Gay Days Ch. 03

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Some 30 years ago I wrote, with pen and paper, a long history of my gay sexual experiences, from my first sexual fumblings – right up to the day of writing. Then I added events and chapters as they happened for the next ten years or so, ceasing only when time and freedom ran out and then I found out all about computers so I transferred everything into electronic words.

The whole thing was too long and rambling but that didn’t matter because I never intended to publish my sexual autobiography. However, since I hit my 60s, (and now my 70s) I’ve felt that I should really let others partake in some of the fun that I enjoyed.

So I’ve attacked and divided up the story, edited it to the best of my ability, made it more readable and turned it into eight parts for you to read.

The original writing was also very much in my 1980’s/90’s style – comparatively polite and lacking conversation, so I hope that my efforts to liven the stories up meet with your approval.

And the stories are in English from England, so please put up with my British spellings and phraseology.

This therefore is the THIRD of those segments of my life – “Sales Conference Fuck”.


I’ve already described my fun with my friends and with the monks but after we moved away I needed my sex life – I needed a girlfriend too and before long I found a regular partner, Mary. I may well have become adept with the male of the species but I wasn’t truly destined to be gay all my life – I had every intent of exploring both sides of the fence and now I was able to do just that. We shared losing our heterosexual virginities within months of meeting and fucked and fucked each other, from my bed to the bathroom and numerous places in between – even in a bus and in one of the old red British phone box!

How she didn’t get pregnant during our courtship was a miracle because neither of us used protection of any kind because a few years later I proved that I was potent by fathering a daughter within a few months of my marriage!

Mary however, provided me with the experience of ‘normal’ sex, for which I was very grateful and appreciative, but our relationship inevitably didn’t last forever and around a year after we met we parted company. Soon I was screwing almost every female I could find, in the best traditions of a twenty-something with a rampantly horny cock!

Having now discovered the female side of sex I was complete and I settled into what could best be described as ‘normal heterosexual behaviour’ right through the next five years or thereabouts until I married and migrated to Australia late in 1967.

My bride Carol and I soon settled in Australia where I was quickly absorbed into the culture and became thoroughly immersed in work. Our daughter was already on her way and our home became settled and comfy and a pleasing place to be while my wife and I indulged in many a contented fuck, hindered only slightly by her growing pregnancy.

I also remained faithful to my wife until the fateful day that this story will detail and then I made the most of it and indulged in the pleasure of taking a man in anal sex for the first time. Back well before I’d married I’d had Tony’s penis inside me but I’d never been the giver; only the receiver, but this was now about to change.

Oh sure, there had been a number of occasions in Britain and now in Australia too when a man would proffer his erection to me in some public toilet somewhere but I avoided them now; that kind of tryst was just too alien and unnecessary in my current lifestyle.

In Australia we’d quickly settled and, given my ‘gift of the gab’ I soon prospered in a nice job, selling products to shopkeepers across my huge sales territory based in Brisbane. In those heady booming days money was easy to come by and sales hit new targets almost every week. The shopkeepers were generous and the company spent happily to encourage high sales and I benefited substantially – I’d become a consummate consumer and a fortunate and enthusiastic salesman. The perks of the job were many and varied and one of them was an annual lavish few days being wined and dined in the State capitol of their choice – and this year it was in Sydney.

The week of our National Sales Conference arrived, with reps flying in from all around the country for a four day event and we were all lodged in a glitzy hotel overlooking the famous Harbour Bridge, with everything organised and paid for.

But despite their generosity we weren’t allowed to bring our other halves and all the representatives had to share rooms for our three-night stay, ostensibly, we understood, so that we’d mix, mingle and make friends.

As we arrived at the hotel we gathered together in a big meeting room where we were welcomed and then keys were handed out to each couple of lads as we were called up. The gathering had a dual purpose – to introduce us all to each other and to ensure that their pairings went as planned.

My roommate and I quickly discovered Bayan Eskort that we seemed to get along pretty well and soon we’d exchanged names.

I’m Chris, as you already know and he turned out to be Doug, who’d flown up from Melbourne. With a shared business connection the ice was soon broken and we found ourselves chatting amicably about our lives as we settled in for our conference.

