Gillian Newark’s School Tales Ch. 07

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The phone rang downstairs in the hall. I heard the answer phone kick in, and then I heard Pete’s agitated voice.

“I can’t make it at the moment, I, I’m stuck. I’ll be as quick as I can, don’t worry.”

I began to struggle but it was no use. Even if I had the key I wouldn’t have been able to use it. The phone went again around 20 minutes later.

“Don’t panic Gillian I’ll be there shortly. Dad’s car broke down; I’ll be about an hour I guess.”

No don’t panic! Here I am trussed up like a bloody Christmas turkey with my front door wide open!

I began rubbing my head on my arm trying to push the blindfold up. That’s when I heard footsteps on the stairs. They were heavy footsteps, like someone in boots. I wriggled harder feeling my heart beating faster. I froze to the spot as I became aware of a strong light shinning through the blindfold. I couldn’t speak I didn’t know what to say. The light disappeared from the scarf on my eyes. I then felt what I thought was a gloved hand, it slowly moved up my ankle. I jumped.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I mumbled.

The hand carried on up over my knee and seemed to be slowing down. I winced as the hand began to pull the scarf from my pussy. I tried to shut my legs but my thighs were forced apart.

“Don’t, I’ll scream!”

I felt a gloved hand now on my blindfold. I was about to see who was stood over me.

“Don’t take it off; if you are going to rape me I would rather not see your face.”

The hand hesitated but then pulled the blindfold off.

“It’s me Gillian sorry, I, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” Pete mumbled.

I began laughing at him, “I knew it was you, you shouldn’t have worn that aftershave I bought you. I could smell it as you came up the stairs.”

He grinned back down at me, “I guess I wouldn’t make a very good burglar.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to let you loose,” he said with a mystified expression.

“Oh no you don’t you can finish the job properly,” I said with a grin.

He pulled the blindfold over my eyes and moved away. I felt his lips on my feet and he began to kiss up my legs. He kept his gloves on and I felt them move over my thighs onto my pussy. I was breathing quite hard now and I opened up for him. I felt his tongue between my legs and I gasped. I had this rather strange but excited feeling as I pulled on my wrist. Just being unable to get free seemed to intensify my aroused state. With what had happened with Kelvin the brute I mentioned, I didn’t think this would turn me on. But then again that was different I suppose. I tugged at the cuffs again as Pete became more assertive. He began pulling on my nipples with his gloved fingers.

“Do it harder,” I panted.

“What like this Miss, sorry Gillian?”

“No call me Miss,” I spat.

He pulled harder making me wince. My mouth hung open and his tongue slipped in.

“No I don’t like that,” I mumbled, as I tasted myself.

“I don’t give a fuck, Miss,” he growled.

“Oh why not, tell me why you don’t care?”

“Because you are a stuck up bitch of a teacher, and me and the guys want to teach you a lesson!” he spat in my ear.

“How many are there, how many of you?”

He pushed his cock into me and I winced. I began bucking up onto him.

“You just have to count the cocks as they spunk up you, Miss,” he hissed jabbing hard.

I was thrusting up onto him, and pulling on my handcuffs at the same time. He yanked on my nipple again, and I let out a little yelp.

“Sorry, did I hurt you?”

“Don’t say sorry you are in charge,” I grumbled.

He began fucking harder, and his mouth covered mine again. I tried to get his tongue out of my mouth but he forced it in further! I really didn’t want him kissing me after he had licked my pussy, but I guess it also got me even hornier!

“This will teach you for dressing like a slut, and teasing all the boys won’t it?”

“God yeah,” I cried.

Pete was being very aggressive and it really got to me. We were both panting hard and I was close to coming. I yanked hard on the cuffs again and this sent me over the edge. Pete put his hand on my mouth, I don’t know whether it was because I was screaming, or because he was improvising, but the smell of leather really got to me. I began forcing myself even further up against him, as I did I pulled harder on my wrist. I felt him tense and knew he was now shooting deep into me. I clung to the rail of the headboard and groaned into his hand. Finally I relaxed my body and just sunk back panting and recovering.

He untied the blindfold and released my hands.

“Can we do that again sometime?” he asked, looking a little sheepish.

I just nodded not really wanting him to think I was too eager, but deep down I wanted it again, right now!

For those of you that think this is a little out of character for me. Well I suppose it was, but I really thought Pete and I were soul mates. I trusted him and doubts I had early on in our relationship had evaporated. My shyness about sexual matters had again disappeared just because I was Ankara travesti with Pete. I think his attitude helped too, as he seemed keen to try anything and everything.

