Gender glitch in virtual reality

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Cheers all. I’m Adam, an economics student from Europe and this is almost an unbelievable story which occurred to me during one of my gaming sessions. Let my story be warning for you all, that no matter what companies say, there are always defects that might break the product. And in some instances, like this time, it might have some unexpected results. But before I’m able to go to my personal story, I need to give some background information about the technology. If you do not care, feel free to Ctrl+F and jump to *-*

Virtual reality had come long way from the old school technology where user watched the display inside the helmet and swung the hand-held controllers in real life. Today’s technology enables way better immersion to the virtual worlds. By utilizing advanced sensors on your body and head, one can basically leave their physical body behind and find themselves in whatever location created by the world creator.

That level of virtual reality would have been considered as sci-fi just few years ago. But due the high advancements in the fields of neurosciences, all sorts of possibilities were now coming to public use. User could use all their senses, for a degree, while being connected to the system. You could touch objects, smell flowers, and even taste the food. Obviously, most of these senses had some serious safety rules placed upon them. It might be reasonably fine to feel the slap while being in the virtual world, but it would have some serious consequences to your mind if you had to experience pain of broken bones while testing some physics engine. Anyway, all of this meant revolution in the industries of entertainment, engineering, education, pornograph… Ok, I suppose the last one in the list could be classified as entertainment, but you probably get the point.

The game I was going to play is now shattering the gaming industry. It was the first fully virtualized world where just about everything was possible. When I booted it up first time, I just knew that I would not be returning to PC games ever again. Being able to utilize all the senses, for a degree, was unbeatable. Within the virtual world I was able to wield huge weapons which I couldn’t even lift in the real world. All thanks to finely adjusted physics based on inbuilt rules of the game. It is all very difficult to explain, but just trust me when I say that it really felt like real world.

The world creation was actually one of the most awesome things designed in the game. There was no need for admins to maintain the environments after the creation. Everything was done by utilizing the inbuilt application which would mimic the real world. Grass is green because of virtual water and sun. Flowers bloom because bees pollinate them. Animals would continue to be born, hunt, eat and die as the seasons change. Alright, it is not completely without control. Admins are needed when SW bugs happens. The world would become quite unbalanced if e.g. predators would breed like rabbits. Or game breaking events might happen if it rained non-stop for weeks. That being said, reboots and refinements are always needed.

Character creation was one of the things that were still quite heavily restricted for safety reasons. The system actually creates the character for you when the sensors are placed in correct places on your body. Your avatar is then auto configured based on the sensor data as well as your private health data. Obviously, the user needs to give their consent to use the private data, but that is the requirement to play the game. All that information is needed so the system can create as accurate presentation of your virtual character as possible. You can do some minor cosmetic changes to your avatar, but that is it. This is mainly because you control your avatar as you control your own body. Our brains are extremely powerful things. If your avatar isn’t as close to your physical body, your mind would start sync with your avatar, and you might find some physiological changes in real life. For example, it does not take much to push us off-balance if we in matter of seconds lose or gain a lot of weight. We might be able to figure it out quickly but prolong exposure for such might even have surprising effects to our hormonal balance. There are so many ways how things could go wrong.

Obviously public wasn’t too happy that they couldn’t experience the virtual life from the perspective of someone else. And that is understandable, people simply want to be someone else. No one seems to be happy to be theirselves. Because of the major business opportunities, companies are doing huge amount of R&D regarding to improve their VR solutions. But currently the companies are simply too afraid of potential lawsuits to allow more comprehensive modifications to the avatars of players.

But even with all the restrictions, the game is still super awesome. It follows similar logic as the old school MMORPGs with the exception that you can actually feel and experience everything you do like in real life. Game makers have made it easy to build and craft stuff, but if you wanted to do it hard way with your actual skills, it was encouraged. Your self-made stuff was usually with higher quality which enabled people to trade their creations and thus more complex economy was created. But most people just came to fight with giant monsters and each other’s. Or drink beer and have sex with random people at the local taverns. Yes, even that was possible between consenting adults. But there are other applications available where that has been developed further and where it is more anonymous than it is this game. Not to mention that surplus of male players did not really encourage this behavior… Anywho, I believe that is enough introduction to the topic. Let’s talk about me next.


‘Here we go again’ I said to myself when I booted up the VR game. Like always, I paid attention to place the sensors at correct locations on my body before launch. It might take numerous reboots to launch the game if the sensors were not 100% correctly placed. I can assure you that it grows old very quickly when you need to read all the warning signs, only to be returned to your body to try again. I’ve memorized those warnings by now and could even repeat them in my sleep.

“If you experience any abnormal functionalities, logout immediately for your own health and self-being. Please contact your physician before continue playing the game.”

‘Yada yada yada, let’s go already’ I mumbled. I had only three hours to play today and I really did not like the idea to waste it while booting the game.

I was planning to do some experience grinding while waiting for my mates to join in. After that we can start pushing to more dangerous areas of the area. It is relatively safe to quest near the town of Arag, but it would be better to travel in group to camps further away. Dying is not a painful experience due the restrictions but it takes time to respawn and fix your equipment. I rather save my money for new stuff instead of constantly repairing the old.

“Now entering the Azure Forest”

‘Wait what?’ I said out loud. I did not logout anywhere near Azure Forest. I haven’t even visited that part of the map yet. My gear rating is not good enough to travel there, not even with my usual group of people. While the world is loading, I kept looking the map. The area where I was spawning was completely black, as in unexplored. Well, this is going to be interesting… It might be little problematic to get my ass back to my standard questing area, but at least I will get knowledge about rest spot or maybe even a town in middle of nowhere. It might be even useful to try to grind next to the rest spot and gain huge amount of exp. Killing some trash like wild dogs might be doable even though I am somewhat under geared.

“Loading complete. You will now spawn to the game.”

‘Alright let’s see how this goes’ I said just before my vision started to emerge.

I found myself inside a room… at somewhere in Azure I suppose. Guess I spawned to some tavern’s safe spot. I moved a little to see that everything works while my personalized User Interface loaded up. I fell on my knees. Something was not right, I felt very unbalanced. I got up from the floor just before the UI booted and showed red and yellow warning signs all over. Mostly the system warned me about having too low strength stat for my gear and some incompatibility to gender specific gear.

‘Well, that is just weird. Did I mismanage my gear or something?’ I wondered. Now that I paid some more attention to myself, the gear did feel off. It felt loose at some areas but restricting at other places.

‘Fine, let’s undress and gear up from the beginning’ I thought. I took my helmet off and it released my hair which fell down my face and blocked partially my vision. For a man with short hair, this woke me up completely. I was about to say, “What the fuck?” but I couldn’t go further than one syllable.

‘Wh…’ femine voice that came out from my mouth did not belong to me.

‘THE FUCK!?!’ I shouted with girly voice.

