Giada Gets Even

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Thank you so much to Bamphire, who helped me edit this story.

*** *** *** ***

Giada was in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Jamal that like most had been anything but easy. When she had started dating him, their senior year of high school, she hid it from her parents. Her strict Italian family did not want her dating a black man. They had found out about him when she was at college, and although it was still a struggle at times, Giada felt after almost a year since then, her parents were finally beginning to warm up to her boyfriend.

Jamal and Giada were both finishing their first year of college now, but they were thousands of miles apart at opposite ends of the state. To teenagers that was like different planets. Although they called each other nearly every day, they seemed to fight a lot.

When spring break came along Giada and Jamal flew back to their hometown and visited their parents the first day. Giada had planned a trip to Vegas, so they could spend quality time together for the rest of the week. Giada’s parents made comments about not getting married or she should never come back home. She only shook her head and rolled her eyes.

Jamal arrived at Giada’s at seven in the morning to pick her up. He texted her that he was outside and a few minutes later Giada came out the door wearing hip-hugging jeans and a low cut blouse that showed the cleavage of her ample breasts. She dressed to impress, not wanting the girls in Vegas to draw too much of Jamal’s interest. She was used to a lot of attention from men, but she was fiercely loyal to Jamal, even when some guys didn’t care that she had a boyfriend.

She carried a small bag and her purse to the car and got into the passenger seat. They were only on the road for a half hour when she had fallen asleep, because she wasn’t used to being up so early. She slept for about an hour and woke up to a phone ringing. Jamal quickly clicked off his phone and shoved it into the cup holder.

“Who was that?” she asked.

“Uh, just one of my friends”

“Who?” she questioned again, with a hint of jealousy.

“Someone from college. My partner in Chem lab,” he replied in an offhand manner.

Giada wondered if it was a girl. Jamal had cheated on her a couple of months ago, but she was trying to forgive him and move on. She wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Jamal pulled off the freeway off-ramp to a gas station. While Jamal went inside to get something to drink, Giada glanced at the phone that remained in the cup holder and picked it up. She clicked it on and started looking through the recent calls. The missed call was from “Jenna.” She saw quite a few calls from that number. Giada pressed the “call back” button and after ringing once, a woman answered the phone.

“Oh baby, I miss you already,” the woman on the phone said.Giada grimaced in anger, but remained quiet. She put her ear next to the phone to listen.

“I can’t wait for you get back,” the woman on the line continued. “My roommate is going to visit her parents next week, so you can sleep over.” Giada hung up the phone.

“That bastard,” she swore aloud, returning the phone to the cupholder. She waited impatiently for her boyfriend to come back. He walked towards the car and gestured for Giada to open the gas port. Giada clicked the button and Jamal began to pump the gas. He smiled at her and she gave a big fake smile back. After they were finished at the gas station, they pulled back onto the freeway. Jamal sipped on the soda he had bought at the mini-mart.

“Do you want any?” he asked.

“Are you cheating on me?” she asked, crossing her hands under her breasts.

Jamal, taken by surprise, spit the soda out onto the dash.

“No. Why are you accusing me?” he asked.

“Who is Jenna?”

“No one, just… some girl,” he said. “I told you she’s my Chem lab partner.”

“I saw your missed call and redialed her number. She said she couldn’t wait for you to sleep over,” she said with a snarl.

“Come on baby,” Jamal said. “Nothing happened.”

“Damnit Jamal, you said you were gonna change!”

“I’m sorry baby, I swear it will never happen again,” he promised.

“I’m tired of you making promises to me. Stop the car.”

“Just calm down baby.”

“Stop the car!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Ok, ok,” he said pulling to a stop. She opened the door and got her stuff from the back seat before getting out of the car.

“I never want to see you again you bastard. Get out of here,” she said, and slammed the door.

Jamal rolled down the passenger window. “Baby we aren’t even to Vegas yet, at least—”

“Stop calling me baby and get the fuck out of here you two-timer!”

“Ok, if that’s the way you want it,” he replied.

He accelerated, the tires screeching as he sped away. She stood by the road, very angry. She shook her head, and started walking down the freeway with her bags, swearing.

It was no longer than 10 minutes or so when a Honda Odyssey honked once as it passed her and pulled over on the shoulder. The door Bayan Escort Gaziantep on the side opened and a tall college kid stepped out.

“Need a ride?” he asked with a grin. He was wearing some baggy jeans and a sleeveless shirt that revealed his muscular arms. His chestnut-colored hair was buzzed short and brown eyes seemed friendly.

“No that’s ok,” she said.

“Are you sure? Are you walking all the way to Vegas?” he asked.