“I dare you to make me do something else, something just as risky, you horrible man?” I said with a grin.

He kissed my forehead, “well I suppose I still haven’t finished with you yet. But it isn’t my turn.”

“I’m daring you to make me do something else, so it’s really my dare,” I replied.

20 minutes later I stared back into the mirror. Pete had made me plaster my lips in lipstick. When I didn’t do it right he grabbed my lipstick and just drew a circle around my lips. When he had finished it was all over my lips and mouth, like the kids do with mummy’s lipstick when they play dress up. I put on my long black calf length coat, and he handcuffed my wrists behind my back. I felt so horny and so scared as my high heels sunk in the rain soaked grass. I could feel the cold wind blowing up my coat and licking my stockings and bare pussy. He marched me over to the tree in the darkness. I didn’t look back at the row of houses. I just hoped he was right when he said nobody would be walking their dog in the driving rain.

“Pete you can’t undo my coat, please, not out here?”

He didn’t stop from freeing the buttons. He even pulled my coat off my shoulders. So there I was handcuffed and naked, apart from my overcoat, high heels, and black stockings.

“What does that say on your tits?”

I looked down at the big red letters that he had scribbled with my lipstick.

“Cock whore,” I groaned lustfully.

“Well get on with it slut,” he hissed, with a lust filled look in his eye.

I slipped uneasily to my knees, feeling them sink into wet muddy puddle that must have been 3 inches deep!

His hard dick was inches from my mouth now. I had to try and catch his cock in my badly painted lips. He grabbed a handful of wet hair and pushed me on his cock. My shoulders could feel cold rain bouncing off of them, and trickling down my back and breasts. I really don’t know what turned me on so much. But everything seemed to have some wonderful horny effect on me.

I sucked eagerly trying to make him come as quick as possible, but suddenly he pulled out of my mouth.

“No this time this is for you,” he groaned.

He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to my feet, pushing me back against the tree.

“Pete what are you doing?” I said, in a quiet but panicking voice.

I looked into his eyes and just gasped in shock. Two handfuls of wet cold mud and grass squashed onto my naked breasts!

“Oh fucking hell!”

“Shush,” he mumbled back.

I felt the cold dirt slip down my quivering breasts, and then I felt him pull a stocking away from my leg. Another handful of mud and grass slid on my leg trapped by the stocking, that Pete just let go of! He repeated it again this time with my other stocking. Then he pulled off my shoes. He made me stand on a real muddy patch. I could feel mud, wet grass, and cold water filter through my toes! I was shaking with cold and excitement at the same time, but I just wanted to climax so bad it was hurting. He went down on his knees and began kissing and sucking my pussy.

I could see the lights from the houses in the distance about 500 yards away! All those people making cups of tea, sandwiches for work, or washing up, in all of those kitchen windows I was gazing at. If they looked through those rain soaked windows now, would they make out the couple by the tree, doing something so sexy and wonderful?

I began clawing at the ground with my toes, forcing the mud and grass through my stockings. Everything I did was such a turn on, this was sex with Mother Nature, and it really fucking worked!

Pete was tonguing me hard now, and his finger, no sorry fingers seemed to be ripping me open! I couldn’t last much longer but I wanted it to. I was torn between getting off, and getting back to the safety of my four walls, and making this wonderful experience last as long as it could.

Rain, mud, cold, all over my body and in my stockings, handcuffs pinning my hands behind me, my coat hanging heavy with the water it had soaked up pulling off my arms, and Pete, of course Pete, it all just sent me into heaven. I couldn’t help it I shrieked and yelled, I cried and shook. My orgasm just didn’t want to stop, and nor did Pete.

“Please no more Pete?” I whimpered.

I felt the cuffs slacken on my wrists, and the next thing I knew was Pete pulling my hands behind the tree!

“Oh god what are you doing now!” I hissed.

My eyes shot to the houses. I just prayed we hadn’t been noticed. I was now handcuffed to the tree. My coat dragging down off my arms and my mud stained tits exposed to the world! Pete pressed against me forcing his lips onto my mouth. I eagerly received his kiss, but now I was feeling very frightened.