I removed hair from my face and saw a mirror at the room. I tried to rush to other side of the room but fell again. My UI reminded me about incompatible gear and me not meeting the requirements. I had to remove the protective gear to properly move around. Even though I hurried, it still took me over a minute to undress. This isn’t like old school MMORPG where you can just click everything off, I actually had to unfasten all the straps and links to remove the armor.

Finally, the UI looked green, and I walked to the mirror. The mirror confirmed what I now already figured while I was undressing. The image that stared back was not my own. It was an image of beautiful, long-, redhaired girl. If I had to guess, she looked like 22 to 25 years old. Well, I suppose, not “she” as much as “I”. “I” was hot. I kept staring me perky C-cup breasts that were still mostly hidden by black brassiere. At least I assume they were C-cups, it’s not like I’ve done a lot of measuring in my life. My gaze descended lower to the trained abs and slim waistline. Black panties hid my nether regions, and I rotated my lower body to saw a butt to die for. That ass demanded to be touched and groped.

I leaned forward and touched the beautiful image in the mirror. I felt slightly dumb after I understood that I would not need to be content with cold surface of the mirror. It was my body. I watched down and saw the assets that was given to me. My fingers came in contact with soft and smooth skin of upper side of my tits. I felt a shiver running through my body while I let my hands slide all over my chest and waist. Everything felt a slightly more sensitive, but also more intimate with lack of a better word. I noticed how my breathing had become quicker and I felt myself blushing. It was like I wasn’t thinking properly anymore, I just knew that I had to go further.

It took me a while to figure out how to remove the bra, which I was wearing, to unleash my stunning breasts to play with. I touched my nipple and electric jolt was shot through my body. ‘Is woman’s body so much more sensitive than man’s?’ I thought while I continued exploration. My nipples hardened from the touch, and I felt myself arousing. At least I thought it was arousal. It was like I was heating up from everywhere in my body and not just from the usual place.

Instinctively I tried to readjust my dick under my pants, but I only felt smooth and damp surface of the black panties I was wearing. Suddenly I realized that my manhood had been replaced by incredibly sensitive pussy which was strongly reacting to my touch. With growing excitement, I quickly removed last part of clothing I still had. I stared beautiful shaven pussy of my mine in awe from the mirror. My hands slid from my tummy, lower to the waiting pussy lips. I felt my smooth pussy mound and my excitement grew further. When I reached to my newly found vagina, my eyes closed and satisfying sigh escaped my lips. Touching my womanhood felt several times stronger than touching my dick in physical world.

‘Aaah!?!’ I shouted in alarmed confusion when I accidentally touched lightly my clitoris. I laughed when I realized what I had done and prepared to touch myself again. I gently slid my fingers to the top of my clitoris, and I reacted even strongly than before. So strongly in fact that I fell on my ass. I decided that it might be better if I stay grounded if I wanted to continue with my exploration. Now laying on my back, I proceeded to study my lower body. I played with my labia, and I noticed how wet my fingers and pussy had become. In fact, I was soaked down there. My other hand fondled my boobs that had become even more sensitive while my arousal had grown. I’ve never been very vocal during sex but now my lustful moans were echoing in the empty room while I was pleasuring myself to the first climax as a woman.

Finally, I decided to push finger inside of me. It felt so fantastic. My tight pussy hole was sucking my finger inside of me. My finger slid further effortless due all pussy juice that I was producing. But still I felt every millimeter of it. Gently I pushed the finger further and further inside until it was all the way inside. I started to do small circles inside of me and I knew that something big was building inside of me. I left my nipples alone and moved my other hand to my play with my clitoris.

My moans grew louder when the seconds passed on. My body acted on its own by raising my ass from the floor and pushing forward against my fingers. It’s like my body had to get my finger deeper and deeper inside of me. I kept rocking my hips against my hands and suddenly I blew up like never before. I knew the orgasm was coming but it still swept over me with intensity that I was not prepared for. It was like my whole body was exploding and not just from my groin. My face had become fully red, and I was screaming from the pleasure. Only my back and feet touched the floor while rest of my body was convulsing in perfect arch. I only noticed that I was still masturbating when my pussy started to ache. Pleasure was so great that it started to hurt. I removed my hands but still the orgasm did not cease. For a man, the climax is over in few seconds. But since I was a woman now, I was experiencing something completely different. It was unparalleled.

When I returned to planet earth, I was panting from exhaustion. Different kind of feelings shot through my head after my body had otherwise calmed down a bit. Happiness, sadness, joy, fear, shame etc. It was very difficult to focus on anything. I do not know why, but I found myself crying on the floor. Then I started to hyperventilate without any warning. It’s like I could not control how I felt or acted at all. Later when I had time to think, I realized how differently women react to their feelings. I had been experiencing being a woman for blissful 15 minutes, so I was completely oblivious how my body reacts to different situations and thus I had very little control over myself.

After a while I was able to clear my thoughts and get back up. The floor was soaked of my juices which had leaked while I was experiencing first orgasm as a girl.

‘Well, this was something new’ I said with girly voice.

‘I could actually get used to extended orgasms’ I continued while grinning like an idiot.

But quick realization of the situation wiped my smile quickly and pushed me back to verge of next panic attack. The warning message which pops up during the launch came to my mind. “If you experience any abnormal functionalities, logout immediately for your own health and self-being.” I would call this as “an abnormal functionality”. I was too focused to be lusting over my new body that I had completely forgotten severity of the situation. I had read from somewhere that during the first human tests of the system, they had tried a female avatar which had wildly different hormonal levels than the male test subject in real life. They realized later that test subject’s body started to produce way more estrogen than before and he ended up with nice set of boobs. He recovered, but it took some time. I really did not want to get perky C- cups attached to my physical body or sound like a girl for rest of my life.

In haste, I gathered all my gear from the floor and stored them to my inventory, so I would not lose them when I log back in. Then I prepared to logout.

“Unable to logout. Please enter safe area to logout from the game safely.”

‘What? Why cannot logout here? Why this wouldn’t be safe area if I am able to login to here?’ I thought in growing panic.

The message was repeated when I tried again. “Unable to logout. Please enter safe area to logout from the game safely.”

I steeled my nerves, as well as I could, and tried to figure out a way from this mess. I sorted my map as per known safe areas. Area around me was completely black except the small spot where I was at. I could not say if there were any safe areas close to me. The closest that I was certain about was right at the entrance of Azure Forest. If I hurried, I could get there in an hour. Maybe with some luck I would be able to find safe area while travelling and logout earlier. I searched the all the containers and cabinets I could find from the empty building. I was able to find gear which requirement I was able to meet in this body. It was not really gear as it did not have any defensive values, but at least I do not need to run with my black panties through the forest. Although, wearing a black skirt and a white top bursa escort did not really make me feel much better. I tried to put the bra back on, but it was hopeless. I do not understand how women can manage those latches, I sure as hell wasn’t able to.

I left the house and started to travel to the entrance of the Azure Forest. I obviously had scrapped the idea of doing any kind of experience grinding with current change of events. That being said, I decided to take the most direct route I can find while paying attention to any potential safe areas on my way. I might not meet the requirement for my usual gear, but it does not slow me down either. When the gear is in my inventory, it’s like it does not exist. Yes, I know it makes no sense, but it is gaming logic.

