Gang Fucked and Tied Up

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Big Dick

It had been about two months since my anonymous master had reached out to me by email to demand more service. I had two encounters with him and my first taste of being a cock servicing slut and I wanted more. I tried to get back into my everyday life but I found my mind wondering throughout the day, thinking about being face fucked or feeling a big cock shoot cum deep in my ass.

To add to these thoughts I knew that he was somewhere in my office and he was probably watching me knowing I was squirming for more cock. I went back to looking at hot cock fun on the internet and using my dildo as much as possible, but it just wasn’t the same.

Then finally, one day, there it was, an email that read “be ready next Wednesday”. The email went on to explain that I was to report to a house on the ocean (I live in Virginia Beach) and was to strip immediately upon entering and insert a plug that I will find on a table. From there on I was to do whatever was asked of me.

That was 6 days away! How in the world was I going to concentrate on work or even sleep over those following days? In anticipation of the event, I used my dildo extensively both to practice my deepthroat and taking it hard and deep in my ass. I was confident that I was ready to serve.

On the Tuesday before I received an email with an address and instructions to wear work boots, shorts with no underwear and a tee shirt. I was to strip down to wearing the boots only and insert the toy. I was told that I would not be blindfolded for this adventure. I was to show up at noon and reserve two hours for play.

I took my leave from work and stopped by home to thoroughly clean up and prepare for my duties. I made my way to the address which turned out to be a large, modern house on the oceanfront. It was off season so there were not many people around and I pulled right up to the house. I nervously waked up the steps and opened the large, glass door before walking in. There I saw a small table to the right with a large plug and some lube as well as a note. My heart began to beat hard as the excitement and nervousness set in. I stripped and worked the large toy into my hungry ass, then read the note.

It read “walk straight ahead into the den. You will see a mattress laid out on the floor with a bottle of oil next to it. Apply the oil generously all over and take your position on your knees. Once you have complied, call out “I’m ready””.

I walked in to the impressive room which was lined with wall to ceiling windows looking out to the beach. I found the mattress and oil and did as I was told. As I rubbed the oil all over my cock began to harden in anticipation. I took position on my knees and then, without knowing what was about to happen, called out “I’m ready”.

At that point 4 men walked in to the room. All were wearing basic, eye covering masks. All had on black tee shirts and jeans and were wearing work boots similar to mine. The hottest part was that they all had their cocks and balls pulled out of the zipper of their jeans. Two were hard, and nice sizes while the other two were about half mast. I was nervous about trying to handle all of them but excited to try. I still had no idea which of these men was my anonymous master.

They approached and I didn’t know what I was to do initially. That question was answered when one of the men with the already hard cock walked right up to me, ordered me to open my mouth and shoved his cock in all the way to his big, shaved balls. He grabbed my hair and started pumping my mouth like it was a wet pussy. My face was being pushed into his jeans as my chin was slapped by his big balls.

As I was being face fucked, I felt hands all over me. My ass was being slapped, my cock was Eskort Bayan being pulled and the plug was being pulled from my ass.

The dick that was fucking my mouth pulled out and at the same time the plug was removed. Suddenly the plug was forced back into my ass. I then felt it being pulled out and pushed back in over and over again until it went in and out with no resistance. I looked and saw two cocks approaching my face. One was already hard and had a downward curve, which I always wanted to experience, and the other was about half hard and was already thick.

The hard curved one presented itself first and I took it into my mouth. He seemed to prefer me to suck a bit slower than the face fucker I had just sucked. He slid his gorgeous cock into my mouth slowly and held my head as he worked it in and out. The others urged him to shove it all the way in and hold it until I gagged. He obliged and slowly worked it deep into my throat. He then held my head hard against him until my eyes began to water and I gagged. As I did he pulled it out and it was wet and glistening. It looked delicious and I reached out with my tongue to lick it. They all commented that I was suck a cock slut. I grabbed it and the not quite hard one and rubbed them together and then took the soft one in my mouth. His style was slow and soft, like the second one, or so I thought. I felt his already thick cock begin to harden and I was amazed as it kept growing. As it became hard, I pulled it out to get a good look at it. It was big, just over 8 inches and had a nice big mushroom head. More than anything I was shocked at how thick it was. As I stared at it I heard someone say “I knew he would like that big fat one”.