“We have to go, what if, what if someone comes here?” I stammered

Pete ignored me. He picked up more mud and showed it to me. I watched it drip through his fingers. Konya travesti I whimpered and jumped as the cold dirt was pressed to my bare tits again. I pressed myself back against the tree feeling the wet bark on my bare back. I watched Pete dig up a massive handful of soil in two hands. I shook my head as he again showed it to me.

“Please, we’ve got to go darling,” I mumbled.

My eyes opened wide as he lowered the mud, and then pressed it onto my belly! I squealed and jerked as my already cold stomach felt wet, slimy, mud smear all over it. The rain that hammered down on my shoulders and breasts just added to the erotic feel of everything. I found myself savouring the occasional hard rain dropped that scored a direct hit on my nipples. Even though I felt so incredibly aroused, the thought of getting caught tied naked to a tree, covered in mud and my soaked and mud stained stockings, began to terrify me.

Pete pushed a finger deep in my aching pussy, and I watched in disbelief as he held his phone to his ear!

“Well I’ve completed the dare mate. She’s tied to the tree, so you and the others can come and take some photos.”

My mouth hung open in total shock.

“Steve, Lawrence, and Robbie will be here in ½ an hour. I’ve finished with you now, but I just might have one last fuck. Then you’ll belong to them, I’m sure you’ll get used to this sort of thing. All the photos will be all over the school tomorrow.”

I watched him put his phone away, and despite everything, I let him shove his cock into me.

“Have I been a good slag?” I whimpered.

“Not bad, still it’s someone else’s turn now. I completed my dare. You know you’ll soon become the school slut don’t you?”

I nodded resigned to my fate, “did you enjoy it Pete?”

He sneered at me as he jabbed in harder, “I’ve had better, Miss.”

“Will, will you fuck me again though, please?” I begged.

“No never.”

“I love you,” I mumbled.

I felt his hand slap lightly across my wet tits. I gasped and jumped as my legs buckled.

He began humping me harder. I knew he wouldn’t take long to shoot. He groaned nibbling my ear, as I panted and gasped to another orgasm!

I hoped the flash from the camera wouldn’t draw attention from the houses. My coat was pulled open and the camera flashed again. I looked up into the grinning face.

I felt the handcuffs slip off my wrists. I slumped forward away from the tree. I was pulled upright by my hair and the handcuffs locked again behind my back. He stopped and again pushed me to my knees. I knelt up slipping a few times, on the muddy ground. There it was his hard cock and his hand pumping it. He came within seconds grunting through gritted teeth. I felt every spurt of hot spunk he produced. It warmed my face until it mixed with the rain. I just looked up feeling the wind and rain wash spunk down my cheeks and chin. God knows what I looked like but I didn’t care. This was pure sex at its best. Not for everyone I know, but for the two people trying to slip back to the house unnoticed, it was delightfully good, and delightfully sexy!

We lay in towels together after sharing a hot bath.

“Gillian, do want to have sex with anyone else?”

I rolled on top of him smiling at his worried frown.

“No darling I don’t, it was just a fantasy and that is how it will stay. You are more than enough for me, and I love you too much to go with anyone else.”

“Even though I ruined your coat?”

“Maybe next time you should march me over there naked?” I said with a chuckle.

The next day at school I gave my class my usual speech about this being the most important week of their lives. Exams and revision would now take the place of most of the usual school work. I told Pete he must concentrate now on his future, I wanted him to stop seeing me until the exams had finished. He didn’t want to, but he realised I was doing this for his own good. I watched him in the playground from my classroom window at lunchtime. He and a few others seemed to wander off. I knew it was their little dare club. I walked away from the window as they went out of sight.

“Gillian can I have a word?”

I looked at Dave he seemed a little sheepish again.

“I thought, we thought you might like a drink, after work I mean.”

“No I don’t want to drink with you and him,” I mumbled, as I began to tidy some books up.

“My wife will be there,” he mumbled.

“Oh and who’s arm will she be on? Look you really have to tell him to leave you alone.”

“It’s not as simple as that, please will you come?”

I straightened up and turned to face him, “for what exactly?”

“Just for a drink and then maybe back to my house, Gillian I wouldn’t ask you to, to do anything,” he mumbled again.

I walked up to him and stared him in the eye. He could barely look at me.

“If I did come what would they think?”

I could see he was getting flustered now.

“So would they want to play a little game perhaps? It must be torture for you seeing them go up to bed every night? But you İzmir travesti like that don’t you? Would they sit and hold hands, or maybe have a little kiss and a laugh at you?”

I looked at his wedding ring.

