Getting Closer to Tera Pt. 01

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“Come up here please.” The text from my step daughter read. She was upstairs in her bedroom and I was out in my workshop in the garage. Tera is 20 years old and still lives with her mother and I. She’s built like her mom, curvy body yet flat tummy, DD titties, sexy legs, and a juicy ass. She has a beautiful face, dick sucking lips, and long brunette hair.

“Give me a sec.” I texted back.

I married my wife, Angela, 4 and 1/2 years ago. Tera was her only child and I have a 22yo son that’s in his senior year of college at MIT. So it’s just been the 3 of us around here most of the time the last 4 years. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like looking at Tera these last couple years, especially when she’s out by the pool sun bathing.

“Coming in.” I said as I tapped on Tera’s bedroom door assuming she was expecting me. To my surprise she was sitting at her make up table wearing only panties and a tank top. Her big boobs stretched the thin material of her top and I could clearly see the darkness of her areola as well as her nipples poking out. The panties were cheeky cut and some lace around the waist band.

“Oh sorry babe, I thought you were expecting me.” I said as I slowly shielded my eyes so I could enjoy the view as long as possible.

“No worries. I need to talk.” Tera had walked over to me and grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed. She sat down and pulled me to sit next to her.

I turned to look at her to ask her what she wanted but I had to fight myself not to scan her sexy body. “Tera I shouldn’t be in here when you’re dressed like this.” I told her.

“Jack I know that you watch me when I lay out by the pool. I saw you in the window Tuesday and I’m pretty sure you were rubbing your dick while you watched me.” She told me. Dammit she caught me. I was rubbing my cock through my pants the other day while I stood watching her soak up the rays. I was imagining so many things I’d love to do to her. Things I do to her mom all the time.

“It’s okay. I like you too.” Tera said reaching out and putting her hand on my crotch. My dick immediately started to grow.

I grabbed Tera’s hand and removed it from my lap and stood up. “Tera your mother. I can’t cheat on her. Not with you especially. She’d kill me!” I stammered.

“I see part of you is interested.” She said again reaching out and rubbing my now obviously hard cock. “I promise I won’t tell mom. It’ll be out little secret.” With that she pulled her tank top over her head exposing the greatest set of DD tits I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but stare at her chest.

Tera took this opportunity to stand up and begin to undo my belt and pants. “No Tera I can’t.” I pushed her hands away before she pulled my zipper down. But she went right back to rubbing my cock through my pants while shaking her upper torso to jiggle her breasts for my entertainment.

“Please Jack. I can call you daddy while we play.” Tera said in a little girl voice. “Pway wif me daddy.” She added in that’s same voice.

To be honest it was creepy and sexy at the same time. I certainly wouldn’t be interested in a minor but her subservience would be hot. Once again her hands went to my pants. She got my zipper down and pushed down on my pants görükle escort to reveal my hardness making a tent in my boxers.

Tera dropped to her knees and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. “Please let me see your big cock daddy!” She batted her eye lashes.

“I just can’t Tera.” I said yet I didn’t move or even attempt to pull my pants back up. I was transfixed on her huge tits jutting out in front of her. “What got into you?”

“I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time and every time I hear you and mom having sex I play with myself and listen. You guys talk so dirty to each other. And she sounds so satisfied. I decided I wanted to see what she was getting.” Tera explained.

Still not having put my hard on away or having stepped away from my sexy kneeling step daughter I knew it was decision time. Before I knew it however Tera had pulled my boxers down and took my cock into her eager mouth. It felt so good I knew I couldn’t turn back now.

“Oh my god Tera. You really shouldn’t.” But my hands went instinctively to her head as she began to bob up and down on my shaft. One of her free hands went to my balls and the other reached around to my ass. She was clearly experienced at sucking cock.

She was bobbing, making sucking noises, playing with my balls, even gagging when she went too deep, all the sexy things a guy wants in a head job. At this point I knew I wasn’t stopping. I figured I might as well go all the way if I’m already in trouble.

I moaned to let her know I approved of her skills and ran my fingers through her hair. At one point I rocked my hips forward and back to simulate lightly fucking her mouth.

Eventually I removed Tera off my cock to her displeasure but I pulled her up and told her I wanted all of her. A giant smile broke out on her face as I gently pushed her back onto the bed while simultaneously removing my clothes. She looked over my naked body and told me she thought I was sexy.

I climbed on the bed and began sucking her tits and exploring her body with my hands. She was giggling and moaning and told me none of the boys she had been with took the time to do all this. I told her she’s not with a boy right now.

I kissed my way down to her stomach and stayed there for a while still touching her body all over except her vagina. I knew allowing her the anticipation of my touch would heighten her enjoyment.

Her fingers were weaving through my hair as I kissed, licked, and sucked her body. She’s a talker during sex like her mother. She was telling me in detail how much she enjoyed everything I was doing.

I finally made my way down between her legs. I got my mouth about a 1/2 inch from her still panty covered pussy and let her feel my warm breath for a minute before doing anything else. She squirmed and even tried lifting her pelvis to bring her pussy to my face she was so excited.

“Please eat me Jack. I need to know what’s that’s like.” She pleaded.

I pushed my mouth and nose into her panties and breathed in her sweet aroma. She jumped when my face touched her. I slowly rubbed my face back and forth, up and down, over her panties on her vagina. My nose was on her clit. She spread her legs wide for me and bursa escort bayan told me she was cumming already.

I felt a rush of warm liquid dampening her panties and my face. I reached to either side of her lacy waist band and pulled them apart, ripping them off her. Her body shuddered in anticipation of what was coming.