“Well … no, I guess not,” she said approaching the van. “Thanks,” she said with a nod. She was still a bit mad from the encounter with her boyfriend.

“I’ll help you with that,” he said.

“Ok.” She handed the bag to him and looked into the van. There were three other guys in the vehicle. They all looked pretty cute and athletic, almost like a clothing store advertisement. “You said you’re going to Vegas?” she asked dubiously.

“Oh yeah Vegas baby!” The exclamation came from a young man with light brown hair and pale skin sitting in the back.

“Kyle’s a big gambler,” said the guy next to her. “Hop in and we can get going. It’s fucking hell out here,” he said mopping the sweat from his brow.

Giada gave one last look to the hot desert outside, and then she entered, sitting next to Kyle.

“Let me squeeze in here,” the guy who had first greeted her said as he sat next to Giada and closed the van door as she slide over a bit closer to Kyle. The two guys that flanked her were very hot, she thought to herself. Giada started thinking about how Jamal had hurt her. If he cheated on her then maybe…

The driver started getting back on the freeway.

“How long were you walking?” said the young-man with muscular arms.

“Only a few minutes,” Giada confessed.

“Damn, we got lucky,” Kyle said.

“Really? Don’t you mean I got lucky?” Giada smiled, a bit put off.

“I just meant…” he struggled for words.

“Eh … shut up Kyle,” the driver said. “Hey girl what’s your name,” he asked turning his head. Although the driver was black, his eyes were hazel colored with long thick eyelashes. Giada stared into his beautiful eyes.

“Giada,” she said coyly. “Are you guys models or somethig?” she asked.

“No,” he chuckled his reply, “just dumb jocks in college.”

“Giada, that’s a pretty name,” the guy next to her said. “I’m Marlon,” he said holding out his hand.

“Hi Marlon,” she smiled, as he took her small hand in his, giving her a gentle yet strong handshake.

“I’m Tyrone,” the driver said, “and this fool,” he said putting his hand on the head of the guy in the passenger seat, “is Chris.” Chris batted his hand off.

“Cut it out man,” he said.

Tyrone was very muscular with caramel-colored skin, a wide chest, and a general V-shape to his torso while Chris had much darker skin and was of medium built.

“Kyle and I were on the same football team in high school,” Marlon said.

“I was the one that got blamed for not catching his shit-ass throws,” Kyle joked.

“Whatever bro,” Marlon retorted. “Chris’s on the UCO team with Tyrone and I,” Marlon explained.

“Ok,” Giada nodded. “So you guys decided to go to Vegas for spring break?” Giada asked tentatively.

“Hell yeah,” Kyle said.

“That’s cool,” Giada said.

“So are you hitching all the way to Vegas?” Marlon asked. “Isn’t that kinda dangerous. I mean especially for…”

“A girl?” Giada completed his question.

“Yeah,” Marlon laughed.

“I bet she knows karate or something,” Tyrone chuckled.

Giada giggled. “No,” she smiled momentarily, then her face went straight. “I just broke up with my boyfriend, about a mile back,” she said.

“Shit,” Kyle said.

“Fuck that’s harsh,” Tyrone swore.

“He was fucking cheating on me,” she said. “That was the second time, too!”

“No shit?” Marlon said. “What an idiot.”

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed.

“He’s gotta be a moron to give all of that up,” Marlon said, looking Giada up and down while he bit his lower lip.

Giada got red.

“Stop,” she smiled.

“Word,” Tyrone said.

“That’s kinda sweet I guess,” she said.

“It’s just the truth,” Marlon said. “Doesn’t he know there are like a million other guys that would want to take his place the second he screwed up?”

“I guess not,” she said. “I should have broken up with him the first time he cheated!”

“Yeah,” Marlon said. “I’ll be happy to help you show him a lesson,” he said with an absolutely straight face.

“Hmm,” she said looking down a bit at Marlon’s pants. He looked like he had a long lump in his baggy jeans.

“Maybe I should get back at him,” Giada said with a giggle.

“You should babe,” Marlon said. “You really should,” he said putting his hand behind her head and looking in her eyes.

Their lips pressed together in an intense amorous kiss. She pulled back suddenly when realized she was kissing someone she hardly knew.

“Damn that cheating bastard,” she said.

“Doesn’t revenge taste sweet?” Marlon smiled. Giada laughed softly.

“How about you share the love?” Marlon asked. “I mean he cheated on you twice right?”

“Uh,” Giada laughed nervously.

“Hey Kyle, don’t be shy,” Marlon said, gesturing to Giada.

“Whoa you serious man?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t want to be a sl-“

“Just relax babe,” Marlon said, putting his finger to her lip and kissing behind her neck. Then he turned her towards Kyle, who put his hand on her leg.

