Fun On The Jersey Shore

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Hey, how you doin’? My name’s Tommy!

I got off work three minutes ago, and now its time to go to this new club called “Merge” with my boys Antoine and Joey.

I got home, got all cleaned up, and got my gear together. Can’t skip on the Don Corleone!

We all got in the car and rode over to Merge, just 20 minutes down from our crib.

We got to the front door and we heard the music just explodin’ through the doors.

Fine girls in lil’ bitty tank tops and mini skirts just kept going back and forth all around us on the dance floor.

I caught two sexy ladies over at the bar lookin’ over at me.

Bein’ the guy that I am, I walked on over to the bar to talk to them.

“Hey, how you ladies doin’, my name is Tommy!” I spoke as I observed every area of their bodies.

“Hi, I’m Nikki and this is my friend Michelle!”

They were wearing halter tops. (Nikki in pink and Michelle in black)

I’m so into blondes and low and behold, there were two sittin’ here right in front of me.

I asked the ladies to buy them a drink.

Ten drinks and a few booty shakes later, the ladies were ready to go back home with me and the boys.

As we got in the car, Nikki started rubbin’ my leg a bit.

Michelle leaned over to Nikki and they began to french kiss.

As they started kissin’, Nikki started rubbin’ Michelle’s breasts.

We just sat back and watched as Nikki began to take off her top and revealed her tits to us.

“Do you boys like what you see?” Nikki asked.

“Oh yeah!” I said. “You want more?” Michelle asked.

“Give us all you got baby!” Joey grinned

Michelle then took of her top, showing off Antep Escort Bayan her perfect tits.

They began to kiss and grope each other as we rode down the block.

Michelle slid her hand in to Nikki’s skirt and began to play with her pussy.

Nikki started to moan softly and began to bite her lip as she looked over at me.

“I want you to pull your dick out so I can suck it!”

I didn’t hesitate, I unzipped my pants and pulled my already stiff dick out for both girls to see.

Nikki moved closer to me as Michelle got on her knees on the floor in front of me.

Nikki grabbed my dick and started to suck it as I held her hair up out of her face.

Michelle and Nikki both shared my dick as I sat there in the seat with a full smile on my face.

Moments later, I was about to cum as Nikki told me to blow my load in her mouth.

I let her know that I was ready, and then I exploded deep in her throat.

We were almost at the house and Nikki told me to fuck Michelle.

I helped Michelle to her feet as I got my dick back to full strength.

I layed her on the seat as I slid her skirt off and tugged her white thong away.

I slid my dick in her pussy and began to pump in and out of her as hard as I could.

Half and hour later, I was ready to cum.

Michelle sat up and I blew my load in her mouth.

Nikki sucked my cock back to erection again and I was ready to fuck again.

I bent her over the seat and slid my dick in her pussy.

I fucked her just as hard as I did Michelle. Michelle got in front Nikki and propped herself up so that her pussy was now in Nikki’s face.

Seein’ this was like Viagra, I got harder and just kept fuckin’ her harder.

I was able to fuck longer and what seemed like forever, finally happened and I was ready to cum once more.

Michelle and Nikki both sat in front of me as I blew my load all over their faces.

They both sucked up every drop off of my dick and began to lick it off of each other.

When we were finished, I found out that we were at the house, sitting in front of the house.

We got cleaned up and went into the house.

We cracked open a couple beers and invited some more girls over to the house.

We listened to some hardcore music and I managed to get to know another hottie named Melissa, after Nikki and Michelle went home with Joey.

I started mackin’ with Melissa a little bit in the bedroom after a cold one.

I slid my hand up her hard body and gently massaged her breasts under her black blouse.

I unbuttoned her blouse and began to tease her nipples with my fingers.

I laid her down on the bed and start to kiss her down to the top of her white mini skirt.

I pulled her skirt down as I began to massage her pussy through her black thong.

“Tommy, suck my clit!” She moaned.

I pulled her thong aside and began eatin’ her out.

She started screamin’ so loud, I thought one of my boys out in the living room was gonna walk in on me.

I got up and locked the door so I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone sneakin’ into the room.

As I turned back to the bed, Melissa was on her hands and knees and was walking over to me.

“I want to suck your dick, pull it out!”

I responded without delay and as soon as I got my pants and drawers down, she dived for my cock.

She started to suck me off as pulled off my shirt and placed my Don Coreleone on the dresser.

She took all my dick in her mouth and within half an hour, I was ready to blow.

“Cum in my mouth, Tommy, I want to taste your hot, wet juice on my tongue!”

I blew my load in her mouth.

She sucked up the last drop of my cum and then sucked my dick until I was hard again.

“Fuck me, Tommy!”

I bent her over the bed and after getting her nice and ready with my finger, I started fuckin’ her.

She bowed her back as she bucked back and forth on my dick.

She screamed louder and louder as I pounded my dick into her.

“Fuck my ass!” She screamed.

I pulled my dick out and grabbed some lube of the dresser and put some on my finger and applied it evenly on the target and then put a little on the head of my dick.

I slid it in to her gently and as I was in, I began to fuck her.

I went faster and faster as she clutched the bed sheets and put her face in the pillows.

“I want you to pull my hair!”

I grabbed her long blonde ponytail and pulled her head back as I fucked her.

I was about to cum again.

She got up and sat in front of me as I shot into her mouth.

She sucked the last drop of the head of my cock.

“You need a ride home?” I asked her.

“No, my cars out front, but I’m gonna chill here ‘til mornin’!”

After that, I hopped in the shower and soon after, she was in there with me. We got cleaned up, got dirty, and then clean again.

We shared the bed that night and in the morning she headed on home.

Man, what a night, three girls in one night!

Hey, it’s all good when you come out to the Jersey Shore!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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