Fun with Toys

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Your cut-off t-shirt sure is sexy… but I still think it’s a little too long. Telling you to hold still, I grab the scissors and cut some more off, so that now if you raise your arms, the bottoms of your luscious breasts are visible. You shoot me a cheeky grin and wrap your arms around me as we kiss deeply. I spin you around so that I can nuzzle your neck and play with your breasts, and slowly run my hands along the lengths of your arms, eventually bringing your hands together and holding them in my left hand, all the while I’m still kissing and biting at your neck. I reach behind us with my right hand, grabbing the scrap of t-shirt material from its resting place on the table and slowly proceed to tie your wrists together. I’m expecting you to struggle against this, but to my surprise, you just laugh.

Having lowered your jeans and thong to just above your knees, I tell you to kneel on the couch as I wander off to my bedroom, and when I return, naked, with an ornate wooden box I’m pleased to see that you’ve obeyed me. Your pussy is on display for me and is already glistening with moisture, so I do what any red-blooded man would, and kneel behind you on the floor to lick your pussy, finger your clit, and then deeply fuck you with my tongue while rubbing istanbul travesti you to the edge of orgasm.

You’re moaning, groaning, and panting, pushing your hungry cunt back onto my face. You need to cum so badly it’s making you crazy, you start telling me to fuck you, but you’re so horny it’s not coming out right. I pull away from you and laugh, you want to finish, and I’m hardly even started. I retrieve some mango butter from the toy box and smear some over your arse before licking your arsehole and probing it a little with my tongue. With more mango butter on my fingers, I start to penetrate your arse with my index finger, being careful not to hurt you, but not toooo careful. Once you’re relaxed, I add a second finger, and then a third to your arse and you start shrieking with pleasure. With three fingers wedged a fair way into your tightest hole, I tongue fuck your pussy a little more to return you to the edge.

Reaching again into the toy box, I retrieve the required elements of this evening’s fun. First is one of your butt plugs. This isn’t the smallest I’ve bought for you, but it’s not the biggest either. At it’s widest it’s as wide as your wrist, and before you know its coming I’ve pushed it into your pussy istanbul travestileri for lubrication. You grunt and moan at the unexpected intrusion and quickly work out what’s happening next. As suddenly as I forced it into you, I remove the plug, and then remove my fingers from your anus. Just in case your pussy didn’t provide enough lube, I coat the plug with mango butter and slowly work it into your crinkled hole. Not surprisingly, your moaning is enhanced and you start pushing back against the intruder, until we get near its girth. You tell me it’s too big, begging me to stop, but unable to reach around and stop me because your wrists are still tied. I add some more lube, and slowly twist and push the last little bit. I’m on the edge of hurting you when your arse gives way for the last little bit and snaps closed around the monster that’s invading it.

You ask me for a minute to recover, but the sight of you, prone on the couch, with that big plug in your arse has be harder than I think I’ve ever been. I kneel on the couch behind you and force my cock into your dripping cunt. It’s VERY tight, and almost makes me cum in the spot. This isn’t what I had in mind though, so I withdraw, to your istanbul travesti protests, and grab the vibrator that I earlier got from the toy box. It’s not terribly large, but it’s your favourite shape, and soon has you squirming as I set it to medium high speed and start thrusting it in and out of you. You’re begging me to pay attention to your clit and make you cum, but I’m still not ready for that. I pull your thong back up to keep the vibe in place, then sit on the back of the couch.

Pulling your mouth to my cock, you’re now totally full. The vibrations in your pussy reverberating through the butt plug causing a myriad of pleasurable sensations down there, and I start to fuck your face with my cock. You do your best to make it a skilful blowjob, but in the end resign yourself to my thrusting, doing your best to cope and balance with your hands tied. Before long I have to cum, and send the first shot down your throat before pulling out and cumming all over your face and newly-trimmed t-shirt. I scoop up as much as I can with my fingers and feed it to you. You lap it up with gusto, but are still squirming and moaning, needing release.

I stand you up, turn you around, and lie you back on the couch as I remove your thong again and start fucking you with the vibrator once more. This time I use my tongue on your clit and in ten seconds flat you cum more violently than I’ve ever seen. I remove the vibe and eat your juicy cunt as you slowly come down from orgasm, then, as gently as possible, remove the plug as you drift off to sleep, too exhausted even for a kiss goodnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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