiful tits you can find in front of you.” Diana didn’t hesitate: she leaned forward and guided one of Paula’s nipples into her mouth. The shiver and moan she elicited were gratifying as she slowly swirled her tongue around the nipple. She let go of that nipple and stuck her tongue out to trace circles around the other areola before Paula finally remember to join in. Paula cupped one of Diana’s breasts in each hand, wet her lips and began going back and forth, sucking the nipples into her mouth. Diana wiggled her body, desperate to give her pussy some attention, but there was nothing . . . or no one . . . to rub against. She traced her tongue around the crease under the brunette’s upper breast, and back to the nipple. Paula opened her mouth wide to see how much of her blonde friend’s breast that she could suck into her mouth, while teasing the nipples with her tongue. It seemed like they’d only just begun when the timer went off again. The ladies sat up, looked longingly at each other, but returned to their seats. Anna dropped her hand as she realized that she’d been absent-mindedly giving her own breasts attention while staring at her coworkers’ breast-sucking techniques.

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