Georgia is Paul’s Willing Sub

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She was laid on her front sideways on the large bed. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and her legs were forced wide apart by the pole that was manacled to each ankle. The man on top of her was talking to her as his hard cock thrust into her arse. He wasn’t gentle, and his words only told her of more to come.

She didn’t scream out or shout, for 2 reasons. Firstly she had been very clearly told to be silent, and secondly she had the other man’s stiff cock rammed down her throat. His hand held her head up by the hair as he fucked her face. As she felt the stirrings of yet another orgasm, she looked over at Paul, sat in the chair, watching. He’d had her already, both on his own earlier that afternoon and with one of the other guys. She had actually met him in person for the first time about 4 hours ago. She briefly thought of how she’d got here…

They’d chatted online on a relatively unknown app. He wasn’t the usual ‘show us your tits’ character, he’d been charming, intelligent and genuinely interested in her. He was secretive…no he was private. All she knew was his name, that he lived 3 or 4 miles from her, had a big cock and an imagination that caused her clit to tingle.

She had willingly sent him pictures, everything he had asked for. She’d enjoyed the thought of him looking at her and she loved when he sent her the pic of his ipad, showing the picture of her face and tits, with his cum all over the screen.

She’d confessed her darkest desires to him, of being a sub, a slave, a willing fucktoy. He’d listened and asked questions, his words and tone, combined with the topic, getting her to the point where she willingly filmed herself using the toy to bring herself to orgasm.

She told him of her plan to walk through the local woods, feeling only an excitement as he casually asked her what time and exactly where she was planning on walking.

She didn’t really think he’d drive over, but it was fun to imagine that he would. They’d spoken often about meeting, about how it could never happen; he was married after all.

She often walked this path, she knew it well. She saw the parked car ahead and that it was empty, and thought nothing of it. As she drew alongside it she heard a noise behind her and turned, and there he stood.

‘Hello, at last, Georgia.’ was all he said.

They walked and chatted, he told he wanted to fuck her and that he wanted to fulfil her fantasies. He offered her an opportunity, gave it to her as a choice.

‘I can drive you back to mine now, we can do things you’ve only dreamt of, and then I’ll drive you home. Or I can text my two mates who are free and waiting for my message, and you’ll get fucked by the 3 of us. It’s your choice.’

Georgia’s mind was blown by the thrill, the danger, of what he was offering. She knew what she should say. It was an obviously correct choice. She definitely shouldn’t be going willingly back to his house to be used by 3 men. She probably shouldn’t be going back just with him. Her brain told her this was so wrong and so risky.

The tingle between her thighs. The shortness of breath. The hot feeling on her chest. The butterflies in her stomach…all of those told a very different story.

‘You and me first, let’s see how we go.’ she said. They walked to the car.

She got into his car but before he started the engine he asked if she was wearing knickers. She was she told him, and he told her to take them off. She did. He used the button to lower the window on her side.

‘What are you waiting for?’ he said.

She threw istanbul travesti the knickers out of the window.

‘Hitch your skirt up so I can touch you, and don’t say a word or make a noise.’ His voice, though firm, wasn’t harsh. She knew it was an instruction and they both knew that she’d comply.

‘Your safe word is “Release”, but I’ll not expect to hear it for a while. Do you understand?’

‘Yes’ she said. She was walking a fine line between fear and utter horniness. His voice, his tone, his words were all so sexy, but she’d no idea how far he would go.

‘I told you not to speak.’ He said, and now he did sound harsh.

She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t say sorry, she couldn’t say anything.

‘You’ll be punished’ he said, ‘not now, but tonight.’

If she’d been asked to explain why it was that this was such a turn on, she’d have found it impossible. She was 38. She had had a ‘normal’ sex life from 18 to 34. Good sex, Great sex, awful sex, amazing ‘start of relationship’ sex turning into ’10 years married’ sex but even that had been ok. She almost always came with her husband, though sometimes she helped the process a little with her fingers. She masturbated quite frequently, never failing to orgasm. And all of this was relatively normal sex. The occasional spank of her arse cheek, a bit of hair pulling but that was that and she had never felt inclined for anything more. She watched the occasional bit of porn but again BDSM or anything kinky held no interest.

