Gentlemen Sometimes Aren’t

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“You really wish you had a pussy, don’t you”

“I wish I had everything,” he said, “and could experience everything.”

“Don’t try to make a philosophy out of your dirty thoughts. Do you really want me to fuck you with that thing?”

She looked again at the strap-on dildo. It seemed big, more than two of her hand breadths long and she could hardly get her hand around it’s base. It was pink. “A Caucasian dong,” she thought, “Do they make them in other races? Black, yellow, aliens from space, dogs, donkeys?” It was also cut. “Well, they couldn’t come uncircumcised. How would the foreskin fold back?”

“Alright, but I have to get into it, too.” She said after a time. “I can’t just shove it in and out of you.”

“Please do. I want you to enjoy taking me.”

There he goes, always the gentleman. Always nice. Even when he’s being a pervert. Sometimes that really pissed her off. And made her feel guilty, which pissed her off more.

“Yeah, well you said it”

She slid her legs into the fabric loops, fumbled as she adjusted the base against her mons, and tightened the belt. The weight of it against her pubic bone reminded her of her own sex. Hot and wet, five minutes before it had been ready for a pounding itself. Now it was going to miss out. He’d pulled this thing out of his bedside draw and said “Fuck me, please.”

“How do I feel about this?” she thought “Is this just too weird? What about my fuck? Am I going to make him pay for this? I wanted to get off myself.”

He now had one hand between her legs and palm flat against her backside. The other hand was holding her cock, it, the thing. He mouthed it’s end. As she watched he took more of it in, pressing her arse forward with his hand. The dildo’s base moved against her as her hips rolled forward. “That felt nice,” she told herself, “but this is just so weird. Cami Halısı He is sucking off a piece of plastic. Does he think I can feel that?”

“Get up.” She said “If I’m going to do this I’m going to be comfortable.”

He stood up, threw a blanket over the desk in the corner of the bedroom. Then a couple of pillows. He climbed on the desk after them, lay on his back and positioned his buttocks at the edge of the desk. He held his legs up with his hands on his knees.

“Oh, he wants to watch this” she thought.

She picked up the tube of jelly and stepped between his feet. A big squirt of lub landed on her left hand. She rubbed most of it on her cock.

Her cock? That was the second time she had thought of the thing as part of her, as her new appendage.

The rest of the lubricant she rubbed over the fingers of her right hand.

“Do you really want me to fuck you up the arse?” she asked. After all, if he really was excited by this, why wasn’t he hard? It was just a little worm lying on his hairy belly. Exposed, weak. What was he that he wanted this?


“Well, if I’m going to get this big thing into your little hole I’m going to have to prepare you. Open your legs wider.”

He opened his legs, his knees further apart, beside his stomach. “Like a frog.” she thought. “Do frogs get this look of whimpish expectancy on their faces, too? Do I have it when I’m getting screwed?”

She ran the top of her middle finger around his anus. She felt the puckers and under them the muscle tensing and dilating like some sort of winking eye.

“Stroke yourself” he said.

“Stroke myself?” she thought. “How? This thing is in the way. Oh, he means stroke it. Wank the thing.”

She slid her hand slowly up and down the pink plastic shaft, feeling not a little silly. But then she found Cami Halıları her movements on the dildo translated into motion against her mons and sex. She adjusted her position in the harness and experimented with her hand a little. Slow, fast, gyrating in circles, slow out, fast and hard back. “Not bad,” she thought, “but not a fuck.” She pushed her finger into him, perhaps a little savagely. He grunted.

“I wanted a fuck tonight.” Did she say that out loud? “But instead you want me to do this. Well, I’m going to really give it to you ’cause you owe me.”

“Yes, talk. Tell me off.”

“Tell him off? He wants to be put down? Well, I can give him that!”

In went two more fingers. Deep. Then almost entirely out and hard in again, her palm slapping against his buttocks.

“Open up that hole of yours.” Her hand on the dildo faster now. “You’ve got to be big if you’re going to take my tool.” Her fingers drove into him again.

She let go of the strap-on, grabbed the tube of lub and squirted it onto his arse and her fingers as they drew out of him. Keeping her rhythm, they pounded forward again, taking the jelly into him.

She pulled her hand out, repositioned herself closer to the edge of the desk. The head of the dildo pressed against his opening.

“You wanted it,” she said, “and you’re going to take it. All of it.”

She pushed against his resistance and then she was in. Had she popped his cherry or had someone else explored this side of him before? Was she a little jealous at that thought? She pushed harder, further.

Before her she could see him getting harder, bigger, now. She pulled back to glimpse his balls. They were tight, up against him, like a dog. He was enjoying this. She pushed again. Still further.

“Yes. Deep and slow.”

“You like this, don’t you.” she stated the obvious. She put her hands over his on his knees and pulled herself into him. The dildo was right in. She could feel his cheeks against her legs.

“You slut,” she said, “You’ve taken the whole thing!” She didn’t think she could have taken all of it in her cunt.

The rubbing and pressure of the base against her continued to feel good in a sort of subdued way. Continuous and tingly but outside, nice but not GOOOOD. But now she was getting off on watching him. His face was red and his prick purple and engorged. She could tell his eyes weren’t focussing. She realized she was soaking wet herself, her juices running down her legs.

“Don’t you come before I’m ready. Don’t you dare,” she ordered.

Her hips had the rhythm now. Slowly pulling back, pausing, then driving forward. Deep, steady, purposeful. Not jabbing or poking, some fast little thing but a big animal – solid, dark, sure of itself, possessing.

She moved her hands moved to his nipples, pinching them. He gasped. She pulled them off his chest, coning his breasts, the pain delaying him.

“I’m enjoying this,” she realised, “I really am.”

She felt the first splat of his cum against the underside of her breast. She leant forward for more, at the same time driving herself harder into him. She was rewarded with more juice over her tits. It felt as if she were pumping his jism out of him. Push, squirt, push, squirt.

She covered her tits and belly with it, pumping him dry. Her legs were quivering. She felt his hands rubbing his seed into her skin.

She slowly pulled out of him. Very slowly, sort of regretfully. She could feel his anus dragging against it.

Later, lying beside each other in bed. Under the blanket, like any other couple. Normal. He said a blissful “Thank you.”

“You really did like that, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but so did you.”

“I did. I didn’t expect to but, you know, I think I might want to try it again sometime.”

“It would be my pleasure” he said, the gentleman again. This time it didn’t piss her off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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