Garden Pleasure

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Grace sat in her black mourning dress and waited, her hands composedly resting in her lap. From her bedroom she could hear every noise in the house. She heard the brisk steps of her personal maid rushing up the stairs to take advantage of the extra time off she had just been awarded. A few minutes later she heard the elderly governess come upstairs for her last check of the house, the bunch of keys tied to her belt jangling at every step. Then she retired to her quarters upstairs, and the house fell silent. Grace sighed at the view of the clock; there was nothing else she could do to occupy her time other than wait, so she adjusted her position in her chair to be more comfortable.

She was about to create a scandal; she thought it would be a far better choice to go to sleep and forget about it all but that was impossible. Her heart cringed at the thought of suffocating her youth into a black dress. Henry had lived his life for sure, given the rumors she had heard, and she was still waiting to live hers.

‘I did not think it would be like this,’ she murmured to herself in an attempt to justify what she was about to do. Mourning customs required her to exclude herself from society for one year following the death of her husband, and spend another year with only limited contact. She would not receive visits except from close relatives, and her social events would be limited to church services.

Had it not been for church, she would have never seen David again. On Sunday her eyes scanned the congregation, but rather than return diligently to the prayer book, they stopped on someone’s shoulders, someone on the other side of the aisle. Holding her breath, she tried to get a better look, but from her position she could not really say for sure who the man was.

‘David, if only it had been him for real…’ the thought alone had been enough to increase her heartbeat, while her nipples hardened under her corset. She blushed violently as she realized the effect simply thinking of David still had on her.

‘I must offer you my deepest condolences for your loss, Madam.’ It was David’s voice outside the church calling her. She looked at him and saw no difference in his appearance from when he had left, but she was too surprised to talk.

‘I did not know…’ she hinted in a low voice.

‘I returned last week, my cousin informed me about Henry.’

Grace nodded, reminding herself to be careful with her words in public. Her eyes followed the line of his chin, wishing she could have another kiss like the last they had shared that night.

‘It wasn’t a happy marriage, was it?’

She was embarrassed to admit it: ‘Uneventful,’ she finally allowed, ‘but it couldn’t have been different, he was away so often.’

David tuzla eve gelen escort was a merchant without a title; he had later bought one, but society still did not recognize that as important as being born with a title.

‘I could make you happy.’ He whispered in her ear as he walked away, just in time before people spotted them and started to talk.

Shaken out of her daydream, Grace felt her stomach growl. The servants had already retired to their bedrooms and it was still early to see David, so she put her slippers on and silently moved through the house with a rustle of fabric. The kitchen welcomed her in the quiet darkness; she grabbed a piece of bread from the basket and was munching it silently while staring out the window into the dark garden, when she heard someone walk into the back garden. She stood immobile in the dark, and the light of the moon filtering through the window glowed on her face as she looked out, recognizing the man. At the door she called out ‘David.’

From the tone of his first words she knew he was grinning: ‘I thought of coming a little earlier. After all, you deserve all the time in the world.’

She did not move, feeling awkward and slightly reluctant, as if it had not been her who had invited him, but he wasted no time in encircling her waist with his arms, ‘I have wanted you for so long.’

Grace moaned at his touch and her nipples hardened like the day after Church, but she pushed him away, saying ‘Not here,’ and dragged him outside.

The door closed behind them, leaving them out in the dark garden. A light mist was rising from the ground in the warm night, making the garden shine in the moonlight.

Grace knew every inch of the garden, and guided him through the intricate web of alleys, their steps crunching on the pebbles. Her heart raced within her chest; the excitement of doing something forbidden and the fear of being caught by a servant increased her tension, and she felt a moist patch start to spread on her underwear.

She took him to the gazebo, the octagonal structure and its decorative woodwork drawing mysterious shapes in the dark and mist. David halted her run, grabbing her by the waist; she let out a squeal and giggled, finally free of the moral restraints of widowhood.

Their lips met in a kiss and her hands caressed his bearded face. Holding her tight, David savored the sweetness of her lips ‘You are just as sweet as the first day.’

Grace smiled ‘In the pantry, with your mother yelling your name’ her cheeks reddened with the memories, while his hands fumbled with the laces of her corset. She thought she might explode with the passion burning inside her. How she wanted him, to hold his hardness in her hands, to have him inside her. She couldn’t do without him one more moment.

Shivers tuzla otele gelen escort of pleasure ran down her while body when his fingers made it through all the layers of fabric, opening a tiny gap in the strings of the corset. Frustrated he pulled and tore the fabric enough to push the corset away and free Grace’s breasts.

