Going South Ch. 05

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Double Penetration

The distance from New York to Key West, Florida is 1,440 miles, according to Google Maps. As we drove out of New York, we decided to be idiots and drive straight through, taking turns driving, the passenger sleeping in a reclined seat. We reckoned that without pushing it too hard, we could do it in about thirty hours, including food stops, so we’d get there sometime late tomorrow. I’d already made reservations, this time for a month, at, of all places, a gay hotel. Now I’m not gay, so why would I do that? Simple. I like being nude, and some gay hotels allow nudity, in the hotel and on the pool deck. I could look after myself, so wasn’t worried about being accosted.

The trip was miserable, and if you missed that, MISERABLE! We arrived at the hotel at six p.m. and by the time we’d got to our room were zombies! We didn’t even unpack. Just dropped our bags, undressed and crashed, and remained crashed for twelve straight hours.

We awoke at seven o’clock the following evening, partly recovered, but ravenously hungry so got up, threw on some clothes, hey, we were shy, and went down to see if it was too late to eat. It wasn’t, in fact the restaurant was still half full, and Sue was the only woman. She knew it was a gay hotel, I’d told her from the beginning, but I still looked at her anxiously.

“Is this going to be alright, sweetheart, we can always go somewhere else?”

“No, honey, this is going to be just fine.” she replied with a big grin. “Just look at how the guys are staring at you. Wait till they see you with your pants off!”

I blushed! Sue was referring to the fact that my cock was a thick seven inches soft, and a thicker eight and a half inches hard. I must admit that I hadn’t thought of that. How naïve could you be! That would be like taking apple pie to a picnic. Maybe I’d stay dressed the whole month we were here, and if it became unbearable, we’d move.

In spite of this, we ate our meal with enjoyment and went to the bar, where we were the only ones wearing clothing! Talk about a second prick at a wedding, no pun intended! Nevertheless everyone was extremely friendly, wanted to know all about us, and when they heard we’d driven straight through from New York thought we were nuts. Though believe me, there were already plenty of nuts in evidence in the bar!

We explained too that we were clothed because we were a little nervous on our first day, which they thoroughly understood, but we assured them that from tomorrow on, the clothes would be lost.

We stayed for two drinks, then said our goodbyes and returned to our room. Once in bed, Sue took me in her arms and began to speak to me. “Ritchie, you were really worried down in the bar. Why?”

“I think,” I replied, “that when push came to shove, the sight of all those naked men unhinged me more than I ever imagined they would. I found that I was totally impressed by the sight of all those cocks. I’ve always had a fascination with cocks, but never imagined they would affect me as they did this evening. I’m so sorry, my darling, I think we’d better get out of here before something happens that we’ll both regret.”

Sue looked at me for a moment, smiled, and continued. “Ritchie, I know who you are, I know what you are. Whatever happens here will clarify who you’re supposed to be in your own mind, but whatever that is, I know that you will never do anything to hurt me, and more importantly, to hurt us. Don’t forget, after all, that I’ve been making love to both you and Jenny for the last week, and that hasn’t changed anything, has it?”

“Yes it has.” I whispered. “It’s made me realize just how much I love you.”

“And I love you just as much, you idiot. So we’re going to stay here, you’re going to let that magnificent cock hang out and if you feel you need to share it with someone other than me, I’ll remember Jenny and we’ll sail by it. Now, speaking of your magnificent cock, do you think you fixbet can put it to the use for which it was intended and fuck my brains out?”

I did; nothing fancy; face to face; straight in; making her scream with joy; making me scream with joy; filling her full to overflowing with my seed. We collapsed in each other’s arms, relishing the joy of our love, the soundness of our love, and slept the sleep of the dead.

We woke up in the morning if not totally rested, then a good facsimile thereof, greeted the day with another session of noisy and passionate lovemaking, hugged, cuddled, showered, dressed in absolutely nothing and, hearts in our mouths, went down to breakfast. Where we were greeted by a round of clapping that made us blush furiously, and look at each other questioningly. What the hell was that for? The waiter soon clued us in, in a whisper. “The walls of the rooms aren’t very thick and you were so obviously having tremendous fun last night and again this morning. Don’t feel offended, they genuinely mean you well. They’re very impressed.”

We blushed furiously, Sue down to the tops of her beautiful breasts, stood up and took a bow, which brought the house down. Maybe we’d enjoy it here after all.

When we finished our breakfast, we got towels and sunscreen from our room and climbed to the roof pool, where we applied the sunscreen and stretched out on lounge chairs and began to suck up the hot sun’s rays.