Suddenly my head was grabbed from behind and pushed onto the thick cock which then began to fuck my mouth as hard and fast as he could. I was struggling to keep up and suck this gorgeous cock as I should but it was just too fat and I kept gagging. He clearly didn’t care and just kept face fucking me.

I was struggling so much that I didn’t notice that the plug had been pulled from my ass. Someone had inserted two fingers and was not pulling my hole apart. It felt hot being this exposed in front of 4 strangers. Suddenly I felt the head of a cock teasing my hungry hole. The thick cock was pulled from my mouth and I was asked if I wanted the cock in my ass. I moaned “yes” but that was met with a few slaps of his cock across my face. He informed me that they all needed to hear how badly I wanted this cock in my ass. I responded by practically yelling “Please fill my cum hungry slut ass with cock over and over again!” As the last word escaped my lips I received my wish and the cock was pushed deep into my ass. It felt incredible to have a cock fucking me with two more at my face. I was loving being a cock slut.

I was fucked for a few minutes when I heard the fourth guy ask for a shot. One dick was pulled out and another took its place. This one was thin but long and he wasted no time getting up to speed. As he began fucking me I felt oil being poured on to my ass. This seemed to excite the guy fucking me and he sped up his fucking which pushed more oil into my ass. I arched my back and moaned as he fucked me.

As I was taking this long, thin cock like a porn slut I was orally servicing three dicks that were inches from my face. I switched around attempting to suck each one in the style they seemed to prefer. I was loving being surrounded by cock.

Then one of the men pulled away and told me to stand up. As I did this he laid down on his back on the mattress and held his cock straight up. I was turned around facing his feet and then I squatted down and took his hot dick deep in my ass. I began to ride this cock as the other three surrounded my face. I began to suck and lick their balls as I rode the dick. One of them then leaned me back so that my arms were to the side of the man I was riding. He then leaned down between my legs and grabbed my oiled, hard cock.

He grabbed it hard and tugged which felt incredible with the oil. He then grabbed his dick and mine together and grinded them together as I was being fucked. I was loving the feeling! Then Mr. Thick Cock straddled my chest and presented his unbelievable cock to my mouth. I opened and eagerly began to suck his dick. So here I was in a strangers house, riding a cock, grinding against another and sucking one while a spare one was somewhere in the mix.

The cock that was grinding me then pulled back and I felt the head of his dick rub against my ass as the other cock was fucking me with full, deep thrusts. He commented to the others that my ass was taking the cock so easily that he was sure I could take another. While the thought was hot to me, I was nervous that I could take it and I squirmed to avoid the penetration. He laughed and asked the others “was he trying to get away? That is a big mistake.”

As he said that, I was pulled up off the cock by my hair and guided toward the windows and pushed stomach down onto a leather ottoman. It was pretty large a was supported by long wooden legs which had small wheels. My face was just over the edge, my torso covered the leather cushion and my knees were almost on the ground. As soon as I was in position I was greeted by the long, thin cock at my mouth. He slapped it across my face a few times and then rubbed the head against my lips and made me beg for it. I begged to have my mouth filled with his dick and he finally awarded me.

As I was sucking him I felt my arms being pulled to the sides. Suddenly I felt ropes being wrapped around my wrists which were then tied to the wooden legs of the ottoman. Once my arms were tight and secured, the same was done to my legs. i was helpless and tied to this piece of furniture and surrounded by four cocks.

As soon as I was secured, I felt my ass being spread wide apart by two hands and then felt oil being poured onto my used hole. I then felt a cock slapping against my hole. Suddenly I was filled with dick in one stroke. It initially hurt due to the motion and he kept it there, deep in my ass for about ten seconds before he began fucking me.