I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked her labia from bottom to top and back down the other side. I did this several times while she shimmered and wiggled and grew in wetness. Then I plunged my tongue into her pussy. Her hands went to the back of my head and pushed me into her. She wanted to feel my tongue deep inside her.

Being stronger than her I pulled my head back to her begging me to continue but I moved to her clitoris. I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and hummed on it while flicking it inside my mouth. Her body shook and she announced orgasm number 2. Again her pussy flooded me face with warmth.

After several minutes I lifted my head and told my step daughter to roll over. “I want to explore that sexy ass now.” I told her.

She looked at me somewhat puzzled. But I grabbed her legs and guided her to roll over onto her stomach. I lifted her pelvis and put a pillow under her and told her to relax. I began kissing and kneading her juicy ass cheeks. I kissed and licked the top of her ass crack, an area I love on a woman. Her ass wiggled and she was moaning in delight. After a few minutes I spread her ass cheeks apart and touched my tongue to her asshole. She jumped and turned to the side.

“What are you doing?” Tera asked.

“Turn over baby. Trust me. You’ll love this. Your mom does.” I wondered if I should have said that.

She batted her eyes and in a sexy voice she said, “okay daddy, I trust you” and rolled back over.

I returned my attention to rimming her gorgeous pink asshole. She definitely loved it as much as her mother did. She squirmed and moaned and told me how good it felt. When I reached under to finger her twat while I ate her ass she reacted with another orgasm.

“Oh got Jack. I need you to fuck me now!” Tera shouted.

“Beg me.” I responded. “You want me to fuck you then beg!”

“Oh please Jack, fuck me like you fuck my mother. I’ve never wanted anything more!” She implored.

I gave her sphincter a few tongue darts and got up to position myself behind my sexy step daughter. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet. Her pink asshole soaked with my saliva. I pointed my hard 7″ prick at her honey hole and plunged all the way in at once. I moved my torso side to side wiggling my cock inside her.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m so full daddy! I’m cumming again!” Tera screamed as her body tensed and shuddered.

I began to long stroke in and out of her hot pussy while I smacked and toyed with her round ass.

“Fucking spank me hard Jack. Spank me hard daddy!” My wife’s daughter yelled.

I took that advice immediately and began to redden Tera’s ass. Assuming she wanted a rough fuck all the way around I reached up with one hand and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled on it like a leash. I used my legs to push hers farther apart. I wanted to have access to get as deep as possible bursa escort inside her.

“Oh yes. Abuse me daddy! Take me like a whore!” She begged.

Who knew my sexy step daughter was such a vocal fuck toy. She’s definitely been listening in on her mother and I. I stepped up my game a little more and started calling her names.

“I own this slutty pussy now bitch.” I was really getting into this. I yanked her hair and turned so her head so she was looking back at me. “Your life just changed whore. You want daddy to fuck you that’s exactly that you’re going to get. Anytime I want this pussy I will take it. Day or night. You’re my piece of ass to use!” I said looking right into her eyes wondering if I went too far.

She let me know right away that I didn’t. “Yes daddy. My pussy is yours. You own me. I’m your slut to use.” Tera said writhing in pleasure.

“Not just this pussy either. I’m taking this ass too.” With that I pulled my moistened cock out of her soaking wet cunt and placed the head against her asshole. “Beg me to fuck your ass Tera!” I demanded.

“Please fuck my virgin ass. I want to feel you in my ass. Treat me like your whore!” She was as dirty a talker as I’ve ever fucked. “I want to be your dirty slut daddy!”

I pushed forward and my cock head slipped past the opening of her asshole. With both already being wet, there was little resistance. I leaned into her and buried my dick balls deep inside her backside.

“Oh my god daddy. Oh fuck. I feel so full. You’re so deep in my ass!” She buried her face in her bed.

“I’ve fucked your mouth, your pussy, and now your ass bitch. I’ve marked my territory. In a few minutes you’re getting an ass full of hot cum. Tell me you want my seed in your ass!” I told her to the beat of my thrusts and my hand smacking her now beet red ass.

“Yes Jack. I want you to fill me up with your cum. Shoot deep inside me. Fuck I’m cumming again daddy. You’re so hot. I want you to fill me up!” Tera was almost babbling incoherently now.

“Okay baby. Daddy’s going to cum. I’m breeding your juicy ass sweetie!” I grunted and began to shoot my load deep inside my step daughter’s ass. I could feel her shuddering to another orgasm as my cock pulsated inside her bowels. I unloaded my balls inside her for what seemed like 5 minutes.

“Oh fuck Jack. That was so good. I’ve never cum so much or so hard before.” Tera told me while I laid on top of her with my cock still buried in her ass.

After a few minutes of catching my breath and replaying what had just happened in my head, I lifted myself off my step daughter, pulled my cock out of her ass, and stood up. My half hard cock stood straight out wet with my own cum. Tera looked over her shoulder and asked me if I meant what I said.

As I got dressed I said, “Look Tera. You opened up this door. I had boundaries before. No more. I own your body. You don’t date or fuck anyone except me unless I say otherwise. You are my piece of fuck meat now!” I boldly proclaimed.

“Yes daddy.” She answered batting her eyes and speaking on her little girl voice.

When I had gotten dressed I leaned over and kissed my step daughter on the lips and told her to be ready for me at all times. Her pussy needs to be neatly trimmed but not bald. She will wear the clothes and perfume I like. I will give her lingerie to have ready. Etc. And I will decide when and how often we will fuck.

“Thank you Jack. I mean, daddy.” She said as I exited her room. “I’ll be ready.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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