However, what did slow me down was my body. More specifically, I was being slowed down by my annoyingly big boobs. It was impossible to keep my pace when my breasts kept “swinging” from one side to another. I started to see the issues which girls had to manage with their daily lives. But even without running, I was able to advance well enough. If I was able to logout in few hours, I would not need to figure out more embarrassing things as a girl like figure out how to pee. I felt a little stupid to worry about something as natural as like peeing when I had masturbated like a mad person just an hour ago. Remembering what I had done at the house made me blush, but I ignored my growing embarrassment and continued to move towards my destination.

The Azure Forest had become darker as I moved through it. Some player vs player battles had occurred on this area some time ago, but I could not sense anything or anyone nearby. I tried to look if there was any gear that I could utilize but disregarded that idea soon as a waste of time. The semi-open area that I had been following for a while, was turning in the direction which was not aligned with my end destination. And thus, I had no other choice than to direct myself through the thicker part of the forest by utilizing smaller pathways. It might even be safer to go route of less traveled to avoid enemy players.

Step by step I got more familiar regarding how girl’s body behaves, but I was still hopeless with what went through in my head. It was simply very difficult to focus on the task at hand. I do not mean to say that I felt smarter when I was in a body of man, but rather than I find myself being distracted all the time. It’s like when I try to focus where I am going, I might see a bee, which makes me think about honey, which makes me think about tee, which makes me think about afternoon (tee) and then I try to figure out what I was thinking in first place. Or I feel like having 100 more sensitive spots in my body. Whenever something accidentally brushes my thigh or chest, it triggers something indecent inside of me. And when that something indecent hits my head, those 100+ sensitive spots become even more sensitive. I would not like to call that I felt horny every second, but I definitely felt some level of arousal while travelling through the forest.

Suddenly, I felt my legs being pulled to ground and hard thump is hit against my stomach.

‘Ugh!’ I grunted when air suddenly left my lungs.

‘Vine barrel trap’ I muttered by myself while I was preparing to be hit by an enemy player. VB trap is essential a mid-tier trap which ties a player over a barrel. It is usually followed immediately by hard hit by enemy player. Trapped player can usually disarm the triggered trap in matter of 1-3 seconds depending on skill and tools. Every player carries those tools with them all the time since they are easily obtainable and usually saves their lives. So, if you plan to hit the trapped player, you need to do time it right. I went through my inventory in distress to find the disarm kit, but I could not find it. There is a solid chance that I have ran out in my last session and since this began so weirdly, I did not notice the missing items. I braced myself for an attack, but forest stayed quiet.

‘Hah…’ I laughed nervously and relieved. It seems that the VB trap was an old and forgotten. Probably created because of the old battle that had happened just at the start of this pathway.

It did not take me long to realize, that it was actually worse than being attacked. It would take an hour before vines of triggered trap would release automatically if player wasn’t attacked or if the player did not have proper disarm tools. One hour fail-safe was created so other players could not prevent others from leaving infinitely. One might argue that one hour is too much, but since VBs were originally designed to capture smaller monsters to prevent them to not escape immediately upon capture. And everyone is supposed to have their disarm tools. It was just purely idiotically to quest without those. Like I just noticed.

The barrel thump hurt oddly much. It wasn’t unbearable, but I must admit that it did stun me surprisingly hard. I thought by myself if it hurt because I was now woman or was the system being even more buggy than I had realized. Then again, gender swapping a player is quite huge bug as it is, so it would not be miracle if some other settings were affected.

My thoughts returned to the vine barrel trap itself. It would never work in real life, but inside the virtual reality game it was actually quite funny. The pray is forced on its knees by underground vines that grabs the target. Vines binds the target all the way from the knees to the ankles. Then almost instantaneously, a barrel is hurled from the ground against the target’s stomach (don’t ask me how). And finally, the target is forced over the barrel by vines from the other side of the barrel which pulls the target from their hands (or forelegs if you are hunting monsters). It is a quite simple game mechanic. But for the shit and giggles, the devs had made it way over the top.

Minutes dragged on. I’ve all but given up regarding finding the disarm tools from my inventory. I probably need to wait until the trap timer goes to zero. With some luck someone from my side would come through and release me earlier. Or… I will be killed, and I need to start from the abandoned house with this weak ass body. And by remembering the abandoned house, my train of thought got muddled again. I felt anger because of the SW defect, I felt arousal because of masturbating earlier, I felt sadness because of being trapped and I felt confusion because of just about everything. Then I felt… noise?

I hear leaves being moved when something moves through them. Then from the other direction, I hear several crackles when something heavy is stepping on fallen branches. Whatever has found me, has not come alone. I try to shake the hair out of my view so I could see what is going on. But before I can see anything, loud barking informs me that at least two wild dogs have found me.

‘Crap!’ I said out loud since I knew I was going to be killed. Those dogs are already close by, and I have clearly aggroed them. Since I cannot move away on my own, they will attack me shortly.

I was able to sense that they were now in range. And in momentarily I was able to see a paw of one the dogs. My hair was quite efficiently blocking my vision, but the dog was close by that I was able to see the leg clearly. My UI informed me that the low tier wild animal was more than just several levels above my own. I could have not even scratched it, let alone kill it for experience points. I felt silly that I had even thought about grinding at this area before.

UI was alarming me that the wild animal is being aggressive. I did not need UI to tell me that, loud and angry barking was more than enough. I was preparing for killing blow when UI suddenly showed that “No threat, resuming normal AI actions”. And barking ended abruptly.

‘What?! Did the dog just decide that I was so complete trash that I was not even worth of killing?’ I thought in amusement. So, it seemed.

I still saw the paw of the dog, so I was still able to see its main status rows. ‘Unknown object found. Investigating.’ showed the UI.

‘Am I the unknown object? And what investigating means in this case?’ I pondered. I did not need to think about it for very long. Very soon I heard sniffing happening at few directions. I felt soft fur brush at the side of my body and something licking back of my neck. Everything happened so in sync that I was sure every dog AI around me had the same ‘Investigating’ command given to them at the same time.

Snout of the dog A at the front of me found its way through the red hair that is covering my face. I close my eyes when the dog A started to lick my face. It tickles and I cannot help laughing out a little. Its nimble tongue reaches my open mouth and before I can close my mouth, and soon we are basically frenching. I gathered myself quickly and I can push out the invader almost immediately. I felt little disgusted about it, but mostly I felt surprised what just happened.

The dogs continued their investigation. I counted that there were at least three wild dogs who were sniffing and tasting me. And that number did make sense. Normal monster pack is one alpha and two lesser guards. Suddenly, I felt snout of dog B under my skirt and that got my attention. But it was nothing compared to a shivering sensation I felt when the dog B had a long lick on top of my black panties. This caught me completely off-guard. I had not given any thought that they might stick their faces at my nether regions. Just like with dogs in real world, the ones in this world did have heightened sense of smell and taste. And now those senses had just helped the dog B locate something very curious.

