Girlie Girl, Office Cunt Ch. 02

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The women’s nameplates were attached to their wall of their cubicles, so I knew who they were before they knew me. Marge and Justine looked up in shock as I sashayed slowly toward their desks, my titties exposed. Marge reached for her phone, screaming, “Call Security! And quick!”

I waved my finger in the air back and forth. “No, no, Marge.” And I stepped into Justine’s cubicle. She was frozen in place, looking trapped. “Don’t worry, Justine. No one’s calling Security this morning.” And I knelt down next to her desk so we were at eye level, but Justine’s eyes were focused on my huge, erect nipples.

“Hi there, Sweetie. I am Girlie Girl, and I am here to teach you how to have fun at work. Are you interested?”

Marge flew out of her cubicle, put out both hands and braced herself at the opening of Justine’s. “No! No! We’re not doing this! Tell her, Justine! Tell her we will quit first!”

I placed one hand over Justine’s white-knuckle grip on the corner of her desk, and reached my hand out to Marge and said, ever so sweetly, “Marge, there are three well-qualified women in my circle of friends who are waiting for you to walk out of here, just so they can have your job. You will lose your seniority, your benefits, and — most important of all — you will lose your only opportunity to finally enjoy your job as a woman…with complete and utter respect, while finally having the best time you’ve never had before. Are you going to let that pass you by, again?”

I slowly stood up, wriggling my alabaster ass — and in my four-inch heels, I towered over both of these women. I spread my legs and lifted the front of my ever-so-short skirt. Neither of them spoke. I was certain they were still in shock at my exposure, my calm, my smile and my positive energy. With painted nails, I spread my cunt lips open and fingered my clit.

“This, Ladies, rules my life.”

I inserted one finger inside.

“And this is Precious, my perfect cunt.”

I withdrew my finger and waved the aroma in the air. “It is this subtle fragrance that drives men mad with desire. You have it, too.”

Ever so gently, I guided Marge (her mouth open, with only little tiny puffs of air coming out), into the chair in the corner of Justine’s cubicle. I bent over the corner of Justine’s desk, laying my titties at her fingertips. I spread my legs, lifted the back of my skirt, and displayed my beautiful alabaster ass.

I looked over my shoulder at the two women. Their faces were red. They didn’t realize they were holding their breaths.

“Justine. Marge. Please. Exhale slowly. Inhale through your nose. Exhale slowly again.”

They could not take their eyes off my beautiful ass.

“This is my playground. When men fuck me from behind, Ladies, I call tuzla eve gelen escort it ‘Girlie Girl style’…and now, the men know to call it that, too. The men love to fuck my Precious cunt in this fashion. I am not a dog. You are not dogs. The men are not dogs. And when we really release all our fears, all of our imposed inhibitions, and all of the indoctrination we have received since childhood, we are finally able to admit just how much we really love to fuck, and to be fucked.

“And, Ladies, this is your time to learn these things. With freedom, with abandon…and very, very excellent pay.

“I urge you…I challenge you…to expose your titties — no matter what size they are, and to free your cunt to feel and experience everything for which it was created.”

Marge stood up, quickly. “I HATE that word, cunt. It’s disgusting!”

“Only if you allow it to be, Marge. It is a choice.”

“But…but…my husband calls me a cunt every time he gets mad at me!”

I stepped forward to put my arms around her. She fell into them and began crying.

“All the more reason for you to claim who you are in this manner,” I said, softly. “He could just as easily call you anything else and make it sound just as disgusting, just as demeaning. However, this,” and I touched my cunt again, “and this,” and I touched the same area in the front of her skirt, “really is a cunt. Let me teach you how to use her to her fullest capacity, and to your utter delight.

I stepped back over to Justine’s desk, put my hands on Justine’s shoulders and asked, “Do you mind if I move you back just a bit, for a few minutes?”

Justine shrugged her shoulders, shook her head, and I pushed her chair away from the desk.

I cleared the papers on her desk out of the way, and moved the computer keyboard. Then I planted my ass on the side of her desk and scooted backwards so I could lie down, bring my knees up, and plant my feet flat. I spread my legs open.

“If you have never really seen your cunt, please feel free to examine Precious up close. She is so very lovely. I keep her trimmed, with just enough hair remaining to keep the lips from sticking to my thighs when I walk.”

They both hesitated, looking at each other, then at me.

“It is really okay,” I said to them.

“I would love to touch your big titties. Your bra is so lovely. ” Justine offered. “Mine are so awfully small. My husband tells me all the time he wants me to get a boob job. I hate the way he makes fun of me.”

“Well, may I see your titties, pretty please, Justine?”

Justine stood and unbuttoned her blouse. She was wearing a non-descript sports bra that flattened her chest even further. She removed the bra and put her blouse back tuzla otele gelen escort on, leaving it unbuttoned. Her titties were small, and her nipples were very big, and very lovely.

