Gentle Breezes

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My sincere thanks to an ImpossibleFind for her help in the editing of this story.

* * * * *

A gentle breeze is blowing. The tree limbs are swaying. The bees are flitting from flower to flower filling their legs with golden pollen. The clover looks like little clumps of white and pink against a green background all around. The horses and cattle are enjoying the sun also. It has been a cold spring and the sun is a welcome sight.

I am relaxing today. It seems like my schedule has had me fixing outdoor problems in the coldest, nastiest weather and stuck with the inside jobs when we have had at least a little break in the cold and wet. Well, today, I am just going to sit under this beautiful old oak tree and suck on a blade of grass and think of what the clouds are trying to tell me.

I had packed a little lunch for later and ridden out early in the pre-dawn. If you haven’t seen that part of the day on a ranch or farm, you have missed one of life’s joys. I had a small light on to help saddle up, but once I had walked Red out of the barn the dark gray of early morning only allowed me to see vague shapes around our ranch. Mounting Red and heading southeast the gray lightened and small animals could be seen scurrying for cover. The birds began their morning songs and started on their journey for slow-moving earthworms and grubs. Nature was waking up to the spring day too. A breeze was blowing the leaves and playing its tune as the smaller branches swayed and the sun was just starting to peak above the horizon. Red stopped on his own to look around him. It almost seemed like he was enjoying the sights and sounds as much as I was. A little cluck of the tongue and he moved on. He seemed to know where I wanted to go and that I wasn’t in a great hurry. By the time we reached the tree, life was ablaze all over the ranch and it felt marvelous to be in tune with nature.

I didn’t even notice that I had fallen asleep leaning against the tree, but I am awakened to gentle little kisses to my face. They are light, fleeting touches of lips and tongue over my eyes, cheek and now my neck and ears. I picked up the scent of wildflowers and herbs in the air and I know who my tormentor is before I open my eyes. I can’t keep the smile off my face though, reaching my arms around her to hold her close and thank her for such a gentle and loving wake up call. She willingly fell against my chest settling her rump in my lap and putting her arms around me. Her breasts feel warm and full against my side and she continues to nibble on my ear and neck. She is being a little more forceful as I wake fully from my nap. I open my eyes and she is looking up at me, her large liquid eyes beseeching me. The smile on her lips tells me her joy in being here with me. Her nails are running lightly up and down my chest. They are teasing and scraping, making me tingle and sending blood to my crotch.

She is dressed in a simple white blouse, frilly and loose. I always think of a peasant shirt when I see one of them. They can be worn so many ways. Today she has it tied below her breasts, her tummy bare for me. One of the elastic sides she had pulled off her shoulder and the bronze skin showing is begging me to caress it. The other shoulder is under my arm and she is rubbing my back with that hand. Her dress is full, completing the peasant girl look. The dress is made of many colors and the gauzy pleats show as a canvas of color that shifts along her legs. And tuzla escort of course, she has on her riding boots. Her hat is lying next to where she has placed mine.

I could feel the warmth of her bottom rubbing into my leg and the feel of her cheeks shifting against me are making my jeans very uncomfortable. Without disturbing her comfort I try to shift Willie around. She knows what the problem is and decides to help. Reaching down her hand, she pulls my belt up and unhooks it. She reaches down and unbuttons the top button and then the rest. All the time her nimble fingers work she looks at me with love in her eyes. Our breathing and heartbeat seem to be one as we sit here. She coolly reaches in her hand and pulls my rapidly hardening manhood up, holding it, feeling it pulse in her hand. She knows that her holding me is enough to make me show her how much she excites me. Her soft squeezing of my shaft and the movement of her fingers are beginning to make the head shine with moisture. Reaching up with her thumb to rub the moisture down my shaft she gently strokes me. She is not trying to take me to completion, just showing she loves me and loves to do it. My watching her is a pleasure in itself. We know we were safe from prying eyes, it is almost ‘impossible’ to ‘find’ a way to our haven without being seen and there aren’t that many people out here anyway.