“Would I be allowed to laugh at you for being such a wimp?”

He swallowed hard as I moved closer.

“Could I tease you too? After what you said to me, would you like me to tell them how useless you were in bed?”

He nodded.

“You know I could be a real bitch. Would you like to go down on your knees and kiss my feet in front of them?” I purred.

“Would you do that?”

“Get on your knees now, right here in my class wimp!” I hissed.

I could see his face going red but slowly he got to his knees.

“Don’t you dare look up at me you wimp? You are a wimp aren’t you?” I said in a real mocking tone.

“Yes, I, I am,” he groaned.

“You know it’s a real shame the classroom isn’t full of kids. They could watch you and laugh, as I teased you about Freddy fucking your wife!”

“They talk about getting married and, and having kids,” he said, with big emotional eyes.

“Oh dear that must be hell for you?” I whispered, “but it sort of turns you on doesn’t it?”

He nodded and swallowed hard.

“You’re hard aren’t you little white wimp? You know perhaps I could tease and torment you after the divorce. Wouldn’t that be fun, huh?” I purred.

He began panting at my words.

“So will you come, tonight?” he asked.

“No fucking way. Go and play your own sick little game, or have the balls to throw him out! Be a man for god sake!” I snapped, as I turned and left him still kneeling on the floor.

I was still angry as I walked out into the playground. Then I saw Becky talking to Pete. It just seemed to make things worse. I wanted to grab him away from her. I feared I was going to lose him to her. She was pretty and she was getting quite a reputation. Those long legs and big boobs seemed to attract everyone! I couldn’t compete with her on any level. OK they were just talking, but why couldn’t she talk to Della? Why couldn’t Pete talk to his mates? I went back inside still cursing her in my head. I didn’t want to upset her, well not so close to the exams. But Pete would fall for her charms sooner or later. He had before and despite what he said I was worried. I sat in the staffroom feeling quite low. Maybe I should just trust him, but I was so used to being let down by men, that I couldn’t help feeling jealous and a little envious.

“Miss, would you help me Miss?”

I looked over my shoulder to see Pete stood in the doorway. I had a free period that afternoon but I was very surprised to see him. I watched in shock as he put a rose on my desk.

“Pete what is this?”

“Shush,” he mumbled quietly.

He bent down and kissed my lips. I was shocked but ready to respond until I heard a chuckle in the corridor. I realised then that this was probably a dare. I was angry with him, and despite the anxious look on his face I slapped him.

“Oh fuck,” I heard someone whisper, and then a giggle.

Feet ran down the corridor as I rushed to the door. I slammed it shut.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I hissed as quietly as I could.

He stood rubbing his cheek, “it was just a dare Gillian.”

“Miss,” I snapped.

“It was just a dare Miss, I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“Couldn’t you have refused to do it? Do you know how stupid that was?” I growled.

“Sorry, but I would have lost.”

I moved back as he went to touch my shoulder.

“Was I just a dare Pete?”

“The apple thing was a dare Miss, I told you.”

“Get out!”

“No Miss it was just a dare to start with.”

“Silence you, you!” I yelled.

He stood waiting with a frightened look on his face. I slumped in my chair behind my desk. I couldn’t believe this it was ruining everything.

“How much of it was a dare?” I groaned.

“Just the apple, and the pie, but.”

“No buts Pete, I was a dare that means people knew. How could you do this to me? Did the dare include getting in my knickers as well?”

“N, no, but, I had to, I had to take a photo, of, of your bedroom too. I had to ask to go to the loo, and.”

I felt an arm round my shoulder and I shrugged it away.

“You took a picture of my bedroom, to show your stupid friends? What else? What else did you do that was a dare?”

“It’s not a dare now Miss I swear its not! Miss I love you now.”

“Save it Pete, go and tell your friend’s what a lousy fuck I was. Go and tell them everything. I bet you have already haven’t you? You bastard get out! Get out of my classroom; I never want to see you again!” I screamed.

That night I sat crying my eyes out. This was the end of my stupid little dream. To think I could have been happy with Pete was a huge mistake. What would happen when he left school? It would have been easier but his parents would have gone up the wall. No this was for the best; I didn’t need some stupid young man. I would just go back into my shell. Maybe I could get Diane or Maria to set me up with someone?

I sat in the pub with Diane; this was it this was my only way to get over Pete. Find someone to fuck, and so what if he’s a little drunk? I could find a nice guy at some point, surely that wasn’t too much to ask?

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