Then she found the message on her husband’s phone. 11 words: ‘You had a deadline to leave her. You haven’t. It’s over.’.

She never found out who, or how long, or much else. The split had been quick, painful and final.

She had 2 relationships in the 2 years that followed. An ex-boyfriend from uni who, it turned out, had become incredibly dull in all the ways that mattered, and a one night stand with a very well-off guy who turned out to be married. Such was his wealth that he owned a flat in Central Manchester that he used purely for convenience and sex.

What had started out as really good sex had completely blown her mind when he had, totally out of the blue, handcuffed her to the bed. She should have panicked and screamed but she felt such a rush of utter horniness that she almost came immediately.

She left the flat the next morning with her nipples sore from the clamps, several angry red marks from the cane on her tits and arse cheeks, burn marks from the wax on her stomach and shaky legs from the number of earth-moving orgasms she’d had.

When, 2 days later, she discovered he was married and strictly a one night stand guy, she had been distraught. He’d awakened something in her.

For the 2 years since then she had searched in vain for a man who could meet her newly-discovered needs. She had dated and slept with guys, some of whom said that they were dominant, but they were nowhere near what she was looking for. One guy had called her ‘sick’ when she asked to fucked up her arse, another apologised for the gentlest of slaps of her arse. Then she had found the specialist app, and Paul. And everything had led to this.

The man whose cock was in her throat turned to Paul: ‘Do you want us to DP it?’ he asked.

‘If you want to mate. Your choice. It’s arse is pretty tight to be honest.’ was Paul’s reply.

The men looked at each other and nodded, laughing. Then they both withdrew and removed the pole that was holding her legs apart, but left the cuffs in place. One of them kadıköy travesti lay on the bed and she climbed on top and felt a surge of pleasure as the cock filled her up. The other guy went behind her and, with some not-so-gentle coaxing, pushed his cock into her arse. They fucked her rhythmically, one pushing in as the other pulled out. She felt like she was being split in two but at the same time the sensations around her clit and, it seemed, INSIDE her arse, were pure pleasure.

She had no idea how many orgasms she’d had since arriving at Paul’s house. He’d tied her up immediately on getting back and used all of her holes for his pleasure. She hadn’t even considered using the safe word.

Paul got up from the chair where he’d been watching.

“I’m going to fuck your throat,” he said, and grabbed the hair on top of her head. As she opened her mouth she felt his hard meat passing her lips. She also felt the warmth and wetness between her thighs as the double penetration continued.

As his cock reached the back of her throat she eased her muscles, allowing it to slide easily in to its full length. ‘You like that don’t you?’

She didn’t answer and didn’t try to pull away. His cock was fucking her mouth but when he stopped thrusting he realised her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked him. Not because he was forcing her to, but because she wanted to. He pushed deeper, making her gag.

She had 3 cocks in her and she was loving it. She felt her orgasm building as the men used her. Their moans and groans turned her on even more and their dirty talk heightened her pleasure.

Paul spoke to the other men as he continued to force her to gag on his cock, ‘I want us to cover its face in cum. You guys ready?’

‘Dirty bitch is going to cum first’ said the man who was fucking her pussy, able to feel the pulsing of her on his cock.

‘Ok let it’ said Paul.

Her orgasm ripped through her, her moans muffled by Paul’s cock in her throat. The guy fucking her arse moaned loudly, adding ‘fucking hell I can feel it coming on my cock!’.

She had barely calmed down when the three men pulled out and got her to kneel in front of them as they wanked their cocks. The guy who had been fucking her arse was first to cum, he moved his cock to right in front of her face and wanked hard, telling her to open her mouth. She licked the underside of his cock as the first spurt of thick cum shot from his cock and into her mouth. 4 or 5 further spurts landed on her face and he’d barely finished when Paul’s other mate came as well. His spunk fired into her eyes and cheeks and she moaned loudly.