My face was then surrounded by the other two cocks and I was fed each of them in succession. One of the guys I was sucking stated that he was ready for some ass. The guy who was fucking me pulled out and one of the cocks left my face and immediately began fucking my ass. The one who had been fucking me then took his place in front of my mouth.

I was sucking these three cock but I couldn’t take my eyes off the very thick one. I wanted to feel it, I wanted to please it. The guy who was fucking me would fuck me hard and deep for a few strokes and then pull out, spreading my ass and commenting on how much I was gaping. He would then grind his shaft against my hole before filling me again. I was in heaven.

They all took turns fucking my face and ass except for the thick cock, he stayed at my mouth and seemed content on being sucked. I thought to myself that he just wasn’t into fucking.

At one point I was sucking the thick one as the other three were gang fucking my ass. Each would take about 30 seconds to fuck me then rotate for the next one with no breaks in between. My ass was used and gaping wide open. The thick cock was taking advantage of being the only one in my face. He would grind it against my face as I licked his balls and then he would fuck my throat deep and long. I struggled as I gagged on his cock and taking the intense fucking of my ass from multiple cocks, but I was helpless against the ropes that held me down.

I heard one guy say that he had to get back to work so he was going to cum.

He took position at my ass and pushed just his head in. He then plunged his cock deep into me then out again until just the head remained. He did this about 30 times and then started fucking me in steady, long strokes. He moaned that he was about to cum and pushed deep inside me. I felt his cock jerk in my ass and then felt his hot cum. He pulled it out to the edge and continued to fill my ass as some spilled out. He pulled out and rubbed his cock on my cum covered hole and told his buddies that he looked forward to using this slut again.

He began to leave as I was still being mouth fucked by the thick cock. I felt another cock head on my ass and then felt my ass being filled again by dick. This one was a purposeful fucking. Clearly this guy just wanted to cum. He mercilessly pounded me until he began to moan. He pulled from my ass and shot all over my hole. When he had shot his load, he used his cock head to scoop up and push his cum toward my hole. He then pushed back into me again pushing his cum deep in my ass.

Once he was done the third took his place. He fucked me a while but informed the thick cock guy that he was going to save his cum.

The thick cock pulled from my mouth and said that he wanted to feel that slutty used ass. I was so excited to finally feel this cock stretch me. He walked around behind me and I felt his legs straddle me and then felt his fat cock laying against my ass. The other guy said he wanted to see this up close. He grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart. The thick cock rubbed against my hole and then pushed in his fat head. He asked me if I wanted it all and I found myself saying “please fuck my ass with that gorgeous, fat dick!” He then pushed about half of it in as the other guy moaned about how hot it looked. He then asked me if I wanted more. I replied “Please pound me with that thick monster and pump me full of cum.”

He began fucking me with long steady strokes, commenting on how good my ass felt. He began to fuck me harder and announced that he was getting close. His first rope of cum shot inside my filled ass and he then pulled out and shot all over me. He moaned as he finished and asked the other guy when this was going to happen again. Clearly the last remaining guy was my anonymous master who answered “let me know when we can use the place again and I’ll have him here.” Mr. Thick Cock said, lets do it same time next Wednesday. I loved that they were talking about me without even taking me into account. I was their slut to use as they pleased.

The thick cock, wet and covered with cum was then in front of my face again. He slapped it across my cheeks and then pushed it in my mouth one last time before he disappeared.

Then it was me and the final dick. It was suddenly in front of my face. It mashed against my face as he leaned forward to reinsert the plug and keep all the cum inside. He then pushed his dick into my mouth and instructed “keep the plug in your ass until you get home. Now, do you want my cum?” I replied that I did and I then opened ready to suck his hot cock. He pumped my mouth for about 30 seconds and then I felt it jerk in my mouth. With that, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed as hard as he could as he dumped his cum down my throat. Finally, as I was running out of air, he pulled out and left me gasping for air.

He cut the ropes and slapped my used ass hard and told me to leave. I limped to my clothes, got dressed and drove home. As soon as I got home I stroked my cock and came a ton as I pulled the plug from my ass.

I could not wait until my next email.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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