The first day of the conference passed with the usual string of soul-stirring speeches; then we all dined lavishly and retired, exhausted and replete to our assorted rooms. The same sequence of events continued on the second day except that the dinner was optional and we were allowed freedom to do as we chose thereafter. A fair number of us chose to explore the Sydney nightlife instead of eating at the hotel, at which point we split up again and Doug and I shared a taxi with two other reps to take us into town. Being strangers to Sydney we asked the cab driver for his recommendations and in our smart suits we firstly toured the town sights and then were deposited at the doors of a club. Sure, we were innocent lambs but the driver had been honest and the club wasn’t bad at all, especially to us poor sex-starved visitors.

There were plenty of girls around, most of them wearing very little – and they put on a floor show that was even more revealing, but quite honestly Doug and I seemed to be too busy talking to one another to really absorb our surroundings or to bother with chatting up any girls and neither did we drink all that much. I doubt that we drank any more than we might on an average night out.

Since both Doug and I were among the top performers in our regular monthly sales challenges we had more than enough ‘work chatter’ to chew over, not to mention lots of trivia to find out about each other and the time passed quickly.

Eventually we got back to the hotel around one in the morning, merry but far from pissed and by now almost bosom buddies.

Sydney was pretty hot at that time of year and once in our room we both decided that we ought to cool off and freshen up with a shower before bed and it was at that point that we remembered that we’d discovered that the shower curtain was missing and that there was nothing to pull across the shower. We’d found it missing when we’d arrived and soon afterwards we’d asked the hotel service for it to be replaced but nothing had happened, so we’d just decided to put up without it.

It was an irritation though and for a short time we both felt embarrassed but then we found ourselves laughing about it. We’d so quickly become such good and happy friends that the thought of perhaps seeing each other naked was of no longer of any concern, it seemed.

Anyway, the bathroom was fully tiled and there were plenty of towels to mop up any splashes. If the place became soaked then that was the hotel management’s fault and problem so that was another concern out of the way.

I stripped off in the bedroom, went through to the bathroom and started my shower first. I ran the water fairly cool and it felt delicious after the steamy heat of the evening and while I was standing there, wet and soapy, Doug came into the bathroom, also naked. For a moment I was shocked and shy but Doug quickly calmed me.

“Jeeez mate, you’ve seen it all before haven’t you?” he said, as he started to brush his teeth, “Don’t let a bit of skin worry you.”

“Nah, it was just a surprise to see you like that,” I said as my eyes browsed his body, “Carry on mate.”

I hadn’t really looked at him as we’d become naked the night before now but I chuckled to myself then carried on soaping and cleaning myself and as I was doing so we reminisce about the evening’s entertainment.

“Some bloody lovely girls there, weren’t there?” he said, his words an observation as much as a question.

“Bloody right there were,” I answered, “Didn’t wear a lot either, did they?”

“Ha, oh yeah, I’m here in the nude and you’re saying they didn’t wear a lot!” he said as he scrubbed at his teeth.

“You’re not as good looking though, are you?” I replied as I let the water rinse me clean.

“Bugger, I’m naked; I’m wearing less than they were – what more do you want!” he laughed, flicking water at me.

“A lot more than that,” I answered, “If I’d been able to get closer to the girls it would have been really good.”

“So what do you expect me to do,” he replied, “Give you a lap dance?”

He laughed at his humour and wriggled his groin at me, his cock flailing around as he did so.

“Could give you one too, I’m naked as well,” I replied as I shook my groin at him in response but as I did so I felt the heaviness of arousal surging in my cock.

I turned myself away from him and got on with rinsing myself clean.

“Nice arse!” he said with a chuckle, “Might as well have stayed here and looked at each other!”

“Could have saved ourselves a few dollars!” I said, “Mind you, some of those girls were definitely worth looking at.”

I felt another wave of arousal start to lift my cock and I busied myself with the shower controls.

“So you’re saying I’m not worth looking at!” he countered with a chuckle, “Oh well, perhaps I’d better stick to my day job!”

The banter died as we cleaned ourselves but it was evident that we’d both enjoyed ourselves and yet we’d almost preferred each other’s company and we seemed like bosom buddies already.