I crooked my finger to her and she came closer. I slowly stroked the furthest edge of her titties, slowly twirling my fingers until I reached her nipples. She gasped for breath.

“Allow me to tease them, pretty please?” and Justine leaned over. I let my tongue encircle one nipple while my fingers played with the other. I softly kissed and sucked.

Marge took a couple of steps forward and spread my crotchless panties, playing with the juices that were dripping from my cunt. I felt her lift her fingers away and heard her sucking them in her mouth. Seconds later, her lips were on my cunt and eagerly tasting what most intrigued her.

Justine, meanwhile, began moaning and writhing next to my face, so I slipped my fingers into her panties and found her swollen clit. I played with it and she came quickly, howling like a cat in heat. She, in turn, placed her right hand on Marge’s ass and began stroking.

Apparently Jenny had called Kenneth to notify him of my arrival. We had not heard his footsteps on the carpet. He now stood at the opening of the cubicle, witnessing all of this to his utter delight, and shooting photos. Justine and Marge were so mesmerized that they did not hear the click of the camera or see the flash.

Kenneth tapped Marge softly on the shoulder, and she looked up at him in a daze, her mouth covered in my cunt juices.

“I love this, Ladies. I am so very proud of you.

“Marge, your pay just doubled — and with a full day at the spa during the work week. I wasn’t sure you had it in you to participate so fully.”

Marge lifted her dress and stepped out of her granny panties. “I’m not wearing these ever again.”

Kenneth smiled at her and said, “I think that’s great! I opened an account at Touchables for you, Marge and Jenny. Buy all your bras and panties from that site from now on. Make sure they’re open tittie bras, and crotchless panties, like Girlie Girl’s.

“And, Justine — Sweetie! Your nipples are beautiful. What perfect titties! Would you mind showing them off to the truck crew in the cafeteria at lunch time?”

Justine blushed and smiled. “You really think they’re beautiful?”

“Absolutely! The men are going to go crazy for you!

“And you just doubled your pay, too! But don’t go to the spa on the same day as Marge, though. Need to keep up the appearance of you girls working hard!”

Kenneth placed his hand around Marge’s waist and slowly pulled her away from my cunt.

“Do you mind if I have a taste? I cannot miss this opportunity!”

Kenneth tuzla sınırsız escort bent down and buried his face into my spread legs, sucking my clit. Justine went to work on my nipples, and in nothing short of ninety seconds I squirted all over Kenneth’s face. He lapped at my cunt lips and laughed at the mess I had made on his shirt.

“Mmmmmm. I’m going to smell like Girlie Girl all day! I best get in the shower and change my clothes or the men are going to be following me like a pack of dogs!”

Marge cleared her throat and said, shyly, “Um…would you mind if I took a shower with you, Kenneth? I would love to know more about fucking Girlie Girl style.”

Kenneth’s eyes opened wide and he stood up straighter. “Really, Marge? Sweetie, if you think you’re ready for this, I would love to be the man to show you how it’s done. I’ve always wondered what kind of magic your cunt holds.

“Yes! Yes, we will do that right now. And I’ve heard Girlie Girl has brought several costumes with her for you to try on, too. It would bring me a great deal of pleasure to return later to see you dressed “appropriately”.

Marge snuggled up to Kenneth, took his hand, and they walked off together toward the shower, laughing and talking.

I slid off Justine’s desk and put my arm around her.

“You did really great, Justine. I am so very proud of you.”

Justine dropped her head and smiled. “You made it so easy, Girlie Girl. I cannot remember ever enjoying who I am the way I did this morning. And I want more. So much more! Please show me what you know! I will follow all of your instructions!”

Jenny popped her head into the cubicle and said, “Ladies, the men are all headed toward the cafeteria. I called and had lunch catered in, so we only need to show up and have a good time. Let’s get our asses in there and show these fellas what’s in store for them!”

Justine saw the way Jenny was now dressed, and she looked down at her plain skirt and blouse. She put her hands in the air and cried, “I can’t go out to the men dressed like this!”

“Sure you can, Sweetie. Pitch that sports bra. You can leave your blouse unbuttoned and just tie it here at your waist — that way your lovely nipples are in full view and very accessible. Pull your panties off and unbutton your skirt from the second button all the way to the hem. Now the men can slip their hands inside and feel your ass and finger your cunt!

“After lunch you can go through all the outfits I brought with me, and choose whatever suits you’re fancy.”

I knew the men had absolutely no idea — not even a hint — of what was about to happen to them and for them in the cafeteria. Even walking down the hall with Jenny and Justine, we could hear them coming in the back door, pulling the chairs out around the tables, and the chatter about the catered lunch.

And we were their dessert!

As we walked into the cafeteria, we heard whistles, catcalls…and then, incredible applause. I stepped away from Jenny and Justine and said, “Hi, Fellas! Please — liberate your Johnsons!”

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