It didn’t take long before we were surrounded by men who had been in the breakfast room, and we discovered that the waiter had been quite right, there was no animosity here, just genuine good feeling, though I did get some good-natured ribbing about my cock, and of course, Sue didn’t help as she giggled “And you should see it when it’s hard!”

“Sue!” I exclaimed, embarrassed all to hell. “They don’t want to know that.”

“Oh yes I do.” came a voice to my front left.

“So do I.” from directly in front of me.

“Me too.” to my right.?

“Sue, see what you’ve started.” I said with a laugh, blushing.

“It’s alright, Ritchie, I’ll look after you.” she giggled. at which we all laughed out loud. My laughter wasn’t quite as wholehearted, because all the attention my cock was getting was making it twitch, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, Sue, my darling Sue, wrapped her hand around it, which caused it to grow even faster. I looked up to see that mine wasn’t the only cock affected, and we were surrounded by a veritable forest of engorged members.

“See what you’ve done, Sue?” I gasped.

“What?” she giggled, looking round. “I think the view is wonderful.”

“Minx!” I laughed out loud. “You shouldn’t be allowed out alone.”

“I’m not alone.” she pointed out quite logically. “I’m with you.” There was no answering that, so I didn’t even try, I just leaned over and kissed her.

“Thank you, kind sir.” she simpered, with a wink. “I’m going down to the room for a nap. This sun is getting to me. You stay here and relax and make some new friends.”

Sue left, and the group broke up, with the exception of a medium height, slim, blond man, who took her chair, and a shorter black haired man who sat down on the bottom of his chair, and we started chatting. The blond was Sam, the other, Ted, and we soon became friendly. They were both in their mid twenties and had only just met, here in the hotel.

“So what’s the story? asked Sam. “Are you gay or is Sue really your girlfriend?”

“Oh she’s really my girlfriend alright.” I replied. “We’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks, but we love each other deeply. The sounds you heard last night and this morning were genuine.”

“Pity,” said Sam, “because we had taken quite a fancy to you. Isn’t that right, Ted?”

“That’s right, Sam. Not only are you gorgeous, Ritchie, but that cock is to die for.” With that, Sam reached out and stroked it, fixbet giriş which had the immediate effect of making it become instantly rigid, at its full length of eight and a half inches.

Not only did my cock spring to attention, but so did theirs, instantly. Ted’s was about six inches, Sam’s about seven and a half.

“Ritchie, will you come down to our room? Please?” asked Sam. I thought about my conversation with Sue last night and nodded so, our hands over our cocks, we made our way one floor down to their room. Once inside, we sat on the bed and they were all over my cock, stroking it, even sucking it.

I suddenly shot to my feet, gasped “I can’t do this! It’s just not me!” ran out and ran as fast as I could back to my room, where Sue was stretched out on the bed reading a book.

I fell into her arms, sobbing. “I can’t do it, my sweet Sue. There’s only you, and there will only be you. I was a fool to think anything else.” I told her what had happened, she hugged me tight, sobbing too.

“It’s alright, Ritchie, everything’s fine. I’m so glad you came back to me, but it’s something you had to find out for yourself. Now, do you want to move? I don’t have any more objections, none at all.”

We quickly dressed in t-shirts and shorts, packed, checked out, apologizing profusely, and were soon signing into an expensive resort on the waterfront, something we should have done in the first place. They gave us a waterfront suite on the ninth floor, bedroom and sitting room, and once Sue had danced around oohing and ahing at the two sumptuous rooms, we embraced, kissed. “Can we afford this, Ritchie?” Sue asked, a worried look on her face.

“Yes we can.” I assured her. What I hadn’t told her was that I’d won a lottery shortly before I left home, which was a primary reason for my setting off on my travels. As lottery winnings in Canada are not taxable, I was now quite a rich man.

Sue kissed me softly, and whispered. “You’re such a wonderful man, Ritchie, I was so lucky to meet you. Do you think we can christen the room now?”

“I think we can do that, sweetheart.” I replied with a big grin. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Smiling at me, she began to caress my cock through my shorts, coaxing it to its full length and thickness. “This is what I have in mind, my love.” she whispered as she unbuttoned my shorts, and unzipped them, letting them drop to the floor, taking my cock in hand as it sprang upwards. What a good job I’d decided to go commando!