I was about to step out of the shower when he said and did something quite innocent, something that started the whole thing off…

“Excuse me, got to have a piss, mate,” he said, “All this water and that beer.”

With that he lifted the toilet seat, took hold of his penis, pulled back his foreskin and stood there some two feet or less from me while he began to empty his bladder, still with his toothbrush in his mouth.

I suppose that he could just about have hidden his actions from me or waited until I was out of the shower, but that would have been a bit prudish perhaps.

Likewise I could have averted my eyes but I couldn’t help but watch him pee and despite trying not to look, my eyes kept being drawn to his uncircumcised penis. It hung slack and long in his hand as he pissed and it seemed to be a fairly decent size even though it wasn’t erect and as he pissed I found myself wondering how long it would be were it hard.

Then I just knew that I shouldn’t have allowed such thoughts to dwell in my mind because that and the sight of his cock must have sent some kind of sexual message to my brain and all of a sudden I found that my penis was quickly filling out and was starting to become erect.

There was very little that I could do to keep it under control or to hide it under the circumstances and since he was right beside me he could hardly avoid seeing my cock rising. I couldn’t even reach a towel to cover myself with without stepping right by him.

As he finished pissing he paused and looked straight at me; his toothbrush still in his mouth. He shook the drips from his cock then took his hand away and when he did so I saw that his own penis was lifting and stiffening too.

“What are you feeling so horny about? Is that for me?” he asked through his foamy mouth as his own cock began to point towards the ceiling.

He rubbed it a few times, an action that did nothing to help either of our cocks to subside.

“I couldn’t help it,” I said apologetically as I spread my hands over my erection to hide it, “I must have been thinking about something and the next thing I know, the bloody thing’s getting all hard! What about you then?”

But putting my hands on my penis was the wrong thing to do because you know what happens to a rising cock if you touch it; it just rises that much quicker!

“Looks ready for something,” he said, his fingers gently stroking his own erection, “Just like mine.”

His cock was now entirely erect and as I watched, my eyes glued to his penis I saw him shudder and watched now as his foreskin slid back to reveal his glistening knob.

“You’re definitely hard,” I said, “You won’t get to sleep with that thing like that!”

“Guess I’ll have to do something to get rid of it,” he answered, “Nothing unusual there.”

“I reckon mine needs some relief too, I’ll have a wank later,” I said, “Got a bit excited somehow…”

“So what was it that made you excited then?” asked Doug, turning towards me so that his stiff cock now pointed right at me, “Was it this?”

I nodded almost unintentionally, feeling myself redden with embarrassment while my penis remained as stiff as ever.

“Oh good, mate, that’s perfect!” he said, a wicked smile crossing his lips, “Like I said, I was going to have to play with mine tonight so perhaps you’d like to do it for me instead!”

The idea was very stimulating but it also threw me sideways because, until a few minutes ago, such activity had been far from my mind and I found myself unable to answer.

He bent over the bowl and rinsed his mouth free of bubbles and as he did so his hand moved up and down his cock as he continued to massage it and my captivated eyes saw a small trickle of precum as it oozed from his slit. He looked downwards, saw the bubble of fluid and caught it with his thumb, stretching it into a long strand first then rubbing it into his knob.

“Look at it! Guess I’m just as horny as you are,” he said as he stroked his glowing cock.

I could feel my penis throbbing with excited arousal as I now openly admired his erection.

“I guess you do need some attention,” I said as my own hand began to stroke my own cock, “Suppose I could help you out.”

Doug looked at my erection with a concentrated gaze.

“That’d be nice,” he said with a slow smile, “I reckon that you need some relief too but surely you’re not going to have a wank by yourself?”

“Probably,” I admitted not knowing what else to say.

“Wouldn’t you prefer me to toss you off then?” he offered, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we helped one another?”

“Whatever you like – I won’t say no,” I said, suddenly feeling eager and animated, “I’ll have to get rid of it before I go to sleep and you’re going to have to do the same.”

“Can’t sleep without jerking off!” he exclaimed happily, “It’ll be fun if you’ll do it for me!”