Paul looked at her and noticed her hand was busy between her legs. He couldn’t believe just how horny she was. She looked up at him.

‘I want more of your cum. I want it all over my face and I’m going to swallow it. Come on give it to me. My pussy is so fucking wet and I need more spunk!’ she moaned.

He grabbed the top of her head and moaned loudly as he felt his cum travelling up the length of his cock before landing thickly on her already cum-covered face. Her fingers between her legs finally slowed and she started to lick the mixed cum from her lips.

She stood on shaky legs and went to the bathroom to clean up. Paul’s two mates started dressing to leave and Paul said goodbye to them.

He heard the shower start and walked to the bathroom. She stood under the hot spray and looked at him; smiling.

‘I can’t walk!’ she said. ‘That was amazing.’

He anadolu yakası travesti smiled and agreed and said ‘We’ve only just started.’

‘Oh yeah?’ she said, the shower water running down over her body. ‘Are we going to do the other thing?’

They’d discussed so many things in their online chats but one had been a repeated topic for them. He’d been the first to mention it, telling her he’d tried it in the past, and she’d admitted that the thought was an uncomfortable, but erotic one for her. They’d had many discussions about it, slowly working out how it would work for her and arrived at the point where she knew she didn’t want to be willing. She wanted to feel she was being made to do it. They’d spoken at length, almost scripting it, and as they had role- played the scenario she had asked permission to play with herself, such was the effect it had on her.

‘I need to piss’ he said. ‘Turn the shower off.’

She did as she was told, and looked at him. She felt nervous but her clit, which 20 minutes earlier she had thought she wouldn’t be able to touch for a month such as its sensitivity, throbbed and tingled.

‘On your knees’ was his next instruction.

She knelt, hands behind her back, looking up at him.

‘Open!’ he said sternly.

As soon as she opened her mouth the warm jet of his golden piss fired into it. She maintained eye contact, even when he redirected the stream onto her face and tits.

‘Can I play?’ she asked.

‘Lie back and open your legs’ he said. He held his cock, pinching slightly to stifle the flow.

‘Rub your clit’ he instructed.

She did as she was told. Despite the fact that she had cum so many times already she felt her clit respond to her fingers. She was very gentle but could feel the first stirrings of yet another orgasm.

She was laid in the bath, her legs open wide and over the sides, her hand busy on her pussy. Paul stood at the end of the bath, facing her, and was now holding his cock and pointing it at her. She could see it growing in his hand, and her pleasure grew.

‘I’m going to piss on your clit’ he said ‘I’m going to wait until your about to cum and then I’m going to be pissing on you just as you do.’

Her sensations increased, she was so turned on! ‘Your piss is going to make me cum’ she told him. ‘Get it right on my clit when I say and I’ll fucking cum for you!’

‘You’re a fucking filthy bitch aren’t you!’ he said, ‘You’ve loved everything about today haven’t you, tell me what you’ve loved most while you rub your clit.’

She answered immediately ‘The first time your cock went in my arse. When I came like that it was unreal!’

‘You love it up your arse don’t you. Why do you love it so much?’ He asked.

‘Oh I do love it. I’m a dirty bitch who loves to be arse fucked and… oh do it now piss on me!’ she cried as her orgasm got close.

Paul aimed his stream of piss at her clit and she started to cum almost immediately. She used her fingers to hold herself open to him and he hit the spot perfectly. Her orgasm was long and loud and as soon as the stream of piss finished and her orgasm subsided his cock started to harden again…

The next morning Paul took her out for breakfast and then took her shopping, spending lavishly on her. He was so kind to her and didn’t mention anything about what had happened the previous day. He was texting someone occasionally but this didn’t concern her.

It felt like a perfect date.

At lunchtime they went a lovely restaurant. ‘Table for 3’ Paul had said and Georgia was confused. Paul turned to her and smiled reassuringly.

They sat at the table. ‘Why 3?’ she asked.

‘You’ll see’ was his only response.

A moment later Paul, looking over her shoulder at the restaurant’s entrance, smiled and waved. Georgia turned around, and saw the beautiful woman approaching…

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