I felt how the dog B tried to push his snout even harder against my ass and pussy. And the same time I felt his tongue trying to desperately find the curious source. I was now visibly upset about the situation, and I tried to struggle against the bindings. But without proper tools or outside help, I was only able to shake my butt against the oral invader. And that just made the wild animal to try harder.

‘Stop it, you fucking shit’ I swore like a sailor.

But this just acted as odd invitation for the dog A at front of me try to french me again. I shut my mouth and eyes quickly before tongue was able to enter my mouth. The dog A continued giving my face the tongue path that I had not asked for. He soon moved downwards to my neck and further down my chest area. I opened my eyes and saw short black fur which reminded me of a rottweiler. It looked like he was trying to access my boobs which were hidden behind the thin fabric of my white top. The thin fabric did not do much to protect my sensitive nipples from the curious tongue of the dog. And I soon felt how those same nipples hardened against the cloth which was becoming more and more see-through from the saliva of the dog A.

Once again, my emotions ran wild. The sensations my body was feeling from the two exploring tongues was sending strong signals to my mind. I recognized those sensations as arousal, but at the same time those feelings were mixed with fear of unknown. I was struggling to keep my mind focused on the goal; getting out from the game before the defect had some permanent effects on my physical body or on my mind.

Mixture of my own arousal and dog B’s saliva had made my panties soaking wet. The dog B had now located sourcing of alluring scent and he focused his efforts to get proper taste of it. He was pushing his face hard between my buttocks so he could get his tongue past the panties which was stubbornly blocking his way. But that struggle became easier for him when he accidentally pushed too hard and got his front teeth tangled with side of the panties. When he tried to pull free, the weakened wet fabric of the black panties gave in and got torn right from the middle. Waistband kept the ripped panties from falling, but those did no longer protect my smooth and moist pussy.

I felt how the thin, but still important piece of fabric was forcefully removed from the way. I had mere seconds time to be confused what would happen to next when the dog B was already back at my back side. His nose pushed against my untouched asshole while his tongue returned to work with pussy lips. My pussy lips were savored for all their worth. Every millimeter was licked carefully without mercy. I could not believe how good it felt when something warm, nimble, and rough touched the clitoris. I knew what I was feeling was wrong, but I could not focus when so many of my erogenous zones were being stimulated at the same time. Satisfying moan escapes my lips and suddenly dogs stopped their advances.

I opened my eyes cautiously. Dogs had stopped moving without any warning. I see from the UI that at least dog A’s status had changed. It no longer said that it was investigating unknown object. One status message went through my eyes too quickly for me to read. The only part that I saw was ‘…in heat’. I had no idea what it meant. New status was coming in. ‘Investigating potential bitch’.

‘What the hell does this mean? What and where the bitch is?’ I asked in my mind.

I got no answers to my questions when dogs were on me again. And this time they were on me like they meant the business.

The dog A attacked my chest with new vigor. My hardened nipples still pushing against the moist fabric were easy target for him to aim. His tongue worked magic on my new boobs. But this time the dog A was definitely rougher with his attempts to study me. It was like he was trying to bite my chest for reasons unknown to me. However, I did not feel any pain. For my surprise that gentle biting through the white cloth just added fuel to my growing fire.

But as before, dog A was not alone. Dog B had resumed his oral violation against my now unprotected back side. His tongue was now doing long sweeps that cover the area from my sensitive clitoris, all the way to my tight asshole. My whole behind feels like hot and moist mess when the animal makes his best to spread my wetness and his saliva everywhere. Especially the brief moments when my asshole was being licked, forced mixed sensations to my mind. No one had ever touched my ass before and now my first experience is with pack of dogs and in the body of a girl.

Situation felt so bizarre and overwhelming. I hated the dogs for what they were doing to me, and I hated myself how I felt. I was now moaning like a common bitch.

‘I do not moan. I make others moan’ I kept telling myself while making lewd noises.

I was biting my teeth to get some control of the situation, but it was helpless. Soon I was once again moaning at the top of my lungs. My open mouth gave dog A a chance to force less than tender kiss out of me. And this time I had no willpower to stop him. The rough tongue darted in and out from my open mouth, sucking all the saliva which I was producing. His tongue was way bigger than mine and it reached at the end of my mouth. I was disgusted but I could do nothing to prevent him while I was moaning from the pleasure which was building up at my back side.

Dog B had started full on assault on my pussy lips. He had left my asshole alone and had made it his mission to suck all the pussy juicy out from my inexperienced vagina. I felt how he pushed his tongue past my labia into my unwilling but welcoming hole. The feeling of something pushing inside of me was dizzying. It was a shallow penetration, but it was more than enough for someone who have not had anything being pushed inside of them. And it was definitely enough for someone who has had vagina only for an hour or so.

I was tied and being tongue fucked by two animals which showed no markings of slowing down. They were merciless in their pursuit… of something? For the life of me, I could not figure out why they were doing what they were doing. And second after second, I found it harder to focus in caring. Something hot was building inside of me and it was demanding more and more of my attention. The male part of my mind was feeling shame how my body was acting. But there was nothing else I could do than take the pleasure that was being forced upon me. It was like the body of girl had mind of its own, and I was unwilling passenger who had been taken for a ride.

The heat from my loins grew hotter while my lewd moans grew louder.

‘Oh for fuck sake! I’m gonna cum!’ I said a moment before everything went blank.

It was like I was momentarily drowned in my own senses. I could not hear anything, nor I could see anything. It was blissful moment which passed as soon as it came. I found my body convulsing under the strong female orgasm that I was experiencing. I could not break the bindings on my own, but still my body did its best in to escape the pleasure I was forced to suffer. I was trashing my body against the vines, trying to avoid tongues of merciless dogs but I found no rest. Short but strong orgasm made me scream uncontrollably. My voice was erratic since I kept forgetting to breath. Nothing in my past life could have not prepared me for this. It felt so good that I just begged it to end.

After the dogs had stopped their assault on my body, I laid on the top of the barrel shivering in the afterquakes of the wild orgasm. I was no longer moaning in pleasure, but I was still panting and sobbing from the physical and mental exhaustion.

‘That.. was… unreal’ I said out of loud while trying to catch my breathing.

I tasted the sweat which was running down my face. It briefly reminded me of the tongue that bursa escort bayan had just invaded my mouth. But I wasn’t just sweaty from top of my head, I was sweaty all over my body. I stared once a clean white top which now reminded me of those shirts from the wet T-shirt competitions. My outstanding C-cup melons were now clearly visible for anyone who could see me. One of my nipples even pointed through ripped cloth. It was clear that the dog A had a field day with my clothing. I might’ve even considered the vision sexy if I had not been experiencing it all from the 1st person perspective. Now it just felt wrong with lack of better de***********ion.