“Give me a chance to dry myself off then,” I said, “Let’s have a towel, mate.”

He handed me a towel and I began drying myself, my penis stubbornly but excitedly remaining as stiff as a board, while Doug just stood there and watched as he dried his face and continued gently rubbing his own erection.

Then he stepped closer to the shower cubicle and reaching out, he grasped my stiff penis. Automatically my cock thrust forwards into his hand and his grip caused my own foreskin to slip back from my knob.

“Ahhhh!” I breathed as the stimulation intensified, “Nice!”

I thrust my hips forward again, this time intentionally, to drive my cock through his fist and to show my approval of his actions.

“Yessss,” I hissed as the wonderful sensation of another man’s touch on my penis sent quivers through me.

Doug pushed his hand up and down my cock then paused as he gathered the small trickle of precum I’d released. His fingers spread it over my knob until it glowed just as his own knob did.

I reached for his cock too and did the same for him and for a few minutes we just wanked each other gently.

“Come on, this won’t do,” he breathed, “Let’s get on the bed.”

I hummed my agreement as Doug left me to finish drying myself off, then I brushed my teeth, succeeded in having a pee despite my erection then stood there as I stroked the stiffness back into my eager penis. It didn’t take long before my cock was pointing at the ceiling again, then taking a deep breath I went through to the bedroom to find him stretched out on the bed and gently massaging his stiff penis.

It was all shiny now with a considerable coating of lubrication and looked so totally desirable that I even felt my mouth watering. I licked my lips as I climbed onto the bed, feeling my stiff cock bouncing against my abdomen until I moved and sat beside him but I needed to do more than just watch.

“Looks perfect!” I heard myself say and Doug hummed his own agreement.

“All ready for you too,” he said softly, “Come on then, get comfy and get your hand round it.”

I lay on my side now as I reached out and took hold of his cock and explored it; the slight ridges of veins on his shaft, the rim of his knob and the knob itself, all slippery and deliciously sexy. I ran my hand over it and pulled his foreskin back and forward a few times and as I did so he took hold of my penis as well and did the same to my erection.

Now we were both completely erect I took a moment to compare our cocks, noting that his was very similar in size to mine. Possibly it was a little bit shorter and it looked as if it was a little thicker too. Some more precum fluid oozed from his tip as I watched and I spread it over his knob deliciously, imagining my lips sucking the juices from him.

“Would you like me to suck it?” I asked, already feeling much more comfy with him and feeling my desire growing by the minute.

“Bloody right, mate! That’s what I was hoping for,” he said, patting the bed, “Head to tail, if you’d like me to suck you too.”

“I’d love a 69 if you’re willing,” I said, my delighted and stunned mind unable to find anything more intelligent to say.

Still on our sides, we settled into our places on the bed, both moving until we could reach our targets.

His cock stuck out proudly as I held it and I opened my mouth and just let it slide inside, finding it tasting slightly piss-salty but feeling beautifully smooth. Memories began to flood back into my mind as I slid my tongue around his cock as if to stroke it and Doug moaned sensually.

“Oooh fuck!” he sighed, his breath whispering over my quivering penis, “That’s so good, so bloody good!”

As I moved my head to and fro I felt his lips tighten around my own erection while his hand began to wank my shaft. Almost urgently now I sucked his knob, using my tongue around it to heighten his pleasure and I began to wank his throbbing shaft at the same time.

We both sucked at our mouthfuls of cock for a while and didn’t speak much – we didn’t need to and anyway it isn’t easy to do so with a mouthful of hard thrusting cock. Only after a while did he say anything.

“You’re going to make me cum soon,” he said, his breathing a bit faster now.

“That’s what I want you to do,” I said eagerly as I pulled his cock from my mouth briefly, “I want all of it in my mouth, I want to taste you.”

“Oh fuck yeah, I want you to cum in my mouth too,” he panted, rubbing and sucking at my cock with renewed enthusiasm.

“I will, very soon if you keep that up,” I moaned and my cock began to twitch as my own orgasm approached.

A delicious gush of precum covered my taste buds as Doug’s arousal level rose and immediately I knew that I could hold back no longer.

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