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Becky could hardly believe what was happening around her. She was standing in the courtyard, surrounded by hundreds of kids. I say kids because you see Becky was at least 10 years older then almost all of them. She felt like an old woman. Was she doing the right thing? Would she fit in? Is this really what she wanted? She pulled a neatly folded paper out of her notebook, as she read it she turned to study the names on the buildings. There it is Beldon Hall that was her first class was. She took a deep breath to compose herself and slowly started walking.

A Little about Becky now, she is a 30-year-old mother of two and very happily married. She felt something missing in her life and decided she wanted to go back to school to get her masters in special education. Currently she works as a teacher for a county organization. This was a big step for her, leaving her husband and kids, living so far away from home. She walked through the crowd and felt utterly alone.

As she opened the door a warm “hello” greeted her. Looking up a young woman smiled as she porno indir warmly welcomed her. This immediately gave her a slight flutter of hope. She introduced herself as Marie; she was from the south and had a great southern accent. As they talked the class filled in around them. They figured out their schedules and it came to be that they had 4 classes together. The next few days went fast and the weekend was here. Time to go home to the family. She had told her whole family about her new friend and how great she was. Before she knew it she was heading into the 2nd semester of studies and she and Marie were spending every possible minute of the day together. Marie had even been going home with her on the weekends. One morning in a philosophy class their professor cracked a joke about them being girlfriends. Becky looked over at Maria laughing hysterically. The two got a good laugh out of that. The next day the instructor of Social Acceptance and Understanding workshop asked the two girls to go downstairs to get him a video. They rokettube were to watch an example of a total inclusion class at work in a regular education setting.

When the girls got to the basement it was dark and creepy. Maria wanted to leave but Becky said it was fine. This was just like her damp yucky basement at home. Joking Beck reached out and held Maria’s hand. She was so warm and soft, Becky had to let go right away. Maria grabbed her shoulder and turned her violently planting an incredibly erotic kiss on Becky’s lips. Her first response was to resist but she didn’t. With a sweep of her tongue she took her entire mouth in hers. Maria’s tongue rested for a moment on the edge of Becky’s lip and waited for her friend to resist. Becky did not. They stood frozen for a moment and sucked one another’s tongues and lips. Becky felt the heat burning between her legs. Maria began to undress her friends beautiful body. Her soft feminine fingers explored her. Reaching down she slid her finger between Becky’s cunt lips.

Bringing seks filmi her hand to her mouth she sucked Becky’s wetness from her own finger. With that she laid her back on a stack of old mats left over from gymnastic or dance class. She never even bothered to remove her panties, just pulled them to the side. This was not a long session of passion filled lovemaking. This was SEX and nothing more. Maria’s tongue moved with the precision of a diamond cutter working on a precious gem. Seemingly within seconds Becky had a stream of cum running down her ass cheeks. Maria lifted her legs high exposing her totally and fucked her tight asshole with her tiny tool. She thrust her tongue as deeply as she could in and out of Becky’s ass. Releasing yet another rush of fluid from that already juicy pussy. Becky moaned loudly as she pinched her nipples hard. Still not a word had been spoken between the women.

Becky to wanted to taste her friends sweet little cunt and blurted out “sit on my face; I want to eat you now.” Maria looked up from Becky’s crotch and shook her head “NO.” She stated they had three more years, and she planned on getting to know each other inside and out. She stood now walked to the A.V. cart took the tape they were to retrieve giggled at Becky and told her to get dressed. After all they had a whole class waiting on them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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