Kneeling in front of me, she held my cock and closed her lips around the bulbous, purple head, a head that she was coming to love, whether in her mouth or in her cunt. It was so fat, so spongy, and she licked it like a lollipop, her tongue finding and caressing the frenulum, the sensitive strip of skin on its underside, forcing me to moan loudly.

She continued to suck my cock until I knew that my precum was beginning to leak from the tip. I pulled her to her feet with a smile on my face. “You didn’t really think that this christening was going to be one-sided, did you, Sue? This is going to be shared, between you and me, we’re both going to cum at the same time, sweetheart, love it at the same time.”

I bent down and lifted her t-shirt over her head, revealing her beautiful breasts, then lifted her up, unfastened and unzipped her shorts, which dropped to the floor, leaving her in only a pair of brief panties, the front of which was very, and noticeably, wet.

It was now my turn to fall to my knees, where I kissed the wetness, sucked it into my mouth, before I hooked my thumbs into either side of her panties and pulled them down, revealing her trimmed patch of black curls, beaded with her juices.

I got up, took her by the hand and led her to the bed, where we lay on our sides facing each other. Sue moved her mound closer to me, close enough that I was able to slide my rampant cock up inside her, not as far as we would have liked, but far enough to fill us both with joy. She raised her upper leg onto my hip so that I could slide in just a little bit further

I reached out and gently touched her little breasts. Her puffy areolas fascinated me, and I stroked them until they puffed out and her long, pink nipples grew, hard, pointed.

I kissed her, very gently, my lips just brushing hers, felt the tip of her red tongue slip out to meet me, to touch my lips oh so softly, to draw my tongue out to meet it, to kiss, to caress, to dance, to entwine, until our mouths opened and our tongues entered, to search, to play, in joy.

My hands caressed her soft skin, delighting in the feel of the sweet globes of her bottom. She was so beautiful, so kind, so gentle, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have her, and I was certain that, from my perspective, that it would be till’ death did us part. I had come to love this little woman very much, and as I lay there and looked into her eyes, I swore to myself that I would never knowingly do anything to hurt her.

My cock twitched inside my love, twitched again. She moaned softly as our excitement grew, as our need for fulfillment approached. I closed my arms around her, clutched her soft bottom against me, and thrust deeper into her.

She whimpered, grasped me, kissed me, as my cock built to a rhythm, in, out, in, out, feeling the walls of her vagina clutching it, squeezing it, trying to draw my essence out of me.

I approached my climax, we both approached our climaxes, until with screams we came, I filled her cunt with stream upon stream of my thick, white seed, and she sprayed my cock with her sweet cum.

We cried. How could we not! Each time we made love was better than the last, reinforcing the knowledge that we were lovers for life, had been since our meeting on that wet road from Montreal, though we didn’t know it at the time.

“Well my darling, was that a good enough christening?” I panted, but with a grin.

“It was a very good start.” Sue giggled. “But I think we’re going to have to try to improve on it, though it’ll be difficult.”

“I love you so much, Sue.” I whispered. “I’ll do anything for you.”

“And I for you, Ritchie. You’re my man, and always will be.”

It had been a long day, and after our exertions we fell asleep in each other’s arms, to wake up in the early evening, ravenously hungry, though not for each other. Not yet, at least. We dressed in t-shirts and shorts again and made our way to Duval Street, where all the action took place, eating, partying, and who knew what else! I had heard that The Grand Cafe was worth a visit and it was, excellent food, excellent service.

After the bottle of wine we enjoyed with our dinner, we were nowhere near ready to go back to our suite, so made our way to the Hog’s Breath Saloon, a must-see in Key West. We did see it, but not for long, as the beer we consumed, and the friends we made, tired us out. We met two couples with whom we got on very well and who shared a house very close to the saloon. The combination of our tiredness and the proximity of their house made it very easy to accept their offer to come home with them for a nightcap.

John and Annie and Harry and Ellen proved to be wonderful hosts and brought out a bottle of wine as soon as we arrived, which did nothing for our sobriety, but everything for our enjoyment! They had come to Key West very much as Sue and I had, for the weather and the fun, and had found both, in abundance. While they were two couples, so close were they that they lived as one family, sharing each other as they saw fit. Sue and I were delighted with them, and they with us. We spent that night with them, in fact the next day we moved out of our hotel and in with them, and spent the rest of our vacation in their company.

But details of that must wait until the next episode of this story. I hope you’ll watch for what is to come. Incidentally, I sometimes wonder what might have happened had I been alone when I stayed at the gay hotel in Key West.

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