She kissed Kyle on the lips softly. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” Giada confessed to Marlon with a giggle.

“Don’t worry babe, just take it slow,” he said. She kissed Kyle again, his thin lips pressing against hers. Then Brad turned her and kissed her lips again, his tongue entering her mouth. He was an even better kisser than her boyfriend Jamal.

Marlon pulled up Giada’s blouse, revealing her naked breasts. She covered her boobs and pushed Marlon’s hand away

“Stop,” she said, her face getting red.

“Damn those are like double Ds huh?” Kyle said cupping her breasts from behind.

“Hey,” she said.

“Come on, let me taste those tits,” Marlon said, lowering his head toward her big globes. Marlon moved her hand and gently sucked on a nipple, while Kyle kissed her on the lips again to muffle any more discouraging remarks.

“Oh god I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said quietly. Her pussy began to feel warm and her face still felt flush.

“Hey Marlon, you know how to flatten those seats?” Tyrone asked.

“Yeah,” Marlon said between her tit-flesh.

“Put ’em down, I wanna come back there in a minute.”

Kyle and Marlon put down the seats and they spread a blanket from the back out over the flattened seats so it would be a little more comfortable. Marlon took off his shirt and threw it into the back corner of the van.

“Nice,” Giada said, rubbing her hands across Marlon’s wide chest and down his perfect chiseled abs.

“That’s more like it,” Tyrone said, looking back at Giada’s topless form and the blanket laid out.

“Take the wheel man,” Tyrone told Chris.

“What? No, man I wanna—”

“Nigga, you better take that wheel,” Tyrone said.

“Why don’t we just stop so we can all fuck her?” Chris asked.

“If we stop now we’ll hit rush hour traffic. And besides, there ain’t room for all of us back there,” Tyrone explained.

“Fuck man,” Chris conceded. They transferred the driving, Chris touching the pedal while Tyrone got out of the seat.

“Don’t worry I’ll try and finish quick,” Tyrone said.

“Yeah right,” Chris said with a sigh.

Kyle pulled off his shirt revealing his trim but muscular body. Giada unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his knees along with his briefs. His cock popped out about seven inches.

“So much for going slow,” Giada smiled. “It’s nice,” she said grabbing his dick. “Just the right size.”

“If you like that one, you’re gonna love what I have for you,” Tyrone laughed.

“Shit are all you guys hung?”

Marlon smiled coyly.

“Time to get this party started,” Tyrone said, pulling down his shorts to show his thick cock. It didn’t look too long, but it looked thicker than her wrist.

“Whoa,” she said.

“Damn,” Kyle said with shock.

“You like big cock?” Marlon whispered to her as he kissed her neck.

Giada turned toward Marlon. “You next,” she said, biting her lower lip as she yanked his pants down. “Oh my God.” He had to be nearly nine inches, and soft she thought. “Oh fuck.” She began stroking his cock.

“Hey Marlon, let’s do the chicken meat test,” Tyrone said with a smile.

“Ok,” Marlon nodded.

“Huh?” she asked.

“Lay down,” Marlon said, pushing her to the floor. His cock was now fully hard and huge! They held their cocks over her face as she lay there.

“So what do you want bitch?” Tyrone said.

“Light meat or dark meat?” Marlon asked.

“Oh God,” she said. “Oh my God, you guys are all so big!” Marlon was definitely the longest. His dick was nice and thick, much bigger than her boyfriends. It looked like it could have been almost a foot long and about as thick as her wrist. Tyrone’s dark meat was so thick, the girth was definitely wider than Marlon, but he wasn’t as long. He was probably about as long as her boyfriend, 7 inches or so. But the thickness scared her, she didn’t even know if it could fit. She made her choice by grabbing Marlon’s beautiful cock and started sucking on it.

“Guess she likes light meat,” he said with a laugh. “Lie back,” he said, getting up on top of her, while he shoved his dick into her mouth. She held her hands on his sides, pushing when he went too deep.

Tyrone undid the button on her jeans, unzipped her pants and peeled them off her trim legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Nice,” Kyle said as Tyrone spread her smooth legs.

“Damn, you’re wet already girl,” Tyrone smiled. She blushed; he was right, all of the kissing had made her moist between the legs. She felt like there was a yearning there and it needed to be satisfied soon. She had a small triangle of dark brown hair at the top of her blushing pink pussy lips. Her sweet pussy juice began to drip from her moist slit.

“The curtains don’t match the drapes,” Kyle said pointing to her brown pubes. Kyle straddled her chest and put his cock in between her tits while Tyrone went to work on her pussy with his mouth and tongue. Soon she started to ooze white juice. She moaned, pulling Marlon’s cock out.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” she announced.