I knew I was still dazed and tired, but I wanted to try to make some sense on this mess. I decided to take first proper look around after being trapped. It took me few tries, but I was finally able to swing my sweaty red hair at the left side of my head so I could see something. I saw the dog A standing still at front me, probably admiring the work he had done with my boobs and face. I turned my head further and I was surprised what I saw. I saw two more dogs behind of me. I had completely forgotten that there was normally three units in the pack of monsters. I assume it was the dog B which was waiting right behind of my still moist pussy. He was so close in fact that I could sense his presence. And larger dog C was anxiously standing few meters from me. All three of them were basically from the same rottweiler model. Only visible difference was that dog C was clearly the alpha due being larger and more intimidating. Red skull next to its name was indicating what would be the end result if lower-level player would attack it.

Suddenly, both dogs at my behind got up and took unnatural stiff stances. I turned my head back to see if dog A showed same behavior. Through my UI, I was able to see new status being given to dog A. I assume same status was being applied for all three. ‘Evolution, VISTA. Stage S, ***********ion and Reproduction. In queue (2).’

‘And what in the name of hell is this now? What is VISTA? What is the queue?’ I thought frantically without making much more sense of the information in the UI.

Dog A in front of me sits back down. He was now clearly more natural and relaxed than he had been few seconds ago. Before I’m able to turn to see the state of other two dogs, I feel heavy weight on my back. Dog B had jumped on me and was pushing me uncomfortable against the wooden barrel. I sense his head is right next to mine. I could hear excited panting and feel the wetness of his lolling tongue. And at the corner of my eye, I can see the end of his status message ‘…roduction. In progress.’

It no longer took a rocket scientist to figure out what AI- controlled beasts were up to. They tried to fuck me. And as bizarre it sounds, they had formed nice and civil line to fuck me.

‘No no no no. How the fuck can this be? No way man can be raped’ I thought.

But how wrong was I, especially since I was no man in this world. I was female in heat. Female, which these beasts had identified to be compatible with their species. They were simply doing what their programming told them to do. And in this instance, it was to take advantage of my unfortunate situation and impregnate the bitch in front of them.

After finding comfortable position on top of me, dog B started humping his loins against my back side with increasing tempo. Little by little his doggy cock emerged from the demanding loins and started the process of finding the welcoming hole which the same dog had previously studied and prepared. He was close of penetration, so very close. Both him and I knew it. I had no idea how big dog’s cock is, but I had faint idea how tight my pussy was. Even a single finger was enough for me when I had masturbated in the beginning of journey.

‘What would happen if something as big as normal sized cock tried to enter my cunt?’ the thought terrified me.

The idea kept festering in my head while the cock grew harder. The cock did back-and-forth motion on top of my pussy and my previous arousal was beginning to reignite even thought I was being violated. I felt how my moist vaginal lips spread the wetness to the see-sawing doggy cock that was teasing me. Just like I had teased my girlfriends a moment before I pushed myself into them.

I became even more alarmed when the ever-growing member reached my navel area.

‘How big is he? I can’t handle something as big as that!’ I panicked.

But my panic could only be seen from my eyes. Rest of body was once again as aroused as it can be. And not only that, but my wet cunt had also done its best to lubricate the whole shaft of the cock which was trying to find the entrance to my vagina. If he can locate the opening, no matter how tight I was, he would bury that thing as deep of me as it goes. I fought against the bindings, against my own arousal and tried to prevent the access. I pushed my loins down hard against the dick to direct it further away from warm and wet hole of mine. And for a moment I thought that I had succeeded when I felt his penis withdrawing. But that relief was short lived when I understood that he simply readjusted due my efforts. Next jab of his did not slide over my sensitive pussy, instead dog B thrusted his cockhead right at my unsuspecting anus.

I had pushed my loins too far down and my asshole was in perfect height for dog B to attack. I winced from the sudden pain I felt from the penetration attempt. Dog B thought that he had found what he was looking for, a tight but accommodating hole which to impregnate. He did not understand that the hole which he was trying to violate was for “exit only”. Tears were running out of my eyes when I felt dog B pushing harder and harder his cock against my sphincter. Short jets of pre-cum was shot at my ass to lubricate the way forward. And second by second, I felt how the pointy cockhead forced its way slowly through the final obstacle. There was no more quick paced jabbing, there was just one long and hard push against my asshole. He was determined to make me his bitch and that was a battle I was losing. That imagery reached my mind mere second before the beast’s cock pierced through my sphincter.

I screamed when the cock filled my rectum with rock hard flesh. With one strong push, he forced his hot rock poker to balls deep. My ass was in fire from the violent penetration. I was so in shock that I could hardly register the loud howling right next to my left ear. Dog B just added insult to injury by letting whole forest know that the bitch was his. And that was all the time he gave for me before restarting his engines. He slowly pulled few centimeters back, only to push it slowly back in. Pain was still agonizing, but I was oddly thankful of him taking it steady.

I had never done anal sex myself, but I knew lubrication was the key. I was sure that my ass would have torn up if not for constant splashes of hot pre-cum which he was shooting to my rectum. Thrust by thrust more of his pre-cum coated his shaft, making the rod slide easier inside of me. By pulling almost the whole cock out from me and pushing it back, resulted my sphincter muscles to accommodate still growing size of the dick. Diminishing resistance did not go unnoticed by the dog B and he picked up the pace.

I was sweating from the ordeal. The pain had started to subside, and I was able to feel previously unnoticeable details like how the watery pre-cum he was shooting inside of me felt so very hot. Or how the pressure my asshole was still increasing like he was still growing. Or how I was still aroused and dripping my pussy juices all over my thighs. Dog B was now pumping his cock in and out of me way faster and it was clear effect on me. I was whimpering helplessly while a vile dog was taking my anal virginity. Every hard thrust hit the internal walls of my vagina before pushing deeper to my rectum. His big balls full of doggy cum was smashing against my sensitive pussy and gracing my even more delicate clitoris. All of this kept my girly body very aroused through this violent exercise.

Dog B was now ramming his cock to my ass as fast and hard he possible could. My quiet whimpers had transformed to enthusiastic moans. Do not get me wrong, I was not mentally enjoying being violated, but my control or even understanding of this body were non-existent. Even something as rough as this anal fuck was sending pleasurable signals from my loins. I was now filled as full I could possibly be filled. I could feel every square millimeter of the veiny cock pulsating in my anal embrace. But the Dog B demanded more. It had been a while since I had felt the pain of penetration of my sphincter, but now I was feeling it again. I did not know what was happening, but true to its real-life counterpart, dog B tried to push his knot inside of me. Knot had begun to form at the base of his cock, and he wanted to make sure that he ties his bitch to ensure proper impregnation. He was still oblivious to the fact that one cannot get impregnated from the ass or that human bitches were incompatible with rottweilers. But he was just following the genetic code regarding how he should proceed.