I am tired of being passive and just taking the enjoyment she is giving me. I reach up one hand and gently caress her hair and face. Oh, how I enjoy the smoothness of her skin, the gleam of her hair in the sunshine. I run my finger across her lips and her tongue comes out to tease it as I go by. Another smile lights my face and I lean down to kiss her. It is a soft, warm, tender kiss. The next kiss is to her eyes, then each cheek, her forehead, back to her eyes and then a gentle peck on the end of her nose. Now I am back to her lips and I open my mouth gently to lick her lips and suck her lower lip into my mouth, laving it with my tongue. Her grip is getting more urgent on me, stroking longer and harder. Her hips are starting to writhe on my leg. As I hold her with one arm I lift my other hand and massage her breast, gently cupping it and rubbing it, slowly milking my fingers closer to her nipple. When I reach the tip, I stop and reach for the shirt, pulling it down off her arm. She understands my need to see her and she also wants the shirt out of the way. Reluctantly releasing me, she leans up and crosses her arms pulling one sleeve off and then the other, hiding her breasts from me until the shirt is around her waist. When she lifts her arms around my neck, her arms push those beautiful breasts together, creating a generous amount of cleavage and pushing her cherry red nipples close together. Both my hands move down to caress her, hefting her handful breasts to my gaze. The nipples harden even as I watch and my tongue swiping across them make them jump into my mouth. Goosebumps crawl across her breasts and my hands squeeze and rub, my tongue going from one nipple to the other, leaving them both shiny with my saliva. My hunger is growing rapidly and I lay her back on the blanket I had brought.

She looks so beautiful laying there in the morning sunlight, curls of her hair gently framing her face. Her eyes are now heavily lidded but still watching me. A smile of contentment and arousal is on her luscious mouth. I lean over to kiss those lips again, running my hands up her tuzla escort bayan sides to cup her breasts again, this time squeezing harder, showing her how much my need for her is growing. Our lips and tongues duel together now, our breath mingling, our desire growing by the second. I break away and start sliding down to her chest kissing her neck, her clavicle, the top of her breasts and between them.

I let my bearded chin run across each nipple before taking it deep into my mouth and sucking and biting gently. Moving my mouth lower, I sweep little kisses across her stomach, lingering to dig my tongue in her belly button and then sucking the flesh gently into my mouth. Her legs have already lifted and spread and her hips are moving sensuously side to side, imploring me to hurry. Her hands are upon my shoulders gently pushing me toward her waiting triangle. My hands reach up again for her breasts and roll the nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezing and pulling, keeping them hard. I pull my hands down to her waist, reaching the elastic waistband and pulling on it. She raises her hips quickly and I slowly unveil her lower stomach, the hair of her triangle coming into view. Ah, no panties. Farther over her hips and the elastic is hugging her legs as I pull it on down. Finally, her dew-covered mound is in my view. Her lips are swollen with want and just a hint of her swollen bud is in view.

Before removing her skirt, I lean down to kiss her womanhood, breathing deep of her scent. I gently kiss her clitoris and then her outer lips on both sides, letting my tongue just graze the lips. The moisture I am picking up from her is ambrosia and I am getting impatient to make love to her. Removing her skirt and leaving her blouse around her waist, I gently stroked the outside of her calves and thighs as I kiss the inside of each knee and work back and forth toward her mound.

Her eyes are watching me and I can see that she loves me for driving her crazy and also for showing her my love. When I reach her pussy this time, I simply drive my tongue as deep into her as possible and start digging out her essence so that I could swallow her. I rub my face into her wanting to devour her womanhood and give her all the pleasure she deserves. My hands reach below to grab her womanly cheeks in my hand and I lift her from the blanket, forcing my face even deeper into her crevice. Her hands in my hair and the moans I hear coming from her throat are all the encouragement I need. I run my tongue from her juicing hole to her red-hot bud with broad hard strokes. I suck her full lips into my mouth and run my tongue through her inner lips missing no parts of her sex.

