Gina’s Punishment

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Gina arose early, as the first rays of the mornings sun crossed her cheeks. She carefully pushed back the covers , she shared with her Christopher. She went to the bathroom and splashed a bit of cold water onto her face. She brushed her teeth, and noticed some chafing on her neck. Gina lifted the heavy leather collar and noticed it had bitten into her smooth alabaster skin as she slept. She applied a small amount of talc to the abrasion and crept from the bathroom.

Gina fetched the paper from the doorstep, her exposed nipples stiffening in the cold morning air. She measured out and started the coffee brewing. Next she set the breakfast table with the finest dishes, just as her Master expected. Gina began gathering the eggs, bacon and toast from the fridge. As she started placing the bacon in the preheated pan she winced as small burning drops of grease splashed onto her abdomen and tits. Her Master commanded Gina to be naked and accessible to him at all times. Gina tried her best to obey even his most minute detail. When she didn’t the consequences were severe. She remembered back to last night.

Gina had a very busy day. It was her bi-weekly wax day, she had washed Christopher’s Car, Paid bills shopped for groceries and visited the bookstore. She heard his key in the door and her heart raced. The door opened and he entered.

“Evening slut.” He mumbled, stroking her bare ass as he passed by. He walked straight to the fridge and opened it, rooted around for a moment and then turned to Gina.

“Slave, şişli travesti where are the beers I asked you to pick up?” He asked.

“Master, I’m so sorry, I must have forgotten.” Gina said, a flush of color rising in her cheeks.

“I’m sorry too my whore, for now you must be punished. “He said walking up to her and twisting her nipple until tears flooded her big green eyes.

“B-b-but, Dinner…..” She began.

“Forget Dinner!!” He said, grabbing her wrist and dragging her into their rec room.

“Fetch the whip.” He commanded.

“Which one Master?” She question, lips starting to tremble in fear.

“Your Choice, Slut.” An evil grin stretching across his lips, eyes sparkling with excitement. Gina walked to the heavy oak armoire, selected Christopher’s hand tooled leather whip. Gina then sank to her knees, crawled to her Master with the whip between her teeth.

“Good choice, my little slut. Now lean over the pool table, face and upper body flat down.” He commanded.

Gina Stretched her 5’7″ framed across the red felt pool table. Her Full breasts, flattened as she lay her cheek against the fuzzy table top. Her eyes clenched in fear, her heart racing her cunt beginning to moisten in anticipation.

“CCrrrrrracK! CCrrrrrracK!” He started out with two fast blows across either ass cheek. Gina gasped in pain, as the heat spread across her buttocks, making her ass feel as if on fire.

“Mmmmmmm.” Christopher bakırköy travesti moaned seeing the long narrow welts of blood red flesh form across her Cheeks.

“CCrrrrack! Ccrrrrrack! Ccrrrrrack!” The next two landing in a criss-cross pattern across the first two welts, the third imprinting the tops of both thighs. Christopher noticed a drop of Gina’s Pussy juice trailing down her leg. Her whimpering cries, had made him want to stop, but her pussy betrayed her.

“Ahhhh, so my darling Slave is enjoying this, no?” Christopher asked.

“Y-Yess Master, for it is through your pleasure I receive mine.” Gina stated, as if in a trance.

“Stand Whore.” He bellowed.

Gina rose from the pool table, turned and faced her handsome Master. Gina’s nipples standing out straight, a luscious Mauve, against her pale tits.

“Cccccrrrrack!” The whip hissed through the air and landed directly across both her rock hard nipples. Gina’s Moan was loud, tears springing to her eyes immediately. A small drop of blood raised on her left nipple.

“There, Now….where is my dinner?” Christopher asked.

“Coming Sir.” She murmured.

Oh but he wasn’t always so cruel. Gina knew that the punishment she received she rightfully deserved. Gina popped out of her daydream and turned her attention once again to her Master’s breakfast. As she turned his eggs onto the plate she felt his soft caresses on her still burning ass. He stroked and istanbul travestileri massaged her cheeks, teasing her wetness as he stroked. Nuzzling his face into her long auburn hair he whispered “Good morning my rose.”

“Good Morning Master.” she sighed, reveling in his caresses. She turned around and met his lips with hers, tasting his tongue, lips and breath. Gina sunk to her knees, and took his already hardening cock between her wet lips. Working her tongue and lips all over his long hard member. He spread his legs wider as she began licking his balls, tasting the sweat that had formed there during the night. She worked them back and forth, over and under, and proceeded further back. She began teasing his anus with her tongue, licking it around and around, tasting his bitter ass. His moans drove her on, She spread his cheeks further with her hands and her tongue danced around his asshole, opening wider, encouraging her to lick him deeper. She entered his anus with her wet slippery tongue, and worked it in and out, until he moaned…”My Cock, slut. Lick my cock…taste my cum.” She proceeded back to his hot throbbing dick, fully erect and glistening with pre-cum she took its entire length into her mouth, sucking and massaging as she bobbed up and down. He grabbed her hair and forced her to go all the way down.

“Uuuuunnnnghhhhhhhhhhh!” He moaned filling her throat with his thick, heavy cum. She swallowed grredily sucking and swallowing every drop.

“Mmmm My Pet, my Rose…How lucky I am to have such an obedient cunt.” he whispered as she rose and began setting his dishes on the table. As he sat she began replacing the breakfast items back into the fridge, she placed the eggs back and she opened the crisper compartment drawer, removed her Masters favorite Imported beer and placed them on the top shelf, where they belonged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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