As said, I did not know what was happening, but that did not stop me panicking. I was sure that my ass could not take any more punishment. Dog B did not slow down so the knot smashed against my sphincter hard and painfully. I felt so very conflicted again. My body was still feeling pleasure from all the stimulus to my pussy, but at the same time pain was once again forcing tears to my eyes. I was in sorry state of moaning from pleasure and sobbing from the pain at the same time.

But after of tens of second of hard screwing, it became clear that I was not going to be knotted by this animal. The knot had grown too big to have any chance to break through my strained asshole. It did not mean that he did not try to finish the job, so I had to endure his painful attempts. Very suddenly his violent humping ceased, and I felt his cock throbbing against the tight walls of my anal cavity. If the pre-cum previously had felt hot inside of me, it was nothing to waves of steaming doggy cum which was unleashed inside of my rectum. Dog B was spraying my anal walls with puppy batter, and it was filling up my ass quickly.

The warmth from my rectum radiated all over my body and it made me feel uncomfortable hot. Sweat and tears mixed together and rolled down my face. I could taste the saltness when the river ran next to my mouth. I was no longer sobbing from the pain, but because of my raw emotions. My ass was just taken violently, and it was being pumped full of sperm. I do not think I’ve ever been this humiliated before. It did not make it any easier that the dog was just virtual AI. I still felt every second of it. And as said before, even being in this girly avatar will have effects on my actual body. I don’t think anyone knows what will happen to me after being taken like a bitch.

Dog B pulled his cock out of me after pumping most of the contents of his balls inside of me. Excess cum splashed out from my gaping asshole when the large cock withdrew. I had no idea how much of the cum flew out from me, but from the familiar warmth inside of me, I just knew that most of it was still safely in my rectum. Idea of being used as cum deposit disgusted me, but it was not like I could force it all out from me from my current position. Some of the cum trickled down from my ass, but that stream was quickly intercepted by tongue of the dog B who wanted to have a taste of his own juices. I shrieked when I felt the tongue once again exploring my backend. He focused on my asshole which was still gaping from the hard pounding, but he did lap the nectar which my pussy had produced. The stimulus at my pussy heated me up very quickly and reminded me that I did not cum from the brutal ass fucking. Only the pain I felt at the end very end had prevented me to humiliate myself further.

‘Thanks… I suppose’ I said without much joy in my voice.

I was startled when the dog A suddenly got up and then as suddenly got back down. I swung my hair out from my way to see what’s going on. I saw the status message being updated: ‘Evolution, VISTA. Stage S, ***********ion and Reproduction. In queue (1).’ Before I had time to analyze the situation, I heard sharp bark and I felt how dog B was forcefully pushed away from my ass and cunt. Dog B whimpered when he was forced away from the bitch he had claimed previously. But he did not bark back since dog C, the alpha, was the one who had gotten up. I already knew before even looking at the status message what is what he wanted. It was his turn with the bitch. It was his turn with me.

‘Evolution, VISTA. Stage S, ***********ion and Reproduction. In progress.’ said the message.

‘No no no no, please no more.’ I sobbed in dread.

I felt panic growing inside of me when I saw the dog C take his position behind of me. There was no need to prepare the bitch, which was just clearly still in heat, so the dog C mounted me without even a simple hello. It was cold and calculated behavior. He did not care about the bitch, he just wanted to mate. When I felt the bigger weight on my back, panic exploded me.

‘I cannot be violated again. I simply cannot take it.’ I shouted in my mind.

In my panic, I started to trash my body under the weight of the alpha to futilely to force him off me. Powerful bark at my ear ordered me to cease my struggle, but I was too dazed to notice. When the sharp teeth touched my neck, I stopped immediately. Something primal in me commanded me to halt. Alpha had made it sure that he was going to take his bitch and he was going to take her now. And it would be better if I understood what it meant.

When dog C was sure that I understood the message, he took his teeth from my neck and some weight off my back. He was bigger beast, so he did not lay fully on top of me. But still, I did not dare to move or make a sound at all. Not even when I felt hard cock once again see-sawing under me trying to find a hole to impale. I simply breathed quietly and stared blankly at the side of me. Dog B walked past my vision, and it was the first time I saw its veiny cock. It was big, bigger than I had in real life. At least 15 centimeters and still spitting his cum everywhere. I also saw the shrinking knot that which had tried to push inside of me. And I felt relieved that he had not been able to force it in. It would have broken me. Sudden realization hit me, if dog B was that big, how big would the alpha behind of me be. Single tear ran down my face since I knew that I was going to find out.

My pussy which had been caressed for some time now was dripping wet. And my pussy was once again smearing its juices over hard cock trying to find the wet hole. Constant pleasurable friction from my labia told the dog C that his cock was so very close, and he simply need to readjust himself to be able to bury the bone. The alpha was equipped with higher intelligence stat than dogs A and B, and it did not take as long to find a hole to penetrate. My vaginal muscles stretched open by his large tool and few centimeters of cock was pushed inside of me. I yelped from the initial pain and surprise. Dog C pulled back and hammered back in, only to be stopped by same barrier again. I yelped again and I felt how something inside of me was about to give in. Alpha shot his pre-cum to lubricate his way forward. He was unyielding with his effort to impregnate this bitch, so he pulled back once more and slammed the cock harder against my pussy. The final barrier, hymen, was torn to pieces when dog C pushed his cock as hard and deep inside of my cunt as he could.

My eyes were wide open while I was screaming from losing my virginity. I had no idea that alpha had ripped my hymen, but I did feel the sharp pain radiating from my sensitive pussy. I was begging him to stop in my mind, but instead he immediately started to pump his loins against mine. Alpha had no need to balance himself before starting to fuck me, since there was no need to lubricate this hole any further. My moist and slippery pussy offered next to none resistance against gigantic invader. Even though he had clearly bigger cock than his smaller counterpart, it slid inside of me very easily. That being said, seconds after the penetration, the rod was already smashing inside of me like jackhammer.

For my surprise, it did not take long for the pain to fade away. My newly acquired cunt got accustomed to rough screwing very quickly and soon the pain of losing of my virginity was a distant memory. Without pain running through my body, I was able to feel more about what has happening with my body. With every thrust, I felt my pussy walls making more room for still growing girth. It was clear for me that these dogs don’t start with huge hardons, but instead they grow during rough mating. To my dismay, I also noticed that I was leaking sperm from my ass. The pressure in my pussy was forcing some of the deposited doggy cum out. I wondered in disgust how much was still soiling my rectum.

I felt the familiar warmth coming from inside of me as my cheeks started to blush. Hard fucking had started to have pleasurable effect on me. When my ass was taken without my consent, it had felt more raw. There was not as many nerve-endings in the anus as woman had within her vagina. Now those nerve-endings in my vagina were being fondled just right by veiny invader. With growing heat, I found my mouth getting moist and some of it trickled out from my mouth. When I instinctively bursa escort kız opened my mouth further to lick the drool, a moan escaped lips. That is when I understood that my body was going to betray my mind once again.