“Tyrone stop making her feel so good, she’s gotta suck on my cock,” he laughed.

“Can’t stop, this pussy tastes like peaches and cream,” Tyrone said.

“Oh yeah,” Giada moaned.

A ringing suddenly interrupted the action.

“Oh… that’s my phone,” Giada said, taking Marlon’s member from her mouth.

Marlon stuck his dick back into Giada’s mouth while he rooted through her purse for the phone.

“Jamal?” he said holding the phone up.

“It’s my boyfriend,” she said dryly, pulling Marlon’s cock out of her mouth again.

“Let’s just ignore it babe,” Marlon said.

Giada considered it for a moment. Then she took the phone from Marlon’s hands and opened it up.

“Hey Jamal, can you guess what I’m doing right now?”

“Baby let me pick you up ok?” Jamal said from the phone.

“I found a cock bigger than yours,” she said proudly.

“Oh shit,” Tyrone laughed.

“What?” Jamal replied in anger.

“I’m sucking a big white cock, so you can go fuck yourself,” she proudly yelled into the receiver.

“Yeah right,” he replied.

“Put it on speaker,” Marlon said.

“Uh, … ok,” she said tapping the button.

“Hey dumb shit, want to hear your girlfriend sucking a big white dick?” Marlon said.

“Who the fuck is this!?” Jamal yelled.

Then Marlon pushed his cock deep into her mouth, and held the phone next to her. Giada choked when he went too far and coughed. Marlon put the phone up to his ear and laughed.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you,” Jamal said.

“Well you better be ready for more,” Tyrone said.

“You’re fucking another guy too?” Jamal balked.

“And I got my dick between her tits,” Kyle said with a smile.

“You slut,” Jamal said with a tone of defeat.

“You’re the fuckin’ cheater, bastard,” Giada said, and was going to hang up the phone, but Marlon took it and set it near the action.

“We’ll let you listen in on what you’re missing,” Marlon said.

“Hey can I have some of that mouth?” Kyle asked Marlon.

“Hmmm, yeah just a sec,” Marlon replied. He got up and Giada leaned forward, grabbing his cock. “What’s up babe you still want to suck my dick?” he asked.

“No,” she replied. “I wanna fuck you.”

“Lucky,” Kyle smiled.

“You fuckin’ bitch,” Jamal said on the phone. Tyrone laughed.

“Ok,” Marlon said, lying down as Giada got on top of him. She flipped her blond hair to the side and grabbed his cock. She kissed it once and then moved it to the lips of her pussy and gently began sitting on it.

“Ooo,” she nearly screamed as her pussy struggled to absorb his enormous cock. “Your dick is so big!”

“Damn,” Marlon exclaimed. “Get it in there,” he said. And then it seemed as if her pussy relented and she sank down on top of it. The feeling of his huge cock was amazing. She felt completely full with his hot throbbing member.

“Uh, wow” she said as she looked down. She was careful not to go too far, and she could see an inch or two remaining outside. Then she lifted her hips, squeezing the shaft of his cock with her tight pussy. Its length was amazing she thought, as she rose up his cock, the girth spreading her open.

Tyrone and Kyle stood behind her, stroking their rods. Her beautiful round ass rose and fell over Marlon’s cock as she fucked him.

“Hey man you should fuck her ass,” Tyrone said to Kyle.

“Huh?” Giada said dubiously.

“Yeah,” Kyle smiled. “Damn that’s such a big ass.”

“What?” Giada said looking behind.

“He said you got a nice ass,” Marlon said.

“Hey Marlon, spread her cheeks for Kyle,” Tyrone suggested.

Marlon grabbed her soft ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

“I don’t know if-” Giada said.

“Just relax girl while Kyle gets in that backdoor,” Tyrone smiled.

“Uh, wait…” she started.

Kyle spit on his cock and got behind Giada as Marlon held her still. Kyle started to put his member inside her ass.

“Oh shit, I don’t think…”

“Its ok babe, just relax,” Marlon said.

“Uh, it’s going…” Kyle said as it slipped in deeper. “Fuck that’s tight,” he said.

“Ow,” Giada screamed followed closely by an, “ahhh…”

“Go slow Kyle,” Marlon instructed.

Kyle got a gentle rhythm down until he was getting most of his meat inside her ass.

“Ugh,” Kyle moaned as the last of his cock slipped into her ass and his balls rested against her butt. Then he started to pull it out again. Giada stayed still, only moaning and holding on to Marlon tightly as they fucked her.

Tyrone lifted her head and pressed his cock to her lips. His dick was huge, not because it was long, but because it was so thick. Fully hard it was thicker than she had ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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