Her white pearly skin shone in the moonlight. David was so hungry and his mouth searched for her nipples. ‘You are a feast for the senses, Grace.’

His lips closed around the dark areola and sucked in the pointy tip. David was the perfect lover, sweet and passionate at the same time. Overtaken by the pleasure shooting through her body, Grace’s fingers ran freely through his hair and her body arched against his. She could feel the stiff manhood in his pants pressing against her groin.

He was reawakening feelings she had thought were buried deep under her good wife’s manners. She moaned loudly in the dark night, and her hand wandered down to touch him; all she wanted was to hold his turgid stiff manhood in her hands like a whore, kneel and suck him.

His pants slid down to the ground and he stood naked in front of her, his stiff member pointing up in all its glory. David’s eyes closed when her hands grabbed his penis, without a hint of shyness. Looking down, he had the heavenly vision of his lover in a state of undress, her corset ripped open and her bare breasts shining in the moonlight. Her hungry mouth was ready to welcome him and her hungry, excited eyes were looking up at him.

Sexy, hot, he was at a loss for words to define her, so he just caressed her head as an invitation to continue and she slowly slid his cock into her mouth. It was hot, tumescent, and its manly scent brought Grace to a new level of excitement.

Her lips closed tighter and she moved her head, swallowing and releasing him faster and faster. The blood rushed away from his head, and he felt like passing out, but he was determined to give Grace what she needed.

David’s hand moved to her chin and lifted her off his cock. The cool air of the night hit his swollen manhood and he bit his lip ‘Not just that Grace, this night is for you.’ and grabbing her hand he pulled her up to let her dress fall to her feet.

They lay on their own clothes on the floor and David pulled Grace on top of himself. Her cheeks reddened when she straddled him, and his manhood pointing up gave her a clear message. Her hands closed on his stiff member as she resumed her sucking that had been interrupted.

David moaned and his hands reached around her hips to pull her pussy closer to his face. He inhaled her scent and gave her a first lick. She wiggled, her cheeks turning even redder at the thought that Henry had never done that to her. She was learning, and David seemed to be more than eager tuzla sınırsız escort to teach her when he plunged his tongue deep into her pussy, urging her to take care of his cock.

Her lips closed around the tip and slid down to the base, swallowing his entire length. His hips lifted as if to accompany her movement, her tongue played with the tip of his cock then she swallowed more of him, again…David hadn’t had that treatment in a while, and struggled to fight the urge to come.

His tongue concentrated on her parted lips. He took one between his lips, wiggled with his tongue and licked hard until Grace moaned hard enough to wake the servants. Her furry mound was tickling his chin and he placed a kiss on it, only to return to the rose unfolding between her legs. Grace tasted like a fresh drink for a thirsty mouth; she was soft, smooth and most of all eager.

The touch of his tongue into Grace’s most private parts made her pant heavily, she also let out a moan that worried her for a moment; it was too loud. But David was quick to shift her attention elsewhere, to her swollen clit that was now begging for release. Plunging two fingers deep in her pussy, he felt her muscles contract against him, he moved his fingers in and out in a slow regular motion and placed his thumb on her swollen clit.

Grace could have fainted; she lost hold of his cock and grabbed his legs to keep some sort of control when the wave of the orgasm took over. His fingers filled her, and her muscles tried to hold them in forever. For a moment she stood immobile, the pleasure having drawn a blanket of fog around her that was thicker than the fog in the garden.

A second wave caught her in her immobility, and her whole body shook as David’s mouth closed on her clit and sucked it hard. Not once, but twice. Grace had never experienced anything similar before, and immobilized, with her eyes closed, she felt David slip away. Then she felt his touch again, strong hands closed around her hips as he wasted no time in plunging his cock deep into her wet opening.

She was wet, swollen, still quivering from the pleasure she had just experienced.

‘More.’ She thought how could there be more. She was discovering a new world.

With the treatment he had just had he couldn’t help but being close to his own pleasure. It was Grace’s night though, and with quick and powerful strokes he filler her. Filled and released, filled and released…Grace would groan loudly at every fill and crave his cock as soon as it slid out of her with ease due to her wetness.

Soon she felt another orgasm build up and David felt it too, with her pussy so hot around his cock. He pumped harder, losing himself into Grace, pounding her with more passion than he had ever had for a woman. She screamed and clawed at the ragged clothes under her hands. The world, the gazebo, everything disappeared around her. David let go at last, grabbed her hips even harder and held her close, unloading his hot load of semen into her.

Grace fell on their carpet of clothes and David followed, still inside her.

‘See, I could make you happy’ he whispered to her ear. Grace had no strength to reply, but her smile said it all.

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