Just after I had vocally expressed my impending arousal, dog A in front of me started behaving erratically. It got up, then down and then up again. It’s like it did not know what to do. I tried to see what was going on, but I did not have strength to focus on the smaller dog. The strain of having the bigger one pumping my pussy was already exhausting so I dropped my head back down. My long red hair fell from my left shoulder, radically reducing my vision what was happening around me. I only saw the vines binding my hands, smallish barrel and also my boobs through the once white tank top which was mixed with my sweat and dog’s saliva. The soiled shirt wasn’t really protecting anything anymore. In fact, other side of the top had already given in and revealing my right boob partly. I kept staring the hypnotic movement of my breasts rocking under the top in the rhythm of the animal violating my moist pussy.

I heard rustling noise of dog A getting up from the ground. I paid it little attention since he had done it quite few times in past minute. However, this time he did not get back down. What happened next, caught me completely unguard. Dog A launched his front legs on top of my upper back hard. I shrieked from the surprise, not knowing at all what has happening. I got even more confused when something hit my chin hard through my red hair. It did not hurt too much, but it got me angry especially when something smashed against my forehead in second later.

In-between my moans I yelled ‘HEY!’

Right then something warm and rough pierced through the wall of hair and shoved itself to my open mouth. I was reminded how the dog A had forced its tongue inside of my mouth when he was checking every nook and cranny he could find. But this time bitter and salty taste filled my mouth. I stared in completely disbelief what was happening in front of me. I was able to see hairy loins of dog A and shaft of his cock forcing its way inside past my lips.

I tried to yell in protest not yet fully realizing that I my mouth was absolutely filled already.

‘Ugh!’ was the only sound what I was able to produce.

Now that I was so close of dog A, I clearly saw its status message. ‘Evolution, VISTA. Stage S, ***********ion and Reproduction. In progress’.

‘This must be the stupidest evolution program ever. The first dog empties its nuts to my ass and the third plans to impregnate my mouth’ I thought while the dog A did short thrusts inside my mouth.

The realization that dog A was squirting pre-cum and he plans to unleash torrent of semen inside my mouth, got me gagging in disgust. It was beyond embarrassing that my ass was filled, but it is whole different level of disgusting to taste the cum of another male. It did not make it any easier that in this world I was in body of girl.

Once again, after the initial penetration dog’s dick started to grow quickly. It got bigger so fast that before I was even able to think about biting it, I found out that I could not apply enough force from my jaw to hurt the dog A. I had to admit the loss for the 3rd time today. When the dog A was sure that he would not lose his prize, he started to hump his loins against my face with increasing pace. Faster tempo excited the cruel beast more and he started to release more of his pre-cum inside my mouth. When the gross substance coated insides of my mouth completely, the repugnant taste filled my senses.

‘No matter how many times I wash my teeth, I cannot erase this taste from my mind’ I thought in utter defeat.

Teary eyed I stared the rod that was sliding partially inside of my mouth. I had been able to keep my head somewhat straight during this unnatural blowjob, but at that very moment, particularly forceful thrust from my unwanted lover at my behind, pushed me harder than I expected. With sudden adjustment, few centimeters of hard but flexible cock found its way to my accommodating throat. And then just a second later, dog A followed the example of the alpha and with one strong push I saw in front of my very eyes how the entirety of the cock disappeared in my mouth. I gagged in panic, but I could not do anything when being impaled so thoroughly by two huge pricks at both ends of my body.

I was feeling sick, not only mentally but physically as well. I fought against the feeling since I knew that it would only make situation worse. I tried to relax as much as I was able but being constantly fucked by two animals made it very difficult. They worked like well-oiled machine, when one pushed in, the other one pulled out. I forced myself to adapt to the rhythm of their loins. And after a moment, I was able to time my breathing accordingly and loosen my body. This resulted the cock in my throat to start sliding in smoother and hurt less. It wasn’t any less disgusting, but at least I was able to manage the situation.

Accepting the changed situation, made me once again notice how turned on I was. My body had now been taken several times to brink of climax, only to be denied by something unexpected event and usually that something made my situation worse. I am not saying that I wanted to be forced to cum by these disgusting beasts, but I could not ignore the sensations my body was telling my brain. I was listening to my surroundings. I could hear exciting panting of two canine and sloppy sounds coming from the dual penetration. Those sounds were mixed with the involuntary grunts that my body tried to utter while having big dick sliding in my throat. And even though I was not able to hear or see it, I was able feel that my tank top had finally given up and my boobs were now swinging in full motion under me.

I knew my body had been preparing for a while to climax. My vagina had got accustomed to the great cock sliding in and out already a while ago and the pain of losing my virginity had been replaced with exhilarating pleasure. My body was just waiting a trigger to allow it to erupt. That trigger came in form of dog B who had unknowingly by me, reached under me and started to lick my bare breasts. Rough tongue on my rock-hard nipple threw me off and launched the most unbelievable orgasm inside of me. Muffled sounds came from my fucked mouth while my eyes rolled at the back of my head. Without any control, my back arched as much it could and my toes and fingers curled. I was able to feel every part of my convulsing body when the mind-breaking climax rocked through my very being. I was drooling pre-cum and spit which trickled down my chin to my breasts which was then licked by dog B. My pussy was squirting unrestrained further salivating the huge cock which took advantage of my womanhood.

During my spasms, I found myself instinctively and unwillingly fucking back at the dogs which were violating my holes. My body had fully betrayed me and was now acting without my consent. The climax was melting away my conscious and I could no longer think what was even left or right. I could only focus on the stimulus coming from my erogenous zones. My body’s eagerness to be mounted was not missed by the dogs. Neither one was slowing down. Instead, I felt how the thrusts became faster and harder due our synchronized actions.

Little did I know, but alpha, which was ravaging my pussy, was about to up the ante once more. I had not realized how much of the big cock was still outside of me, but dog C certainly knew. He was not satisfied for this “shallow” penetration and that was the main reason why he had not yet knotted the bitch. Dog C had skillfully changed the angle of his thrusts for singular reason, to find a way to bury his tool fully inside of warm and moist cunt. My body’s willingness to fuck back was all the help it needed. With equal amount of skill and chance, alpha found the cervix inside of me. He had thrust around the entrance to my uterus many times now, even touching it couple of times with his pointy dick. But this time when he hit the tight cervix, he was prepared. Instead of pulling back immediately, he applied even more force. I felt how the pressure and little bit of pain was coming inside of me. And before I had time to think about it further, several centimeters of doggy cock slipped through the cervix.

My unending bliss came to crashing end when I was filled even further than I had thought to be possible. The whole length of alpha’s cock was now deep inside of me, all the way from the labia to uterus. The pre-cum felt a hundred times hotter when it was being spurted directly inside of my delicate uterus. The animalistic banging behind of me resumed almost instantaneously. Now that he was fully inside of me, I could feel his hairy loins smashing against my ass. The great big balls slapped against my clitoris every time when he pushed his cock inside of me. He did not pull back as far as before, but instead he made sure that his cock did not lose its grip from my cervix. This made his thrusts shorter but stronger and faster. Dog A adapted to the new pace and soon I was being fucked with unreal tempo.