The moisture is dripping out of her and I lick as much as I can but it still covers her thighs and ass. I take my thumbs and spread her lower cheeks letting them caress the valley of her ass, softly running up and around her anus. I am still running my tongue and lips all over her pussy, licking, kissing and sucking bits of flesh into my mouth to nibble. Her hips are hopping up and down and moving side-to-side begging me to finish her and I oblige by taking her clitoris between my lips. I suck and flick my tongue lightly on the sides and then broad stripes along the tip. I can feel her legs come up over my shoulders and her lovely thighs cradle my head.

The closer she comes to orgasm the tighter her thighs are getting. I am now rubbing one finger right on her wet escort tuzla anus and I reach up with the other hand and pinch her nipple. Suddenly, her orgasm starts. Her juices flow even heavier and I can feel her ass tightening. I thrust my tongue in her channel to lick up her juices. As she starts to calm down, I shift back up, suck her clitoris in my mouth again and thrust my finger up her ass. Her eyes pop open and she moans and groans and yells my name, pawing and pulling at my face and head, trying to get me deeper. Then she pushes my face away and rolls onto her side, her hips still gently thrusting and her breasts heaving.

I crawl up behind her, drape my arm around her, kiss her neck and ear, and hold a breast gently in my hand. As she catches her breath, she snuggles up closer to me, her ass pushing into my crotch. My hardness is right in the crease of her ass as it throbs against my belly. She moans again and reaches between her legs, bending me down to run the head against her slit. She is still very moist and hot. I am gently rubbing her breast as she bathes my dick in her slickness. Smoothly, she rolls away. The vision of her nakedness makes my dick even harder. She pushes me back, reaches down and removes my boots, pulling my jeans down my legs, my underwear following.

Once she has freed my jeans from my legs, she starts crawling up me, her breasts grazing me as her lips descend to kiss my legs as she moves. My dick is pulsating, alive, the moisture pouring from me to keep me shining with liquid need. Her hands precede her climb and when she reaches my shirt she grabs the tails and pulls, ripping the buttons free. My stomach and chest are now in her sight and she kept crawling, dragging her breasts across my balls and wetting her cleavage. Her hands are rubbing my nipples as she kisses my stomach and then her crotch is rubbing at the base of my cock. Her juices are coating my balls and the heat feels wonderful. I can feel her heartbeat and mine from the joining of our crotches. Now she is rubbing her breasts against my chest, the hair tickling her nipples, keeping them hard. I reach for her hips, rubbing them softly, then grab her cheeks and lift her. She looks down at me smiling and reaches between us to wrap her hand around me. She strokes me, lifts me straight up and lifts her hips even higher.

She places my cock at her entrance, her lips gently holding me. She stays that way looking me in the eyes, rotating her hips slowly. She takes just an inch more into her tunnel letting me feel the heat and moisture of her body. She reaches up then and pulls and rubs her own breasts, sitting down completely on me. She is so tight and wet her muscles are clinching, almost chewing on me as I descend into her depths. When she has me all inside her, she moves slowly, tenderly. She knows I can’t last long. I am already expanding within her, my hips involuntarily pushing back at her, trying to speed her up.

But her eyes tell me to cum. She leans over me, licking my ear, “go ahead and cum, I am ready too, cum in me, fill me with your cum, blast my womb with your seed, cum in me, please.” Her voice is so soft in my ear, but the heat she puts into the words set me off and I push up and start shooting into her. I shoot blast after blast of my seed and I feel her contractions on my shaft and hear the whimper from her throat.

The sun on our bodies, the breeze chilling our sweat brings us back to earth and we gently wrap ourselves to keep warm. My softening cock is still in her. Our immediate needs are slaked. We look up and Red and his companion are standing close by munching on clover and keeping guard over us. Life is good this spring day and it has just started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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