However, the faster tempo was not going to last. The increased stimulus for the dogs were starting to be too much for them and they were preparing to final part of this unnatural coitus, impregnation. I opened my eyes, just in time to see knot forming at the base of the cock invading my mouth. I remembered the ball at the base of dog B’s cock and how my ass had hurt during my anal experience, and I soon realized what he was trying to achieve. Dog A was smashing the knot against my front teeth and my whole face begun to hurt. I must not have been the only one who was hurting since soon dog A slowed down his thrusts and focused to make sure that my teeth do not scratch his cock. Finally, the knot was forced to my mouth. It kept growing in my mouth and soon it was locked behind my teeth. I was praying that he wouldn’t grow any bigger since my jaw could not take much longer. Now that the cock was firmly embedded deep at my throat, I was able to feel it pulsating and readying itself for eruption.

Very same thing was happening at my pussy. The dog C had slowed down and was pushing his knot inside of me. My completely abused and wet pussy offered way less resistance than my sphincter had offered when my butt was roughly taken. I tried to scream when the knot popped inside of my vagina, but only muffled noise came out from my filled mouth. For next short while alpha kept fucking me while the knot was still growing. The knot kept entering and exiting my vagina with unsteady pace. Every thrust felt harder than the previous one when the expanding knot smashed past my pussy lips. After several hard shoves, the dog C found out that he could no longer pull his monster cock out from me. But even though his movement slowed down, he still kept fucking. The expanding knot was sending exciting waves through my body. I did not know back then, but the dog C was able to caress the G-spot inside of me with that knot of his.

My body was about to climax again, and I was aware that I was not the only one. Throbbing sensation at my throat and my cervix told me that I was about to get double filling of semen. If the amount of doggy cum in my ass was any indication, I would be soaked completely. The thought equally aroused and disgusted me. I could not pretend that I did not find it pleasurable of having my pussy filled, but at the same time I was trying to think that it was not real at all. It was getting difficult to remind myself that I was a guy when I was being fucked so thoroughly. My girly body simply felt so good that I was sobbing because I was afraid how this would affect me when I would finally be able to escape.

Both dogs impaling my holes stopped all their movement. I couldn’t even hear of them panting anymore. In fact, the only sound I was able to hear was the slurping of dog B licking my breasts and face. After what felt like an hour, but was only like few seconds, both dogs started to ejaculate. Only warning which I got was the faint pumping motion I felt at both ends of my body. And then torrents of hot semen filled my throat and pussy. I did not even need to try to swallow when the cock in my throat pushed the copious amount of cum to my stomach. The pressure of having my uterus filled with hot puppy batter threw my body to next set of rolling orgasms. I knew that I could not prevent my body to betray me again, but the intensity of the orgasm still took me as surprise. I had thought that pent up pressure had been released before, but apparently it does not work like that with girls.

Earth shattering orgasm made me almost black out. It took me great effort to focus on breathing while being force fed doggy cum. The taste and the texture of the cum was repulsive. But I could not do anything to remedy it since everything from my mouth to stomach was coated with it. Same time as I was fighting to stay consciousness, also my uterus was being filled to brink with steaming hot semen. My hips twitched as another jet of cum was shot inside my pussy. The feeling of hotness intensified my climax which then made my body to convulse even more. Rabid contractions spread from my vagina to all over my body. I was spasming in the grip of overwhelming involuntary set of orgasms and my enthusiastic screams of passion were only muffled by the giant cock deep in my mouth. Waves of orgasmic bliss rampaged through me, and I had no idea when one orgasm ended and when the next one started. I was sure that I would go insane from the raw pleasure. I even briefly forgot that none of this was real. I was bitch in heat and had to be taken. I simply wanted to drown into my senses.

My continuous climaxes ended up lasting over 2 minutes and I was completely spent. For my complete surprise, I did not black out from the experience. My face was burning red from all the screaming and the river of sweat was running down my body. The dogs inside of me were still emptying their balls inside of me and I was sure that my body could not contain any more sperm. I was certain that if the barrel wasn’t so firmly tied against my abs, my belly would be bulging from the amount of cum was inside of me. The pressure was so insane that I thought I was going to burst. In fact, some of the cum was again leaking out from my anal cavity, to make room for the fresh patch inside my pussy. It did not go unnoticed by dog B who soon was licking my asshole to taste the salty goodness which he had deposited in the first place. I was so tired that I could no longer care about anything that was happening to me.

After several more minutes, I felt that dogs A & C were finally done with me. Like in agreement, I felt tentative pulls happening from my both ends of my body almost at the same time. The knots tying us three together were shrinking and I felt pressure easing at my jaw and cunt. Alpha’s tugs were scraping my G-spot and were once again sending arousal signals to my brain. Dog B was not helping by switching between my asshole and nipples.

‘God, please no more… I cannot cum anymore’ I thought.

But god was not listening, one final cumming erupted from me and once again contractions from my pussy massaged the giant cock inside of me. Me orgasming one more time loosened me up. The knot expanded my pussy once more to unreal size before exiting from me. Copious amount of pent-up doggy cum gushed from me when the pressure was released. Alpha lapped everything that he could, but alot of it was still flowing down my legs to the ground. But his rough tongue still managed to enhanc the orgasm that I was already suffering.

My muffled screaming helped the dog A to eject from my sore mouth as well. He was still spewing ridiculous amount of sperm when he pulled out from me. The final jets he shot at my face while I was spitting out almost mouthful of it. It was obnoxious to think about how coated I was with different substances. Including the sperm inside (and outside) of me, I was also covered with saliva, sweat and pussy juices. No amount of showering would ever clean all this way. Although, the pack of dogs were trying their best to suck up everything.

After minute or so, dogs left. I was trying to see what their statuses were, but I was too late. To be fair, I could have tried harder but I was too tired.

‘Finally, it is over’ I was thinking.

And at the same time the bindings of the trap released their grip of me. I fell on my hands and for my disbelief was able to keep myself balanced. I was coughing and getting the final traces of cum from my mouth when I saw my belly under me. The amount of cum pumped inside of me had really made it to bulge out. Even though I had been pissing cum for a while, I was still filled up. With my final strength I forced my body from the ground. And when I very carefully touched my stomach, more liquid cum gushed from my abused pussy and asshole.

I was laughing in disbelief, ‘I don’t think that anyone ever has been this full of cum before’.

While my legs were becoming sticky from the dried up cum, I started to walk. It was difficult, everything hurt. I could not believe that game would allow users to be handled like this. But it had. I had no idea how I could reach to the entrance of Azure Forest while moving this slowly.

‘Maybe I should make a camp and continue after resting?’ That was my last thought before I heard something moving fast, and my UI went black.

Letters were forming at front of me, letters I knew too damn well. ‘You have died, now respawning at the previously safe zone’.

My pain and fatigue were completely removed when the insides of the abandoned house came to my view. I then realized in panic… I have to start it all from the beginning.

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